FOIA: Who Runs Scientology RTC & CST? (Corporate Entity Dox)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Anons were inspired by LarryBren's Christmas Gift to OSA and the Brennan on Removing DM essay. And then decided to file initial public record requests with the California Secretary of State office for identifying the chief coporate officers & registered address of the cult business entities known as Religous Technology Center (RTC) and the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST).

    FOIA scans.rar

    ^^This info will be used for filing additional record requests, as per the instructions in Larry's essay. Special thx to xenubarb for playing paperwork namefag & dox scanner!! <3

    For noobs not familiar with the scilon corporate strata, see:

    Major Highlights from the parent folder of scans includes this stuff and more:

    001.jpg - As of December 20 2009 on the RTC Corporation
    Address, Officers & Representatives Were listed as:
    • 1710 Ivar Avenue, Los Angeles CA
    • CEO :: Warren Mcshane
    • Secretary :: Laurisse Stuckenbrock
    • CFO :: Barbara Griffin
    • Lawfag Agent for Service of Process :: Sherman Lenske (Canoga Ave, Woodland Hills)
    Also -- Scan008.jpg certifies that as of Jan 27, 2011 the ^^Listed address, Mcshane and Lenske still stand.

    scan7.jpg - As of March 7 2010 the CST Corporation
    Address, Officers & Representatives Were listed as:
    • 419 N. Larchmont Blvd BL#86, Los Angeles CA
    • CEO :: Russel Bellin
    • Secretary :: Jane McNairn
    • CFO :: Arthur Bolstad
    • Lawfag Agent for Service of Process :: Jeanne Gavigan (Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles)
    Also -- Scan008.jpg certifies that as of Jan 2g, 2011 the ^^Listed address, Bellin and Bolstad still stand.

    Additional contents in the various subfolders of scans:
    • Stack 1 - Original Articles of Incorporation for CST 1982
    • Stack 2 - Original Articles of Incorporation for RTC 1982
    • Stack 2b - Restated Articles of Incorporation for RTC 1982, Amendment to RTC Articles of Incorporation 1984, Amendment to RTC Articles of Incorporation 1986, Amendment to RTC Articles of Incorporation 1994
    Paging Rhill to the white phone, dox drops for possibly adding to the related pages in the critical directory - pickup aisle one!!1! (and Cheers!!)

    Moar liek this coming later this year with additional dox containing more detailed info on RTC & CST, as well as the basic corporate info like posted here for CSI, ASI, BPI etc. etc.

    Its high time we name names and document who's who on the upper executive echelon. And so it begins.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    smoke and mirrors

    RTC and CST are still being personally run by L. Ron Hubbard.
    Prove me wrong.
  3. Anonymous Member

    /r/ thread title change - should be "CST" not CSI
  4. Anonymous Member

    How come Miscavige's name isn't mentioned anywhere?
  5. Anonymous Member

    OP suspects midget's name missing at this stage because there's an additional paperwork step to file yet, in order to get trustees and full corporate profile on RTC & CST. But current officers on record needed confirmed for filling out forms on getting addition dox

    (and history of corporate officers since inception of corporate restructuring beast was needed for research elsewhere. so we got big ole pile of basic info this time around.)
  6. Anonymous Member

    Nice! OP missed RTC Trustees - their listed in Stack 2, Image (7).jpg as of Jan 1982:


    brb - suspect later variations of trustees list will be found in stack2b
  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Nope. Trustees only listed once in all their public records. This is interesting...

    The last Amendment to RTC Articles of Incorporation in 1994 FAILED to list any changes to Article Nine "Initial Trustees" of the Articles of Incorporation. The Restated & Amended versions of 1982 and 1986 likewise made no changes to trustees section.

    Mayo was run off & declared in 1983 ( & so you would think the trustees list would of been amended in 1986.

    Does anybody know if their required to keep the list of trustees current when they re-file this information every two years? (next update due on RTC in Dec 2011)
  9. Anonymous Member

    Playing devil's advocate - but wouldn't Mayo have to request a removal? Even though he has been booted out of the organisation I don't think there is anything illegal about leaving him on the trustee list if he didn't request removal.
  10. Anonymous Member

    More to the point, could Mayo use his position as a trustee to screw with the cult?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Probably not. US law will differ from my country, but as I understand it a trustee is merely someone who holds legal responsibility. They do not necessarily have any say in the organisation. Think of them as a sort of legal guarantor. US law may differ than my country though, so will need a US lawfag to comment.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Wrong look again - The restated articles of incorporation in stack 2b image.jpg dated Sep 13, 1982 is a replacement in full according to the point #2 at the top of the page.

    The restarted version ENDS with Article Eight and its "set forth in full herein".

    The amended version of 1984 (Image 7 in stack 2b) only changes Article Seven.

    The amended version of 1986 (Image 8 in stack 2b) only changes Article Seven.

    The amended version of 1984 (Image 9 in stack 2b) only changes Article Seven.

    So article 9 w/ Trustees listed was dropped. Question is - can they do that?

    The paperwork to file a restated articles of incorporation at
    has this to say:
    California Corporations Code section 5819 here:
  13. Anonymous Member

    More California Corporations Code here:

    It would appear that only the "initial directors" (or trustees in RTC's case) need listed out on the first articles of incorporation, and omission of that section thereafter is not to be considered an amendment. Or so says Corporations Code Section 5819:
    The trustees listed on initial articles of incorporation, all signed off as "incorporator"
  14. AnonLover Member

    Bumpsies! Yummy dox deserves better packaging... PDFs sets with faded scans brightened up nicely for all this stuff coming right up. Here's the first one:

    Scientology Church of Spiritual Technology (CST)
    non-profit religous corporation dox

    Current/Past Statement Of Information filings with California Secretary of State:
    (in reverse chronological order, with the Jan 2011 status report on top)

    EDIT - fix'd ling

    (Mod note - thread title never got changed from CSI to CST. alert button cant anymore?)
  15. AnonLover Member

    Scientology Religous Technology Center (RTC)
    non-profit religous corporation dox

    Current/Past Statement Of Information filings with California Secretary of State:
    (in reverse chronological order, with the Jan 2011 status report on top)
  16. AnonLover Member

    ++Additional dox on CST from "Stack 1" subfolder - Original Articles of Incorporation for CST, May 1982

    intresting to note they've never refiled amendments/restated versions of this like RTC did several times. Russel Bellin was caught on tape when AGP raided twin peaks base, so i would suspect the other CST officers are posted/kept there as well. I wonder if they know where Shelley is kept?

    Anyone know what for relationship Arthur Bolstad is too Maureen Bolstad (if any)?
  17. AnonLover Member

    ++Additional dox on RTC from "Stack 2" & "stack 2b" subfolders - Articles of Incorporation for RTC 1982-94

    ^^This info due for its next 2yr update in Dec 2011 (chief officers & process agent changes only)

    Note: Based on research done ITT, it appears Current Trustees are not readily available via public records (???) If so, then inquiring minds do want /r/ intel leak on exactly who be current trustees nowadays?
  18. AnonLover Member

  19. AnonLover Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    New threads started for Round 2 dox gathering:

    New home found for all the different sets of these dox:

    PDFs hosted there have been optimized for web usage, but readability is barely impacted. However, if u want the high res super high quality version, use the fileshare links ITT.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Status update - as we wait for the next Round of California record requests to come in... FL record gathering, comparison & analysis for these same major player entities has begun:
    ^^Research Index Updated with mirrored FL dox @ bottom of the page

    Interesting to note that the CST Registration in Florida got yanked in 2010. The cause of this appears to possibly be a clerical oversight with an outdated process of service agent - see related post explaining situation here.

    HALP wanted from lawfag or similar person familiar with state-level corporation code to advise if this revoked registration is exploitable? Can we haz cheezeburger nao cuz Flag currently cant be cutting checks directly payable to CST due not being authorized to do bizness in florida??
  22. AnonLover Member

    bump for reminder there's some unresearched juicy bits ITT if anyone wants to do a little digging...

    Relevant dox:
    CST Revoked Registration in FL vs. CST Current Registration in CA

    Online biz registration for CST in Florida:
    Church of Spiritual Technology on

    What we know 4 sure:
    A) FL requires statement of info reports be filed every year during same month. CST's last annual report was May of 2009, they got revoked due to being FAIL at filing annual report 09/24/2010.

    B) Shi- happens, and it appears its not unusual for the cult to screw up the corp regi's of the massive clusterfk umbrella of shell corps. Further research on where other FL-only based companies got revoked 4 similar reason and then reinstated shows a pattern of taking 1-2 years since last successfully met due-date to get the FL state record status back in good standing.

    What we speculate:
    May 2011 is rounding off the 2yrs since last annual report (1 yr since they missed their due-date) point for the CST shi-canned record. So they soon need to crap or get off the pot with getting this corporate record set straight.

    What we would like to find out:
    1) Lawfag and/or CPABeanCounterfag Q?: how does a revoked registration likely effect day2day operations & money flow at Flag & other clearwater advanced org facilities?

    2) ExSO Finance from clrwater Q?: In terms of the old cliche, Follow The Money, how does the cashflow related to paying $$$ uplines to CST work at Flag? IOW was/is there typically cash transactions paid into CST coffers within the state of FL? If so - do tell how that works??

    inquiring minds want to know...
  23. Anonymous Member

    /r/ Sticky thread. This is important imho.
  24. RightOn Member

    Do not know if this info helps?
    this info is for DC:
    Dont' know if other states differ.

    "If entity’s status is revoked then articles of incorporation / organization shall be void and all powers conferred upon such corporation / company are declared inoperative, and, in the case of a foreign entity, the certificate of authority / registration shall be revoked and all powers conferred hereunder shall be inoperative.
    Penalties for operating after revocation
    Civil fines, penalties, and fees may be imposed on any person who, or limited liability company or corporation that, commits an infraction of any provisions of Business Corporation Act, and/or Nonprofit Corporation Act and/or Limited Liability Company Act or fails to comply with any provisions thereof pursuant to Chapter 18 of Title 2 ("Civil Infractions Act").
    D.C. Code also has provision that stipulates that any entity, person, or persons who shall exercise or attempt to exercise any powers under domestic or foreign entity which has been revoked may be charged with a misdemeanor.
    Any entity may file application for reinstatement and pay all back fees and file all back reports at any time. Once this filing is accepted by Corporation’s Division entity’s status will be reinstated. Once petition for reinstatement is approved, the revocation proceedings against the company (corporation, LLC, partnership) by proclamation shall be deemed to be annulled, and such entity shall have such powers, rights, duties, and obligations as it had just prior to the time of the issuance of the proclamation with the same force and effect." Business/...ntly Asked Corporate Registration Questions#2
  25. AnonLover Member

    Every state is different, and there is also a great deal of differences in how hard State corp code is too interpret for the avg-joe non-lawfag.

    Here's the relevant link for FL corporation code:
    FL State Law Title XXXVI Chapter 607

    (blinks) thats radically different, and way more harsh than the 2 states i'm somewhat familiar with (my own on US east coast & CA).
  26. RightOn Member

    I figured it was prolly different.
    too bad the misdemeanor is only in DC
  27. tikk Member

    Off the top of my head, I doubt this is especially meaningful. For one thing, CST is already registered in CA; it's FL registration is as a foreign entity. There's also a relatively easy procedural mechanism [FL Statute 607.1531(b)] by which CST can reinstate is corporate status there.

    FL Statute 607.1501 prohibits foreign corporations from transacting business in the state without a valid certificate. Of course, what business CST does it mostly does with RTC pursuant to existing and longstanding contracts (and the IRS Agreement), so it's probably not exposed to much liability while it remains uncertified in FL. That said, it must've incorporated in FL for a reason, perhaps having to do with how revenue from FLAG proceeds uplines, or perhaps what credit the corporations ultimately beholden to CST can obtain. I'm not sure it's possible to accurately speculate just why it feels it needs to also be incorporated in FL but ultimately it's of no huge import, imo.

    EDIT: I don't mean to sound flip though--information like this is good and I think it's great that stuff like this is being tracked.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Thank you.
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