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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Darth Xander, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Darth Xander Member

    • Monday May 5th & Tuesday May 6th, 2014: The conference opens on Monday May 5th at the Minnreg Hall located at 6340 126th Ave. in LARGO, FL. The doors will open on both nights at 6:30 p.m. EDT. We will wrap up both nights around 10:00 p.m. EDT.
    • Wednesday May 7th, 2014: Conference attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a bus tour of Scientology landmarks in Clearwater, including (but not limited to) such famous sites as the Fort Harrison Hotel, the Flag Building, “Sea Org Alley” and Sea Org berthing! The tour starts at 4:00 p.m. EDT in downtown Clearwater. Conference attendees on Monday and Tuesday nights will be able to get more information about this tour.
    • Thursday May 8, 2014: We move Flag Down 2014 to Clearwater Beach, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. EDT. Gather at the historic Post Corner Pizza located at 431 S. Gulfview Blvd. in Clearwater Beach, FL, to hear more tales of the Scientology scam set against one of the most highly rated beaches in Florida.
    • Friday May 9, 2014: 521 S Gulfview Blvd
      Clearwater, FL 33767
      800.770.6461 Conference Room Longboat Key A, doors open at 6:30
    • Saturday May 10, 2014: Conference attendees will gather for a ‘megaraid’ picket of Flag in Coachman Park located at 301 Drew St. in Clearwater, Fl, starting at 11:00 a.m. EDT. We will march along such streets as Ft. Harrison Ave., Cleveland St., Osceola Ave., Court St., Pierce St. and Garden Ave. We will have intermittent stops at various Scientology buildings, with the picket scheduled to conclude at 5:00 p.m. EDT.We encourage all protest attendees to wear comfortable shoes and light clothing. It’s a good idea to drink some water or sports drinks before you arrive to avoid dehydration. We also encourage every protester to wear a hat, sunglasses, and maybe a bandana, or even a full face mask, if you want to hide your identity from any Scientology stalkers. See you downtown!
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  2. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    What speakers which nights? Any press conference?
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  3. pedrofcuk Member

    The entire thing is a press conference. The precise speaker schedule will not be announced until the last minute.
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  4. AnonoLily Member

    Yay! It is almost here!
    I can hardly wait for the bus tour of the "Cancer that ate Clearwater"!!!
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  5. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    So... let's say I'm all excited about hearing John Sweeney speak. It's just a crap shoot about which time and day I should show up to hear him? Really? Not even a hint?
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  6. Darth Xander Member

    Think of it like a grab bag. If you don't get Sweeney you get DeWolf. Or Russell Miller. Or Geir Isene. Or John Duignan. Or...
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  7. pedrofcuk Member

    It's not really a secret, JS is speaking on Monday and Tuesday, as to the precise time, not a clue. It's all livestreamed and posted on YouTube anyway.
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  8. kitsune Member

    any idea who on youtube would be best to follow for this? God knows there will be a thousand to choose from. Can't make it to FL, wouldn't want to miss any more than I have to. Don't want it all muddled up with OP soapboxes, either. Just wanna see the conference.
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  9. pedrofcuk Member

    I'll post the answer to that ^ following a consultation with our technical team ;)
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  10. Random guy Member

    I predict the speakers will be more interesting that the event itself, the cult would be insane to stir up trouble during this conference.

    Then again, stupid and cult, stupid and cult, stupid and ...
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  11. Django Member

    As proven time and time again, they actually are insane. If nothing else, the appearance of 20 or so major league SPs/DBs at the mega-raid finale should stir up some sort of ridiculous lulz-bearing response.
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  12. snippy Member

    Some ridiculous lulz-bearing response? Like what?
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  13. snippy Member

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  14. amaX Member

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  15. Quentinanon Member

    Can we bring a Marcabian SWAT team to the protest?

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  16. Horseradish Member

    Having all these peeps speaking at the same event will be like having every Dr Who there's ever been (nine? ten?) appearing in the same episode of Dr Who. :D

    Fans of Dr Who will understand what I mean.
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  17. Django Member

    Good question. Probably just wishful thinking on my part. Perhaps they'll just put the curtains up for 5 days and draw into a foetal position like the worthless, sniveling buffoons they've proven themselves to be. Perhaps that snot-nosed little coward David Miscavige has learned that anything his criminal organization does to "attack, never defend", in a world where everyone carries a camera, and where this particular group of SPs will be heavily armed with high-quality video equipment, will not be particularly great PR.

    Still, a boy can wish for a John Allender appearance, can't he?
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  18. Quentinanon Member

    Complete with a "Ideal Borg" head camera

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  19. amaX Member

    They always holed up back when we had big numbers for protests. I'd say that's what downtown CW will look like for the week.
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  20. Anonylemmi Member

    The PIs and hired off-duty cops will not be hiding.
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  21. amaX Member

    OSA and hired cops will be out for sure, but that's about it.
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  22. bAnon Member

    sorry if this has been answered, but will there be actual LIVE STREAM (, or instead uploaded vids to youtube?

    I like to eat my popcorn and waffles in real time. (heck, give me live streaming and I'll even donate - see how that works?)
  23. amaX Member

    There is live streamed planned. Vids will also be uploaded to youtube.
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  24. Very good indeed.
    Just remember to build a shrine to me, its important.
    Also the midget pole dancers.
    Don't forget them Amx, I would be very disapoint..
  25. fathertony Member

    I'm excited. Lets get this party started!!
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  26. amaX Member


    WEDNESDAY MAY 7, 2014: BRUNCH to be hosted by TheHoleDoesNotExist. Less than 15 minutes from the venue. Address and directions will be passed out at Minnreg Hall on Monday May 5th and Tuesday May 6th. THE BRUNCH WILL BE FROM 11:00 AM TO 1:00 PM! Need CONFIRMATIONS that you and the number of your guests will be attending by FRIDAY MAY 2 to get a count. Confirm on FlagDown 2014 Event Facebook page.
    Or reply to this post with your RSVP or PM me here on wwp.
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  27. amaX Member

    I'm speaking at the conference. Be sure to watch me mention Cancer pants in my speech.
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  28. Anonylemmi Member

    I will be watching closely. I also like shrines and midget pole dancers.
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  29. amaX Member

    I can build a shrine, but I doubt DM or TC are gonna show up to dance.
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  30. amaX Member


    Here ya go, darlin'.
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  31. Anonylemmi Member

    I feel there my be something wrong with me. I love this place TOO much.
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  32. laughingsock Member

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  33. Darth Xander Member

    Didn't see this anywhere else. From Geir's website.
    Coming to Florida this weekend

    This weekend Anette and myself will visit the Sunshine State and stay for the first part of Flag Down 2014.

    View attachment 946043_10152363209178275_1154584869_n.jpg?w=440&am

    We will be joined by a Norwegian film crew, documenting our every move. I will be speaking on the first day of the six-day event along with prominent speakers on the subject of Scientology. It should prove to be an interesting experience. If you’d like to meet for a coffee, please contact me. I love to meet with new people and make new friends.
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  34. amaX Member

    Geir makes us pretty cool.
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  35. Darth Xander Member

    Sorry, but nothing can make you cool AMA. Now go cough on someone.
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  36. amaX Member

    You'll never be cooler than me and you know it. I'll save all the snotty tissues for you.

    Yes. I'm SICK. So I get to plan Flag Down 2014 running a fever and all that entails.
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  37. 359

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  38. Darth Xander Member

    Btw, AMA is running a shuttle service to and from the airport so hit her up with a PM if you need a ride! She likes meeting new people too!
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  39. fathertony Member

    I make both you and Xander cooler with my mear presences!!
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  40. Darth Xander Member


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