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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Darth Xander, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Hm, surprised the crew didn't walk out of the venue for that, but we don't know the whole story, waitingt for reportage :) I have little doubt Mark and those involved/affected already knew this was a possibility. Eventually somebody has ta blow and the inside story will come out, but for now I can see an awesome story brewing.... or drama worthy of popcorn... side-splints (from laughtering), or somethin' :p *shrugz*
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  2. wolfbane Member

    From an update on the bunker:

    I have no grudge against WBM nor Tom Smith. And I have a great deal of respect for their work, and always will. But in this instance, they made the decision to be assholes and got treated like such. Stupid move was stupid. And hilarity ensued.

    One does not simply out-asshole an asshole like amaX. <3
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  3. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Hm, if someone is trolling ya with your own name complain to the 'place' (report it, mods, talk to them) etc., register, and use your real account, or a new troll-sock, or, but please...................
  4. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I love Mark and will always support him but he has gotten to touchy feely over the cult. The fact is he knew he was putting people at risk of being fucked with by the cult by coming. What is worse, is he did a video a few months back where he stated he made the choice to not fight the injunction that he knew full well the cult was still trying to bind him to. His answer for everything as of late, is just go happy lucky and be nice. Well maybe it is time for him to fight back.

    I am sure some OSA jackoff is reading this, thinking, aha we have driven a wedge between people. Well you are fail and full of shit.

    I would love to see the sources of the process papers sued, knowing this is an abuse of the system.
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  5. Nancy Beazley Member

    So is that all there is on the program tonight? No more speakers tonight after Isene?
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  6. What I don't like is what some of the commenters over on Tony O's blog are saying about amaX. She spent all this time putting this damn thing together. Not them. Then all they can do is criticize her for doing what she said she was going to do: kick out WBM if he showed up. Fuck those guys.

    And now she and pedrofcuk have both been served with the Injunction, which is also what she said would happen.

    FUUUUU. I hate this cult.
  7. failboat Member

    Bump, stream has resumed.

    Chris Shelton is up
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  8. wolfbane Member

    This. But there is a high level of derp is to be expected over there, it's retarded lulzcow kingdom. And unlike us, they don't realize they're a bunch of tards, so the stupid factor goes nuclear.
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  9. She needs to fight it,this should be easy, they were not apart of the LMT and everyone who has fought it has won. It just proves scientology is a evil cult who hates freedom.
  10. sallysock Member

    She doesn't need to fight anything. She is doing it right. The uniformed at the bunker should lurk moar.
    Silly souls.
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  11. Not sure what you are talking about. No one who has fought the injunction has won, as far as I know. That's with the financial backing of Robert Minton. That's why it's now a permanent injunction with no expiration date.
  12. Quentinanon Member

    I don't see anyone laughing about that very tragic event. I am trying to figure out what Mark Bunker and Tom Smith did wrong.
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  13. wolfbane Member

    The lurk moar philosophy only applies if you actually have a brain. So I doubt it would help. :p
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  14. I hope when amax speaks she just plugs a mic into the bucket of acid
  15. ^^^THIS.

    And TO needs to lighten up too. He's the one giving the one-sided slant towards Bunker and Tom Smith and against amaX.

    Pretty easy to do that while she's sitting in the hall, organizing the event. And also boosting his hits while writing about her event.
  16. sallysock Member

    Wish I could like guest posts. QFT
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  17. billybob Member

    His name was Shawn Lonsdale...and the cult used the LMT injunction to shut him down.
    Someone needs to remind people at Tony's blog about what happened to Shawn.
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  18. Oh man, fuck off with the bullshit Tom. There's been enough drama today. We don't need you trying to pretend you're someone else so we can help you figure out your shit.

    AmaX knows what you did. She can tell more if she wants when she is done with the event.

    Just GTFO. And don't let the door hit you in the ass too hard on your way out.
    Oh Please
    This message by Oh Please has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  19. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Zach Galafinakis is gonna sue Flag Down for trademark infringement.
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  20. RavenEyes Member

    This thread, and others, should help her because it shows where she explicitly explains why Bunker is not welcome at the event, and repeatedly goes over the LMT injunction. Then, she takes a bunch of bullshit abuse from lazy posters and/or trolls about poor WBM and how mean she is by not letting him be there.

    I can't believe he showed up. Well, actually (sadly) I can. What a selfish bastard.

    Edit: Sorry, Tom. I didn't mean to ignore you. Is that why you disliked this post? I didn't know you weren't welcome there, and I know you're not part of the LMT, so I didn't think you were a selfish bastard. I could call you one, too, if you'd like, though. :)
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  21. wolfbane Member

    First off, I agree the circumstances are tragic. It sucks, but it is what it is.

    As far as what they did wrong, they showed up knowing damn well they were not welcome.

    And I lol'd before TO article got posted. Even though it is tragic. And I lol'd again after reading TO's article although I was confused how Tom Smith got in the middle of it. And then I lmao even harder at what assholes they BOTH were after reading the update to TO's article that proves they knew they weren't wanted there and went anyway.

    So yes - sorry Q, you are one of my favorite posters, but you do see someone laughing about it. Me. And I'm not only laughing that they were stupid enough to show up, I'm laughing that TO's reporting immortalized the fact they chose to be assholes and the retarded lulzcows chiming in under the comments in a way that makes them look like even bigger assholes.

    And the best part is, all this lulz and we haven't even heard the best part of the story yet - what did Pete and Laura get served with before the conference?

    If that chatroom buzz is true, that's the REAL story to be had. And hopefully we will get to see that in the TBTimes tmo when Frago gets his shot at covering FD2014.
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  22. Pics were just posted by Bunker on TO's blog (sorry, I refuse to call him Wise Beard Man from here on) of what was served on Griffiths. He went to Flag Down after talking to Tom Smith (sorry, I also refuse to call him Quentinanon from here on either):

    Hey, there. I just got back from the "drama" and I just want to say that us being kicked out shouldn't in anyway overshadow the event. I look forward to hearing what Sweeney and the other speakers had to say. I had planned to stay away because I'd been hearing for months how much this woman hates me but there are any number of reasons why random people can hate me so that doesn't surprise me. There are many days when I hate myself. Take a number. But last Friday I heard from Tom Smith who called me to say he wasn't welcome and I thought this was just silly and I said "let's just go." At the most I thought we would be grumbled at. I never expected to have the sheriff's department kick me out so I left. I wasn't there to create a scene. I just expected to watch some speakers.

    As to people being served because I showed up...well, it looks like Laura was served a fake copy of the injunction hours before I arrived so they certainly were going to try to use the injunction against them whether I was there or not. I say a fake copy because it was xeroxed and not an official certified copy. Here's one that was lying on the ground when I arrived. It came with a picture off the web that had me a Peter at an Dublin Anon raid. I was visiting Bob and Stacy and dropped by the raid for about a half an hour and posed for a couple of pictures. This is supposed to show we are in collusion? Please. I had nothing to do with this event or the organizers.

    My attorney Denis deVlaming and I sat down a few months back with the police chief and others from the police department including attorney Rob Surette who assured us the injunction would only be used against me and not against others so we will let the police know that this stuff is complete nonsense and should not be used to tar anyone else who is in town.

    Tom shot some video of the process server which I will put up later.


  23. trolling and fuck them
    haminyh pronoia3 minutes ago
    Well, well. It appears as though many here need to lurk more. Xenu is Lord is an anon who understands the background of the injunction. Despite this, several of you continue to shit all over Amx, who has been protesting the cult for years. She has been arrested, fairgamed and everything else you can imagine. She also did a ton to make this event work. bunkerites that hate on her?
    Fuck you.
    You have good intentions but don't know shit about protesting in Clearwater.
    Amx does. Xander does.
    Here is a comment you should learn from:
    HartleyPatterson • 16 minutes ago
    The injunction from over a decade ago was permanent and IIRC has a
    catchall "and associates" in it, which the cult can use to have a go at
    anyone since we are all "associated" with Mark Bunker. It's a judgement
    call as to how far to bend to avoid giving the cult an excuse to shut
    the event down.
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  24. Nancy Beazley Member

    Is Arnie covered by that "permanent injunction," too? He was also employed by the LMT.
  25. failboat Member

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  26. failboat Member

    Hey, something weird happens in the video at minute 37-38 of Day 1 Part 1, which cuts off the end of John Sweeney and the beginning of Geir Isene. Is there any way to get a full copy of the video up? Thank you. Even audio alone would be just fine.
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  27. TheCrowd.jpg

    What I really want to know is, was there a sweet game of hoops at the gym after the speakers were done?
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  28. wolfbane Member

    Sympathy going out to the IT guy on the floor. That does not look like a fun job. Needs moar butt cushion for better sits.
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  29. The problematic audio and ginormous podium make sense to me now.
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  30. broomstick Global Moderator

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  31. anon8109 Member

    I hope that the sound quality can be improved.

    I suspect Hubbard's thetan might have been doing something unmentionable with the microphone, in which case could someone call in a professional homo novis auditor to hook the mike up to an emeter and get Hubbard's body thetan out of there. I hear he had issues with drugs. That's OT5 right?
  32. billybob Member

    Unfortunately that's just an awful room for sound.
  33. whitesand Member

    Could the Flag Down banner be placed lower on the podium? I'd like to see more of the speakers.
  34. amaX Member

    What are you talking about?
  35. whitesand Member

    Sorry, my mistake, the banner is just fine. It's the podium itself that is large, but it doesn't look adjustable.
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  36. amaX Member

    Thank you for answering my question because I was thinking the banner is about six inches or so below the top of the podium. Yes. The podium itself seems to have been made for a race of giants. lol
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  37. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    It's slightly fixable by sticking sound barriers (portable walls, hung blankets, whatever) here and there so there's less echo effect.
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