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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by TerapinEd, May 17, 2014.

  1. Quentinanon Member

    So, he has gotten rid of all his body thetans. Next, he will have to find out who he is not.
    BTW, according to L. Ron, thetans engage in "glare fights".
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  2. I just looked at the post and don't see where Rinder got that number from. Do you? And I thought the building cost $160 million - at least.
  3. Random guy Member

    I think the staff number is from some earlier promo piece.
  4. Meh. What earlier promo piece and how do you know that's where he got it?

    I don't believe what Rinderburn2 says just because he says it. In fact, I tend to disbelieve him unless he produces some actual dox.
  5. Orgsclosed Member

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  6. Wow. That promo is from four years ago. And once again, how do you know that's what MR is using for his "alleged" figure of 1,500?

    Info from a blown sea org, and numbers given at Flag Down last month by Sarah from Flag along with eyewitness counts (and estimations based off of them) indicates it's likely now 2,000 or more staff at Flag. That was all gone over in earlier threads.

    What's weird is that Rinderburn2 lives there. So he could just hang out (probably wouldn't be too welcome there) or more likely, have one of his friends do it and confirm. But he also keeps suggesting he has leaks and internal sources. Well if that's all true, he could just as easily confirm with his "sources" what the actual staff count is.

    It seems like he's more able than most anyone else to produce some actual, real dox. So when he puts something out there without dox just makes me even more suspicious of his "facts".
  7. wolfbane Member

    The young, blonde girl who recently blew the SO in California and did an extended video interview with Karen (Jillian? Julia? Or maybe Julie?) She estimated that number of SO staff at Flag somewhere in her surviving Scientology videos in relation to when she was working at Flag, which was some time prior to being sent back to California where she split from.
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  8. no need for dox, mods will remove them when they show truth
    like the cult
    same beast
    maybe OSA bought the forum
    from Ed
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  9. vaLLarrr Member

    This is the best they can do LOL

    Face facts, a bunch of SPs held a week long seminar in Cult Town, and there wasn't a damn thing "the most capable people on the planet" could do to stop it.

    $cientology failed. Again.
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  10. LOL. You actually think your reply makes you look any less stupid?! Well OK CODAA member #1, here's your exact quote:
    ^^^ THIS is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen posted on this forum.
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