FOIA: Who Runs Scientology CSI? (Corporate Entity Dox)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Another batch of dox was recently gotten on a California Secretary of State public record request. This is part 1 of 2 dumps, another thread coming tomorrow with the rest.

    Previous thread on Round 1 Dox for RTC & CST here:

    For noobs not familiar with the scilon corporate strata, see:

    Church of Scientology International (CSI)
    Secretary of State Record Request March 08, 2011

    Orginal Scans (thx xenubarb!) :
    User friendy PDFs (thx anonlover) :
    Major Highlights:
    At a glance, the historical dates in this set seem to be all over the place. Possible omissions / gaps might need looked at closer and investigated for fishyness.

    As of Nov 24, 2009 this was the current corporation contacts/officers
    • 6331 Hollywood Blvd, Ste 1200
    • CEO - Heber C. Jentzsch
    • Secretary - Lynn R. Farney
    • CFO - Ellen Reynolds
    • Process agent - Jeanne Reynolds (3055 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 900)
    Other names of past officers that show up in historical record - Sandra Brennan, Nicholas McNaughton, Wendell Reynolds

    Next corporate filings update is due Nov 2011. It will be interesting to get that next update as well, and see if the address and/or Heber's name changes due to stuff thats changed in past year or two.

    So, what do we know about Lynn Farney & Ellen Reynolds?
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Nice job kiddo
  3. Smurf Member

    Lynn's been around for decades. I knew him in OSA where he is still posted. He prepares alot of the dead agent packs against SPs & ex-Scilons that speak out. (Google: Lynn Farney+Scientology). Years ago, he went by his middle name: Robert. He's even been on Babble's radar:

    Wendell & Ellen Reynolds have been dedicated Scilons for years: Reynolds

    The process agent: Jeanne Reynolds aka Jeanne Gavigan, OSA attorney. Her husband Tim has been in PAC Security for over 20 years.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    great work.
  5. AnonLover Member

    Also - the name Richard Murray makes a one time appearance on the original articles of incorporation.

    Question for the filers of all this fine stuff... the "Statement of Information" corporate filings dox is seemingly lacking full blown histories in these packets. Can we file for more somehow?
  6. Smurf Member

    Alot of this information was discussed in 2009 on a previous thread:

    The Church of Scientology International (CSI) was incorporated on November 18th, 1981 in Los Angeles, California by Richard Murray. Murray
  7. Anonymous Member

    Companies might have a mailing address for their registered agent that is different from the address where they do business.

    I found an Al Koch at who is an officer for the "Koch Brothers Inc." I don't know if it is the same Al Koch connected to Author Services Inc/Galaxy Press LLC or not. I don't know if this "Koch Brothers" in Iowa is at all related to the other Kochs we've been talking about. But if there is a connection... potential for major lulz.

  8. AnonLover Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    We can try. All dox was generically requested for compiling all these initial dumps, but there is a spot on the record request form to name specific documents. So once the CSI update for Nov 2011 shows up in online search tool, another request will be filed for the latest update, plus an exploratory attempt made to see if specifically naming "Statement of Information" and "Notice of No Change" dox for the missing timeframes only will be tried to see if any more historical info can be obtained. (just to eliminate possibility of lazy state worker omission in the packet)

    Note - missing info in all of these packets may simply be because the cult cant keep their state paperwork straight, and they left their corporate entity registration laps for years at a time. If so - the corporation laws in Cali seem to indicate they should of lost their active registration status. So if a 2nd request for missing data can confirm it does not exist / was not filed, there may be a harpoon angle here for trying to find out why State of California cuts Scientology non-profit corporations so much slack.
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  10. AnonLover Member

    thanks - this is useful to know, I have an idea brewing on how to put all this stuff to good use. OK if I submit this stuff to and /r/ a new research materials index page be setup?

    Also... just 4 curiosity sake: How long do these record request take to process? Is there a Round 3 filed yet, and if so - which corps are we getting next?
  11. OTBT Member

    According to Chuck Beatty, Jeanne Reynolds is the person directly responsible over the years for writing many, many gag agreements for Sea Org staff routing out, and other gag agreements.

  12. Anonymous Member

    Sorry about the ASI stuff. I thought of "CSI" as the several connected companies at the top of Scientology's corporate structure. I just picked one to start with, figuring I look up others when I had more time. My guess is the same people may serve as officers for more than one company. I'm interested in seeing the larger web of connections. updates its records quickly and appears to hide names if requested. So I think grabbing screenshots may be necessary to prove links later.
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  13. OSA Member

    Silly wogs,
    L. Ron Hubbard runs CSI.
  14. Anonymous Member - good ideal! do eet!
    5-6 weeks turnaround on Cali FOIA requests
    Bridge Publications and a few of the front groups coming in Round3, tbd and filed later this week.

    np - its still good stuff and your knee jerk reaction reflects the REAL problem we are trying to sort out: there is such a massive umbrella of shell corporations its too damn complicated for avg person who hasnt done their extended homework on the cult's "corporate sort out" phase to digest at a glance. Yet its that same sophisticated corporate structure, when combined with the gross overly commercialized presentation of their products, services and causes - that truly paints the ridiculous nature of calling the cult a "religion" in all its ludicrous glory.

    And thats exactly how the executive strata was designed - to confuse and distract and make it all to easy to lump everything together while hiding the real flow of power & control amongst the myriad of shell corporations. The beast of corporate scientology has many heads, its time we name the names for each one and start emphasizing just how many tentacles the cult really has.

    Anon should keep in mind that as the lawfare stage of this fight moves forward, its becoming more important to identify each corporation in the shell game and name the names & responsibilities associated with it. Sooner or later some of those executives may be given rehearsed statements and depositions in the court proceedings stating whatever acceptable truth is deemed fitting by DM/OSA, and these public records could possibly debunk who was assigned where & when.

    Also - if or when the press gets tired of Tommy Davis spewing bullshit, it'll be nice to have all the names named with their respective entity via undeniable dox for the lulz of the internal freakout caused by some journalist asking for a specific interview with a phony (but seemingly relevant) figurehead rather than going thru the propaganda spokeshole.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Wait wut? IF the business registration went inactive for periods of time, does that mean their non-profit non-taxing-paying status was likewise lost for same period of time???
  16. Anonymous Member

    Good question, IANALfags weren't quite up to the task of sorting out the regulations in this regard yet.

    Perhaps actual lawfags can have a look at the applicable codes and maybe figure that out for us? Note the time gaps in question come from the "corporate filings" dox, which is the state's version of the info that is supposed to be submitted every other year on SI-100 forms to keep the business registration active.
  17. Anonymous Member

    New home found for all the different sets of these dox:

    PDFs hosted there have been optimized for web usage, but readability is barely impacted. However, if u want the high res super high quality version, use the fileshare links ITT.

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