Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by LE, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. st_anon Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    I thought maybe putting in a list of people who have died in $cientologists care could be quite effective. I had a go at it, just as a VERY rough start (my photoshop-ing skills are a notch over zero). ... ikills.jpg
  2. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Could you copypasta those names and pm them to me or post them here? I would love to edit up something more streamlined. Thanks!

  3. portanon Member

  4. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Is there any way we could modify most of the Feb10th flyers and posters for March 15th? Most of the fliers I got are for the 10th and they're worthless as of now.

    Edit: As for the decentralization, my idea is that: We merely organize to gain much larger groups and an idea of what is going on. We're still decentralized when it comes to administration. But through these tactics, we gain larger numbers, and with larger numbers comes considerably more attention.
  5. st_anon Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Here u go :)

    Al Crivello
    Albert Jaquier
    Andreas Ostertag
    Arthur Don Beals
    Betty Filisky
    Betty Filisky
    Bo Jonsson
    Bob Borowsky
    Bob Mills
    Bob Shaffner
    Carrie Slaughterbeck
    Casper Labuschagne
    Christopher Arbuckle
    Dabney Taliaferro Waring
    Daphne Parselle
    Diane Colletto
    Diane Morrison
    Doreen Gaul
    Ed Brewer
    Ed Mooney
    Edith Hodgkinson
    Ellen Carder
    Elli Perkins
    Eric Rubio
    Flo Barnett
    Frank Suarez
    Gabriella Bramucci
    Gary Ross
    Giuseppe Tomba
    Göran Andersson
    Grant Pool
    Greg Bashaw
    Gregory Bradford Wisner
    Hank Deneke
    Helen and David Cary
    Heribert Pfaff
    Hervé Hiver
    Idella Stone
    Ilya Rakhmanov
    James Sharp
    James Stewart
    Jens Bogvad
    Jeroen de Bruijn
    Joao Cancela
    Jocelyne Dorfmann
    John Buchanan
    John Colletto
    John H. Boucher
    John Kennedy
    Josephus Havenith
    Joy McBride
    Julia Salmen
    Karen Simon
    Karin Hommeberg
    Khushroo Motivala
    Konrad Aigner
    Larrayne Johnston
    Larry Wheaton
    Lauren Hiver
    Lavina Timmons
    Leigh Crundall
    Lindy Duncansan
    Lori Wood
    Lisa McPherson
    Luzette Sparrin
    Margarit Winkelmann
    Maria do Rosario Almeida
    Marie Passmore
    Marie-Louise Krusell
    Marjan Witte
    Mark Carlton
    Mark Schaatsbergen
    Mary Garlick
    Mary Stouffer
    Mats Norryd
    Michael Leube
    Mike McGee
    Nancy Graham
    Natalie Ellis
    Noah Lottick
    Paride Ella
    Patrice Vic
    Peggy Bankston
    Peggy Labuschagne
    Peter E. Frei
    Phoebe Mauerer
    Pius Keel
    Quentin Hubbard
    Richard Collins
    Richard Collins
    Robert Oakes
    Robert Thorburn
    Roberto Deplano
    Rodney Rimando
    Roger Nind
    Roxanne Friend
    Rudolf Willems
    Saima Gallop
    Sally Chaleff
    Sally Esterman
    Sandra Meirsdorff
    Scott Leland
    Sheila Harris
    Stacy Grove Meyer
    Steve O'Hara
    Sue Mueller
    Susan Meister
    Susan Todhunter
    Suzine Van Sickle
    Syma Zimmer
    Terry McCaan
    Tom Clay
    Wilhelm Mack
    William J. Fisk
    Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch

    Im sure there are more but thats all i'v got (i nicked them off sumone who posted them on a diff thread)
  6. saer'tria Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    A little something I whipped up on the fly because it amused me. More perhaps later when I have time.


    For those of you too lazy to click on it, the small text at the bottom says

    "Scientology 3:16"
  7. st_anon Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Hehe love that!
  8. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

  9. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    I. Love. That. Flyer. We must have it in high res. :D
  10. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    <3 the flyer but imma edit it to Scientology 3:15
  11. saer'tria Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    The link should take you to the original 8.5 x 11" size. If not, I still have the original .psd. Let me know how big/what dpi you want it.
  12. raysubtle Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Here's a pretty decent online business card generator for those of you who lack basic motor functions for Googling and Shooping.
  13. HailXenu79 Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Awesome idea! I don't even know what some of those religions are up at the top, but that should definitely catch some eyes!

    I think, ideally, this could be made into a fold-out, with information as to *why* they get a tax break inside... Maybe mention the 1993 secret deal with the IRS, and information about the Sklar case inside. Something that people can take home and read is very effective, I think.
  14. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

  15. itsme Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc


    I was thinking about posting this in a couple of places, but since it was from 1942 I figured it might not be successful with anyone that knows the history of Scientology since "well that's why he started something that works!"

    But then I mean, oh Hell I don't know.

    I'm on the fence.
  16. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    You were thinking about posting a red X in a couple of places? Somehow I don't see that working. :p
  17. itsme Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    :p changed hosts
  18. Dubber Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Here's a tax exemption flier for 3/15. Lots of words, but lots of info too.


    1949 Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion.
    – Pulp fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard

    1950 Hubbard creates Dianetics (later Scientology) as a paid health program.

    1956 The FDA investigates Scientology for practicing medicine without a license.

    1962 Scientology 1970 is being planned on a religious organization basis throughout the world. This will not upset in any way the usual activities of any organization. It is entirely a matter for accountants and solicitors.
    – L. Ron Hubbard

    1967 The IRS revokes Scientology's original exemption.

    1969 Conversion of Scientology centers to churches is completed.

    All the staff watched and knew that it was merely a joke at the time to fool the US government.
    – Arnaldo Lerma, ex-Scientologist

    It was a real farce .... In the church it's a big joke. They joke about it all the time, how they fool the public and how we're a religion.
    – Frank Freeman, ex-Scientologist

    We had to build chapels inside, start wearing these ministers' collars turned around; we had to wear crosses, put up crosses around the organization. And we had these programs that we knew were just a joke.
    – Robert Vaughn Young, ex-Scientologist

    1970s The IRS audits Scientology and finds that Hubbard is skimming millions from the organization. Hubbard orders an infiltration of the US government to destroy evidence (Operation Snow White).

    1980 11 Scientologists, including Hubbard's wife, are convicted on charges of obstruction of justice, burglary, and theft of government property.

    1985 The IRS seeks to indict Hubbard for tax fraud. He dies in hiding the following year.

    Late 1980s The church recruits whistleblowers and private investigators to obtain damaging information about IRS officials. Scientologists, represented by church lawyers, bring 2,500 lawsuits against the IRS.

    The purpose of the lawsuit is to harass and discourage rather than to win.
    – L. Ron Hubbard (1976)

    1993 Under a secret agreement (later leaked to the Washington Post), the IRS grants Scientology a tax exemption.

    Today Scientology continues to demand thousands of dollars in mandatory "donations" for routine services.
  19. saer'tria Member

  20. anon11269er Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Hope you don't mind, but I felt like tinkering around with your idea a bit. English version Spanish version
  21. anon^3 Member

  22. W4RW017 Member

  23. Aik Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Anyone have posters with 'This is why.' prominent? That's our best meme for this, so we should play it up and see if we can introduce it to the public.
  24. Dubber Member

  25. Dunvegan Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Two-Sided Hubbard's Birthday Poster for the 03:15 Protests



    Full-Sized Posters Here

    Side One: ... d5c2_o.jpg

    Side Two: ... 2/sizes/o/



    Hubbard's Birthday Game:

    A yearly competition participated in by Missions, Scientology Organizations and Advanced Organizations on L. Ron Hubbard's Birthday, March 13th.

    The purpose of the game is expansion, and its points are earned each week based on the trends of the statistics.

    The Birthday Game started in 1974 when L. Ron Hubbard was asked what he wanted for his birthday and his answer was &quot;5X the stats!&quot; The result was one of the biggest booms in Scientology to that date, and the Birthday Game has since become a tradition.

    (OpenSource License: Use As You See Fit For the Anonymous Protests)
  26. ruebennase Member

  27. Dubber Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    That's tricky to make into a poster because you have to put some examples with it, and you have to make them all readable from a distance.

    However, here's a flier for that theme.
  28. AnonCynic Member

  29. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Ooo! Spanish version! I live in an area with a large Latino population and I need a 3/15 invite flyer IN SPANISH with a tear-off thing (for ASAP. I see SO MANY high school kids walking to school in 3 places on my regular route that I want to target them by flyering their school route.


  30. anmoyunos Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    My first shot at a flier. Clicky for fullsize via rapidshare.

  31. ValleyAnon1 Member

  32. anmoyunos Member

  33. anmoyunos Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Version 2. Zip of all four.

    11tqsu8.jpg [/url:1dlc6f5c]
  34. anon11269er Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    I'll get right on that. Although I can't guarantee it'll be ready ASAP :?
  35. French Ninja Member


    I seem to have problems with these. The second page is upside down. :/

    How do I change this in Adobe Acrobat?

    Great flyer btw.
  36. ruebennase Member

    Re: Re:

    CTRL + SHIFT + PLUS or CTRL + SHIFT + MINUS to rotate pages.
  37. French Ninja Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    But both pages flip. I just want to flip one.
  38. ruebennase Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    well, then open the "pages" tab, right-click on the page you want to rotate, select "rotate pages", select "180 degrees", select "only selected pages", click on OK and there you go.

    (note: this might not be 100% accurate, I'm using a german version of acrobat and guessing at the english names of things)
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