Flag Down 2014 Full Schedule

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Darth Xander, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. RavenEyes Member

    MMmm crab legs!
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  2. I'm with you there.

    I'm actually looking forward to the end of Flag Down so we can get back to eating crab legs and taking out the cult.

    Hope all the drama fags are enjoying their free vacation in CW from all the donations they collected.
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  3. whitesand Member

    I thought the whole thing was very watchable and interesting to listen to tonight. The main production distractions were resolved and the message of the speakers came through loud and clear. There were lots of positive comments at Tony's too, here's a sample:

    Yep, it's rocking. Thank you Laura and Pete.

    FlagDown is ROCKING NOW.....And im crying like a baby. You can feel the pain

    This will live on. Priceless.
    I love that the speakers came. And are speaking.

    Helz yeah! ♥
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  4. skeptic2girl Member

    Many grateful thanks to those who worked hard to make the Epic happen.

    Rock on, kiddos...
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  5. This was also posted on TO's site, after six months of preparation, of the huge turnout that's going to take Flag Down:


    No offense to the attendees. But really?

    50 attendees, 890 viewers for the first day.

    30 attendees, 120 viewers for the second day.

    More fighting and drama by far than anything being said at the conferences.

    Injunctions being served creating who knows what from here on out regarding protests in the belly of the beast.

    Do we truly need to do the cult thing with the glowing words while it's so obvious that this has been an fail so far?

    Let's call it for what it is and then just move on.
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  6. amaX Member

    Saturday's Protest theme will be Sea Arrrrgh Eleventy!!!!1!!!11!!!

    The Clearwater Cell is known for their nonconformity so pirates are okay, but Santa hats, banana suits, bikinis, OSA outfits, and nudie suits are all de rigueur.

    Suitfag up if you got it. Red tie or black tie? CW prefers red, but black is acceptable if you're as suave as the Norwegian Anons used to be.

    Wear what you want as long as you wear comfortable shoes.

    Mask up or wear something to cover your pretty faces. It's allowed in CW.

    See you downtown.
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  7. amaX Member

    Do you live in or near CW? The majority of people around here are still fucking terrified of this cult. We've seen what they do to their members: Lisa McPherson. We've seen what they do to critics: too many names to mention including me. The locals that have come in are all green around the gills, but I'm so damned proud of the ones who made it.

    I reached out to about 35 churches in the Tampa Bay area asking them to participate and although I spoke with quite a few of them not one of the churches was willing to show up. They're scared.

    What do you want from the belly of the beast? I'm surprised we had this many people show up.
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  8. gnu

    Beyond the drama stuff , have people been enjoying themselves spending time together?
    Did you guys have fun doing anything?

    Amax, maybe you can still take your turn behind the podium and express yourself.
  9. Nancy Beazley Member

    Kronosal, I dunno where you're getting your viewership stats from, but the site I was watching tonight currently says 4,262 viewers have been there. The number's been going up all night.
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  10. anonysamvines Member

    Hey can I request a song? And dance of course

    Oh slappy you're so fine
    You're so fine you blow my mind
    Hey slappy
    Hey slappy!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    The temperature is going to be 85 on Saturday according to the Weather Channel, which is about as reliable as he cult stats, but any way it goes it will be warm. Remember to bring water and to hydrate well.

    Is sidewalk chalk allowed amaX? How about bubbles?
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  12. Django Member

    Listening to J. Duigan this morning. Sound is MUCH improved. Thanks to whoever fixed it (probably Amax...)...
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  13. amaX Member

    Due to a generous donation---we will be supplying water, ice, sports drinks on Saturday.

    I do have some signs, but if you've got a special sign and you can bring it then do that.


    Ya know what----I should start a protest thread.
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  14. ravenanon Member

    Yes, please do and link to the protest thread here! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  15. amaX Member

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  16. amaX Member

    Yes! People are enjoying speaking to each other during breaks and afterwards. We only have the venue till 10:30 PM and I have to literally yell to run everyone out.

    I also have to say that the off-duty officers that we hired have been fantastic. The deputy that we had on Monday was so respectful of the proceedings that when he would come inside he would close the entrance door so softly so he wouldn't disturb the recording. The deputy we had last night sat inside with us most of the evening. Both officers made the attendees feel safe.

    I am not a public speaker. I am terrible. But I am going to try to take my turn at the podium on Friday for just a little bit. I will ramble and mumble and maybe I'll cry. Does that sound okay?
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  17. moarxenu Member

    Your tears are delicious.
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  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Do as you want. I tend to judge people on what they do, not what they say. keep up the good work.
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  19. Can anyone please confirm how much of the remaining schedule is to be livestreamed?

    E.g. the speakers at Clearwater Beach, the protest on Saturday, or just Friday evening back in Minnreg Hall?
  20. gnu

    That sounds just fine.

    good luck
  21. Darth Xander Member

    Hey fuck head, who brought the books to the venue? Who set up the book table? Who set up the chairs? Who took the chairs down? Who's putting them up Friday and who's taking them down Friday? Who's driving guests every friggin where in Largo/Clearwater?
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  22. Darth Xander Member

    Yes, it is. Its fucking horrible for sound. And no, amax had nothing to do with improving the quality from Monday to Tuesday. That was the rest of us who have had nothing to do with helping.
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  23. Horseradish Member

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  24. amaX Member

    How did lostatsea and Victoria like the Mother's Day gift baskets that I helped you pick out and put together while I was in the middle of trying to make up installations for the conference and sicker than a dog?
  25. amaX Member

    I did what I could with the information I was given as to what the tech-y people were going to need which was basically, "Does it have wi-fi?" And they do and that's what I passed on to the other organizers.

    I did what I could on Monday night by putting the amazing tech-y guy that is at Flag Down in touch with one of the managers of the Minnreg on the phone. The Minnreg guy did help the tech-y guy some on Monday night with the wi-fi problem.

    I can only provide people with what they need if I'm given the information in a timely manner. Asking me for things five minutes before the event is supposed to start is pretty much way too late especially if it's anything to do with technical things.

    Have an emote. :D
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Oh dear god did amaX just emote??? Someone call a medic!
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  27. amaX Member

    I want to say that I love tech-y guy in his bucket hat. He is super cool and is doing an amazing job.
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  28. amaX Member

    it's the fever.
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  29. RavenEyes Member

    FIFY. :D
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Unbunch your boxers Xander, no one said you weren't helping. Besides, bunched boxers will make that cute little fanny look all lopsided.
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  31. Kilia Member

    That sounds fine, sweetie..really looking forward to seeing and hearing you.
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  32. amaX Member

    I just love ya bunches, Kilia!
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  33. Kilia Member

    Love you too, amaX! :)
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  34. failboat Member

  35. amaX Member

    Dammit, failboat! I'm a Chanologist not a tech-y guy!
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  36. Just want to say thank you all for this conference. Even though I've been too chickenshit to attend, I have watched every minute. As a long time Clearwater resident, who worked downtown, I've seen all kinds of crazy shit, but always just chalked it up to Scientologists being batshit crazy. After hearing the speakers so far, I now have compassion for those who got involved in this crazy scam. I only wish I knew what I know now years ago, not that it would have made any difference in these poor souls lives.

    In my earlier years I saw some man try to escape by climbing on the roof of the Yatchsman (brought down by security), I saw a woman run out of the Sandcastle and into the bay, only to be chased by security, and I saw three woman chased out of the Sub/Gyro shop by security for nothing more than sharing a sub. I've known a couple who left the Sea Org but desperately wanted to pay off their freeloader debt so they could again receive services. It was so easy for me to just blame it on victim and forget about it, although every year at Xmas time I would put a large question mark in lights up in my office window hoping that perhaps, just perhaps, one of the clams would look at it and question their lives.

    Later on, my kids during elementary and middle school became friends with public Scientology kids. In fact, they were always being invited to the Friday night parties at The Fort Harrison. And me, not wanting to prejudice my kids against anybody, allowed them to go with their friends. The kids seemed to have a good time, and as far as I can tell, nothing was said or done to ever recruit them into the scam.

    But yes, I am scared to attend. Do I want my face out there? Absolutely not. Although my kids no longer attend any parties there, they are still friends, but no longer close, with their Scientology buddies. And due to who their friends are, I feel I am on the radar. Oh the stories I could tell about the whale's whale kids and mannies. I drove by the venue Sunday just to check out where the Scam's PI's could hang out photographing license plates and I did not feel comfortable. I have too much to lose, and actually wonder if violence would happen to me should it every be found out that I really am not oblivious to the truth.

    So a big THANK YOU to all who made this possible.
  37. amaX Member

    ^^^THIS is why there is still so much fear here in Clearwater about going up against scientology.
    We LIVE here. We KNOW what they're capable of.

    localmom, I totally understand your not wanting to get involved when you still have kids at home.

    I'm glad that you've been watching and now you've been educated more.

    Thank you for the kind words about all of the people who are speaking and those of us who are working to make it happen.

    Stay safe.
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  38. DeathHamster Member

    I wonder how often that happens?
    And there was Peter Frei, who was found floating in the water, and after a week of police trying to id the body, Scientology finally admitted "Oh, we are missing someone."
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  39. Darth Xander Member

    Bus tour is done. CPD were kind enough to give us an escort. Thanks to the passengers who contributed to help defray the cost of the rental.
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  40. fathertony Member

    You did an awesome job!! My navigation skills sucked sorry I know I will be beat for it later!
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