France2 : Alain Stoffen

Discussion in 'Anonymous Contre La Scientologie' started by Olrik, May 12, 2009.

  1. Olrik Member

    France2 : Alain Stoffen

    Alain Stoffen sort un bouquin sur la sciento.
    Il vient tout juste de passer sur France2, avec entretien avec Fenech.

    La vidéo, juste dessous...
  2. Olrik Member

  3. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    Excellent video with 100% footbullet for the cult. Alain Stoffen is one of my best friends in France, and i congratulate him on his courage and tenacity. He is a musician of some great talent.

    Alain, how can I get my own "ethics folder" ?
    Email me
    mpattinson AT gmail DOT com.
    (non confidential).

    Video excellente avec un reportage defavorable a 100% contre la secte. Alain Stoffen est un de meilleurs amis en France et je le felicite de son courage et sa tenacite (persistence). Il est un musician de grand talent

    Alain, comment puis-je obtenir mon propre dossier "d'ethique"?
    Contactes-moi a
    Email non confidentiel)
  4. Apotheker Member

    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    ?? Can't understand... :(
  5. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    Oui, merci. J'ai ajoute une traduction.
  6. Apotheker Member

    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    Now I understand nothing *lol* I can't speak french :D
  7. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    I can't do Deutsch
  8. Apotheker Member

    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    *rofl* I don't mean your text, I mean the vid, I don't understand what they say ;))
  9. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    Oh ok lol.
    I don't have time to do a transcript/translation. Any volunteers??
  10. mnql1 Member

    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    Here is a translation of the report broadcast on French TV.

    Anchorman [David Pujadas]: Next, new revelations about Scientology. A much-awaited trial for organized fraud is scheduled to take place in two weeks. This will mark the first time this organization is judged as a legal entity. With this trial looming, a former follower is publishing an account of his experience, a story which contains internal notes concerning manipulation techniques.

    In a moment, we will speak with Georges Fenech, who is responsible for leading the efforts against sectarian aberrations. Good evening, Mr. Fenech.

    Georges Fenech: Good evening.

    Anchorman: You will be commenting later on this report, but first here are the details. The report is by Franck Genauzeau and Guillaume Michel.

    Narrator: This is an ultra-confidential file. Hundreds of pages which normally do not leave the walls of the Church of Scientology. All this information is about one follower. This is called an "ethics folder". This one concerns Alain Stoffen. He believes he is the first to have obtained these secret pages. Reading them changed his life.

    Alain Stoffen: I spent an entire night reading what it says and, in that one night, fifteen years of my life collapsed, because I discovered how I had been betrayed, how I had been violated.

    Narrator: He found, for example, this internal document, which says: "The following is a program to handle Alain Stoffen." Farther down, those who must speak with him are advised: "Take care to sit near the door in case he wants to leave. This will enable you to stop him and handle his disagreements."

    Stoffen: Without knowing it, I underwent a destabilization and depersonalization program which destroyed me, down to the very core of my being.

    Narrator: In 2001, for his friendship with an opponent of Scientology, Alain Stoffen was declared a "Potential Trouble Source". To make amends, he was offered courses costing 147,769 French francs, more than 22,000 Euros.

    Stoffen: Scientology's main objective, really, is power and money.

    Narrator: As a substitute for therapy, he decided to tell his story. But he also sees this as a way to warn others.

    Stoffen: For fifteen years, I was deeply convinced I was thinking more and more for myself and becoming more genuine, but it was exactly the opposite.

    Narrator: Alain Stoffen filed a complaint. In a written response, the Church of Scientology points out that a pre-trial judge dismissed the case in 2006. Since then, another judge has taken over the case. He has not yet delivered his conclusions.

    Anchorman: Thank you for being with us, Georges Fenech. You are a former Member of the National Assembly, a judge by training, chairman of the Interministerial Mission of Vigilance and Combat against Sectarian Aberrations (MIVILUDES). You will be publishing your annual report in one week. What is your reaction to this account?

    Fenech: I am not at all surprised by Alain Stoffen's painful story. It corresponds to what I witnessed when I was judge in the case concerning the Church of Scientology of Lyon. We also seized a certain number of personal files which plainly spoke of financial pressure, of mental manipulation, of extortion, so this account adds confirmation to what we already know, which was explicitly condemned by the Lyon jurisdiction twelve years ago.

    Anchorman: One or two points to put things in context. Scientology has about twelve million followers worldwide, Scientology claims five thousand in France. It is fully recognized as a religion in certain countries, the United States and Spain, for example. Some people ask "Are we overdoing it in France against spiritual minorities?" Do you consider Scientology as a sectarian movement?

    Fenech: The spirituality of the Church of Scientology is of no interest to us. What concerns the Mission which I chair is the practices and techniques which are used and which are dangerous to individuals. A prime example is financial extortion. It's true that Scientology is recognized as a religion by the United States, but in France, this organization does not have religious status and, incidentally, has never requested it. For us, the number of complaints we receive at MIVILUDES, the number of trials, and the trial which will soon begin in Paris clearly show that there is danger to people and that we must alert and inform them.

    Anchorman: Thank you, Georges Fenech, for answering our questions.
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  11. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    mnql1 thanks !!!!
  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    Merci pour tout.
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  14. N. Ron Rubber Member

    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    Oh là là...

    brb, popcorn.

  15. jensting Member

    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    Merci ever so beaucoup!

    Best Regards

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    Re: France2 : Alain Stoffen

    ohhh que c'est joli de voir tout ca...

    j'espere juste que les dossiers ne vont pas de nouveau mystérieusement disparaitre...

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