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Discussion in 'Projects' started by kanibal, Jun 25, 2014.

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    I'm French, (sorry for my language) I am webmaster of : The Truth About Scientology - The preferred site of the OSA.
    1. Since December 2012
    2. CMS : Wordpress.
    3. Site hosted in offshore.
    4. We use Cloudflare (ddos and bruteforce attacks)
    5. No IPs log.
    6. https soon.
    We will reveal a lot of information on a scientologist Parisians/Frenchs, either because they have an important role in the management of the sect, or because they are known for acts of sectarian violence during their Mission.

    We like Leaks, we like news of scientology, we like doxs, we like OSA, we like fun !

    Contact : rue-legendre[AT] hushmail[POINT]me
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    The Dianetics Mobile has a giant cyst on top, just like Hubbard!

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  3. kanibal Member

    New article soon, probably tomorrow.

    Name of man : Mathias Savary,

    He likes CB :


    Sorry for my english :p
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  4. kanibal Member

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