Former IRS agent posts anonymous comment

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by anon8109, Nov 5, 2017.

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    Someone claiming to have been harassed by the scientology corporation while working for the IRS before the company finagled its tax exemption posted this comment on a story about Leah Remini.‘leah-remini:-scientology-and.html

    XX99XX (their username)
    "In 1980 a friend got into Scientology. Suddenly, she had a new "companion" who shadowed her 24/7. This person always sat in the background observing us but didn't participate when we had gatherings. It was spooky. Before long, my friend was completely surrounded by people in this "religion." At the time I was only 20 years old but even then I recognized immediately this was a cult as these people tried to convert me. It took my friend 2 years to realize it and got out. Years later I worked for the IRS at a time when the IRS was denying them church status (which offers huge tax benefits) and scientologists used to stalk us employees, taking our photos, following us, etc. People in my office investigating members of scientology were harassed. What legitimate religion forces family members to disconnect with friends and family not in the same religion? They're a cult based on a science fiction author's books."
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