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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Darth Xander, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Paranoid cult is, and always has been, uber paranoid. Having armed PI's, their mercenaries and security guards etc. etc., pushing themselves around making sure nothing 'entheta' filters through to the flock before their shearings, is really nothing new. They are protecting their 'parishioners' from the terrors of the truth lest they lose a 'donor'. It is all quite pathetic and, hopefully, Anons, ex's, etc. have put together a decent and lutzy presence down there, as it cannot be easy/safe to protest in the rectum of Hubbard's invasion force (I mean CW silons of course).

    Play smart, stay safe, have fun, keep the cameras rolling, watch your bro's backs, is all I can add. Really looking forward to some reportage on this one :)

    Cheers All!
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  2. Nancy Beazley Member

    Please accept my sincere apologies if you aren't OSA.
  3. Yo, bitch. Fuck you and your ignorant comments.

    First, have you been around long enough to notice that the big-ass Flag Building thread has magically disappeared from general WWP view? That's the thread where I remember the posts about the armed guards and Xander's video of the attack dogs. Check it out on Google yourself if you can pull your fingers out of your ass enough to do it.

    Second, the cult does use armed guards. Ever hear of the Epic Sword Guy who got shot at CC Int by one of their armed PIs? And how about this thread where Rinderburn2 talks about armed guards at CST:

    Are you so ignorant to think I'm OSA just because I'm asking if the most important scilon base around, Flag, is going to have anything less? With the biggest SP bash ever coming into their neck of the woods for a week of SP activity?

    I'm asking about these things out of my concern for those Flag Down people there, many who have not been in the belly of the beast before. If it's all clear, great. And if you aren't there to report one way or another, then shut the fuck up. Or are you the kind of idiot who thinks you're OSA if you ask someone who can check out a mine field if the coast is clear?

    I hope no Anon every depends on you to ever cover any of their backs. Asshole.
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  4. Thanks Nancy Beazley. Accepted.

    I'm getting a bad feeling from all this silence. I don't want to speak for others, but maybe I'm not the only one. No livestream info. No updates from anyone. And the first event should now have started, but no word of anything.

    Can someone there say something? Anything??
  5. Flunk!

    As I suspected you can't produce a single post on this forum to support your claim of "numerous posts about armed PI's on roofs during the grand opening".

    Barrel Roller
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  6. livestream?
  7. wolfbane Member

    "Doors will open at 6:30" the schedule says.

    They've been in the facility for about 10 minutes. Might be a short while yet until things are setup and gets started.
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  8. Kilia Member

    Thank you, wolfbane. Much appreciated for information. :)
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  9. Any time anyone encounters a private detective from the cult, it's best to assume they are carrying a concealed weapon. It's not that difficult to obtain a concealed carry permit in Florida, and it would be an ego boost for DM to know all of his PIs have weapons. Not the regular sci guards, though.

    I've heard first person reports of clam guards openly displaying guns, but that was when they first arrived in the 1970s.
  10. Thanks for the on the ground reporting. Love the 'what the fucked up cult is doing right now' stuff.
  11. OK, now I get it Mr. scienospeak. Why don't you come back after you've finished decompressing?

    Still Suppresive, please give any data you have when you can. Thank you.
  12. snippy Member

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  13. [IMG]
    TheHoleDoesNotExist 3 minutes ago
    drama drama drama and we haven't even started (7 pm start time)
    pete and Amax got "served" some kind of bogus papers by bogus osa Agents. Mark Bunker I just saw in the entrance of MinnReg venue, cops. Don't know what all is going on, but drama drama.
    met Sweeney and Shelton and hugged Michael Tilse. omg it was emotional.
  14. Instead why don't we get back to your claim of "numerous posts about armed PI's on roofs during the grand opening"?

    Simply link one such post and you'll have proved you point.
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  15. wolfbane Member

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  16. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Holy shit! ^^^^ Really? Can't wait for the story on this development!

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  17. wolfbane Member

    From the ustream channel admin:

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  18. sallysock Member

    TheHoleDoesNotExista minute ago
    OSA is trying to serve people because Mark Bunker was here. That was my understanding. This is the very reason he was asked not to come. Yes, technically it isn't near the sci buildings, but you see what is happenning. They are still using it as an excuse to disrupt and stir up legal trouble. Laura is the Clearwater area organizer.
    Pete Griffth sez they have gthe wifi signal, just working out technical difficulties ... just a few minutes. late.
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  19. wolfbane Member

    Moar from ustream admin:
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  20. sallysock Member

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  21. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Yeh, sortta figured the obvious culty fuckery, so not surprised, but not altogether unhappy about it as, as cult is so good at doing, foot-bullets will fly I am sure. It will make them more obvious by showing their colors and desperation. This reminds me of the "Go home nazi!' shit they pulled on Ursela years ago, same shit, different package.

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  22. wolfbane Member

    The little red "live" symbol just came on the ustream feed. If you don't see it, refresh.

    EDIT: you also need to refresh if all you see is black screen.
  23. booski Member

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  24. Yep up and running, Sweeney on now
  25. Tony Ortega: Flag Down drama — Mark Bunker kicked out by conference organizer

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  26. Why did Bunker rock up?
  27. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Got it up in the PNW, Canada, cool! Unfortunately too many requirements for me to post a comment on the stream, but wayy cool, be nice to see some decent turn-out of locals there, we know most are very unhappy about cult in their midst, but I suppose it was a daunting task to get the word out, and I think cult scares them. Oh well.


  28. sallysock Member

    Crossposting because I want this here, too. Nice, Some of the Bunkerites are getting schooled.

    Django3 minutes ago
    I think it's a shame that WBM can't attend a conference that purports to be a gathering of most or all major Scientology critics. Mark was a major factor in getting me into this thing, and I think he's been a major thorn in the cult's side for a very long time, and was an important early influence on the Anonymous movement. And yeah, Amax has a beef with him, and I can't comment on that 'cause it's something far more complicated than a far-off observer such as myself can handle.

    That said, the appearance of this "process server" pretty much confirms Amax's concerns about the Injunction. Sad, but the right way to go. FD is too important to risk on legal bullshit or trying to spare the feelings of one critic.

    Mark, if you're reading: Don't let it get you down, or deter you from the fight. There'll be other days.
    Amax: I deeply love what you're doing this week, and wil be watching every minute of it (while recovering from tomorrow's oral surgery - echh). I hope FD will be an annual event, till it's no longer needed, in which case I hope this is the last one


    HartleyPatterson16 minutes ago
    The injunction from over a decade ago was permanent and IIRC has a catchall "and associates" in it, which the cult can use to have a go at anyone since we are all "associated" with Mark Bunker. It's a judgement call as to how far to bend to avoid giving the cult an excuse to shut the event down.
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  29. Django Member

    Hey, audio person: You're taking your signal from some mike (camera mike?) that's way out in the audience, and all we're hearing is the room. You need to take your audio feed directly from the speaker's mike.

    Damn, now I really wish I'd attended this....
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  30. wolfbane Member

    Earbuds help and make a big difference.
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  31. Nancy Beazley Member

    Feed up and down. Maybe it's my connection?
  32. booski Member

    Hi Guys, just an update.

    Don't shoot me but I am in still in Ireland assisting coordinating the live stream.

    Those the ground had some technical issues and are working to resolve the audio issue by providing a line in mic. There is not one available right now but there will be at the latest for broadcast tomorrow.

    Bear with them while they resolve it.
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  33. Jeezus troll, give it a break. If the thread doesn't exist anymore for general view, there is no thread to link to. Is that really so hard to comprehend?

    But here's some direct data from Simply Suppressive that's more helpful than anything you are posting:
    Now the livefeed is up. I feel better - except for the sucky sound. Shut up and let's watch.
  34. wolfbane Member

    I had one momentary blip in the first 5 mins but nothing since then.

    EDIT: During Dublin Offlines I had up and down probs while signed into the chat box. Once I refreshed and stayed out of that all was well.
  35. sallysock Member

    I want to know who the first question guy is. Comparing the catholic church to scientology? It's like he is straight out of a comment section.
  36. wolfbane Member

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  37. Django Member

    Yup, I figured that. While you're working that out, you'll also need a separate mic for audience questions, because when the audio is coming directly from the podium mic, the audience audio will be greatly reduced. So, either a standard mic with a really long cable, or a wireless mic.

    Someday, we'll all look back on this and laugh like fools.....
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  38. What I find hard to comprehend is that you honestly think anyone with half a brain would buy into your nonsensical bullshit.
    Barrel Roller
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