Former Squirrel Buster Bert Leahy posts video..

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Smurf, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Smurf Member

    Bert posts a copy of the check he received from David Lubow... the checking account number has been edited out.. but shows the bank in Valencia where the account is... Mission Valley Bank.

    "After the Squirrel Busters found out that I was going to the media, they called repeatedly and emailed me. I then got a call from John Allender. I have word from an inside source that the church of Scientology was going to offer me up to $50,000 to be quiet. But I chose not to contact them so I could let me know what they were doing and to prove that Scientologists do not practice what they preach."
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  2. Wonder if his "inside source" is actually Mahty or one of his flunkies. That would be right up their alley to exaggerate shit for the sake of drama, or to hold delusions about how important they are to the CoS.

    Not saying the 50 grand figure isn't true, but that's a lot of money, even for the CoS. Unless Bert or his source start sharing some docs, I'm not really convinced.
  3. Smurf Member

    I wouldn't be suprised if John Allender said it - but he would have been bluffing.. if Leahy was willing to accept the offer, they would have arranged a private meeting with him in a remote location, and unknownst to Leahy, he would have walked into a room with a Scilon attorney & OSA personnel, who would threaten to not only bury him in litigation, but make his life & that of his family a living hell. Leahy would most likely walk away humiliated with no money to account for it.
  4. Anonymous Member

    John Allender's infamous email:

    After months of negotiations with the County of Santa Clara the County has agreed to once again publish a flier to brief the community on the hate group known as Anonymous. The flier will include a list of Anonymous’s crimes against our churches in Santa Clara County (which is long) and a brief description of law enforcement's investigations into their illegal activities and the convictions secured against them nationally.

    This flier names them as a hate group and is meant to align the people living around all of our Churches and Missions with us and to gain their cooperation to rid our community of this aberration. It is very strongly worded and should help to fill the vacuum or mystery created and answer people's question about the legitimacy of this group. The flier then goes on to directly confront the individual members of anonymous and offers them mediation to resolve their conflict.

    The County, represented by Delorme McKee Stovall from the Human Relations Department will be at Los Gatos Org and Mountain View Org. at 10 am Saturday Feb 13th with some community volunteers to go door to door around our churches to hand out these fliers directly to the citizens living in each home. This will add emphasis and importance to the communication. It is unknown how many volunteers the county will be able to muster. My personal experience suggests that 10 would be a lot. This is the wrong order of magnitude.

    I have discussed this with the County and told them I could round up more volunteers to help get this flier out to ensure that the community could be properly addressed. They will welcome our help.

    I am asking you to volunteer 2 to 3 hours of your time on Saturday morning Feb 13th at either the Los Gatos Church or the Mountain View Church, you will be given an ID card that names you as a county employee and for those few hours you will be a county employee going door to door (in pairs) talking to residents to enlighten them about the danger of allowing this group (Anonymous) to continue to operate in their community. You won’t be going as a member of any religion but only as a concerned member of the community.

    This is a very unique and important opportunity for us to gain support in our community for our religious freedom and to gain a continuing support. This is the County of Santa Clara all 2 million citizens saying, we know who you are (Anonymous), we know what you are doing and we don’t like it, please stop!

    But right now that comm is only on paper in boxes and in order for it to be effective and create the agreement that is its purpose, it needs to be gotten to as many individual citizens as possible and read by them.

    We can live in a society that has been told what to think about us or we can go tell the society what to think.

    A couple of hundred volunteers at each Church will send a very big message to the county. The writing and publishing of this flier is done with the full knowledge and backing of the council members of Santa Clara County and the District Attorney's Office. The United States Justice Departments (FBI) representatives have been at the meetings and will be observing the anticipated Anonymous protest schedule for that same day, the San Jose City Council Members have also been briefed and some have suggested that they will be at Los Gatos Church to show their support for you and your religious freedom and to quote the San Jose Police Department “We’ve had enough of these lunatics. We will be on alert”.

    Just so you are briefed, this hate group operates as freely as it does only because the society, the individual citizenry not government or police, allows it to. They carefully walk on the edge of the law by using the issue of free speech as their balancing pole. All it will take to blow them off their high wire act is for the community at large to tell them we don’t agree. The government thinks of them as either terrorists or a hate group, the police think they are vandals and criminals and know they are the ones who are breaking the law. Your DSAs have handled the government and police on these issues very effectively but the big job is society at large.

    The reason that the Creek isn’t included is because 2 years ago Larry Green and Pat Wehner (the ferocious beings that they are) dispelled them of the idea of ever returning. But the Creek public need to help with this activity, this will go well for all of us or it will go bad for all of us.

    There will be fliers for the Missions and we will also be addressing those communities as well but the meeting place is these two Churches.

    Where: Los Gatos Church, 950 Saratoga Ave or Mountain View Church, Easy Street
    Time to arrive: 9:50 am Saturday February 13th
    Dress code: Upstat casual (jeans OK) with walking shoes
    Approximate length of time needed 2 to 3 hours.

    Bring water and a snack.

    John Allender
  5. xenubarb Member

    why is that stovall thing still working on the public's dime?
  6. Sponge Member

    New video from Bert Leahy

  7. Sponge Member

    ^Thanks. I suspected it wouldn't have been missed. I did the searches and nothing came up.
    But still, if he's gonna make more vids like this then it's a good idea to have them archived in a thread with his name on it.

    I'll go comment in the other thread.
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  8. Random guy Member

    Poor bastard. He's got balls, but he's wouldnerable. I hope he lawyer up and prepare for the backlash.

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