FLAG DOWN 2014 - May 5th-10th

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by amaX, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. amaX Member


    You know we have the website now:

    And we have a derail thread! WoooHOOOO! Y'all can find that for yourselves.

    We've got some Anons who have graciously offered to step up and help us make the website look better and we're really overjoyed about that! :D

    The same <3 person <3 who did an amazing job on designing the Flag Down logo is also working on other design projects for us. We're VERY excited about those, too. :D

    We've started designing AND ordering Flag Down 2014 memorabilia. The first wave of memorabilia should be coming to us this month. Yay!

    We've chosen a couple of hotels to offer to the speakers and so far all seem happy with what we picked.

    We've got a really good idea of how we're going to decorate the venue. It will make a huge impact and the cost will be minimal.

    More videos are being made. Some will be released before the conference and some will be featured at the conference.

    We're making progress in our attempts to get the general public involved here in the Clearwater/Tampa Bay area.

    We're doing so many things all at once that I know I'm forgetting some of the major things going on.
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    The nearest camping (short of islands in the Gulf) seems to be the St. Petersburg KOA.

    There's even a walking trail that goes straight to Clearwater, but I don't think I'd want to hike it both ways for a week. (As amusing as the thought of walking the legs off of any followers would be.)

    I sure wouldn't depend on anything at the campgrounds remaining untouched & untampered when there's no one there.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Is there a definite date yet??
  4. Anonymous Member

    It has not been announced.
  5. Rod Keller Member

    Pete said it was not a secret. He posted it on Facebook.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Didn't say it was a secret, said it wasn't announced yet, certainly not on here. Stop being a douche.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I wish they'f hurry up with an announcement. The longer they wait, the more my fares are going to cost.
  8. Rod Keller Member

    Hey, I could have just typed the dates. I didn't do that. It's not my event, you can announce whenever you want. I'm just saying it's been posted on a public FB group.
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    So you know the date and know it is posted in a public place and instead of just posting a link to it or pm'ing Pete and asking him wtf should you post it here, you just said it wasn't a secret and said the date was posted on FB. Bravo. You're a douche.
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  11. Rod Keller Member

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't. At this point is it announced? I'm not going to post something that somebody thinks is a secret.
  12. amaX Member

    INFO: Every thing added to the OP of this thread must now be done by a moderator. This means that I must contact them and ask them to add things. They've all been absolutely wonderful about posting things for us and doing it immediately. In MY haste to do certain things quickly and stealthily concerning things such as venues and motels...I overlooked sending a PM to the moderators to ADD the exact dates of the conference. ***The starting date of May 5th IS listed on the website which WAS posted by a moderator in the OP and if you'd checked out the website you would have seen the dates and could have started planning your trip here to sunny Florida.*** The dates were also posted on the facebook page which is not frequented by everyone here.

    If you will notice...a moderator has already posted the dates in the thread title before I can even write this post. So thank your moderators for their quickness and all their help. THANK YOU, MODERATORS! <3
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  13. I would like to see 100% transparency on the finances of this Conference. Specially I would like to know how you guys came to a 25K figure.

    I don't what this to become another "Mark Bunker Donation" where he collected more than 80K total and has used that money to live off of and even move to Clearwater.

    So, please, can I see how you guys got to the 25K figure?
    Cancer Pants
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  14. Yet another shitstirrer post ... read his Facebook posts carefully .... Sweet Jesus, passive-aggressive much, Rod?
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  15. amaX Member

    SHUT UP, Cancer pants! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!1!!111!!!!!!1
    Just kidding. Sorry. Had to do that.

    The $25K is a guess. It's the number that all of the organizers agreed on. There have been three of these things in Europe so those people already have experience on what was done and was good, what was done that was bad, and things that should have been done. I have extensive experience with events. We knew that this $25K guess might be too much and it might not be enough because we're not psychics who know what everything is going to cost.


    Venue. We have secured the venue by putting down the deposit. I promise that we will release what the venue costs, but that's not happening now because there are only a handful of venues in this area and I'm afraid the venue cost will tip off the cult. I would prefer that the venue owners are not harassed. The deposit has been paid and the balance is due closer to the time of the conference. I promise that the venue story will make everyone smile unless you're OSA.

    Hotels and transportation. We are going to have to help some of the speakers with a place to stay. IF YOU'RE OPPOSED TO HELPING SOME OF THESE SPEAKERS GET HERE AND STAY HERE THEN PLEASE DO NOT DONATE. I have no problem if you want to post here that you're not going to donate because of this, but please don't think you're going to change our minds about it. *There will be other transportation costs to move people once they're here.

    Livestream. We want to livestream the conference so everyone can watch. There will also be other video costs to do interviews, etc. I know next to nothing about audio/visual stuff. Just my calling it audio/visual stuff should be enough for you all to understand that I'm old and am not the person to ask about these things. I know that we've got quite a few very experienced people who have already volunteered to do designing and videography work. In fact, they've already done some of that work for us for FREE. Even though we have fantastic people helping us for free...I have a feeling this category is going to be a pretty big expense, but all of the organizers feel it's an absolute necessity.

    Memorabilia. We're purchasing memorabilia. We'll be selling that to help with the fund raising. The first wave of memorabilia should be coming in quite soon.

    Security. Seriously. I am not explaining this one. I'm not even going to apologize for not explaining it.

    Decorations. Like all of the organizers, I'm donating all my time and I have come up with a pretty good idea of how to decorate that is going to cost us much much less than let's say a burning IAS globe inside a flappy big ole tent. ;)

    Entertainment. I promise it's going to be very very minimal, but it will be good and if we pay these people a small amount then hopefully the cult won't go after them to harass them after the conference is over. REMEMBER that these people have to continue to LIVE here in this area after all of you have gone home. All of us who are organizing felt that some of the things these speakers are going to say really need some kind of a small buffer for those watching or it's going to be overload.

    Misc. costs. We have no idea what kinds of things are going to pop up.

    Once again, I know I'm forgetting things and I am hopeful that people won't ask for any more details because we're not giving our any info until it's absolutely necessary for safety reasons.

    I still love you, Cancer pants. Even though you made me type till my old fingers hurt.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    ^^^impostor poster, possibly OSA, likely retarded.
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  17. Which Cancer pants are you referring to?
  18. Anonymous Member

    The original and best cancer pants, of course. :)
  19. pedrofcuk Member

    I shall repeat this one last time, read it slowly for full impact. There will be full transparency on the expenditure of the fund. I have added my name to this venture, or is it head on a block, in a noose? We don't have any funds to be transparent about at this stage, once more, if we get the funds we are seeking, we will be transparent, see-through, open, accountable.

    How did we arrive at the figure?

    It cost about $7,500 to host the Dublin Offlines conference. This is 5 days longer with more speakers, more publicity, more accommodation needed, and more potential danger from clam attacks.
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  20. Kimbayah Member

    This seems reasonable.
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  21. Thanks. darlin' :)
  22. Transparency should be done before the monies are donated/funded/paid. Once you'all have the cash anything could happen. Just sayin'

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  23. Anonymous Member

    Redundant anon is redundant and repetitive.
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  24. You know what's good for that - waffles
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  25. amaX Member

    Or bananas foster brioche pancakes from iHOP.
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  26. We don't have iHOPs here :(

    We live like animals
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  27. amaX Member

    oh that is horrible. just horrible. i'm so sorry.
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  28. I dont think it is such a bad idea. If people knows why it is 25K and the financials are shown, it is most likely that people will donate. Otherwise the 25K seems an unreachable goal :(
    Not Mike Rinder
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  29. pedrofcuk Member

    It is not a set goal that we have to hit in order for the conference to go ahead. It's a rough estimate of what we think the entire 5-day, 28+ speaker conference might cost. If you want transparency, the best we can say at this point is that the bulk of the costs will go towards renting the venue, flights and transport, and accommodation.

    The conference will go ahead even if the speakers and organizers have to pay for it out of our own pockets. Fundraising like this will help us spread the load.
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  30. White Tara Global Moderator

    Ok, The financial debate has been done to death, if you wish to continue derailing and distracting from the point of this thread, you are just making more work for mods. :( Plz dont!

    The derail Flag Down 2014 thread is a better location for such circular nonsense.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    I love ihop. I donated. I don't care what you do wit ta monies. Really. I want to come and have a good time and learn stuff. It's Friday and I'm happy. Everybody needs to STFU. Don't ruin my buzz.
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  32. It is Saturday.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Extra good buzz.
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  34. amaX Member

    FLAG DOWN 2014:
    by amaX



    Our story begins.

    We knew there would be difficulties when all of the organizers decided we would host this conference in Clearwater. Most of us would easily be able to list most of those problems.

    But there is one thing I never would have imagined would be a problem. pedrofcuk/Pete doesn't know how to get to Clearwater!!!

    Please watch funding video starting at 1:01 where Pete guesses that this river in Co. Mayo might possibly get him to Clearwater:

    We really need Pete to be here so I'm sacrificing myself and I've set up camp on the Gulf of Mexico to make sure Pete sees where he needs to come ashore.


    It's Christmas so I remembered to bring candy canes!


    Always wear sunscreen in Florida! The backs of my hands were positively ooey gooey greasy and protected from the sun!


    I found a shell! Hardly anyone ever finds shells on the beaches of Florida! This is a very rare find and we might auction this beauty off as a fundraising item!


    Flag Down Christmas Sandcastle!


    It's so perfectly beautiful and festive for the holidays!


    A map to help Pete get to Clearwater. You start in Co. Mayo on that river.


    You go straight across the ocean to Newfoundland. Make sure you go straight across. Okay? Then you make a HARD LEFT down the eastern seaboard of America.


    Be really careful of the Bermuda Triangle! You do not want to get caught up in that mess!


    When you get to the Keys at the tip of Florida you will notice that Florida is not circumcised and the Keys do look nasty on a map.


    Come right up the west side of Florida and you'll see me waving at you just about where I'm pointing on the map.


    And that's exactly how you get from Co. Mayo to Clearwater!


    I'm goin' in the water!
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Brilliant amaX! Needed a good laugh today.
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  36. amaX Member



    This was easier 25 years ago.


    I'm waiting for you all in the Gulf of Mexico!


    Nap time! Hopefully the boogie board will keep the whale rescuers from dragging me from the shore back out into the Gulf.

    The End.
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  37. FreakE420 Member

    U need sandcastle building skillz.. Great fotos!
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  38. pedrofcuk Member

    :) so funny, I was going to fly but now I know a better way to get there, thanks so much!
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  39. JohnnyRUClear Member

    If you're going by kayak, you probably need to leave now. Take extra Q-tips. (Trust me on that one.)
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  40. DeathHamster Member

    I was just looking at my calendar. I notice Friday May 9th is Dianetics Day. Possibly CoS will be having some event in Clearwater where they milk the sheep.
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