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  1. Anonymous Member

    Rinder and Ahmblad are in Tarpon Springs. The property purchase was a rumor where the indies trolled the cult hard and won. The wedding was another indie trolling adventure on the cult. Lurk moar grasshopper. And let those who know how to run an anti-cult conference (pedrofcuk) and operate safely in the belly of the beast (amaX) do what they do best. The indie issue is a dead horse resurrected and re-animated several times over. Enough already.

    ITT we need some protestfag swag. Can haz YFTC style cards/flyers/pamphlets, plugging FD 2014 and the indiegogo URL?

    Moar promotional shoops and vids would be nice too. We should be focused on spreading the word and assisting with the fund raising efforts in anyway we can, rather than pissing in the organizers cornflakes with bs rants and hyperbole suggestions.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    You are an idiot. Stop trying to stir up shit.
  3. HOC Member

    That's not going to fool anyone. This is not about tracking down those sympathetic to Independent Scientologists in some witch hunt. This is your last warning.
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  4. FuckIndies
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Derp. Annette and Geir are both fully done with all things Scientology.
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Django Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    This is not about selectively threatening your mod ban hammer at those you disagree with in some witch hunt. This is your last warning.
  10. Anonymous Member

    hang on a sec . . . aren't you the one advocating a union of exes, anons, indies, freezoners et al to stand against the cult? what happened with than Plan A?
  11. I would love to hear/see Wise Beard Man.
    And (just my humble opinion), but, shouldn't some of the families who've been destroyed by this cult because of disconnection policies, and even families of people who have lost their lives in the cult be represented? I know Karen fits both categories, but we need more...maybe people who were never in Scientology, but have/had families members who were/are. There are plenty out there.
    Lastly, as a citizen of this fair-city (sarcasm) of Clearwater, and especially with the latest events having to do with SP opening, could we invite (not to speak but to attend) the Mayor, City Manager, and Chief of Police of Clearwater to the Event? Slim chance they'd come, but you never know. I wish they would.

    To whoever was asking, there are reasonably priced hotels along US 19 that are close to Gulf-to-Bay aka Highway 60, which is a straight shot to downtown (Mecca).

    There also is also an excellent and inexpensive Mexican restaurant fairly close to FLAG on Cleveland Street called Los Mayas. (remembered someone griping about the Mexican food here)

    I'm in! But May is kinda hot for an older middle-aged person like me to protest. But I'll gladly drop off food/drinks...whatever is needed and hang at the fountain. I can also offer to chauffeur folks from out of town if needed.
  12. pedrofcuk Member

    What about it? :\
  13. Anonymous Member

    LMT injunction.
  14. Wouldn't that just apply to Scientology owned buildings and Scientologists? He's not banned from the entire city is he?
  15. Anonymous Member

    No, but pretty much anyone with him is banned too. He could come but no one wishing to protest could be anywhere near him as I understand the injunction.
  16. Anonymous Member

    You really need to look up the history of how the cult have abused that injunction.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    Been defenestrated, has it?
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  19. HOC Member

    Trying to play the victim card at this late stage in your game isn't going to work. We both know what you've been up to on this forum, from you trying to stop protests, to baiting productive members, to derailing planning threads, to blatant flaming/trolling attempts of users and staff. Looks like recent entheta has sent you overboard with your posting style over the past number of months. You were even given a last warning and you ignored it completely. Bye.
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  20. JohnnyRUClear Member


    This needs a "T" added, and a certain face graphic...

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  21. Oh man!!! So sorry. I wasn't aware of this. It's been nearly a year since I've eaten there, and it was always authentic, abundant, good prices, and excellent service. I hope they get their sh!t straightened out because I'd hate to see one of the few non-scieno businesses go down. Thanks for the heads-up anyway. And I apologize...
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  22. Kilia Member

    Everything seems to be in order there at the restaurant now. Second chance with Flag Down 2014?
  23. Anonymous Member

    No. Not happening. No way.
  24. Kilia Member

  25. anonymous612 Member

    The main issue with LMT parties is that Clearwater Anonymous has to actively fight to avoid being associated with them. If Scientology can paint us as being part of the same organization then they can work to have the injunction expanded to us. So I would be shocked and highly critical if AMA is considering bringing WBM to Clearwater for an anti-Scientology event. It would in all ways be a terrible idea.

    EDIT: In fact, being caught up on the shit he's been doing lately, I'm going to go ahead and firmly state that Mark Bunker aka Wise Beard Man is not invited to this event and has nothing to do with this event and has nothing to do with the organizers of this event, who have never and will never work with him in any capacity.

    And you can take that as an official statement on the subject from Clearwater Anonymous organizers, yes.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Good to know!
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  27. tigeratbay Member

    Is there some simple explanation as to why CW anons will not have anything to do with Bunker? I've seen videos etc. and since being rather a new anon seem to be missing something. I can appreciate not getting involved with an injunction, but what else if anything? Thank you.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    The injunction is why and is sufficient to keep all anons who wish to protest in CW from being involved with him. Evidently you do not appreciate not getting involved with the injunction enough. If you wish to be served with it that is your business, but please keep your distance from the others in CW who do not.
  29. Anonymous Member

    If you haven't seen the injunction yet, here it is:

    Read it. Then see if you have any other questions on why CW anons want nothing do with him. And note that the injunction doesn't apply to just Bunker. Also specifically listed are:
    Jesse Prince
    Grady Ward
    Robert Minton, Jr [RIP]
    Stacy Brooks
    Jeff Jacobsen
    Patricia Greenway
    Peter Alexander
    Troy Bezazian [Tory Christman]
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  30. Rod Keller Member

    I think it's wise to not become subject to the injunction. However, I protested at the Fort Harrison during that time, and I wasn't restricted very much at all. Just don't sit in the Santa chair.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    That was when Sid Klein controlled the partyvan. Take a look at their recent events. Looks like a whole different driver now.
  32. Rod Keller Member

    I musta missed it. Do you have a link?
  33. Anonymous Member

    You were probably in Clearwater around the time when Sid Klein was the Chief. The cult hated him.

    Too lazy to find the links but search this forum for "ama2 arrest" and "kyle brennan". As you will see, this is not Sid Klein's Clearwater PD anymore.
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  34. Rod Keller Member

    Interesting, but Sid was never a friend of the Clearwater protesters. Sure, Scientology hated him ("Sid Klein, what's your crime?") but I would never have expected him to take a protester's side against Scientology. Protesters meant more articles about Scientology in the SPT, which probably made the mayor mad at him. Then and now, expect to be roughed up a little if you picket in Clearwater. Elbows in the ribs, being boxed in, being kicked or feet stepped on, hit with protest signs, having vigil candles blown out, it's all part of a protest and I never had an officer do anything about it. It's not right, but that's the way it is. Carry your battle scars proudly. The only time I remember is when they tried to get in-between a blind protester and her dog. The police told that Scientologist if he did that again, he would go to jail. He didn't do it again.
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  35. tigeratbay Member

    I said, "I can appreciate not getting involved with an injunction" Should you ever be there, please let me know, for I will keep my distance from you. You evidently know me, so just keep the f**k away! Thank you.
  36. tigeratbay Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    Easy partner, I don't know you from Adam. I just want to to understand the seriousness of the situation. Long time protestors do not wish to have their wings clipped, me included. It is a tool for the cult to do just that, silence protestors. If you want to be served so that you can fight the injunction I would support that, I however would prefer to to protest unfettered.
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  38. Rod Keller Member

    If Scientology starts handing out that old injunction, the police will probably do nothing to enforce it, or to tell you that it's not enforceable. Scientology would have to sue you for violating it, like I was during the trial of the Clearwater 13.
  39. tigeratbay Member

    I have been protesting for over a year unfettered and safe and will remain that way. That's why I asked about Mark since I live in CW. Seemed you assumed too much and was sarcastic I thought. Sorry if I was wrong, so easy goes it, for you too. Hell, I was arrested in 1980 for protesting, making cars honk in CW, so I am possible more careful and understanding of the seriousness, than you may be. Just sayn'. Peace partner!
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  40. Anonymous Member

    You post this like you think Scientology would not sue protesters these days.

    Hang out with those listed on the LMT and see if you remain unfettered.
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