Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by LE, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. French Ninja Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    My mistake, it's Adobe Reader, not Acrobat. I don't get those options when right clicking, I can only print and zoom. :/

    Could any anon with Acrobat make an altered version where the bottom page is upside down? It would be very much appreciated. :lrhtalking:
  2. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    I stand in awe of everyone's graphic skills! Really, everything looks so nice. I was researching some LHR (bleh) and came across this quote:
    "You’re in a trap of senseless lies."
    I think that those words will probably have extra meaning for a few people, along with the obvious one. I hope you can use this :)
  3. Williami Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Hello, here my 2 cents about fliers.

    Description: Mary Sue Hubbard was ousted as Controller of Church of Scientology by David Miscavige in 1980. After her husband L. Ron Hubbard died, David Miscavige forced her to relinquish any kind of claim of her husband inheritance, valued at about 400 millions dollars at the time. Scientologists are unaware of what happened to her. Jesse Prince, former top executive of the Church, was there, and tells all ...
    Target: Scientologists ... ue-Hubbard

    Description: Sabrina grew up in Scientology from the age of six and left at the age of 20 with no education, no money, no friends. She is still healing from the experience. She feel is her mission now to educate people on the dark side of this tax-exempt cult.
    Target: General public

    Description: Scientologist can't talk to ex scientologist, whether they are parents, children or friends. They are threatened themselves with expulsion if they do. Scientology's Disconnection, sadly, caused thousands cases of divorces and life lasting family break-ups. Would be nice to have this printed and posted around Scientology organizations ...
    Target: General public

    Description: The Church of Scientology sells services promising supernatural powers ('OT abilities'). Yet nobody attained them, and the Church does not refund...
    Target: Scientologists

    Description: A former member of the Church of Scientology writes a letter to Tom Cruise asking him help to stop the abuses. (Taken and adapted from the following YouTube video: )
    Target: Scientologists & general public ... Tom-Cruise

    For best print quality download the .PDF version.
    Thank you.
  4. French Ninja Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    AnonymousTV's "Uncle V" flyers are going like hotcakes at my school. I saw one flyer with half its tabs missing today. :O

    I'd advise using that, along with some more overt flyers.
  5. anon14148 Member

    Some General Guidelines for Making Flyers, Card, Etc

    I've been seeing some really great output of amazing looking print materials. One thing I'm not seeing a ton of is print ready stuff and ways for us to make it our own. I used to work in the printing business, so I have a little background. My case in point are the amazing fliers/tearoffs by panon. They're beautiful, but I would love to add my local org's address to the flier and add a url to the tearoffs. It's a bitch to do when all you have is a giant png to work with.
    I propose a short set of guidelines when making new materials for use here:

    1. Make sure that it is print ready
    High quality tiff/pdf/png at least at 300dpi. Some of these web resolution (72dpi) jpgs I'm seeing around aren't going to cut it at the print shop. If in doubt, make high res copies available and they can always be scaled down for other uses.

    2. Post your sources
    If you made it in Illustrator/photoshop/publisher, make up a little rar with your ai/psd/pub file, source images, special fonts you used, and what have you. That way, we can easily go in and tweak something, add local info, change a url/location/time/date for future events. You want to make sure that your material will live on for use by future anons after you do. Also, you don't want to be stuck fielding requests for flier customization, do you?

    3. Tell us how you made it
    This is less important if you post your original source files, but if you can't, then at least give us font names so that we can photoshop your work into something we can use locally.

    4. Consider both professional printers and home printers.
    Chances are business cards will be handled by professional offset gangrun printing, and fliers will be done in copy shops or office/school laser printers, and even home inkjets. Keep these in consideration when making your media. Go nuts with the colors, pages full of black, and such for professional printing, but keep in mind toner and ink limitations for home printers.

    5. Use templates for professional printing
    If making materials for professional offset printing, like business cards, postcards, and the like, consider using a professional template to make sure you're all good when considering your bleeds and cropping. (which also has great prices on business cards, 2k for $40) has a ton of great templates here: ... &folder=49

    6. Make Vector Artwork
    If you don't already know, you have to basic kinds of drawings on computers: vector and raster. Raster are your favorites like jpg, png, gif, bmp and the like. They are defined by pixels and cannot be resized in a very pretty manner. They especially cannot be blown up without making everyone sad. Vector artwork like svg and ai, on the other hand are defined by complex mathematical curves, meaning that they have no inherent size and can be shrunk down or blown up very very easily. By providing vector artwork, you ensure that other anons can use your work in ways that you could not imagine. You can find a nice cache of ready to use vector artwork here:

    :tom: :tom: NEW FLIER TIPS :tom: :tom:
    7. Make sure your flier has info about your specific protest.
    Raising awareness about the CoS won't do much unless people know how to help and get involved.
    Join us against the unfair tax exemption of the "Church" of Scientology
    March 15th, 11am
    2727 Fondren Rd [insert your local org's address]

    8. Tear offs are pretty great
    Nobody is going to remember once they get home, but if they find the tearoff in their pocket, they're much more likely to check it out. They're also a great way of measuring interest and how well a location is doing for the fliers.

    Any other ideas?
  6. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    anongoesballistic, that is really really cool.
  7. Uncle Anon Member

  8. Uncle Anon Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    And here's Davey-doo, all cut out in his adorable little sailor outfit.

    (background shows black but is transparent png)

    Click to englarge [/url:1i8teqxa]
  9. Uncle Anon Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    BW version, 8.5" x 11" 300dpi PNG
    (Click to enlarge)

  10. Uncle Anon Member

  11. AnonBuff Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    i am in awe. everyone here is damn talented when it comes to these. my only criticism would be that some of these pages should have tear tags at the bottom. the common person is not going to remember and i think tags could help. i hung a few around campus, all of which had tags. a few were taking so i am hoping some got the message.
  12. Uncle Anon Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    A good point, and one I'll try to incorporate.

    Also, I saw a page on Operation Clambake use "Scientology® Inc.," which I'm going to use from now on, at least the ®. It kind of drives the point home (in very little space) that we're agin the corp., not the normal people.
  13. blow Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Money roll flyer in Chinese (high resolution letter size).
    Simplified version RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace , the default "font", China (PRC)
    Traditional version RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace , if you know they are from Taiwan, Hong Kong or South East Asia
    See call for translation thread and wiki for more information. If you want other graphics or words, just ask.

    Random words:

    ???? ????? - ????
    Scientology Is a greedy cult - Times Magazine
    ????? ???????
    Is a criminal organization Will break your family and kill you
    Already infiltrated into school, anti-drug, disaster response, human right and political organizations
    ???? 3?15?
    Global demonstration March 15
    ????? - ?????
    Stop Scientology - No more text exempt
    Please save the trapped children

    ps Can't make a short tinyurl link to the chinese website. An short English link will be better as entering Chinese is major headache.
  14. captainslug Member

  15. zeppy_gorrila Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    I made the PDX (Portland yay) thing small enough so you guys should be able to put in you own city name or a short message...
  16. Rip Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Uncle V stencil, for epic win.
  17. ElrondHubble Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc


    Decided to try my hand at a good flyer. :guyfawkes:
  18. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    All I can think of, and i'm not sure if it's been used yet, is referencing some of the better known crimes that Scientology have manged to get away with/ gotten innocent critics arrested with the line "Miscavige of Justice".
    I have zero skill with graphics, though. If you like it, make something of it!
  19. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    wow, awesome talent

    Im gonna pick a couple of these that tweak me and starting putting them up,
    and when they get taken down, I'll put them back up again.
    this is great
  20. ElrondHubble Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    It's threads like this that show how diverse Anon is. We've got tons of great people, and we're all itching to be put to the test. Glad we could be of service. :)
  21. Mouseyhair Member

  22. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Hi all, longtime lurker and sometime poster on Operation Clambake here.
    From my nick, you can tell I'm not going to be protesting, what I'm going to offer are a few ideas.

    First, the masks - why do you have to buy the official versions? Either print or paint your own copy of the anonymous mask on paper, stick it on cardboard, staple or tie elasic/string to it, and hey presto, instant mask!

    Second, it's L Ron Hubbard's birthday, sort of, and we're the "entertainment", so why not add clown/novelty wigs and red noses? And those party whistles, the ones where when you blow into them, you inflate a paper streamer. Oh, and party hats too. These are all very cheap readily available items. The other point we're making, of course, is that we are outside, having fun, while the poor cultists are stuck inside having to be paranoid.

    Third, for handouts, how about your very own stick-on Body Thetans? Free, unlike the Cult's, and much easier to remove, also unlike the cults. Several cheap ways to make these - print out lots of little alien pics with,,, etc on them, then cut them out, add a bit of double-sided tape to the back (the lightweight version, we want people to be able to easily remove them, that's the point). Hey presto, lotsa body thetans! Other materials include styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners/craft wire/chenille, feathers, felt, even salt dough (the home made playdough, can easily be baked in oven) All very cheap.

    One more - free the Clam! cards. Standard greeting/type card, A4 paper folded is fine. Outside, front and back - picture of a clam (giant clams are most readily identified) with chains. Label each chain disconnection, hypnosis, mind control, etc. Main print - Open this Card to Free the Clam! Inside - picture of a pearl (representing trapped people in scientology) and more info.
  23. scifi_guy Member

  24. anon14148 Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    I have to agree. I fliered my campus last night and noticed that we only had 2 kinds of posters. Informational posters with lot of good info, and pretty posters with tearoffs. I think the informational posters should also have tearoffs with links or terms to google and such. I'll be making my posters like that from now on
  25. deepthot42 Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc


    Anyone good with metal work? We can put these on our cars...

    I suppose there's no message to it, but it could start a conversation.

    Also, feel free to use it in any other graphics (in contrast with Jesus and Darwin fish... you know.. whatever)
  26. Captain-chan Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    I like all the flyers here, but I think we should really appeal more to outsiders' self-interest. I'm a student (ironically) of psychiatry, and I can tell you that the one thing you can do to sway a person to your cause is appeal to something that DIRECTLY impacts them. Protests often scare people away or just annoy them because it's not in their interest to care. It's sad to say, but the majority of ordinary individuals have so much to think about in their own lives that they're likely to just see the signs and think, "Big deal, some morons are getting bilked out of their money by a religion. Serves em right." The fact of the matter is that when the ordinary person says, "Why should I care?", what they're really saying is, "How does this affect ME?"

    If people really cared about terrible things happeneing in the world, they'd all be moved by the starving-african child ads on tv, the homeless shelters they walk by everyday, the enviromental dilemmas we're facing, etc. There'd be a lot more deserving charities out there with much higher annual donation amounts.

    So lets make some handouts to get the point across that the Church's actions DO affect them. The Church is tax-exempt...doesn't that mean that in a city where they have a large presence, they pay no taxes on the land they occupy, etc? Aren't ordinary citizens having to foot the extra tax bill for their city, no matter how small an amount it may be? The Church is using up the city's resources, waterworks, land, etc, and paying NO taxes on it. Meanwhile you and me and the average Joe have to pay OUR taxes like everyone else, especially if we own stores and businesses. People can hear "unfair tax-exemption" without even making the mental connection of "unfair advantage over everyone else in the city", unless you tell them!

    Also, child labor. We know the Church uses it, why aren't we advertising that to the public? Children and animals always appeal to people's emotions (right after the whole personal-impact stuff). Is it slander to say so or do we have some actual proof to back us up on this?

    Finally, forced abortions. No one can be split on this topic. Anti-abortionists hate it altogether, pro-choice people are for just that, CHOICE, not being forced. We should advertise that more as well, becaue it's a hot button for the public in general...just look at how many times abortion rights come up in regular news! it's something that, like child labor, will outrage and incense a lot of people into actually researching this whole Scientology thing. It's like the Family Guy congress scene, "War is bad and evil and there's no justification for it, but let's all remember: anyone who doesn't want to go to war is GAY." NOBODY will admit even for a second that they would be ok with forced abortions, and they'll jump on the chance to disagree with the Church just to make it clear they're against such a thing.

    Just my two bits, I hope that makes sense a little!
  27. scifi_guy Member

  28. Captain-chan Member

  29. deepthot42 Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Martian Manhunter is NOT Xenu... he is awesome

    (oops, my geek is showing!)

    I agree with Captain-chan above; We definitley need to highlight to the general public, the effect the Co$ has on them.

    I also suggest using LRH quotes

    L. R. H. in Clearing Procedure, 1957:
    "The work was free. Keep it so."
    Make the word FREE contrast the expensive courses and auditing.

    “If you want to make a little money, write a book. If you want to make a lot of money, create a religion.”
    It's just LOLtastic!
  30. mr dogfoOd Member

  31. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Oooh, I might have to steal that. I was thinking of an Uncle L. Ron sign with "I WANT YOU... AND YOUR MONEY"

    Not sure if it's better to just have "I WANT YOUR MONEY" or something like "I WANT YOU... AND YOUR MONEY... AND YOUR FAMILY..." etc.

  32. countdelilah Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    I noted the lack of swedish fliers, so I just made this one:

    Best used inside the doors of public toilets, due to massive wall of text.

    Based on Anonymoist's High Crimes flier.
  33. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Is there a ha-yuge version of the TIME cover anywhere? Also, is it illegal to reprint the article itself even if you aren't selling it? I tried to look it up on the website for it, but I have to admit I am full of fail when it comes to searching for things.
  34. scifi_guy Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Ok. I had no idea it was Martian Manhunter lol I don't know who that is. I stole that image from another flyer and then just threw some stuff together to make it more fun.

    Ok. Is that better? How blank do you want it?
    [IMG][/url:8e5l9c1g] [/url:8e5l9c1g] [/url:8e5l9c1g]
  35. anonj Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    "Maybe you're not sick. Maybe you're just suppressed."

  36. anon14148 Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    That's an awesome poster. Can you post up the original source files? I'd like to put tear offs on the bottom and change up the text a little.
  37. WNYanon Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    I was thinking for a sign

    More Than Meets The Eye

    or maybe

    Cult In Disguise

    More Than Meets The Eye

    haha then maybe photoshop L.ron's head on megatron? (cartoon one of course, not the movie version..)
    hmm..what do you guys think?
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