FLAG DOWN 2014 - May 5th-10th

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by amaX, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    I don't like this just don't donate if you don't like it thing. You're asking for a lot of money on an open forum so be prepared to answer questions without the attitude.
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  2. pedrofcuk Member

    Sure, but if you have no intention of contributing why bother your ass? If I didn't want to contribute to anything I wouldn't, simple as that.

    And we're not asking for a lot of money but small amounts from lots of people, there's a difference. $145 million was raised for the Super Power building. Now, that's a lot of money!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Or, understand that people will show up on this forum trying to stop this from happening. There will be people who will try to divide anons and turn us against one another in an effort to derail the event. I expect that there are many who would prefer we fail, some anons, some OSA, rivals real and perceived. Attitude is to be expected.
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  4. Enturbulette Member

    This makes my black, cold heart melt into a pulpy puddle of cherry syrup. Hooray. Sending a donation.
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  5. Django Member

    I get that FD 2014 has no interest in bringing in indies/FZ. My initial post was basically me thinking out loud (OK, pretty much all my posts are me thinking out loud. I'd gladly cop to spewing bullshit, but bullshit requires organized thought).

    Still, I think the idea of critics, exes and chanologers publicly meeting with a few major indies is pretty intriguing. Sparks would definitely fly. But some insight could be struck, I think.
  6. Anonymous Member

    You're welcome to plan and organize such an event.
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  7. pedrofcuk Member

    I organised a conference in East Grinstead last year with critics and Indies and apart from giving us a few laughs (no, I don't exteriorise when driving my car), it was pretty lacklustre and a waste of time. In retrospect I felt that including the Indies tended to dilute the overall effect we may have had (as Gerry Armstrong warned), especially with existing cult members, as they know that Indies are just 'squirrels perverting their beloved tech' (whereas critics and anons are just 'helping the psychs destroy the planet in their ignorance').

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  8. pedrofcuk Member

    The conference organizers have every right to decide what the conference is about. That's why they planned it in the first place. If you want to do it differently, go ahead and plan a conference.

    If I was still in Scientology I would say you are spouting the 'enemy line'.

    I can't recall being asked one question about this event that has not been answered so, you're, barking, up, the wrong and tree. I'm sure nobody feels that they have to pay for their opinions but that's not a bad idea.

    Any opinions?


    $25,000 please. Ta.
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  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Damn... well, OK, here ya go... *forks it over*...

    My opinion is that you should refund my $25k.
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  10. pedrofcuk Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. amaX Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous has a process that allows donors to regain their gifts. To regain your gift, you must submit to binding Anonymous arbitration with three Anonymous in good standing who will make a decision as to whether or not you get your money back.
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  14. Either do or do not. Try not. Threadshit not. Butthurt not.

    As a bonus level, anyone who donates 500 dollars will have the additional option of having an Irish anon call/Skype/chat of their choice some hardcore strong angry filthy sex talk until completion.
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  15. this conference
    is not such
    go fuck yourself
    your indie friends
    Cancer pants
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  16. RightOn Member

    I want to meet Hana Whitfield
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I think this is a great idea! I also wonder if we could get some stuff donated to auction like we have done in the past?
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  18. Quentinanon Member

    Yes. Indies/FZ have not had, and may not ever have, the realisation that scientology is a totalitarian cult and "the tech" is a trap replete with fraud. I was freezone for about a year after I left the organisation, as I gradually woke up to fact and reality. Scientologists of any stripe are solidly delusional. No thank you.
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  19. pedrofcuk Member

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  20. amaX Member

    As you know, the venue is secure (exact location withheld for security reasons), and we are close to announcing an accommodation deal for the speakers.
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  21. pedrofcuk Member

    Justice Anderson, Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia:

    "Scientology is evil; its techniques are evil; its practice is a serious threat to the community, medically, morally, and socially; and its adherents are sadly deluded and often mentally ill..."

    And you want to know why we want no Indies at Flag Down 2014?
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  22. Interesting.
    I have had experience of booking venue's in the past, and most have wanted the entire fee upfront.
    After the cost of the venue and travel/hotel for the speakers.
    Try to have enough for a good pa and other technical gear.
    If needed, of course.
  23. Anonymous Member

    What, are you trying to kill us?
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  24. pedrofcuk Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    They don't need no stinking PA, they have a bucket of acid.
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  26. I will do my best to be around and join the party I 'll be along my clown outrfit and will perform there a french video for national broadcasting
    see you around !
  27. Anonymous Member

    I wonder, can I add a few more names to that list? ;)
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. laughingsock Member

    Localfag here and i will be there without a doubt....not my first protest.but my first co$ protest...lulz will ensue...i will bring water and caek!
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  30. amaX Member



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  31. amaX Member

    Hard core begging for money has started again.

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Oh man, I wish this was happening somewhere I have a reasonable hope of affording going. Trip to FL + a week in a hotel = no me.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Save for flight, must be camping grounds down that way surely?
  34. amaX Member

    I've already sent Softkitty info via PM. I almost always answer anyone asking for protest advice, but most of the time I take it to PM's so as to not much up threads.

    Try to find someone to come with you and share the costs.

    And I have no idea if some of the whippersnappers might be planning on pooling their monies to get a place where people can crash. We'll have to see as the time gets closer.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Thanks but I would feel pretty unsafe camping by myself. Especially since we know they follow people. Guess I'll have to be happy there is a livestream.
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  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. tigeratbay Member

    Note: I PM'd you.
  38. Softkitty Member

    I'm compketly stoked... needs to happen soon
  39. amaX Member


    200 get!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!!!1!!!!
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