Former Scientologist Brendan Tighe was part of Tom Cruise's security detai

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    EXCLUSIVE: 'It's no secret that they despise each other!' Ex-security guard for Church of Scientology reveals bitter rivalry between Tom Cruise and John Travolta and how he was given 'the beating of his life' for speaking to celebs

    • Former Scientologist Brendan Tighe was part of Tom Cruise's security detail at the church's headquarters in Clearwater, Florida until 2009
    • He has laid bare the rivalry between Cruise and John Travolta - who believed he was leader David Miscavige's 'favorite son' before the actor came along
    • He told 'I can assure you Travolta doesn't recognize Cruise as a superior in any way. When Cruise got that medal Travolta was so pi**ed off'
    • The Top Gun actor was awarded the Freedom Medal of Valor by Miscavige which is said to have made Travolta 'jealous' and caused him to fire off an angry letter
    • The 37-year-old also told how he was forced to have his teeth whitened because 'you had to have a good smile for Tom Cruise'
    • 'In all those years, I think he said hi to me three times, even though I'd be in the hotel every single day,' he said
    • Tighe claims he was once 'violently pulled out of bed' for speaking to a celebrity
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    Tony Ortega also covers the story @Underground Bunker
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