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  1. Rod Keller Member

  2. Rod Keller Member

    No, that's not my point. My point is that the police will not interpret the injunction on the sidewalk for you, allowing or preventing a protest based on whether you are or are not subject to it. I think it would be prudent to decide in advance what you will do if they hand you one. It is certainly an intimidation tactic, and they might decide to follow through with a lawsuit. You will not know for weeks or months if they intend to do anything about it other than hand the thing out.
  3. Anonymous Member

    How can you be sure the police won't enforce the injunction? You can't.
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  4. tigeratbay Member

    Impossible, since only Mark, who just arrived, is in this area. I understand the fearful attitude and advice!
  5. Anonymous Member

    The injunction is like a virus. One from that group is enough to infect the rest of us.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Luckily, the cult has no history of suing anyone, least of all protestors.

    WTF is wrong with you people?
  7. Anonymous Member

    So edgy, and only 33 years ago.
  8. Rod Keller Member

    They told me they wouldn't, and they never have. Police are not lawyers, and this is not a criminal matter. Even if they were lawyers, you would get three opinions for every two lawyers. It would be bloody marvelous if the police would tell you exactly what will get you in trouble and what won't. That's just not the case in my experience.
  9. tigeratbay Member

    So one stays away from Mark, abide by the rules as Darth Xander has been doing (check with police) and continue with your right to protest - forwarned.
  10. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    They tried to get the cops to apply it to WBM previously;

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  11. amaX Member

    The rules that Xander learned from Six and amaX because Six and amaX have been Chanologists from Day One in Clearwater and that's how the Clearwater Cell has always done things.

    The Clearwater Cell had to become experts on knowing the LMT injunction and we've done a very good job of keeping ourselves safe from it.

    Thankfully, we still have enough eyes and ears out there that allow us to know every crazy thing done by people who know and who might not know about this injunction. We will continue to monitor and handle every one of these actions done out of what seems like either sheer malice, stupidity, sabotage, indifference, ego, or any combination listed here.

    As tired as some of you may be from hearing about this injunction? I guarantee you that the CW Cell is oh so much more sick of it than you ever could be.

    Here we have Mark Bunker showing that he knows all the rules of the LMT injunction so he doesn't violate the injunction himself. One of the main rules is that he has to be a certain distance from every entrance to all the Scientology owned buildings. Please know that Mark Bunker knows this and he knows all the other rules of the LMT injunction that he must abide by. He does abide by these rules because he knows he's being filmed and if he steps out of line they will have it on tape and then I'm pretty sure the horrible sue-happy cult will make sure he ends up in trouble.

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  12. anonymous612 Member

    Sid Klein took protesters' sides against Scientology all the time. Just not LMT protesters. Because they kept breaking the law. He was an excellent police chief and one of the best the city has ever had and he had to put up with a bunch of fucking children.
    And oh right, the Mayor's only switched out a few hundred times since then, too.

    See, what you're looking at here is the difference between years of "the police are the enemy, let's think of ways to break the rules" vs "the police are trying to keep the scientologists from murdering us, let's think of ways we can protest effectively without interfering with their job".

    Who said it had anything to do with police interpretation?
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  13. Rod Keller Member

    I think I'm done. I'm not sure if you're misrepresenting what I said on purpose or not.
  14. anonymous612 Member

    The basic fact of the matter is that this event must not endanger its attendees or their first amendment rights.

    The main way Scientology will try to make that happen, and I speak from experience, is by applying the LMT to the attendees. And the way for them to do that is by arguing that the attendees associate with the LMT to such a strong extent that it makes them the same organization.

    Obviously, that isn't true, and frankly the LMT were more of a bane on my protesting than on the Scientologists, so I'm sure as hell not "affiliated" with them.

    Therefore, and I want to make this very clear for any OSA agents watching, and I have checked this with AMA, anyone covered by the LMT Injunction is not invited to this event, for the safety and security of the other attendees and the organizers. You can check the injunction here if you aren't sure who that applies to.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    And this is why Clearwater has repeatedly failed. You can't play nice with others and you think you're hot shit in a champagne glass instead of cold turd in dixie cup.
    You are unpleasant and unwelcoming. Good luck with your crappy "event." We're all just dying to not attend.
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  16. amaX Member

    The bottom line is this: we did not cause the LMT injunction to happen. We weren't part of the LMT. We weren't in the courtroom when it happened. It's not our fault. I actually think it's illegal and wrong. But it's not my fight. I don't want to fight it. Our Cell has actually voted numerous times on whether we wanted to try and fight this damned thing for these people listed. We have always unanimously voted NO.

    You want us to welcome people with open arms who can cause an injunction to be handed to everyone around them? Think it can't happen? google Shawn Lonsdale. Think they won't try? They tried to get Bunker in trouble in the video above.

    You have to also ask yourselves why these people listed on this injunction haven't tried to fight it themselves instead of making it a constant battle with the CW Cell? Why don't these protesters bust a move and go against the injunction on their own?

    Why don't you bring your happy ass to Clearwater and fight the LMT injunction for the people listed on it?
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  17. anonymous612 Member

    I for one do not particularly want to fight it at all, and I expect conference attendees do not want to either, which is why making sure it is not applied to them by the cult is more important than the LMT's feelings. And if they've got an iota of concern for the wellbeing of anti-Scientology protesters, I'm sure they understand the necessity.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Except for protesting in Dublin with one of them.
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  19. Like many ex's you are a complete idiot. Yes, you might be misinterpreted, but to tell you the truth, I never know wtf you are saying anyways. Too much brainwashing in your youth.
  20. Rod Keller Member

    I was trolled better than this since before you were born.
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  21. anonymous612 Member

    Mod Edit: Quote deleted

    Except for protesting in Dublin with one of them.[/quote]
    My statement stands, regardless of a photo from a different country three years ago that has nothing to do with us. The fact that someone once stood on the same sidewalk as Mark Bunker does not mean they were working together on a project.

    We are not affiliated with the LMT. We will never be affiliated with the LMT. We have no connection to them whatsoever beyond the fact that we happen to be in the same geographic area they once were purely by coincidence.

    In a six year period did we occasionally bump into individual ex-members once or twice? Sure. And I once bumped into Kirstie Alley, but that doesn't make me a Scientologist.
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  22. I am older than you, faggot. Now DIAF and thank Anonymous for what we have done, loser.
  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. JohnnyRUClear Member

    No rating? Everybody wants to see the judges' cards go up!
  25. Rod Keller Member

    Since I was never a Scientologist, I score it a 0. One minute using the google would have been enough to find that out.
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  26. JohnnyRUClear Member

    So the kids would say: 0/10.

    That's harsh, but fair since the false accusation didn't annoy you.

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  27. Rod Keller Member

    I was trying to explain the theory of trolling as an art form to a former member the other day. I compared the esthetic to that of offensive physical art, such as Serrano's photo "Piss Christ." I don't think I was successful. I'm not sure I can be trolled any more, but this attempt was worse than most.
  28. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    WBM, as far as I know, has never protested. He goes to protests, records what happens, and maybe interviews people. Looking through the injunction again after a long time, I can't see how WBM's presence would make the injunction apply to anyone else, since he has never been and probably never will be a protester. If you think WBM's presence would cause you problems based on the injunction, please point that part out to me.

    Me, on the other hand, you should stay far away from :)
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  29. JohnnyRUClear Member

    LOL. Try this analogy next time:

    I can almost see the trollface on Cato in some of these encounters. It would fit nicely.
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  30. amaX Member

    Is he listed on the injunction, Jacobsen?

    I'll answer my own question just to save time and just in case you're confused about whether he's on the injunction or not. YES. He's listed on the injunction.

    So it really doesn't matter what you think or how you're interpreting the injunction. Your opinion doesn't matter in the real legal world.

    The damned video you posted earlier in this thread is further proof that the cult will try to use that injunction in any way that they can. The video also proves that your buddy Bunker knows the rules he needs to follow to protect himself from being in violation of the injunction.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Bunker has been at tons of events in LA, and doesn't object to Tory's use of the term &quot;we&quot; in the video in the OP of this thread where Tory is clearly protesting. Nov. 2012.

    Here he is at one of the first protests I attended, being photographed with other protesters. Oct. 2009.

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  32. anonymous612 Member

    Please don't make me repeat myself on the matter, you know I can't stand talking to you. We've already been quite clear on the subject and I don't know what you think continuing to debate it will get you. And frankly, I at least will not be participating in your circlejerk. It's already been discussed. It's not gonna happen.

  33. Anonymous Member

    Oh and have a SP party at magoo's place after will ya?
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  34. anonymous612 Member

    that'd be very difficult considering this event is in Clearwater and last I heard she was out west somewhere on the other side of the country.
  35. Anonymous Member

    That would be a long drive for a party.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    As I recall, Shawn let some people on the list buy him lunch. Result:


    Injunctions, serious business! Wally Pope, serious asshole!
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  37. Softkitty Member

    Ya that's pretty bad. All the more reason to be smart and listen to the more knowledgeable Anons such as 612 and Rod... I know I am
  38. Anonymous Member

    ^ Touché
  39. Softkitty Member

    I know recently just when deciding to join the fight on the front so to speak I went to the second hand store and got a whole wardrobe for protests.
  40. Rod Keller Member

    Is the map available? The last one I saw had specific areas where protesting was allowed. One of these would now be along FH Ave. right in front of the SP building. At the time it was an empty lot.

    Here is an old map.
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