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Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by LE, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. BM1 Member

    Racing Team Logo

    I'm trying to interject a little humor at the "Frosty Ice Co" vans idling by Los Angeles. Below is the preview for a fictional racing team logo...
    The full-color 970k PDF is linked below. I illustrated it and give it to you free of charge with no claims of copyright [free for creative commons] so you can print it up as you see fit. Any questions or requests for art please let me know.
  2. captainslug Member

    Bi-fold flier.

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  3. Here's one I made this morning.


    I left some space on the bottom of individual anon to put places and times.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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  4. Also, I wanted to add that I noticed that many flyer's and FAQ were mostly about Anonymous.

    We need to move away from that and put more focus on what Scientology has done and is doing. Awareness is worth more than congratulations.
  5. I wanted something easy on my printer, formatted for 8.5x11 and concerning kids so I made this from the "inside stories" on ESK.

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  6. scifi_guy3 Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Colourful family stuff:

    [IMG] [IMG]
  7. sassy Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc


    Edinburgh version, ask if you want the original to edit.

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  8. Anoncracy Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    okay, i found most (not all) and anon type pics high rez.... now I need ome scifag images. you know, they're logos and crap. halp plz?
  9. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    I like it very much.

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  10. UnmaskedMan Member

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  11. Anon? Member

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  12. Anontology Member

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  13. Aut0mati0n Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    A simple one. I'm sticking with the MSpaint-viral posters. It's what I seem to do best.

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  14. UnmaskedMan Member

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  15. xenu99 Member

  16. xenu99 Member

  17. anmoyunos Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Has there been some sort of compilation of standard graphics made up? i.e. clean versions of Anonymous man & woman, barcode, Anon Insignia, etc?

    If so, can someone point me in the direction of it?
  18. Anonygnome Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc


    Links to embiggerfied 11x17 version.:cheers:
  19. Anonygnome Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc




    Adorrrrrrrrible super-retro geekery for all!

    1) Print up 6 of each.

    2) Assemble Anons who like to say 'bleep'.

    3) LULZ.

  20. MCA Member


    Ok, here are the finals for the two flyers:

    All of the downloadable versions are already at 8/bit, 300DPI.

    Just right click and "Save As"

    White Flyer:


    White Flyer, .PSD Download (5.2 MB)
    White Flyer, Layered .TIF Download (7.9 MB)


    Black Flyer:


    Black Flyer, .PSD Download (5.1 MB)
    Black Flyer, Layered .TIF Download (7.7 MB)

    In the editable versions, I've included a layer to input address and time of your local raid. If you do not have the editing software to do this, PM me the info and I'll add it for you.
  21. anon617 Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Seconded. The link posted by the FP no longer works.

    We need an easily downloaded RAR of all our stuff. Anyone?
  22. CathyLong Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    for an edittable version, PM me.

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  23. anon14148 Member

  24. anmoyunos Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc



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  25. Anonymeep Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    I just got an offer for 250 free business cards and wanted to make some youfoundthecards, but am struggling with goal and design. They would be spread in a university setting where Scientology does not have a presence at all - I expect most people only know CoS as 'Tom Cruise's weird beliefs'. (I know I did before I started to research)
    So the goal would be to introduce and educate. Calling to action with Anon would be a distant secondary goal.
    Sadly for this free cards deal I can't upload images, so right now it's just this:


    Any input? I was thinking of putting something like 'but a tax-exempt moneymaking cult' but then again maybe it's better to let people feel like they're not being forced into a position from the get-go..?

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  26. NTFD Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    This is my variation of the youfoundthecard. It's adapted from a wordier version a page or so back. I hope I didn't fuck anything up because by the time you've read this I'm probably already distributing it.
  27. tiggernew Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Scientology Hurts Families - two-sided 3 panel brochure about disconnection, 8.5x11, PDF format, U.S. version with pic of baby hand in mother's hand, heart-tugging leader, etc.

    find it here

    A4 sized brochure, two-sided 3 panel, entitled "Scientology Hurts Families" pic of baby hand in mum hand, Brit-specific language ("mum").

    find it here
  28. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Looks like a tl;dr version of what I was going for. Succinct, and less ink. I approve. ;) I'm still using my long version for bookstores/libraries, but that one should work well for curiosity's sake.
  29. Hud Nordin Member

    A present for Anonymous

    [Posted in Usenet alt.religion.scientology. Thought I'd offer it here, too. More eyeballs.]

    Did you ever ache to have a rendering of "Anonymous" that was a rotationally symmetric ambigram, that could be read equally well upside down as right side up? Imagine the T-shirts, the posters, the videos, the business cards, the bedsheets, the tattoos!

    Wish granted. The Dan Brown "Angels and Demons" Illuminati has got nothing on Anonymous.

    Have fun! Don't poke your eye out, kid.

    Smoothed, grayscale, reduced, 232 x 52, GIF, Anonymous ambigram:

    Original black and white, large, 933 x 209, GIF, Anonymous ambigram:

    [I grant to anyone a non-exclusive license to use this copyrighted artwork, a graphical rendering of the word "Anonymous", for only non-commercial applications -- excepting entities that are among the Church of Scientology International, affiliated entities such as Religious Technology Center, Bridge Publications, Association for Better Living and Education, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, Sterling Management, Hubbard College of Administration, and any person that employs management methods or philosophy developed or stolen by L. Ron Hubbard. They must pay. Write for details.]

    (Sorry, no vectorized version currently available. I could make one, but that would be too much like work.)

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  30. NTFD Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Could you maybe do me a favor? For some reason the damn template won't load on the computers they've got at Kinko's; they're using word '07 and for whatever reason it won't load.
  31. anon1917 Member

    For those inclined towards video production...

    And 3ds Max- expanding on the "scilon" meme, I present an ULTRA-detailed mesh of the new Battlestar Galactica, renamed the Battlestar anonymous (I have a feeling this is the same model they used for longshots in the show.)


    Ideal for creating your Scilon/Marcabian battle vids.
  32. number 6 Member

  33. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    It would help everyone if you could post fliers without the local info burned in. :)
  34. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    here's a quick and dirty stencil template....may also be used as a miscavige mask...

    remember: miscavige is yatrus! if you have never heard of yatrus, according to CoS' canon it's the evil mad scientist pal of Xenu who is responsible for the initial principle of attachment of thetans to bodies...blabla....yet another alien badguy....

    hail xenu!

  35. anon_ik Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    my first one
    can be printed 10 times on A4. i can upload the png and the A4 pic if you guise like it


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  36. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    both available on bittorrent, which is where I got them, do NOT expect The Profit to be a cinamatic triumph, it sucks, but in the name of freedom, it should be aquired by as many as possible :rant: V however is a blast!
  37. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    here's another stencil with tommy boy and mischievige

  38. Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Oops! Been away for a while. I'm on a Mac, but I'll try to get it saved in a compatible format ASAP, if I can.
  39. AnoniMax Member

    Re: Flyers, stencils, stickers, etc

    Vectors there

    Feel free to upload there etc. If you do you can subscribe top the RSS and whenever someone uploads you get notified,
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