Fort Harrison has a little housekeeping problem?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. RightOn Member

    PTS and proud of it :p
  2. RightOn Member

    It's always a double edged sword for a situation like this.
    If nobody shows, then that would be yummy beyond control and I myself would celebrate.
    BUT you have to know that heads will certainly roll for something this huge to be a disaster. It would prove to be even more disastrous for the Sea Orgers and staff who will pay dearly and be headed to the RPF.
    I know the end result for nobody to show up will justify the means, but I just wish people did't have to suffer so. :(
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  3. Jeff Jacobsen Member

  4. [IMG]
  5. RolandRB Member

    It could be that as much as 1% of the weight of the Fort Harrison Hotel is made up of roach and bedbug mass.

    Remember that we need to keep this secret so the scilons turn up and stay there and get bitten.
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  6. anonamus Member

    So OP, what's up with Fort Horrorson? Spill the beans or I call bullshit.
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  7. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Lisa's back, haunting the auditing rooms?

    The only reservations are by Nation of Islam "brothers"?

    Larry Silverstein just purchased a billion dollar insurance policy on the building?

    I guess we'll find out eventually. Then again, if the event never happens, maybe we won't. That's a trade-off with which I could live.
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  8. Sonichu Moderator

    It's win win. They'll never believe us that we're leaking info about roaches or bed bugs at their beloved Flag.

    So they'll go, get bitten, and realize we were telling the truth. Then they'll wonder how mecca of all places could be running things wrong, and maybe, just maybe some of them will begin to wonder what other things that were True we said.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    The elevators don't work

    The building failed a fire-safety inspection

    The kitchens failed a food-preparation hygiene inspection

    The immigration department has deported all the staff

    The laundry machinery has ground to a halt

    The computerised reservation system has collapsed

    . . . all of the above?

    Anyhow, I've stopped caring now. The game/troll has become boring. Next.
  10. Anonymous Member

    They're out of well-aged single malt scotch?
  11. Anonymous Member

    No more Posts until this has been answered:

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  12. Funny how there hasn't been one OT success story where the clam just uses "intention", and "tone 40", "postulates", or "theta" to make the bugs go away.
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  13. Quentinanon Member

  14. eddieVroom Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. RolandRB Member

  17. RolandRB Member

    Bed bugs in Clearwater, Florida

    This footage of bed bugs was taken in Clearwater, Florida.

    Be afraid, scilons. Be very afraid of staying at the Fort Harrison Hotel.
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  18. RolandRB Member

    Clearwater, Florida, Bed bug reports

    Bear in mind that if you report bed bugs it might be you who gets charged for treating the infestation.

    Have you booked your room at the Fort Harrison Hotel yet? Book early for the IAS event!
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Roland, you totally love this thread. Here's some bedbug trivia to feast upon. Pun IS intended.

    • Bedbugs feed for 10 minutes or more, so it is safer to attack when you're sleeping most soundly.Those bad boys latch on and suck your blood for TEN MINUTES OR MORE. Not like those weak-ass mosquitos who bite and go. Ten minutes. Or more.
    • 50% of people do not react to bedbug bites, so there is no visible welt or bite mark. Bedbugs defecate while feeding or immediately afterward, so reddish brown stains on pajamas or bed linens are a clue. So, even if you have no bites, you still probably have bed bug poop on you during your stay at the luxurious Ft. Homicide.
    • While most people jump to say that bed bugs live in our beds, the truth is, they actually spend most of their time hiding out in places like headboards, upholstered furniture, behind artwork, nightstands, under carpet, along baseboards, even inside electrical outlets. It's like they're everywhere.
    • Bedbugs have been known to survive for two to six months without a blood meal. Survival is extended in high humidity, and shortened in low humidity. Unfed bedbugs are not active in the absence of a blood-host, but reactivate in the presence of a blood-host, making it necessary to monitor for several days in an unoccupied - but previously infested - dwelling. If they have bed bugs, I sense another lengthy "renovation" in its future.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    There is actually no new problem. This is an Anon PsyOps for OSA.
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  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    New data.

    There actually is a new problem. This is an Anon PsyOps for OSA.
  23. JohnnyRUClear Member

    You are all OSAs of my imagination and I am now going to postulate myself a delicious glass of chocolate milk instead. So there.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Do we have DOX yet?
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Doubt there will be an tangible dox, unless the health dept gets involved. Clams aren't going to complain in public because, well, they're clams.
  26. Anonymous Member

    OSA hasn't been around here for days. They're all in the RPF over the Leah Remini media blitz they failed to handle.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Merged threads for being an annoying doxless cock tease.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    In that case . . .

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  29. Anonymous Member

    ^^Actually, someone do^^
  30. anonamus Member

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  31. Quentinanon Member

  32. RolandRB Member

    Mind you, OTs think higher than us mere wogs. Perhaps they will see something positive in this that we have missed.

  33. RolandRB Member

    Scilons - stay at the Fort Harrison Hotel for the IAS event and give a bug a new home.

  34. Anonymous Member

  35. RolandRB Member

    You have maybe seen one of the videos in the links posted to show how bed bugs hide in shoes. Just walking through a place that has bed bugs means you have bed bugs in your shoes who will take a wander when it gets dark. So even if the scilons stay at a proper hotel and they are talking to another scilon who says "we're staying at the Fort Harrison Hotel" then before they finish that sentence you will know you have maybe ten bed bugs hiding in each of your shoes and they will be following you home that night and infesting whereever you are staying. You will also be taking them home with you to infest the bedrooms in your own home. So even turning up for the event and taking all precautions is not going to save you from a major bed bug infestation. If you want to join in then do so over a video link and hope that nobody in the same room has been to the Fort Harrison Hotel in the past six months.
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  36. Mike Rinder is the cancer that is killing the Fort Harrison. He and is AIDS and balls itch from Batsy's affair and the threesome with Karen de la Carriere is killing the indies
    This message by Karen#2 has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  37. You forgot to use the letter h in an appropriate place in your post.
  38. RolandRB Member

    Fuck the Hindies!
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Not if my balls are hitching!
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