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Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by LE, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. nova.anon Member

    Post this flyer immediately

    This is a bit late, but here is a flyer for immediate posting in the DC metro area. PDF version provided for high-quality color prints.
  2. L.the.Anon Member

    Ohh, that is awesome! Original content indeed. ;)
  3. One of the text files in the "Protest Resource Packet:

    From Protest and Strategies:

  4. Grey Anon Member

  5. Tuesday Member

    Whoa.. I've never seen that. Can you link me to the materials please?

    I'm very sorry that you were offended by that, and you were absolutely right to be. Please accept my apology on behalf of the staff here. I'll make sure to rectify that if it's at all possible.
  6. tamphex Member

    As already pointed by mascaria, we do sincerely apologize for that. As you can imagine we do receive quite a lot of material and as such unfortunately some may fly under our radar. I'd like to clarify that the views of that individual/author of that text file do not reflect our views in any way, shape or form.
  7. developers^3 Member

    tihs is copy-pasta from when the anonymous end of this campaign was just getting rolling, and is clearly dated and does not belong here.
  8. Furo Member

    I left the tabs blank so people can fill in with whatever websites they feel are most appropriate. It is quick and easy to do in MS paint or by hand.
  9. Furo Member

    I want to cross post this from what I wrote at another forum because I've noticed that many of the fliers here are way too busy to be accessible or worthwhile to a lot of people.

    Tips for people making fliers (taken from COLA which is a method taught to many educators on how to present material in a way that optimizes the readability to all people). This will also help to get people with various learning disabilities, people who are poor readers, people who are ESL, people who are busy, amongst others to not outright ignore the fliers because of inaccessibility.
    In general, remember that readability is just as important as the message on the flier. It doesn't matter how moving your flier is if it's awkward to read. I hope this helps a little [/quote]
  10. I found this elsewhere, but there were a few spelling and gramatical errors. I didn't know if the original author was gonna fix them and I didn't have access to the source files, so I kinda had to Frankenstein it. Anyway, here's a trifold brochure:



    Edit: Cleaned up more.

  11. Original artist here. I've got a all new, all fixed-up version for you guys:


    PDF: ... k.pdf.html
    UN-MASKED VERSION: ... g.pdf.html

    And for those of you out there who are Scientology henchmen or aspiring internet detectives, I'm the artist, not the friend who posted them for me originally.
  12. ThornAnon Member

    these will be most useful
  13. MarkSherman Member

    Awesome, awesome stuff. Create your own thread for this pamphlet, it's quite good.
  14. wootanon Member

    Alot of people are wearing mask or a scarf over their mouth to these events. I made a bunch of stickers to be placed over the mouth part of your covering that say

    [This comment has been removed due to legal action by the Church of Scientology.]

    in big bold font. Thats the exact quote for when YouTube comments get removed by the "church".
  15. Tuesday Member


  16. yeah these are good ! i'm going to go with these ones! TO THE PHOTOCOPIER!!!!!
  17. nymphaea Member

    This is absolutely one of the best ideas I've seen. brilliant.
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  18. Anon7SSB8J Member

    New flier idea

    I'll throw this together and see how it looks. In the meantime, tell me what you think:

    Picture of Osama bin Laden. "This man led an organization responsible for [list of Al Qaeda activities]. The organization he led has been declared a terrorist organization, hunted down, and imprisoned by the US government.

    Picture of LRH: "This man led an organization responsible for [list of CoS activities]. The organization he led has been declared a non-profit charitable organization, and given tax breaks by the US government."

    Across the bottom:
    Question the Church of Scientology (with links to some of the websites)

    Edit: Clearly this is more for a US audience than a worldwide one, since Americans are more likely to react to the comparison of LRH and ObL. Also the bit about US government actions.
  19. Selleck Member

    Re: New flier idea

    I tried my hand at your idea, but you will probably do it better:

    I also found an image of Lisa's autopsy and found it moving so I made a general propaganda pic:

    Attached Files:

  20. fr33lanc3anon Member

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  22. Anon7SSB8J Member

  23. ruebennase Member

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  26. r3bus Member

  27. Threw this together last night. Please point out any factual errors or suggestions you might have. The intent behind this one is mostly neutral language with emphasis on who and what scientologists are.

    It's made to print on 1 sheet of 8.5x11 paper and cut in half. You could also print something on the back of them if you wanted. Included in the rar is a ready-to-print pdf and the original docx file.


    (same file at both links) ... r.rar.html
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  28. Anon7SSB8J Member

    A few things about that most recent flyer:
    • Instead of " 'disconnection' of family members and non-Scientologists", I'd use " 'disconnection' from family members and non-Scientologists". I understand what you mean, but the current wording makes it seem like the family members are OK, but everyone else isn't.[/*:m:zgpfzdj3]
    • Instead of "censor and financially ruin critics of the sect", you might consider "censor, slander, or financially ruin critics of the sect--all of which are promoted as official 'church' policy".[/*:m:zgpfzdj3]
    • Is it worth it mentioning that the CoS is responsible for the largest domestic government infiltration in US history? That point could read "It has tried on multiple occasions to infiltrate US government agencies, and is responsible for the largest domestic infiltration in US history."[/*:m:zgpfzdj3]
    • You want to emphasize the distinction in the last bullet point, not make a comparison. You should be saying "for profit, yet enjoys" instead of "for profit, and enjoys".[/*:m:zgpfzdj3]
    These are all fairly minor, but I think the flyer would have more impact if they were changed.
  29. Xynonimous Member


    Just a quick idea i had, feel free to use it.

  30. ruebennase Member

  31. Aut0mati0n Member

    10,000 hours in MS paint.
    (It actually took like 5 minutes, but it was done in MS paint)


    If anyone wants to clean it up in shop for me (I mean, I eyeballed the centering and everything) go ahead.
  32. Xynonimous Member

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  36. Briar Member

    I love how I can make the question mark spin either left or right just by looking at it differently.
  37. sd0a Member

  38. Aut0mati0n Member

    My awesome MSpaint skills continue to amaze!
    For all you Portal fans out there. [/url:nlrjvwk6]
  39. AnonP1ZZ4 Member

    If you are handing out cake, you'll need one of these to cover your back in case of allergies, poisioning, etc...

  40. AnonymousTV Member

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