Frankfurter Rundschau, 13.08.2009: Scientology. Das Ende ist nah

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    Frankfurter Rundschau, 13.08.2009: Scientology. Das Ende ist nah

    Scientology: Das Ende ist nah | Frankfurter Rundschau - Politik

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    Re: Frankfurter Rundschau, 13.08.2009: Scientology. Das Ende ist nah

    guter fund, ich glaube das sollte überstzt werden für die anderen.
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    Re: Frankfurter Rundschau, 13.08.2009: Scientology. Das Ende ist nah

    Wow, die Frankfurter Rundschau. Klasse!

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    Re: Frankfurter Rundschau, 13.08.2009: Scientology. Das Ende ist nah

    COMPUTER TRANSLATION BY Free Translation and Professional Translation Services from SDL

    Berlin. It rumbles in the Church of Scientology. The billion-dollar-sect from California lives through currently the largest crisis of its story. Leading managers left and raise Scientology recently now in US media heavy accusations against the 49-year-old "chairman of the board" David Miscavige. They are key figures out of the most internal circle, narrow way companions of the man who has led the sect for 27 years.

    "Miscavige struck our heads together, until I bled", reported the former boss of the scientologischen secret service, Mike cow, in whom St. Petersburg Times from Florida where Scientology maintains its "spirituelles headquarters". The former finance boss mark Rathbun and Tom de Vocht, the earlier leader the "spirituellen of center", reported over regular stick orgy. "The persons there became displaces and ridden except inspection", said de Vocht.

    (Evidently, "blinder" means "cow" in German?)

    "I struck someone. Everyone was struck. And it was screamed and scolded". All three "church leader" admitted that they would have struck even in return also others.

    The chairperson, who is described as cold and bossy, had established an internal force culture, that got through the entire apparatus. Also Amy Scobee, that long-time leader of the "of Celebrity center" for prominent in Los Angeles where Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Anne Archer and other Hollywood sizes "looked after" become, got out. It confirmed the humiliation rituals. Once Miscavige had choked before its eyes of Mike cows until its face colored itself highly red.

    Presently hardly a week passes, without that former managements of the sect in the USA with new shocking detail go at the public - usually in the St. Petersburg Times, that in the metropolis Tampa St. Petersburg appears where thousands of scientologists live in the background of the "of spirituellen center".

    Hard accusations against an organization that advertises therewith to create a "world without war, crime and mental illness". "The right and the left hand of the boss", names Ursula Caberta, the Scientology delegate of the Hamburger of senate, both Top people of cows and Rathbun. Caberta says: "An entire generation of former scientologists turns just massively against the leadership. I do not believe survives, that the organization that".

    Scientology reacted sharply to the remonstrance: It concerns "absolute and total lies". Miscavige never had struck an employee of the "church". It had degraded in the opposite the defectors when these became violent. Rathbun had erected at that time a "domination of the terror" within the "church". The dissidents would have prepared a coup with its incorrect statements, "around even the inspection in the organization to receive".

    Yet such a coup is hardly conceivable because Miscavige all real competitors has way bit. With its reaction, Scientology vouched however that eruptions shake its empire, that according to own statements eight million, after serious estimations however maximally 200,000 persons worldwide belong to.

    The accusations of the violence itself are not new in the kernel. For years corresponding reports already have circulated. It succeeded the sect however always, this as inventions of deviant abzukanzeln. It created it usually to make this with silent moneys or endless legal proceedings mouth dead.

    Now however former Top scientologists turn around the spear also before court. On Tuesday the first hearings in a civil action against the bosses of the Sea Org, the elite troop of Scientology began in Los Angeles. Marc Headley, that until 2005 for 15 years at the side of Miscavige the medium production led, and other Kader of the middle plain complain because of "inhuman work conditions" on compensation. Headley demands also an additional payment of the wage because it had worked all the years "only for a pocket money". Also these complaints aim directly on the sparkling wine leader. "For in the Scientology world happens nothing without command of David Miscavige", so Marc Headley.

    Journalists the St. Petersburg Times could 1998 the first and until newspaper interview only today with Miscavige lead. Therein this rejected all accusations because of violence and jeered: "Proposes yet finally what or holds the mouth. Lets once the proofs see".

    The proofs lie now on the table. The former scientologists of Mike cows, and mark Rathbun, 52 and 53 years old, the Scientology before four and two years left have, take no leaf before the mouth. Former secret service boss of cows, who was moreover as a speaker of Scientology almost for 20 years the public face of the sect, explained, he had been maltreated by Miscavige to 50 times with punches and kick. "I was a box sack", said it. It had accepted the blows how everyone accepted it in order to provide proof of its loyalty. "I would like no longer, that persons further injures, tricked and covered become", said cows over its motivation to go at the public.

    Cows and Rathbun had given earlier often "official" interviews. Mark Rathbun to the accusations had 1998, let its boss be violent, answered: "That is not its type". Now it confirmed that it closed in Scientology such as in the mafia.

    It had been thrashed not only by the boss, but rather physically had mistreated during its 27 years in Scientology on behalf of Miscavige other members. "I have dirt at the hands", so that former" inspector general for ethics".

    Also the other from foremen attested that David Kader high-ranking Miscavige mistreated repeatedly. They had been subjected embarrassing "security checks" at the lie detector. Miscavige had commanded "Gruppenbeichten" and jump let managements to the "rehabilitation" in the winter into a lake while it swore at it as a "traitor" and "enemies".

    Newly is that the criticism comes of colleagues, who belong like Miscavige to the first generation to that, that already as children and youth of scientologist became - all four Führungskader served more than 25 years of the organization.

    In the past week, eleven further Scientology victims in the St. Petersburg Times to word reported themselves. They draw a similar picture - that of an organization that its members holds and regularly humbles under extreme inspection. Also on the Internet now former with concrete detail reported itself - about bleeding beheading.

    The critics are Scientology internally so well known that its statements on considerable unrest in the worldwide branches lead. They are certainly no holy, but rather victim and culprit at the same time. As itself the just 21-year-old Miscavige 1982 at the tip of the sect putschte, helped it cows and Rathbun. Jointly they made a militarily through organized psycho group out of the sectarian society. When it succeeded Miscavige to win important actors such as John Travolta and Tom Cruise as an advertising medium, Scientology of middle of the 80 grew until middle of the '90's strongly. Over these backgrounds, reply such as the from foreman Amy Scobee knows no so well. Yet it began not at all to speak about that.

    The got out Scientology managers know so well like each secret of the organization. About, how it came 1993 in the USA to the surprising tax release of the sect as "public-spiritedly". This made out of an organization, that displaces and dangerously counted at that time as, a respectable "church". It enjoys since then the protection of the US government. When Scientology ran in Germany under criticism and concluded the Secretaries of the Interior 1997, let observe it as a "new form of the political extremism" of the constitution protection, turned on itself the white house and criticized the Federal Republic in sharp form. Since then Germany in the annual human right report of the US foreign ministry gets bad notes.

    This coup mark Rathbun had to take responsibility for substantially. It applied Scientology internally as a Miscaviges "man to the coarse". Legendary is how it and Miscavige emerged in October 1991 unannounced at the boss of the tax authority IRS in Washington and the deal of arranged. Now Rathbun confirmed, what journalists already had found out. The tax authority had been paralyzed with 2300 complaints against single experts. "That sufficed" said Rathbun over the war of attrition. "We needed no extortion at all".

    Mike cows was for its part for the defamation campaign against Scientology critic such as Norbert Blüm, Günther Beckstein and Ursula Caberta responsibly. It designated Caberta in US television as a "new Goebbels" and let it accompany in 2000 in a visit in Florida of demonstrators, that "Nazi criminal, go cheek to Germany" called.

    De Vocht confirmed that there is a procedure in Scientology, with which deviants are isolated and interrogated day after day. And Rathbun cleared, it had arranged to destroy evidence over a young woman, who died 1995 at the same time.

    The uncovering would have to call now actually the justice and the federal police FBI on the plan. Yet previously neither justice nor government reacted. For about two years the so monolithicly appearing sparkling wine group has eroded. It began with skirmish on the Internet when critic writings" of expensive "holy there Scientologys published and flowed in demoes simultaneously taking place worldwide of the critical "Anonymus" -group. Even within Scientology, the criticism is heard.

    The Hamburgers delegate Ursula Caberta says, had emerged in the German branches Sea-Org-officers out of the USA now in order to provide for quiet. Headley and other from foremen know that also further managements stand shortly before the exit. Yet the more strongly a sect runs under pressure, the unpredictableer becomes it also. Extreme radicalization is just as conceivable as solution and new beginning in small circle.

    Ursula Caberta speaks about the "final countdown". Only knows no where the countdown began and like long it runs. But Caberta is certain: "The end of Scientology was never as near as now".

    COMPUTER TRANSLATION BY Free Translation and Professional Translation Services from SDL
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    Re: Frankfurter Rundschau, 13.08.2009: Scientology. Das Ende ist nah

    Mike cows=Mike Rinder, lol.
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    Re: Frankfurter Rundschau, 13.08.2009: Scientology. Das Ende ist nah

    Der gleiche Text, nur halt noch mal durch die Redaktionskontrolle und das Layout gejagt und deswegen etwas anders gesetzt, findet sich in der Berliner Zeitung vom 13.08.2009: Final Countdown : Textarchiv : Berliner Zeitung Archiv
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    Re: Frankfurter Rundschau, 13.08.2009: Scientology. Das Ende ist nah

    There we go:

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    Re: Frankfurter Rundschau, 13.08.2009: Scientology. Das Ende ist nah

    Thanks Ackerland
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    Re: Frankfurter Rundschau, 13.08.2009: Scientology. Das Ende ist nah

    Somehow I managed to do a double post and work on two copies, so that first part has only corrections of the first half and the second post only corrections of the last half. I'm fixing this in both posts now, sry.

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