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  1. Anonymous Member

    Questioning the validity of a donation drive of $25k does not have to come from OSA, so loosen the tin foil.
  2. Anonymous Member

    there is a derail thread (no link) for the trolls. reading this thread "as is" could be confusing.
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  3. I don't know anything about her. But I like Iowa.

    I would talk to her. :p

  4. [IMG]
  5. Anonymous Member

    go away fuckface
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  6. Anonymous Member

    They are going to burn a tiny miscavige doll in publics after peeing on it
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Hmmmm,,,,,,,burnt piss! Great.
  8. Anonymous Member

    I wonder why those two are not going?
  9. Anonymous Member

    How do we know that?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Wow, amax, you're speaking? With pooks and these other exes too?! Holy shit, I better check to see if the icicles have started forming in hell.

    Let's see: You're regging us hard. You're handing out Patron certificates and videos for donations. You're getting in bed with exes.

    If I see Rinderburn 1 or 2 on here, your conversion to the dark side will be complete.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    OK, well maybe the hell icicles haven't started forming yet.

    But you've been amongst the vocal ones against Indies as still carrying the banner of LRon. So how's that gonna work on this? Because as far as I know Remini, for example, still drinks the kool-aid.
  12. Anonymous Member

    dox on Remini's Kool-aid drinking?
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Nothing unites like a common enemy.
  14. Anonymous Member
  15. Anonymous Member

    So does that mean you're gonna sell out and get in bed with any Indie that waves some money at you? Because there's a word for that kinda person.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    What a terribly small view of the world you have.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    You're either an OSA troll or a generic asshole troll. Either way, your point is invalid.
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  18. Anonymous Member


    Just don't ruin things by ho'ing out to the Indies.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    No. I just hate all brands of scientology, not just the "corporate" brand. AmaX has been of the same mindset, in fact one of the vociferous on WWP about that. If you don't believe me, go find any of her posts about Rinderburn and the Indies.

    So if she or anyone else compromises on that view simply because koolaid drinkers will give money, that would be a complete and utter sellout.

    I'm sticking to my principles. I want the cult gone. I also will not give money to anything that is tied into Indies in any way, shape or form. And that amaX is not coming out and saying the same basic thing, as she has countless times in the past, is a bit troubling.

    I'm afraid it is you who have the small view if you think we'll ever take out the cult by being friendly with Indies DUE TO MONEY. You can do what you want. But I want no fucking part of anything like that.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the clarification, especially your last sentence and emoticon. It's not Indie-free. I am disappoint and will be taking a pass.

    Have fun. Will continue doing my thing to take out the entire cult not just the corporate brand.
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  21. Have just donated $500. Best of luck with this
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  22. My trolling sense is tingling. That cake might be a lie.
  23. To elaborate, the $1500 mark in fundraising was reached yesterday. That figure on the Indiegogo funding page hasn't budged since yesterday, in spite of your claim. The largest donation to date was $200 as of yesterday - I checked. Adding up the individual donations listed yields almost the entire $1575 that has been donated thus far, and no single donation is larger than $200. If what Ooblyboo says is true, then the donations figure should be above $2000, since donations show up immediately. My donation showed up immediately when I donated.

    • This thread has far more views than that funding page has donors.
    • The fundraiser needs an average of about $500 per day to reach its goal.
    • If people who intended to donate look at this thread first and see a guest poster having claimed to donate $500 on any given day, they may be less likely to donate that day, thinking the fundraiser is well on its way.
    • Instead, the fundraiser will languish. OSA wins.

    Does Indiegogo delay the appearance of larger donations on the funding page? I don't see why they would do that, given the time sensitive nature of their fundraising model.

    My conclusion was that Ooblyboo must not wish your fundraiser well, by claiming to have made a large donation in this public place, since that donation never showed up on the fundraising page.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Here's the problem that I see: that you are not being completely up front on everything. There are honest questions being asked about financial disclosure and on whether this event is Indie-free or not. But instead of answering straight up on those, they are instead met with no answers, sidestepping and denigration of the posters asking the questions.

    Like here's a big example: you finally have said that this event is 100% no Indies. It was not stated anywhere in the OP . You also say that if an Indie donated anonymously, there's no way to tell that, so, wink wink, guess you'll just have to take it.

    Well, the truth is you have set it up so you might get donations from Indies because you do not say this event is Indie-free ANYWHERE on your Indiegogo site. And in fact, what the sites says instead is "This will show the cult that ex-Scientologists, critics, anons, SPs and others are no longer afraid of them and their bully-boy tactics." "Critics", "SPs" and "others" could all definitely include Indies.

    I guess some could see humor in this like, "LOL, how funny if Indies donate towards taking down Scientology, even their own brand." But I view it plain and simple as taking blood money. All of Scientology is a scam, not just DM and the corporate church. All of Scientology is what is destructive and brainwashes and violates human rights. I think Rinder if a fuckhead because he still drinks the koolaid himself (who cares if it's corporate or Indie, it's still koolaid). Those idiots in Israel who splintered off from the main church and are now talking all happy happy about their 100% KSW wins can all go to hell for all I care. Karen de la Carriere is still a cult member no matter how much she complains about the other "corporate" cult members.

    So until an Indie comes totally out and denounces scientology as completely evil, fuck 'em. And I will not donate to an event that has anything to do with them, wink wink blood money included.

    And if you really are 100% Indie-free, then either you or amaX can put it prominently on the donation site. It's a very simple edit. If you don't, well, I will take that to mean you DO want any leakage of "unknown" Indie donations. And I know some here could care less either way. But I do.

    Now, if you want to OSA OSA OSA me on this, go ahead. Then I guess it'll be my turn to tell you to fuck off.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    What did you contribute to the Super Power Building? This conference is a good move but the arrogant dismissal of any questions is fail and you have no right to issue commands about what issues can be raised.

    Nobody on here should feel pressured to pay to have an opinion, which is what you're doing.
  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Nobody on here should feel pressured to do anything. However, everybody can weigh in, as in fact you are doing. Nobody is stopping you.

    Maybe your opinion is coming across as more static than constructive criticism. Maybe that's why it's not being met with more receptivity. I'm sure you can understand the way confirmation bias could foster that impression under the present circumstances. Why in the world would OSA not try to mess with this endeavor? Given that they presumably will, why would you be the least bit surprised or upset that anonymous criticism of it would be met with some degree of caution and taken with a grain of salt? We may need to empty the whole shaker before this event is done.

    To get your feathers ruffled under the current circumstances is absurd, or even Hubbardy. If you want a better reception, make a better pitch.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I have no criticism of the event itself. or with batting OSA trolls away, but repeating that opinions aren't valid unless money is being handed over is not the way to do it.
  29. Anonymous Member

    If the discussion were on their own site then they can dictate what can be discussed. This is an open forum.

    Why try to divert this with the idea I am criticising the conference? I am criticising the shutting down of any discussion with the arrogant comment that if you don't donate then fuck off.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Why is it that when someone says "fuck off with your opinion, I disagree," that now means "bawl! I don't get to have an opinion"?

    I mean, really. Just because you HAVE an opinion, doesn't mean everyone has to agree with and it doesn't mean that people who disagree with you are trying to deprive you of your opinion.

    That said, I think people with stupid opinions should keep them to themselves or have to pay for the right to express them. IMO.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    This discussion, while riveting, is derailing the planning. If you wish to discuss the financing behind it please feel free to start a thread to do just that.
  32. Anonymous Member

    New thread needed, Indies protesting Anons.

    Funded by DM MR MR OSA trolls
  33. pedrofcuk Member

    So, let's get this straight, the point of attack here is that some people are raising funds to host a conference? Right.
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  34. pedrofcuk Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    < totally confused >

    OSA - 1 point
    Anons - ? points

    Pedro, you do good work.
    So does amaX

    Both of you are not mutually exclusive.

    THINK !!! FFS

    Fuck, I've devolved to caps lock. Mods better ban me.
  36. Anonymous Member

    I seriously wish I had an extra 25K laying around. I'd love to donate it so that no one else would need to spend restless nights worrying about whether sausage or bacon was purchased to accompany the pancakes for breakfast with a FULL DISCLOSURE SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE ZOMG.
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  37. amaX Member

    For $25K you get sausage AND bacon with your pancakes.
  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. pedrofcuk Member

    Me too!
  40. Anonymous Member

    I have another topic related to the Indies to bring up, not about funding but about security. And honest, I am not trying to shitstir. This is something I am really wondering about as it relates to the security and safety of this event.

    The cult appears to have gotten their way with the city of Clearwater. The mayor, city manager, police, fire department, permits department, etc., all wouldn't listen to our reason about how evil scienotology is. With them about to hold their Stupid Powerz opening event, this is definitely their stronghold city now, even more than ever. This is not only between the city and the cult, but also with the number of cult members who live there.

    So there is already the possibility that someone in the city government could leak information about the event to the cult, then help them fuck this event over.

    We also need to check for anyone sympathetic to the cult who might tell them something. Because with more scilons per capita there than anywhere, the percentages increase that this could be the case than it might be in a city with very little scientology presence.

    But the truth is, Clearwater is also probably the big Indie stronghold too. The weddings of the two Indie royalty have been held there: Rathbun and Rinder. Per Tony O's interview of Tom DeVocht, Indies were looking at buying the Lee Arnold property in downtown so they could put an Indie OT org there. The current defacto Indie leader, Rinder, lives there. One of their major funders who was attacked by the cult, Robert Almblad, lives there. I have no idea of how many Indies are actually there, but just from this, Clearwater sure looks like a main part of the Indie central nervous system.

    So with this being an Indie-free event, isn't it possible that they might try to crash the party too? Like at the venue, it would seem wise to check for not only an employee who is a corporate cult member but maybe also an Indie one. The corporate cult has their OSA, but there are a number of former corporate OSA/GO who are now Indies, Rinder of course being a former long-term leaders.

    AmaX has noted how creepy it feels in Clearwater. Well if this is the biggest anti-scientology event ever with all these antis and critics flying in, the creep factor is bound to raise as OSA and perhaps some Indie OSA starts cranking up on their dirty tricks. Remember, this is the belly of the beast, not only for the corporate church but, it seems, also the Indies as well.

    I want to see this event be a success. That's why I am presenting this to the hivemind to consider as a part of the event preparations.
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