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Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by LE, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. xenuslc Member

    I don't think it's a good idea to make the Cruise-Hitler comparison. For one it's inaccurate (yeah, TC is an asshole but not exactly a genocidal dictator), for another, some might find it offensive, and in addition people are sick of Hitler comparisons after the last 7 years of people making Bush-Hitler comparisons.

    Just my opinion though.
  2. Im currently in the process of making some business card's to distribute about scientology, and need a quote (or more than one preferably) basically relating to having foreknowledge of a suicide and not acting being equivalent to murder - or something along those lines.

    (Reason being that many people kill themselves because of Scientology, but not with direct help from (ie, scientology arent the ones pulling the trigger, but are definitely responsible for their deaths)).

    Sorry if this is a tad incoherent
  3. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Re: New Flyer Uploaded

    It really walks that line discussed on other threads of "attacking scientology" vs "Church of scientology," drop the header and make the "They charge you for this information..." more prominent, though, and that could work.
  4. anony574 Member

    Targeting Hubbard is a bad idea if we want to save any scifags. They worship him, so targeting him directly will just make them ignore us (like saying "god is illogical, idiot.")

    We need to use correct scifag terms and we need to target the fact that the organized 'church' steals money, not the religion itself.

    If we support free speech, we shouldn't target any religion no matter how crazy it is.
  5. oryx Member

  6. JinTian Member

    I have been collecting, among other things, fliers on - scroll down to the "fliers" section.

    I notice I have many y'all lack, and y'all have many I lack.

    I will add y'all's to shortly.
  7. sthlmfag3 Member

    I just made this, saw one like it on the strangled page.
  8. WhySoSerious Member

  9. FDEpK Member

    I don't like the fair game one. Those people weren't SPs, and to my recollection weren't fair gamed. If we want to make a statement we better be sure we're factually accurate as well. It would work well with Paulette Cooper though.
  10. oryx Member

  11. JinTian Member

  12. L.the.Anon Member

    Protip: We're against the Church of Scientology, not the religion.
  13. TeamDairy Member

  14. [IMG]

    Made on the SA forums by someone who is not me. I really like it, however.
  15. Okay, this is one I made myself. I've been trying to spread it around, and I hope y'all enjoy it:


  16. Brochure

    I got some feedback on this in another thread and decided to post it here in case anyone wanted it.

    I am thinking about attending the Los Angeles event and designed this brochure for myself. The first two links are for those of you with access to a printshop The next two are more printer friendly. ... 3px6cp.jpg ... 6y2394.jpg ... kcpuds.jpg ... 2alqqp.jpg

    Please let me know what you think

    Thank you
  17. xenubarb Member

    Nar, Nar!

    I'd like to move Scientology's image AWAY from the religious aspect. If you must, refer to it as the "church" of Scientology. They've been hiding under the religious cloaking device long enough!
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  18. I've taken to calling it the Corporation of Scientology rather than the church. To me, that reflects the dichotomy: are they a church, or are they a business?
  19. I have no image-making skills, but if someone could incorporate this text into a flyer, please go for it.

    In the dark past, such things as epilepsy and mental illness were believed to be the result of evil spirits inhabiting the body.

    As mankind has advanced, so has our understanding of neurological conditions and chemical imbalances. Research has discovered many medications that can mediate or eliminate the harmful effects of these conditions. New and better ways of treating mental illness and epilepsy are constantly being sought.

    According to the teaching of Scientology, epilepsy and mental illness are caused by thetans, spirits which have inhabited the body.

    Wait, what?

    I am Anonymous
    I have epilepsy
    Knowledge is free
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  20. 4anon2 Member

    I really dig this brochure. It looks great - but you need to proofread the text. I fixed some typos and edited your text a little bit.

    "Controlling the environment. The group member..."

    "Creating a unique language, often incomprehensible to outsiders..."

    "If you are a member of a group that engages in these tactics, ask yourself: Do they have your best interests in mind, or are you being manipulated to serve an agenda?"

    "By paying the Church of Scientology over $300,000, you can learn the following information. Be warned: the Church tells its followers that by reading the following before they have been properly prepared, they could suffer horrible trauma."

    "In order to lure converts, the Church of Scientology claims that its beliefs are compatible with all religions. Does this story really sound compatible with any other faiths?
  21. I made the changes you a couple of other modifcations I recieved from another thread.

    I also moved all the information up on the back panel to make room for whatever else someone would like to add (additional information about scientology, Feb. 10th event locations and times..etc.)

    New files are here:
    A free image upload and hosting service from Simply browse, select, and upload!
    A free image upload and hosting service from Simply browse, select, and upload!

    Thanks for the changes.
  22. AtonoAnon Member

    Alright, I'm coming from the Colorado Springs Area, if anyone needs a ride, PM or E-mail me. I have a small car, so i can only fit a few peeps. Also, I'm on Carson, so lets see some scientolgy freak follow on there.
  23. Anon? Member

    This one by Cinnamon Bastard's not in the flyer pack.


    Here's the .psd off mediafire.

    Thought it was a good swift kick to the balls. Better than his other one, the "how many more must die" one. Everyone hates forced abortions (except crazy people)

    EDIT: woops, shouldn't host there. I=Dumm
  24. Anonymous8513 Member

    I am not any sort of professional photoshop/artfag but here is what I whipped up in 2 minutes after hearing some complaining about the current card. It may be better or may be worse, I haven't seen the other one related to the youfoundthecard site. [/url:v8qy49wx]
  25. Briar Member

    I like it. I have a feeling that Ill be printing out some in the near future.
  26. oryx Member

    I do as well, I see a kinkos in it's future. :)

    I posted this flier earlier that I made, someone pointed out it should be reworded so as not to say "stop Scientology" directly. Just looking for some feedback please.

  27. xenuftagn Member

  28. umm... in in the CoS_Leaflet.jpg of the rar in the OP it has narcanon... not narconon
  29. Dassault Member

    I adapted Wikipedia's article on Operation Snow White into a handhout, it's very quick and effective, it shows a very high-profile example of the cult's criminal activities, and is from a very credible source (with references available at the site). Also, it's a fun way to answer them if we're asked what our "crimes" are.

    Anyhow, here's the link, tell me what you think of it:
  30. savemexenu Member

  31. lermanet_com Member

    the flyer Arnie Lerma uses

    nothandled-280.jpg [/url:38vi89u6]

    one is:

    is flyer I use for new people

    on back I put judicial quotes
    (motivate flyer back side)

    and links to main websites... has good ones

    XENU.NET is best for posters

    re "church"do not use the word
    why? if you wonder why, then read this

    the Motivate Flyer front side:

    Psst, hey buddy, want to buy a bridge?[/url:38vi89u6]

    Experience the 'spiritual' gains of $cientology auditing "technology".

    * Make your

    * Have all your
    innermost secrets[/url:38vi89u6] recorded in case we need them...

    * Lose all touch with
    reality[/url:38vi89u6], and become lost in the endless world[/url:38vi89u6] of Hubbardian Cosmology![/url:38vi89u6]

    * Discover that you are infested with spirits of
    dead space aliens![/url:38vi89u6]

    * Spend years removing them! (**See fine print below)

    * Sell everything you own, because you will become convinced that the "next" secret level will make it all make sense...

    * Have your sense of humanity expertly removed by our 'standard tech-trained'
    covert hypnotists.[/url:38vi89u6]

    * Lose all inhibitions for evil or
    despicable conduct[/url:38vi89u6]- as you will shortly feel that any act is justifiable after you have been convinced that you are in possession of the "ULTIMATE SOLUTION"[/url:38vi89u6] for mankind..

    And rest easy, with the calm self assurance that your "donations"are supporting a
    platoon[/url:38vi89u6] of the most expensive lawyers in the world....that are needed to ensure that the FRAUD[/url:38vi89u6] of $cientology continues...

    " Scientologists believe that most human problems can be traced to lingering spirits of an extraterrestrial people massacred by their ruler, Xenu, over 75 million years ago. These spirits attach themselves by "clusters" to individuals in the contemporary world, causing spiritual harm and negatively influencing the lives of their hosts ". USDJ Judge Leonie Brinkema 4 Oct 96 Memorandum Opinion, RTC vs Lerma

    And if you DON'T see any of these "Body Thetans" or Spirits of dead space aliens you are required to re-do all your lower levels ( sometimes $360,000 ) - Its the Emperors New Clothes devised as a scam! Hubbard Legalized Robbery by calling it belief!

    Arnie Lerma
    They claim to have spent 1.7 million, in RTC vs. Lerma, and offered a large pile of money for a settlement of various cases with a gag order but I’m still talking 26 million a year for lawyers, rice and beans for staff = SCAM
    Secrets are the mortar binding lies as bricks together into prisons for the mind The Internet is the Liberty tree of the 90’s
    I’d prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak
    The only thing that really works in $cientology are it’s lawyers

    http://WWW.LERMANET.COM Exposing the CON for 12 YEARS

    The motivate flyer is my most requested repost to newsgroups and chatboards.
  32. lermanet_com Member

    and this worked GREAT in 1997 in clearwater, but it was expensive..
    The signage would be about $500 today + $75 a day for the truck plus 40 cents a mile

  33. 4anon2 Member

  34. New to the forums, I am ilSicarii, and, having downloaded the pr materials, looked them over, and as a old hippie, I have to say: You dislike us, yet you want our support?

    What are we, your 'wogs'? I've been working against Scientology since 1976.

    Don't insult me. Respect me and my peers.

  35. savemexenu Member

    What on earth are you talking about?
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