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Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by sue, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. anyjane Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Yep, it's more clear (and less dry sounding than "Net Neutrality") but they've been using that phrase so long that it and Slashdot are kinda tied together, at least in my head. Maybe something like "Online Rights and Freedoms"? Saw that phrase on the Wikipedia NN entry. Still not as sexy as YRO, though.
  2. r3x Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I was hesitating to weigh in until I got a chance to see everyone else's reactions. But frankly, this shit is getting retarded.

    People like Bluebell need to chill out and look at the bigger picture. You are not more important than anyone else. Activism against the Scientology Organization is not more or less important than what motivates the vast majority of Scientology's opponents on the web, which is free speech, and freedom of information about the fact of their scam.

    Project Chanology started because CoS was trying to prevent free speech on the Internet. Only after the fact did it start to become a hugbox for ex culties, because the original participants left, and the moralfags were the loudest voice that remained.

    Any admin or moderator can be a nazi and censor certain types of speech on their own website. It happens all the time all across the internet. Why We Protest doesn't exist so we can bawww about nazi mods on YouTube. If you don't like a website, don't use it. That's freedom of expression in a nutshell.

    The issue of Net Neutrality is about large corporations attempting to censor free speech on the Internet or in any way restricting the free flow of information in order to make a profit.

    Net Neutrality is about corporations like Virgin Media, Comcast, etc., trying to turn the Internet into Cable 2.0.

    It's about groups like the RIAA and MPAA suing people for sharing their shitty, poorly copy-protected products over bittorrent.

    The issue of Net Neutrality is about various forces attempted to destroy the inherent value of the Internet as a stupid network.

    TL;DR: Project Chanology is a subset of the larger Net Neutrality issue.

    IMHO, the "Freedom of Expression" subforums should be reinstated as "Net Neutrality".

    Keep it simple, stupid.
  3. rof Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    <tard1> do you care about silentlology actibism?
    <tard2> um, no
    <tard1> do you care about nut neeterality?
    <tard2> i dunno
    <tard1> do you care about your rights online?
    <tard2> hell yeah!
  4. r3x Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I can understand that angle, and we should certainly sell it to Joe Public as "Your Rights Online", but on the other hand, Your Rights Online makes it sound more like a Civil Rights issue than a Freedom of Information issue. I know it's splitting hairs, but bare with me.

    Freedom of Information for me is a means of allowing creativity to flourish on the Internet. As creativity prospers and people can do more and more, they generally want to expand the realm of their ability and will naturally seek the means of doing so.

    I'm basically looking for a common ground that allows us to stay true to the idea of Anonymous while engaging in activism projects related to the well-being of Anon.
  5. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I still prefer "Hands off our internets!" as a (Censor/freedom) sub forum title as it reflects the real mood that started Chanology after the TC movie take-down.
  6. Vir Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Please don't change it back to Net Neutrality. It's too broad or too narrow, depending on how it's understood.

    When you're dealing with big services like Google search, YouTube, or the DNS root servers, then "nazi mods" on the service becomes about as bad as "net neutrality" violations in the ISP.

    There is also a difference between ISPs blocking and degrading network traffic for commercial or nefarious aims on one hand, and on the other hand having some blocking or speed throttling of child porn, malware, spam and illegal movie torrents.

    If somebody uses eBay's Vero program to supress a second-hand market in their product, or suprresses a fair use of a newsworthy video, or fraudulently puts a competitor's website into an opt-in adult content filter, then none of those might be pure "net neutrality" issues, but they are far more important to internet freedom than an ISP blocking child porn, malware, spam and (correctly identified) copyrighted torrents - at least in my opinion.

    It would be nice to have a unique but understandable name, such as "Internet Freedom Watch" (lol religious freedom watch)


    As for current projects, I agree that those should have more visibility. Perhaps they should be mentioned on the welcome pages?
  7. r3x Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Services like Google and YouTube run on the World Wide Web, http, or port 80 in terms of Internet Protocol (IP). Net Neutrality doesn't concern how people run their websites, except as it concerns users' ability to access any given site quickly. In fact, people should have the freedom to run their websites as they see fit, even if they are censoring certain things. The Internet will find ways to route around the censorship. People will vote with their feet, their mice, or their wallets, as the case may be.

    To me the issue is one and the same. ISP's should never throttle bandwidth for any reason. If there is illegal stuff on the Internet, that's the job of law enforcement to find the people who are distributing said illegal content. But it's not the job of ISP's to police the Internet or decide what content gets priority service.

    Bullshit. What you're talking about is services on the Internet. People should have the freedom to run their services as they see fit. But the Internet will route around damage to it, because it's a decentralized, interconnected network, as long as the Internet remains free from bandwidth throttling or tiered internet service.

    This I do agree with. The term "Net Neutrality" is rather bland and uninspiring. BUT, it's also the generally accepted term for the issue.

    We need to brainstorm for a term that'll stick in the minds of people.
  8. Re: Forum reorganization

    Net neutrality is about ISP's or Telecommunications Companies restricting or slowing access to content that they don't like e.g. a competitor's website. The RIAA suing people for downloading stuff isn't about net neutrality.

    Edit: I'm opposed to the forum being called Net Neutrality because net neutrality is too precise a term, It isn't synonymous with internet censorship in the general sense.
  9. r3x Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    In the case of RIAA/MPAA, they are actively trying to prevent what the Internet is designed to do, share information. Perhaps Net Neutrality is an imprecise term, but the RIAA/MPAA should be considered a major opponent to the ethic of freedom of information on the Internet.

    As it stands, copyright law is a detriment to consumers, because in the case of old or less "popular" music, movies, etc., that still have copyrights on them, they may be hard to find in stores. RIAA/MPAA only want you buying their newer and more popular mass produced content, like shitty albums that have 1 good song out of 15.
  10. The Shadow Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    R3X speaks a lot of sense ITT

    Shit man, I wish we had some of your no-nosense 888 style modding on this site, it fucking needs it....
  11. anyjane Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    (original post was tl;dr, may rewrite and repost).
  12. r3x Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Moderating one website is enough work thank you very much.
  13. rof Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    quit bragging, faggot
  14. r3x Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Quit fragging, baggot

    So I just watched and realized that there is a catchy phrase we already use a lot, that can be applied to issued like Net Neutrality and RIAA/MPAA.

    Knowledge is Free

    Not only can it be a title for a Project, but it can also serve as a mantra.

  15. The Shadow Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

  16. Re: Forum reorganization

    The saddo might LURK MOAR and understand that chanology is the biggest troll ever, it was started by trolls and trolls will end it. We run this.
  17. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Bluebell / DA contributes nothing of any remote value on here or at the raids.

    It has long been suspected that she is a Scilon plant, but she is far too dumb even for that.

    Perhaps a spell of confinement to the Dome would give her all the [STRIKE]cock[/STRIKE] caek that she sooo longs for?
  18. Lorelei Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I have no problem with the changes and appreciate the work that goes into keeping WWP up & active. Thanks!
  19. cubby Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

  20. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    If this is the idea, why was "Fair Game" turned into a subsection of General Discussion?
    I think it deserves its own section, also independent of the section "Personal Experience", with which it is currently merged - the section's current name is "Personal & Fair Game".
    The reason for this proposal is that people ought to be able to look up instances of fair game, as was the case previously.
  21. Fuckeye Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    Sci Activism forum should be moved from General to Activism. The hint's in the name.
  22. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Forum reorganization

    I also suggest to move "raids" from "general" to "activism"

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