Florence Org Opening Today!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Just had a friend drive by the org and the opening is on. They are set up in the back parking lot, with the the VIP parking in another lot nearby. There is on Florence police officer on post there, not sure if he is on duty or hired by the church because they can wear their uniforms when working off duty.
    State police did not have additional manpower to send, so be careful, but have been notified.

    The entire sight is visible from several public areas and could easily be filmed.

    No mask law and other than not blocking the sidewalk this should be an easy one.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Cult shit will stink up the town faster than a fart in a car. But stay together at all times.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Florence Italy?
  5. Anonymous Member


    OT, but I once saw a KY licsense that read "KY BOY". I'm sure the proud owner had never been to San Francisco.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I am looking forward to the postgame report.
  7. conatus Member

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  8. DodoTheLaser Member

    DM was there, signed some pictures. Back on a plane now.
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  9. Diablo Member

    signed pictures of who, Gary Coleman?
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Part 1 (Cross posted from Cincinnati FAIL ORG OPENING thread)

    Fail org opening POST GAME REPORT....the fuckers...Many Lulz were had as the clams had every where staked out, from Micky D's to any other place along our route in which anyone could park. They were notified of our presence by a Micky D's clam and the seaborgs met us as we walked up the sidewalk before we were even halfway there. I must say, that aside from the first few protests this has been the most fun I've had in four years of epic enturbulation.

    The FAIL clam Bruce picked me to shower with his love...and mentioned my anonyname...LULZ but in four years they have FAILED to dox me, and good grief they've been ever so busy doxing in the past few months...but sadly, due to their lower education levels ect. they doxed the wrong people. (Not unusual)...but they sadly didn't even get FAIL info with me. MWAHHH. Bruce loves it when I cuss, so FUCK OFF YOU ASSHOLE...he followed me every step of the way...he asked me why they call me (insert anonyname) and I said touch me, and find out. They whined because we didn't have sticks on our signs (that meant they couldn't pretend we hit them with it) and he had that scilon grin..which he proceeded to ask me who was giving me orders to he dogged my every step trying to make sure the delicate public didn't see my epic "WHERE IS SHELLY MISCAVAIGE" of the idiots asked me who that was...I was like..oh my stupid shit, it's the COB's missing wife... Bruce was standing so close to me at one point I not only could smell the fear, but my sign blew loose from my hand (we've been having high winds) and brushed his face...I said OMG are you going to fall to the ground writhing in pain screaming for my arrest now? HAH.

    Seriously, he asked ME who gave me orders...while marching along beside me harassing me all the way...he was just 'trying to have a conversation'....snicker. WHO is taking orders you dumb ass...then they asked who was paying us...and I had to laugh..again...dude, if there was money in this..doncha think more people would show up? Bruce was way short on brains...and clearly hasn't been eating too well...a stiff breeze would blow him away....he didn't like the reference to his "high" pay scale either. Also his team has been 'all over' he mentioned Minneapolis...and a few other 'exciting' places. Ear pieces, texting...they were so funny...SO many seaborgs, 8 cops (who stood there collecting big pay? while watching a shit load of garbage being released *thousands of balloons and a ton of confettie, blowing everywhere to kill birds and litter up Florence..not to mention the countless jaywalkers...and you KNOW if I had scattered garbage OR Jaywalked...they would have written me up) CINCINNATI CATERING was feeding the NO BUSINESS FOR THEM...but..we might be getting pics from the inside....seems the catering company has some interesting servers on board...that's all I am saying.

    They didn't like it when we called MISScavaige the gay midget dwarf...and clearly we are all much too stupid because we get all our information from the INTERNET....and then Bruce told me I needed to go to the Scientology website to learn about Scientology..and I said..DUDE you just told me I can't believe anything i read on the Internet...HELLO...seriously...I was dying laughing at the total fail.

    I think the cops were wondering WTF was going on.. a "church" acts like this? But then again, they're cops...donuts don't get bought on regular wages and no doubt the clams made hefty donations...for cops, parking, and other amenities. As usual they get away with murder in FRONT of the rentacops...that if we had done it, would see us in jail.

    One scilon ...a swarthy lady in a orange sweater...OMG she was trying to work her OT shit...and i was like...honey, that OT stare doesn't work..honest...if it did..would we be here? Then she intensified the stare and I just laughed...sniff..she gave up and wandered doubt in her she will need to pay much more to make it go right.

    They had buses...yes...since Cincinnati has less than 100 clams they had them bused in from all over....seriously..three chartered tour buses...that's how pathetic it is..and the ones who drove in for the event....were parking everywhere..including in the ' Baptist church lot' across the that pastor is going to get another call. However other businesses in town were not so friendly..putting up barriers to their lots to keep the clam cooties off their properties. The clams had TREES...yep they paid for formerly living trees (because clams care about the environment) on stands to place between the bus cracks and other places in their SHEER TERROR that the public might see our signs...and some monster truck moving about in between the other cracks, again trying to block us from the stupid public. AND OMG I saw Mr. Singh..wearing his turban...WTF IS THIS SHIT? A Sufi Clam?

    ONE smart cookie (who may or may not survive) came up to me to ask me why we protested. I told her...and asked her if she would take the word of DEBBIE COOK, the FLAG officer in Clearwater for 17 years...she should go home and read about Debbie's ordeal. When this gal walked towards her car (jaywalking in front of 8 cops) one of the clamKops took out after her until his mad dash was pointed out to everyone, then he stopped and turned back..cause I told her they would come after her for talking to us...DOH YOU STUPID SHIT...and there he went..right after her just like I told her he would.

    Bruce didn't like it when I pointed out Debbie's email..and the stupid cult filing a law suit against her..but hastily dropping it when she got on the witness stand and testified to the abuses she suffered. He said it was a lie..and I think for yourself? Then go read the email...booyah...and yes Bruce, every email they send is routed to stupid shit...don't you wonder why all the FAIL at trying to convince us the opening was another day? LULZ...

    POOR BRUCE, my clam side kick of the day...only spotted two local clams..poor Thalia, Gustavo..nowhere in sight. Cudgel has some epic video of his clamkick babbling..he thinks he is going to take over this Borg or something...but he's three sheets to a scilon wind...they have the strangest looks on their faces...

    I have seen countless bull baiting videos but they haven't really bothered us in that way until today...but it was so sad...seriously sad...I never saw so much fear. It was pathetic..THREE PROTESTORS...and they had a battalion to handle us...FAIL. Bruce asked me if we were leaving at 3 (so cute they know our schedule)..I said, you know we normally leave at three but since you're giving me the first entertainment I've had in four years of protesting, I think I'll stay...haha fucker went to the corner to think this one out..STREISAND was not on his word clear list.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    PART 2

    BUT we did not stay too much longer as we knew making a good escape might not be so easy and would take som we were literally surrounded. IT wasn't easy...they sent hillbillies in beat up cars, they sent the chubby Micky D's employee, they sent a (oooh terrifying) dude in a big ass truck, another hick in a green car....LULZ and we just sat there taking their pictures not going to our cars....stupid shits...sure they photographed all the cars..and it is going to cost them a fortune to run all the plates...that's fine..cause there's one plate they can run that is going to get their asses in BIG run the plates fuckers...when that alarm goes off you'll be wishing you hadn't.

    in any case i did have one minor fail....Bruce was baiting me so badly and didn't like my cussing... and I popped off admitting that I had personally witnessed THE GAY MIDGET DWARF DAVID MISCAVAIGE beating up someone, and I attributed my potty mouth to David's fine example. So, they might be able to figure out who I am..I doubt it as I am sure the selection is HUGE (many people have seen this) and they won't be able to pinpoint me...naturally I didn't mention his teeny dick (oops) or his drinking problem (oops) or that funny mole Davey has on his back...I don't think they can dox me...but if they do, be sure my mouth will open WIDE and it won't be to suck on that miniweiner Miscavaige calls his 'little buddy'.

    Anyway, we ended up following some of the tails for the LULZ as we were in a "safe" car...DAMN they must be so afraid...never saw such an must have cost them a fortune.

    One thing...haha one seaorgclamguard was smoking like a chimney, I told her scientology could help her with that..oh, wait, maybe not as LCON said smoking was good for you...

    and THEN I got to shout about how LCON died with an ass full of a psych drug (Bruce claims that is a lie) I told him to go have a look at the death certificate and get back to me...and he laughed at me..(he kept laughing and doing some strange thing with his the Shakers did in their ecstatic prayer services)...when I asked him about the child abuse in Australia, and the prison camp in California...the fucker accused me of not having visited Australia so how could I possibly know it is true..BRUCE you asshole (see how I cuss?) how the HELL do you know I haven't BEEN to Australia? YOU DON'T BUDDY [IMG]You don't.

    Bruce kept asking me if I was trying to save him...I was like...dude from the look on your face you are WAY beyond know that creepy grin thing Marty does? It's contagious. I tried quoting OT3 but he didn't scurry clearly he's read heard it..either that or the ear piece was blaring so he wouldn't get entheta...which they also laughed at...seriously..he told me there was no such thing...ME? HAHAHAH You fucker.

    End of report. I need a drink. OMG Bruce might be able to dox me now...OH and I got to repeat numerous times how DR. MIKE TEIFKA FORMER CLEVELAND BROWNS PLAYER THREATENED TO RAPE ME...I love saying that...OH, and I also got to say how stupid DR MIKE was for posting nude photos and telling girls he likes buttsechs...cause those girls found me, oh, yes they did..and I got all the nude photos, all the creepy requests for buttsechs...that thrills me...because then I get to shout it in public.

    Zonkers brought us cupcakes but we were too busy to eat a thing this time. Fuck...I didn't even have time to choke down a cookie!

    Three protestors....and 20 clamguards and 8 cops...goodness Scientology makes one ever SO brave...

    BRUCE...<3 asshole. *no sign of the Gay Midget Dwarf...if he was there..there were no signs of any vehicle worthy of his signs of the Dwarf at all.
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  12. Chipshotz Member

    Nice report. Looking forward to the videos.
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  13. subgenius Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

    Great report. They sound scared. I don't get it though, a guy on the other thread reported that DM was there signing photos?
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Thanks!!! I love cussing sometimes, it's just so...honest.
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  16. DodoTheLaser Member

    Yeah, DM was there, signing pictures and pieces of paper. He was back on a plane ~ 6pm.


    CincyAnons' view was greatly blocked by the buses and idiots around.

    Thank you for being there and for the great reports!

    Waiting for pix impatiently.
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  17. Enturbulette Member

    Nice report really fun writing style!
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  18. jensting Member

    Lovely work! And a kick-ass report :)

    Best Regards

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  19. xenubarb Member

    That is funny on so many levels!

    Also this: "Bruce told me I needed to go to the Scientology website to learn about Scientology..and I said..DUDE you just told me I can't believe anything i read on the Internet...HELLO...seriously...I was dying laughing at the total fail."

    A thing of beauty!
  20. 25 Feb 2012 Florence, KY

    Is he man or machine? No, he is Superman!

    I predict he will pose just like this again.
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  21. From SCIENTOLOGY page: http://www dot
  22. xenubarb Member

    Ain't no Underground Railroad at Gold Base, just sayin
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  23. You don't agree with ^this?
  24. Anonymous Member

    "No one was being held. The slaves were free to leave at any time."
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  25. Anonymous Member

    There were not 1000 people, lucky if 300. Poons to the stupid ass government speakers? NO sign at all of anyone important being at that function.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Plenty of trainwrecks though.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    That photo is NOT from Cincinnati opening. They released balloons and a shit ton of confetti at the same time, the wind whipped them up TOGETHER and the sky was actually so filled with their garbage that there is NO nasty confetti (BIG BIG CHUNKS) visible in that photo.
  28. Anonymous Member

    what a riot !!!
  29. anoninoob Member

    Go back today and dox the cult NOT sweeping up confetti for the win!!
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  30. GuyFox Member

    Wow, seems like they've stepped up their game a lot since the Quebec opening 2 years ago. Not like it makes any difference... other than making them look even more creepy. Can't they announce to the world they're a crazy, paranoid cult any clearer?

    What a sad, sad dwindling spiral.

    I'm DYING to see photos and videos. Was my friend Franck Paolo there??

    P.S. -Same confetti story as 2 years ago... check
    -Exact same number of attendees (+/- 300 counted, >1000 claimed as per LRH policy)... check
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  31. ^Lying bastard^

    Maybe he was just being facetious and is not a lying bastard, if so I apologize.
  32. Enturbulette Member

    Rest easy, he is a lying bastard, on the take, and worse no doubt.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Or the NOI sweeping up?

    After all, Hubbard himself said "get a negro to clean up, it's what they're for"
  34. [IMG]
  35. DodoTheLaser Member

    Cincinnati Is Ideal now. Sleep tight you all.
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  36. CarterUSP Member

    Beautiful report.
    I hope even just one of those clams starts wondering why supah powah OahTees can't seem to confront and handle the suppression of three people when surrounded by buses full of sea-ogres, rentacops and weeks/months of preparation for the event.
    Scientology papers over the cracks and it helps people.
  37. xenubarb Member

    Maybe DM looks different because his body double stood in for him. That would splain why he doesn't look himself and why eh bailed right after.

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