FL ICAC Task Force Scandal

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Florida Scandal, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. We need inside information about the ICAC Task Force. The first thing we need is the federal training manual for these operations because they state that agents cannot use adult websites for undercover operations. We also need intel proving that someone or some people are covering up the violations of the standardized procedures. A good place to start would be Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, Frank Williams the assistant US attorney out of Gainesville, FL, and the FL sheriff's association. How do we get this public information?
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    Can you point out where this post has anything to do with Anonymous Vs. Scientology?

    I can't seem to find anything that makes the connection. Thank you.
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    Thread reported for move out of AvS.
  5. Maybe I posted it in the wrong thing? Dang! Sorry I am still learning this site.
  6. Yeah I did put it in the wrong one. Should have put it under freedom of information. Sorry guys.
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    A moderator will move it to a proper Forum Location.

    If you study the WWP Front Page that appears after you've logged in, you should be able to see the various WWP Initiatives laid out from New Members Area at the top to Support and Announcements at the bottom.

    Each Initiative has its own Forum and sub-forums. This makes better sense to visitors if the layout is respected.

    I realize that some 'forums' are the equivalent of Cork Board Message Boards in AFK Laundromats, but not so with WWP. We try to keep it classy. ;)

    As for your question, posted into your OP, I reckon that FOI is one way to go.
  8. Tried that already and they are not honoring the FOI.
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    Have you investigated your Legal Rights with regard to filing an FOI request?

    If you have found that citizens have no such rights with respect to FOI requests, perhaps the only option left is the legal one - sue the motherfuckers.
  10. Well citizens do have rights concerning FOI requests and yes the suit is coming!!!
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    So you've taken a ten post thread in AvS to answer your own question. Wow! Classy!
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    Somehow i see this turning into another scott ogle.

    I just showed up to this party, what exactly did this ICAC task force do?
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  13. No, you obviously didn't get the thread then. First, it was posted in the wrong place. Second, I am not looking to sue just to have it take years to get the info that they should freely hand over. The suit is for something else. Third, the ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) Task Force entraps innocent men in stings.
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    So your noble cause justifies this kind of illegality?
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    I believe this sums up the thread.
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    I posted this thread into the OP Innocence News & Current Events Forum, in October of 2013:

    It was based on this Article in Ars Technica: - also from October 2013.

    The thread has proven itself to be as about as interesting as a headache to WWP Members. Although it has had 241 views, there is just one comment, from a Forum Guest, not a forum member.

    Your agenda seems to be that of protecting pedophiles. Good luck with that. You'll need it.
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  18. No, I don't justify anything illegal. That actually has nothing to do with the original cause. I am just trying to branch out to all levels of government corruption. Also, if a "stingray" is in fact illegal then why are the cops allowed to use them? More specifically, why are they allowed to use them without warrants? They are not but how do you stop them if you can't use their resources or, more importantly, if the resources are denied to you to keep the truth hidden?

    If they can use them we should be able to use them too. It is also kind of ironic that you ask if I support this kind of illegality but this group is known for aggressively fighting against unjust laws. Despite the fact that it was made illegal to share software over the internet, this group still downloaded it to try to prove to the government that it was and is and unjust law. I respect only just laws and just police operations that abide by the constitution and that is the only thing this group respects too. Trust me, we fight for the same thing and will use the resources that we can.
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    You have an agenda. We have an agenda. They are not the same agenda. You are barking up the wrong tree.
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  20. Well do we have a hypocrite in this group or what? This group is supposed to be fighting against internet censorship and that is what these alleged "child predator stings" do is censor the content on adult websites. Not only do they sensor adult content on adult websites but they also try to make any communication on the sites illegal by stating that they are a minor looking for sex with random targets. The US Supreme Court states that this is illegal. Also, Having stated the word "random", if the targets are random then that would mean the operations were not geared towards targeting or arresting "pedophiles" but just that you believe the men are "child predators" after they arrest them by lying to you. They censor the sites and induce men to seek out illegal activity by performing bait and switches. None of these men know they will be corresponding with a minor when they respond to the ads placed in the adult casual encounters section on Craigslist. This is because the ads are solicitations for sex and the ages posted on the ads are ages of adults. These men are unsuspecting, innocent passerby's who are induced into a criminal scenario entirely orchestrated by police. The US Supreme Court also stated that this is illegal too.

    Speaking of the fact that law enforcement are lying to you about the stings, doesn't this group not believe anything the government states and boast the phrase "sic semper tyrannis"? There is a reason why "To Catch A Predator" was canceled and it wasn't because they were doing such a good job catching predators. They were canceled because they weren't and were caught setting men up. The same way the operations in Florida were exposed and have the Department of Justice looking at them right now:

    10 Investigates: law enforcement may have entrapped alleged sexual predators

    The same way the the northern GA ICAC Task Force has already been shut down for the entrapment schemes.

    The point is, we don't need luck because we get stuff done without it. If there was not something to this, then why are all the stories about the corruption springing up? That article that you mentioned is just the first one that was printed because we won our first overturned conviction due to entrapment as a matter of law with the 1st District Court of Appeal. Not to mention all the other cases that we have won at the trial level.
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  21. Anonylemmi Member

    One big secret to recruiting help for your cause is to not be annoying. You are failing hard at that.
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  22. I'm smart enough to know that we are all stuck in "that tree" together. We do have a common agenda and that agenda is stopping the government from exploiting legal activity on the internet to create racketeering operations that violate the constitution. Saying that it is illegal to share software on the internet is racketeering because they try to make you believe it is when all they are doing is generating profit off of a "crime" that they created. Saying that they are arresting child predators in sex stings is racketeering because they are doing no such thing. They are just using the legal activity the men are already engaged in on the internet to induce the commission of a crime so they can make money.

    Sounds like it's the same agenda to me.
  23. Anonylemmi Member

    The police are pretty much the bottom rung of the ladder of government. Their behavior is a symptom, not a cause of the bigger problem. We need the police. There is some fucked up shit out there.
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  24. I know we need the police but some of those police are taking orders from the top and some police are higher up on the ladder than you think. We have all kinds of corruption going on in government and the police are hiding it with these stings. Not just sex stings, but with all stings. It's almost like money laundering or something. Lori Handrahan was made to look like a crazy person when she tried to expose something. That's why I thought this group was a good place to be because of strength in numbers and the right to remain anonymous so they can't ruin your life for exposing them.
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    I still don't get why OP is being accused of protecting pedophiles. His argument seems rather sound to me. I'm all for arresting real pedophiles, but illegal sting operations, especially if aimed at innocent men are very harmful to the cause of catching actual predators.

    Please correct me if I missed something.
  26. Well put and exactly on point!
  27. He can be annoying, but what he is saying is true. Nobody is defending pedo's at all, but nobody should be defending corrupt law enforcement either.
  28. Talkn Stang Member

    As I stated in my last post, nobody is defending pedo's, by all means catch them sicko's. Law enforcement is hiding under the guise of protecting the children and lying to America about how these men are caught. Yea, they might catch 1 or 2 that have some serious issues, but 97% of these guys arrested using adult dating sites are not predisposed to engaging in any criminal activity. It is completely manufactured using sex as the bait. That is a low down dirty tactic that is going to come to a halt soon enough. Somebody will be held accountable
  29. Talkn Stang Member

    I agree, society cannot govern itself....we do need police, but we also need to weed out the bad ones. Just like there are dirty cops, there are dirty cop operations!
  30. rickybobby Member

    I agree, as well. Our horror and revulsion at the idea of taking advantage of children seem to blind us from the civil liberty and privacy issues involved. Even the OP bringing up the question of whether this sting operation went too far in its deception brought the accusation of "protecting pedophiles," and this is a relatively open platform for free speech and the ability to air both sides of an argument.
  31. RavenEyes Member

    You're correct, and some things even Anons (and some well-known online child activist groups) have done (with good intent but lacking that knowledge, skill, or jurisdiction) have actually allowed predators who would've likely been convicted to go free on technicalities because of the illegality of such stings.

    In other words, it's not just law enforcement that has crossed that line in that area. In fact, it's usually rabid non-LE.
  32. And this is the case in point on that subject: the topic blinds us from the truth!
  33. Horseradish Member

    Speak to EFF?
  34. Talkn Stang Member

    very good's an interesting quote that puts things in perspective. If that's not enough to scare the hell outta people.....
    “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

    Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
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  35. Talkn Stang Member

    (applause....applause) these illegal stings have affected his mind. It can be considered a form of PTSD perhaps, lol But in all seriousness he means well and is correct with factual info about these operations.
  36. Talkn Stang Member

    Electronic Frontier Foundation? I do not believe anyone has to be honest. Much of the problem with groups like that and even the ACLU is that they don't like touching on such a sensitive issue and that is where law enforcement has the upper hand, although that is changing. In fact, i have even filed complaints with the Sen. Jud. Comm. They called back and told me, "protecting the children trumps everything", and I don't disagree, but the fact is that they are not protecting children, they are creating criminals in order to secure free govt. funding. Its a revolving door and Florida is out of control with these operations because of it
  37. There are also a lot of other issues that overlap with the illegal stings. The main issues are planting evidence of CP on the "suspects" computer to force him to plea for fear of getting 30 years for images they put there. This has been proven in a couple of cases in Florida and throughout the nation and of course the cases were dropped when they got caught. However, "forensic analysts", prosecutors, and LE never seem to get arrested for this. It is done because the main issue they have with the stings is they cannot prove predisposition so they have to fake it when the entrapment defense is aggressively asserted. In reality, most men arrested in these stings are just average men with no criminal history. The second major issues are falsified warrants and arrest affidavits to obtain those warrants. The third issue is prosecutorial misconduct like using a grainy, low resolution legal porn clip that is proven not to be CP and convincing a jury that it is to get a guilty verdict when the entrapment defense is aggressively asserted. There is also judicial misconduct where the judge allows the prosecutor to prejudice the defendant with the jury leading to an unfair trial which is the main cause for the fear of going to trial. Finally, there is also prosecutorial misconduct concerning inducing defendants to plea by violating double jeopardy and indictments with legally insufficient charges on them.

    These illegal stings are honestly and seriously a racketeering enterprise created by the government. They play nice when the defendants play by their rules and let them politely and quietly ruin their life. However, if the defendant proves to have half a brain and a cooperative attorney the prosecution and sometimes the judges play dirty. This is because every victory obtained by a defendant is reported to the DOJ just like every conviction. The DOJ does not really care how the conviction was obtained because they assume it was a legal operation that obtained the arrest. However, when there is a victory they study the case more closely to see exactly why the defendant won. If the record shows any violations of federal law, the operations are canceled. This is the reason why some cases that have asserted the objective entrapment defense due to procedural violations in the operation in question have been tossed out by the prosecutor.

    Someone here stated that there is a lot of "bad shit" going down in the government, and trust me I know. How do we peacefully stop something that is so far out of control especially when the issues listed above have the perfect cover, the men are accused child predators that nobody wants to listen to? Just like the quote from "Mein Kampf": as long as the people believe that the government is protecting children they do not care about the specifics even if the specifics prove otherwise. Should we get a statewide rally together again to include the issues of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct?
  38. MOD EDIT NAME REDACTED is a child molester.
    Its like a nightmare.
    I know theres not a lot i can do but i just keep posting and trying to spread information.
  39. The scandal MOD EDIT NAME REDACTED attacked his wife and she shot him. They covered it up. He has full custody of his daughter.
    The guy who made this site has a lot of inside information. He was their marriage counselor.
  40. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Aaaàaand we will keep deleting the unsubstantiated rumor. Please post links so we can read about it.
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