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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Darth Xander, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    Little known fact, buckets of acid play music, so that could work.
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  2. Nancy Beazley Member

    Do we know who will be speaking tonight?

    Also, what's the rationale for not posting the speaker schedule?
  3. booski Member

    Expect Victoria Britton and Russell Miller speaking tonight. More to follow
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    Today, Tony Ortega posted:

    Our Aussie elves tell us that Tom Cruise’s private jet left Sydney today, and we have a feeling his best man Miscavige was with him.

    If only they’d fly in to Clearwater for the conference!

    Speaking of which, when we get closer to tonight’s 7 pm start, we’ll post the live stream here for Day 2. We trust things will go smoother today than they did yesterday. And here’s hoping we can hear the speakers a little better this time.
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  5. Chee Chalker
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  6. Lurk earlier at posts 91 and 101 of this thread. All indications is that this email was fake. Especially when you also factor in that only one person has reported receiving it.
  7. It definitely wouldn't be a podium David Miscavige could use!
  8. moarxenu Member

    Glad to see Victoria Britton is speaking. She is the biggest threat to the cult of any of the speakers at Flag Down.

    If you study the depositions and read the dox she is posting at her blog Truth For Kyle Brennan, it becomes clearer and clearer that Kyle's death can only have been a homicide in which Denise Miscavige is a central figure and which was covered up as a suicide by OSA and Detective Stephen Bohling of the Clearwater Police Department.

    She will not relent in exposing the people who killed Kyle and is systematically providing evidence on her blog.

    423 Cleveland St. - Kyle Brennan was killed here in the second floor apartment of his Scientologist father Tom Brennan sometime after 10:30 pm on the night of Friday, February 16, 2007.

    Also present at the apartment for at least 45 minutes before the police arrived shortly after midnight were Denise Miscavige and her husband.


    Kyle Brennan -a true Chanology hero. He was just twenty when he lost his life attempting to save his father from Scientology.

    Exactly one year later thousands of his Millennial Generation peers in Project Chanology rose up all around the world to put an end to the murderous cult of Scientology.

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  9. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Thank you Moarexnu for the above post (you frikken rock!).
    It is so important to keep things like this in the light of truth, none of those who have died, either directly (while in the bowels of cult), or indirectly by association, should ever be forgotten.
    There is just too much past and present fuckery involved in everything 'Hubbard', so many skeletons, so much hidden and lied about, so much ruination and damage, it should never be ignored, buried, or trivialized imho.

    This is why!
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  10. Django Member

    It's fully fixable by taking a direct feed from the speaker's mike and using that for the live feed audio. Some questions:

    Is the camera directly feeding the live feed?

    Is the audio we're hearing coming from the camera's mic?

    Does the camera have an external mic input?

    Does the stage mic plug into a mixer?

    Does the mixer have an aux send on each channel?

    If these questions are all Yes, take a cable from the mixer's aux send, plug it into the camera's external mic input. Turn the aux send knob on the stage mic's channel up, adjust to taste. There might be a master aux send knob that might need to come up as well.

    That, or something approaching that, should solve a lot of it. I have no idea what your setup is. I have no idea what the aux send on your mixer uses for a jack (1/4"? RCA?). If the camera has an external mic input it's likely a 1/8" mini plug - you may have to hit Radio Shack for the proper cable and/or adapter.

    Prepping the room for sound deadening is a good idea, and I'd do that as well. But try the stage mic direct feed if at all possible...
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  11. [IMG]

    Feel free to re-post anywhere.
  12. Horseradish Member

    Box for speakers to stand on? i.e. Midget Tech (see also Dwarf Tech).
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  13. gnu

    My thoughts as well.... Maybe a platform to stand on behind the podium, or as an alternative - just bring one or two comfy or nice chairs and have the speaker sit down and talk to the audience.

    Also, bye Muldrake.

    What has not changed is that everyone is always fighting here.
  14. TorontosRoot Member

    Catching the prerecorded streams since I missed the live ones, GO FLAG DOWN! :)
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  15. gnu

    i cannot believe that there is no cake there.

    There was no cake there. None.
    No cake.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Everyone knows the cake is a lie.
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  17. gnu

    Can we throw mudkips a retirement party?

    They had no cake.

    There are a lot of other things that are lies.

    But, more importantly,
    they had no cake.
  18. Anonymous Member

    While anons do enjoy cake and eat it at every opportunity, most of the time we bring cakes to protests not conferences, although that is a guess on my part. Anons may bring cakes to conferences and just not talk about it. Maybe they do it anonymously.

    I'd think there will be cake on Saturday.
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  19. gnu

    I guess people who make conferences or protests sorta make up their own rules.

    That gymnasium needs a table with a punch bowl and a sheet cake from Sam's Club. LOL
    And, maybe after listening to all the same depressing stories from some of the speakers and the commenters, too..... well, that is when the after party starts. A big disco ball comes down from the ceiling and they pretend that they are at a middle school dance sponsored by Polident.

    Oh well. it is just a lie, isn't it. .. All of it.
  20. Is there a new link for today's speakers? I can't find one. I thought it was starting about now.
  21. gnu

  22. RavenEyes Member

    I must be gnu here. :(
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  23. gnu

    i gnu :(

    So gnu? How are you?
  24. Nancy Beazley Member

    Are we live-streaming tonight? Or not?

    If so, what time will it start? Anyone know?
  25. LLLLL Member

    They're late getting it set up ... they just got back from dinner.
  26. wolfbane Member

    Feed is LIVE!
  27. gnu

    there is no volume / the volume is really off in their ustream feed.

    someone tell them
  28. You know, I really want to give my support to this. But they were late getting started because they were still at dinner. The sound is better than yesterday, but not much. And the video quality totally sucks.

    You can't even see or hear Jon Atack.

    They had all day to work out the technical kinks.

    I'm very...disappointed.
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  29. Nancy Beazley Member

    Sound and audio are much improved at this point (7:54 pm Eastern)
  30. Nancy Beazley Member

    Russell Miller really is good. Seriously, kids. Yeah, the operation down there is amateur hour. But this guy was really worth waiting for .
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  31. wolfbane Member

    Did somebody chop off the podium by a few feet, or is there just a mighty big stack of something to stand on behind it? :D
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  32. sallysock Member

    I'm late. Did Victoria speak yet? Please tell me no.
  33. wolfbane Member


    So far we had a video message from Jon Atack (not available on feed but promised to be in post-production vids) and Russell Miller.
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  34. Michael Leonard Tilse was speaking after Russell Miller. He spoke for about 50 minutes.

    Lord, he was terrible. The most boring speaker ever. Slow speaking, very soft spoken. No content to what he was talking about. Incorrect facts being given. Talking out his ass.

    The video mercifully cut out as he was making his final statement.

    Downvote me all you want. Speakers like this are not going to help our cause.
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  35. RavenEyes Member

    I spoke with Mr. amax earlier. They were late showing up to help Ama set it up. She couldn't do it all by herself, especially as she's trying to recover from the the flu and Mr. amax wasn't able to assist. For those of you in CW, be it Xander, Pete, or anyone else, if you could be lambs, and help her with setting up and cleaning up after each day/night, everything will go smoother.

    It doesn't matter who's listed as "Organizer". It's called etiquette/manners. Please to be showing some. Thanks.
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  36. sallysock Member

    Hearing John speak again is awesome. Love this.
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  37. RavenEyes Member

    Do I hear you volunteering to speak tomorrow so we can critique your Toastmaster skills?
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  38. Nancy Beazley Member

    Sorry, but Tilse sucked. He did.

    Russell Miller was fucking brilliant.

    John Duignan is great.
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  39. Why, because we can't say what we honestly think? We're supposed to be taking the cult out, right?We're on WWP, not in the fucking cult where you can't talk your mind. Right?

    For god sakes, there are only 30 people in there. After they started 30 minutes late because they were taking their time finishing off their crab legs. Without doing any sound or video checks. With the promise over 6 months of a livestream feed.

    I really wanted to see what Jon Atack said.

    There were 890 viewers yesterday. It's down to 120 today. It's not because of my one comment on WWP. It's because people are being driven away by the amatuer hour production, not by the comment I just made a few minutes ago. We'd be far better off if Michael Leonard Tilse was skipped.

    This is supposed to be Flag Down. Right now, it's more like Viewers Down.
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