FOIA: Who Runs Scientology Misc. Shell Corps? (Corporate Entity Dox)

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    Another batch of dox was recently gotten on a California Secretary of State public record request. SMI is the final part 2 of 2 dumps. Previous threads on other dox dumps and related info:
    Dox gathered in later rounds for other smaller non-profit corps on the religious-side of the executive strata will also be added ITT once received. Plus one other combined thread for dox on all the secular front groups will be started at a later date.

    For noobs not familiar with the scilon corporate strata, see:
    Scientology Missions International (SMI)
    Secretary of State Record Request March 08, 2011

    Orginal Scans (thx xenubarb!) :
    User friendy PDFs (thx anonlover) :
    Major Highlights:
    Scant history gotten on the corporate filings on this one, so not a lot to see here. WTH is SMI?? See Wikipedia entry for details.

    As of Feb 12, 2010 this was the current corporation contacts/officers
    • 6331 Hollywood Blvd
    • CEO - Richard Fear
    • Secretary - Claire Edwards
    • CFO - Claire Edwards
    • Process agent - Jeanne Reynolds (3055 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 900)
    Other names of past officers that show up in historical record -Joi Marchant, William Duckhorn, Edward Brewer, Cecilia Murray, and Roger Barnes.

    This concludes Round2 dox dumps. More stuff coming next month in Round3, and Cali record requests will continue for the rest of this until all the major shells in top most layers are identified. Then next year, fishing expedition paper raids will focus on Florida corporations!
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    New home found for all the different sets of these dox:

    PDFs hosted there have been optimized for web usage, but readability is barely impacted. However, if u want the high res super high quality version, use the fileshare links ITT.
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    Reading makes my head feel bad. :(
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    Why hellooooo Ann! I was wondering (havent had a chance to go search - sorries 4 lazyfag questions) did your fine work on the "Who's in charge of scientology" infos ever make it into a wiki page? (and did said wiki page get put bak in yet?)

    If so, we got the perfect spot for ling to it at the top the Scientology Corporations research index page, i would liek to make it the first thing listed under "Scientology Management and Organizational Structure" category if it's in good shape as a wiki page.

    <3 AL :)
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    Not done, AFAIR.
  8. AnonLover Member

    ok thanks so much for sparing me the digging... if i get a chance, i might try to take your original infos, compare it to the new dox and try to compile an update we can put on the wiki.

    It appears fishing expedition paper raids wont be necessary in Florida cuz they have the world's best evar sunshine laws, so we can get all the same dox (with alot more detail) for free at

    So I'm gonna pitch in and start pulling together FL dox compilations to mirror on Scientology Corporations research index as the CA team works on next round of filing record requests.
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    Round 3 batch of dox were gotten on the latest California Secretary of State public record request last month for 4 moar shell corporations.

    Web friendly version of these dox, plus additional stuff for Florida & Delaware is now indexed and mirrored on index:

    Scientology Corporations (Protip: CTRL+F on Apr 18 to skim thru newest stuff)

    The high res scans & pdfs of the newly gotten record requests is as follows.

    Bridge Publications, Inc. (BPI)
    Secretary of State Record Request April 18, 2011

    Original Scans (thx xenubarb!) -
    User friendy PDFs (thx anonlover!):
    Major Highlights:
    Newly Changed Address AND New CEO that they filed an early status report on.
    Scant history gotten on the corporate filings on this one, so not a lot to see here. But we'll be starting to file repeat requests more specifically targeted to try 'n fill in some scant-history gaps on all the upper executive corps beginning in next batch of Round 4 dox.

    As of Nov 12, 2010 this was the current corporation contacts/officers
    • 5600 E. Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90022
    • CEO - Blake Silber (was Deanna McKague)
    • Secretary - Marilyn Pisani
    • CFO - Helen Lumbruso
    • Process agent -Lawrence E. Heller
    2bContinued - 3 More to come...
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    Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International (CCI)
    Secretary of State Record Request April 18, 2011

    Original Scans (thx xenubarb!) -
    User friendy PDFs (thx anonlover!):
    Major Highlights:
    Somewhat scant history to see here as well.

    As of Mar 14, 2011 this was the current corporation contacts/officers
    • 5930 Franklin Avenue
    • CEO - David Petit
    • Secretary - Margaret Helen Marmolejo
    • CFO - Diane Gillott
    • Process agent - Jeanne Reynolds
    2bContinued - 2 More to come...
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    IAS Administrations, Inc.
    Secretary of State Record Request April 18, 2011

    Original Scans (thx xenubarb!) -
    User friendy PDFs (thx anonlover!):
    Major Highlights:
    Somewhat scant history to see in just the California record request dox. But do note the overlap with Delaware and Florida portions of index for IASA, SMI an FSSO - the cult's big slush fund entities, that are all supposed to originate in Delaware but looks like SMI didnt get that memo...

    And lawdy, be sure and look at Delaware on the index!! Is dat sum NOT IN GOOD STANDING red flags on said cult slush funds? Why yes, yes it is. More on this from AL later.

    As of Jul 12, 2010 this was the current corporation contacts/officers
    • 1311 N New Hampshire Avenue
    • CEO - Karen Alpers (Deborah Fraser was COB in 2007 when the IAS shell left Curacoa and reformed in the US)
    • Secretary - Raos Mislav
    • CFO - Raos Mislav
    • Process agent - Sherman Lenske
    2bContinued - 1 More to come, in a new/separate thread for scilon front groups.
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  12. AnonLover Member

    Delaware corporations are indeed the most lulzy in this latest batch of dox!

    The FL foreign corp dox on IASA haz some further &amp; more recent details.

    As of March 15, 2011, this is who FL got as current officers:
    • President - Karen Alpers (w/ Deborah Fraser listed on Feb 2010 annual report, so she was indeed recently replaced)
    • Director - George Praag
    • Director - Terence Macmahon
    • Secretary - Raos Mislav
    • Director - Carole Warren
    Bak in March, anon working on this project first discovered ALL of the DE slush fund entities were in red flag status in their home state jurisdiction. It has stayed that way for nigh on 60days now. Re-posting screen snaps from online DE records here for benefit of others to do liek we did... point at the screen and go muhahahahaha :)




    I'm still researching these red flags on DE corporation status, and we may or may not be able to get specific reasons for &quot;NOT IN GOOD STANDING&quot; status when anon file Delaware record requests on these entities later this year. But my slightly-informed speculation so far is that one or more of the following factors is at play here:

    • DE corporation code is different than other states, they grant corps who register in their state but dont operate there certain perks &amp; protections you dont get elsewhere. Thus it makes sense the cult's slush funds are here, including the re-formed IAS entity the moved onshore back in 2007. But DE is also supposedly known to be mf'ckers if you screw up - they hide your ass as far as not naming names, but they also own your ass and can be a royal PITA paperwork-wise if you dont follow the rules. Since the cult tends to make their own rules, running afoul of DE regulations was probably inevitable.
    • Both FL and CA corporate filings history show the cult screws up often with keeping the massive umbrella of shell corps all properly registered. So its to be expected they screw up elsewhere, especially when one of the cult's own lackey attorneys isnt the process agent.
    • Because DE is a mf'cker when you screw up, a problem on one registration that gets ignored could possibly impact all registrations with the same names/address.
    • A federal subpeona for the names/addresses that DE keeps protected on its corporate registration records is known to occasionally become a pissing match before it gets honored. And once info is given over to the feds - I'm told the state may or may not red flag the registrations if the reasons for the subpeona dont bode well for the state's own interests. So add lots of tinfoil here and its not too big of leap to imagine the alleged FBI investigation may have already tried to tap this stuff.
    • The SMI registration seems to be in error according to current codes, because they dual registered as a domestic corp in two states at once (CA &amp; DE) way back when. And once setup in DE, it seems they should of deactivated the original CA registration and re-filed as a foreign corp. However, this is the point I'm still researching for possible exploitation and I still need to take a road trip to not-so-local lawfag university in order to get my grubby hands on older DE corporation code to fully unravel this fishy shi- rightly.
    Any input from lawfags that understand how DE Corporation Code works &amp; varies from other states, that can clarify / correct / add to the speculative points above is most welcome.
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    good work

    keep on
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    Thank you, awesome job!
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