FLAG DOWN 2014 - May 5th-10th

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by amaX, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    ??? How come I know your name then?? You must have screwed up somewhere.
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  2. amaX Member

    That's it. Hard core regging for YOU!


    I apologize to the rest of you for this relentless assault on your pocketbooks! The kitty and the flowers aren't so bad, but the use of the Flag Down 2014 motto in such an in-your-face manner is not usually my style.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I didn't see Leah Remini on the speaker list, just saying.
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  4. Django Member

    It's not a switch you turn off. It's a process. Exhibit A: Tory. Just after her escape, she professed a continued belief in Lron's dreck for a while. Now, not so much. Exhibit B: Marty. His process has been pretty public, and fascinatingly scattershot. He was originally "Hubbard all good, Miscavige all bad", but he's expressed some strong negative opinions of the Flub recently.

    Rinder, OTOH, is still solidly pro-Hubbard, I think. Yet He's also hard-core anti-Big Scn.

    Another thing: I don't have funds to attend FD 2014, and don't get a vote on who's invited. I realize that there's people in the critical and Anon scene that other folks have a problem with. But the US sat on the Security Counsel with the Soviets for years, and is there with China now. Working with someone you disapprove of towards a common goal doesn't imply acceptance of whatever it is you don't like about them.

    I'd like to hear Tory, and WBM, and even Rathbun and/or Rinder if they'll do it.
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  5. amaX Member

    the venue is secured.
    we have the place we wanted. we are happy and joyful today.
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  6. Kilia Member

    I'm happy for ya too, amaX. Best wishes on the project. :)
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  7. Anonymous Member

    FD 2014 Course Checksheet

    1. Word clear and star rate "LMT injunction." _____

    2. Word clear and star rate, No Indies _____
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I have a question about full disclosure about the expenditure of funds. Newbs might not know this and oldfags will already know, but the history of Chanology has been strewn with way too many fundraising efforts which have gone south. Like people blatantly taking advantage of the goodwill of Anon and others.

    Not being accusatory at all. It's just that full disclosure has become the only way to ensure this all stays legit, especially with all these speakers coming on board.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    AMA, I've been slammed IRL lately, so I don't know if I missed developments, but whatup with Six? Is she still around? :confused:
  10. pedrofcuk Member

    This conference is 100% guaranteed Indie free. IT IS AN INDIE-FREE ZONE.

    If an individual anonymously donates to the funding campaign and just happens to be an Indie, there's nothing we can do about that, but take their money and have a kick-ass conference ;)
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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    FD 2014 Course Checksheet

    1. Word clear and star rate "anonymously." _____
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  13. Anonymous Member

    ...what part of "This conference is 100% guaranteed Indie free. IT IS AN INDIE-FREE ZONE." don't you understand?

    If an Indie donates to WWP, will you stop visiting it?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    This is getting more and more tempting . . . hmmm. I know it would be silly to release specific details at this stage but if I go and check out the cost of flights and accomodation what sort of area would be good to look at for cheap hotels and about when would the conference be? The sooner I book, the cheaper my flights and accommodation. I dunno if I can make it for the whole shin-ding - emphasis would be on the protesting, but there's some speakers I would lurve to meet / listen to. Also, if SparrowAnon is confirmed as a speaker, then I will not only attend I will also sling a few bucks into the communal fund.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I'd like to know the answer to this please by amaX or pedrofcuk. It's pertinent.
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  16. amaX Member

    If you think we're playing all of our cards right now to allow Flag to pounce on us and everyone we're working with then you need to go buy a bridge from a cult. It would be insanity for us to show you contracts and pricing and addresses of venues right now.

    I promise you that everything will be disclosed in a timely manner.

    I can also tell you that no one working behind the scenes is taking any money for all the work they're doing.

    People were very gracious and generous to me when I needed funds after my arrest. I am still grateful for that. I hope that everyone was satisfied with my disclosure at that time. The money went to my attorney and the donation was cut off at the amount my attorney requested.

    All I can say is don't donate if you're not comfortable with how things are being handled.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I didn't see anyone ask you to play all your cards. In fact, all I saw was a legitimate question asked about full disclosure. Maybe it could have been asked more specifically, like "What have you worked out in terms of giving full disclosure?" but it was nicely asked. It didn't warrant your response of belittling the person asking.

    If the workout is for everything to be fully disclosed at some point, saying that along when the disclosure will occur would suffice to answer the question. As it is, I am glad you are saying full disclosure will occur. But what is not stated is when.

    So when would that be?
    This message by Anonymous has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  18. HOC Member

    I have no problem with you asking all these questions as transparency is good, but if you start mud slinging, I will step in.
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  19. HOC Member

    When the organisers deem fit and have everything ready.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    If you want to donate, then donate. It's money. Let it go. You'll get more. If you don't want to donate, then don't. No one but you will know. Asking for too much information in this forum has the slight whiff of, well, you know.
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  21. fathertony Member

    I got the Shirts!!!
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Full disclosure? None of the money will go to David Miscavige.

    Agreed. Anons who donate money understand the risks.
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  23. amaX Member

    I'm not sure what part of my response was belittling the person I responded to. I made one simple joke about going to buy a bridge and then I explained very nicely what was going to happen. I said none of us doing the organizing were taking any money and then I went on to use words like gracious and generous and grateful.

    And I mean this: if you're not comfortable with how things are being planned then please don't donate. I'm not being disrespectful. I'm being matter-of-fact. It's not a slam against anyone when I say that. I don't want people to do anything that might make them feel uncomfortable.

    I would hope that everyone would understand the magnitude of what we're doing here. We are planning to hold a five day ex's and critic's conference in Clearwater. Everything must be done with extreme care. Everyone we deal with must be vetted to make sure there are no scientology connections. It's a time consuming process.

    And people must be protected. We need to protect ourselves and we need to protect the people whose services and spaces we'll be hiring. This means that we'll be announcing those details as close to the time of the conference as possible. Because if history is any indication of future behavior...scientologists will somehow and someway descend on these places and these businesses as soon as that information is released.

    Also, you may get part of the information about what has been spent on what before the conference and you may get some of that information afterwards. The reason for that is that there may be unforeseen expenses that will have to be taken care of as the conference is happening and there may be people that need to be protected until this thing is over. We simply cannot predict what's ahead and this is Clearwater where the cult has done some horrible inhumane things to people of all walks of life.

    IMO there was nothing belittling about my first reply nor is there anything belittling about this response.

    This is how things must be and the reason it must be done this way is not because of any of us organizers. It's because we're dealing with a conference criticizing a crime syndicate in the city where they make most of their money.
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  24. Ersatz Global Moderator

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  25. Anonymous Member

    This thread seems to have caused a few OSA trolls to come out of the woodwork. If they are like this now just wait until closer to the event.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Nice, nice, nice!

    This faggotry seems to have drawn the OSA-bots. AmaX & Co doing it rite!
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  27. pedrofcuk Member

    I refer you to the answer provided by my colleague, above.
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  28. pedrofcuk Member

    Your powers of deduction lack logic. Admitting that an Indie could in theory contribute financially to a conference does not mean that they will. It is called being realistic, open and honest.

    Also, your unconvincing attempt at anonspeak makes you look like an OSAbot whether you are or not. Like Christians playing rock music, it just doesn't go.

    Nice try, now fuck off.
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  29. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Bzzzzzt. Edmund Burke, from the other side of the pond. Lincoln was the white separatist Yank who trashed the Constitution.
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  30. amaX Member

    I'm from Illinois---Land of Lincoln. We love him no matter what. Besides, he chose to steal the quote from an Irishman so he had good sense.
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  31. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Hey, I'm from Oregon, but I'm not building any statues of Tonya Harding. Well, OK, maybe just the one. But only for those yummy skater legs.
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  32. HOC Member

    The main event details have already been explained. It is perfectly reasonable that some details of the event would be kept to the organisers. The coordinators have already stated what their stance is on Independent Scientologists. If you don't like it, don't donate.

    Ask questions that you haven't asked 5+ times already in this thread. What youre trying to do now is purposely make the thread go round in circles. It's not going to work out for you.

    This reply by one of the event coordinators is more than satisfactory in regards to an answer for your question:
    You're pushing it. (inb4 omg mods are censoring me bawww)
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Playing the Indie card tends not to work these days without Hobson to take the bait. Just sayin'.
  34. RavenEyes Member

    No. Indies are not critics, SPs, exes, or anons. They are still in the cult (albeit "practicing" their voodoo in alternative locations than the orgs), have the cult mindset, use the tech, and some still worship the ground LRH slimed on. So, the site IS correct.

    From what I've seen, heard, and read - the only difference is they're jonesin' to blame everything they don't like on Miscavige. They're singing the same songs they did before, they just don't like the choral director who's leading the choir, post-Hubbard. Indies are not critical of scientology and how its practices and tech inherent of the cult harm and destroy people. They're critical of a person. Big difference.

    Many people have said, and it's a no-brainer, really, that if anyone has issues with any aspect of this event, then they DO.NOT.HAVE.TO.PARTICIPATE.IN.ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM.

    On the flip side, they are not owed ANYTHING in the way of information that the organizers don't want to share now - or in the future. It's actually none of anyone's business. No one's forcing anyone to do ANYTHING they don't wish to do.

    I don't think you're OSA. I doubt OSA really gives a rat's ass where specific dollars donated are being spent.
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  35. Quentinanon Member

    Lincoln was a Machiavellian politician, but he did not have good sense when it came to his personal security at a theatre.
  36. amaX Member

    You don't want answers. You want us to engage in an argument with you. This full blown ranting argument you want so desperately is not going to happen because what you're posting over and over is ridiculous.

    I'm not sure what you're hoping to accomplish, but I can tell you this: you will never paint me as someone who is tolerant of labeling Indies as critics. I have steadfastly maintained a "FREEZONE DO NOT WANT" policy for myself since Chanology began and I'm including those that call themselves Indies in that group.

    Don't donate. It's that simple. Take your money and go buy yourself something pretty.
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  37. amaX Member

    He was a Yankee president sitting in the White House located in Dixie. Members of his wife's family fought for the confederacy. He was shot by a famous a-list actor from a very famous acting family. A guy who could waltz through any theater because of his fame. Sort of like a George Clooney type guy making big bucks. Lincoln didn't stand a chance. /derail even though i love lincoln
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  38. pedrofcuk Member

    So, and I'm just surmising here, if I state on the Indiegogo page that the event is totally Indie free, no Indies in any way, shape or form whatsoever, whilst admitting that some might sneakily send us a few dollars (damn those Indies), then you will donate how much?

    Exactly, just as I thought.
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  39. Quentinanon Member

    Here's a suggestion for him:
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  40. pedrofcuk Member

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