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  1. Softkitty Member

    A good location was between the church "normal church" and there was a big lot that was completely open. The parking lot across from the front door of the building is a bus lot as well. usually always empty but has a full view and a side walk running all the way around it. might be a good one I donno.
  2. Softkitty Member

    I wish there was a way to figure out when Google would be doing they're street view so we could be in it. so every time someone wanted to look up the building it wouldn't be with seeing Anonymous lol. Just a somewhat funny thought
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Still time to donate!
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  4. Anonymous Member

    You're a fool if you take Rod's contributions over any of the Clearwater anons.
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  5. Softkitty Member

    Actually not really a fool, just a newb. I have zero exp and if any cw Anons would like to give me some basics that would be great. I'm open for anything.
  6. Rod Keller Member

    I think that's a false choice. Who says s/he can't read what's posted and make up their own mind? I'm just putting out information about what we did back in the olden days, and general advice like "don't do anything illegal." If you think that's bad advice, you should have a really strong argument for doing something illegal. Different people have different levels at which they feel safe. Those of us who have never been arrested probably have a more defensible position than those who were arrested. Keith Henson? Unsafe. AnonOrange? I don't know what's public or private land out there, but it seems unsafe to leave the road. AGP? I don't know why he got arrested exactly, so I can't say safe or unsafe. I never got in anybody's face, I was happy to just stroll up and down the sidewalk with my sign or candle. That was enough for me.
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  7. amaX Member


    A false choice? You are one nasty dangerous piece of work. You're back pedaling big time making it seem like you're trying to give good info after you've been called out for giving stupid advice. Add bits and pieces and maybe go back and edit the bullshit you've already posted to make yourself seem knowledgeable, but most of all---MAKE YOURSELF LOOK RIGHT.

    Because it's more important that you look like you're always correct rather than admit you were wrong even though the advice you gave was shoddy and dangerous.

    EDITED: Because JohnnyRUClear pointed out my mistake of writing "back peddling" instead of "back pedaling." Thank you again, JRUC.
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  8. amaX Member

    Rod is a dangerous idiot who gave some bad advice and now refuses to back down because he'd rather be right than to protect a protester. Rod hasn't protested in Clearwater in 13 years. He's only protested five times. Rod has no idea what it's like in downtown Clearwater and taking his advice about protesting would be ridiculous.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Softkitty, I would trust amax' advice on protesting always, has seen it all and then some.
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  10. tigeratbay Member

    Good luck with that! Seriously.
  11. Rod Keller Member

    Here is an Anonymous video that I think is pretty good.

    I think whoever wrote that probably read this earlier document.
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  12. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Great video. It surprised me how quickly Anonymous settled on peaceful, sane protesting rules, especially considering how the whole thing started with black faxing, pizza orders and such.
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  13. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    could someone explain to me how discussing the topic of a thread is a derail?
  14. why is everybody in here ? Do I need to spank ?
  15. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Seeing this error from several people here lately, so...

    [bak-ped-l] Show IPA
    verb (used without object), back-ped·aled, back-ped·al·ing or ( especially British ) back-ped·alled, back-ped·al·ling.
    1. to retard the forward motion by pressing backward on the pedal, especially of a bicycle with coaster brakes.
    2. to retreat from or reverse one's previous stand on any matter; shift ground: to back-pedal after severe criticism.
    3. Boxing. to retreat from an opponent, especially by stepping rapidly backward.

    We now return to peddling backs, or whatever y'all are doing in here.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    I believe the topic of the thread was Flag Down - inaccurate and misleading information regarding the LMT injunction (and that being called out) is pretty much a textbook example of what a derail is.
  17. amaX Member

    i'm probably one of the only people who will sincerely thank you for correcting me. i don't like when i make mistakes like that. i shall go right now and see if i can still edit it. thank you. :)
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  18. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I believe Flag Down includes 2 full days of protesting in Clearwater. I was discussing that civilly.
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  19. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Next time I'm in Clearwater, hit me up for a lapdance on that sexy wheelchair of yours.
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  20. amaX Member

    or we could go to iHop for pancakes. old people like that more than lapdances.
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  21. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Flapdance! Or is it lapjacks? Hell, let's order both and pour syrup on the whole works.
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  22. amaX Member

    You betcha! lol
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Derails don't work like that. The whole shit being posted about the LMT injuction, particularly the misinformation, clearly didn't belong in the thread. Moving just the specfic offending posts would have left orphan posts devoid of context. Derails generally have to be treated as a whole, hence the whole being moved.
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  24. Rod Keller Member

    Misinformation? I don't think so. But it's your sandbox, and you can do whatever you like. It's interesting that the derail posts have received more up votes since being moved than before.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    moar faggotry.
  26. Rod Keller Member

    I'm already in the derail thread, is there an RPF's RPF for posts? Y'all are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Rod Keller Member

    I know that's like a term of art here, but it was always the part of Anonymous that bothered me the most. It's just an unacceptable word. Call me a liar, or whatever you think is appropriate. Can you imagine if other people used it? "A faggot was arrested in downtown Clearwater today while protesting the Church of Scientology."
  29. Anonymous Member

    kumbaya fucker.
  30. Anonymous Member

    When your 'information' is directly contradicted by what Clearwater anons are saying, a clear reading of the LMT injunction itself and the actual history of how the inunction has been enforced then there can only be one accurate label - 'misinformation'.
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  31. Rod Keller Member

    If you can point out what you mean I'm sure we can resolve this. I'm pretty clear about what I'm reading, and I was there when it was enforced.
  32. Anonymous Member

    shut the fuck up. you give trolling a bad name.
  33. Rod Keller Member

    I can tell you're upset, but without specifics you really don't have an argument. Did you read the document?
  34. srsly? SRSLY?
    Go DIAF, faggot.

    How is it mods are not warning this fuckface?
  35. Rod Keller Member

    I welcome any mod who wants to discuss the truth of what I say. Hell, I welcome anybody who wants to discuss it. So far it's been silence on what the injunction says, and what people think it means.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Because it acceptable to disagree here.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Ok, I am curious, Rod I wonder is it possible your interpretation may be incorrect. I know little to nothing about the matter, nor do I have a dog in the fight? So I ask genuinely why your advice seems to run contrary to the understanding of others who are posting here?
  38. Rod Keller Member

    I would like to know also what people disagree with me about, they are unwilling to tell me. I only know what happened in Clearwater. I am not a lawyer, so my interpretation could be wrong. I think there are several points. First - who is subject to the injunction? The LMT does not exist, so I think the people named are the only people that are bound by it. The "persons in actual concert or participation" part is what Scientology uses to attempt to drag in other people. As far as I know, this is nobody. So unless you're a named person, this shouldn't apply at all to any protester. That doesn't mean you won't be handed a copy if you protest in Clearwater. There is no down-side to Scientology handing them out to anybody.

    Let me collect my thoughts on the other points.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Curious Anon again, Are any lawfags around to give a reasonable opinion on the above?
  40. Anonymous Member

    what a fucking ugly mess this has become
    I am dissapoint
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