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Discussion in 'Translations' started by Dave, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. iraniam Member

    " You look like a moon my flower"
  2. Mia

    Can someone please translate this for me?

    -Mano Toro doost daram asalam
  3. iraniam Member

    " I like you my honey"
  4. Hello can you help me translate this?

    be manam goft asheghetam

    Thanks a lot
  5. iraniam Member

    He told me "I love you" too.
  6. Medusas7 Member

    Please, can you say me the meaning of "chon doset dasht"!
  7. iraniam Member

    "Because he/she loved you"
  8. Please help to translate the below for me... Thanks

    Chi shode

    Jone man ras migi? Aalie ke

    Har chi migi khodety

    Nemidonam shayaf

    Are midonam har chi to migi hamone

    Man ke nemidonam chi dari migi
    Shayad dari migi bia mano begir
    Man nemitonam chon ezdevaj kardam ghablan
  9. iraniam Member

    " What happened?
    Please tell me the truth? This is great tho
    whatever you say it's all you
    I don't know, maybe
    Yes, I know. Whatever you say
    I don't know what you are saying
    maybe you are telling me to marry you
    I can't because I have been married before
    You did't know?"
  10. Could someone please help me translate this, I'm still learning:
    Mikhast mosafer begire san diego begardoone
    Tanha kasi ke peida karde khode jookereshe
  11. iraniam Member

    He/she was going to find a passenger to go around San Diego, but the only one he/she could find was himself or herself.
  12. Please help me with this conversation.

    Lady: Bebakhshyd nafahmydam zang zadam nabodid

    Man:10 daghighe dige behet zang mizanam
  13. iraniam Member

    "I will call you in 10 minutes"
  14. tkat Member

    Translate to English please
    Bah bahhh banoo dar shahr
    Aks ghademi e
    Bah bah moshtaghe didarrr
    Ma ham hamintor ostad 1 safar biya pishemoun ghol midam nazarim behet bad begzare
    Oon ke 100% shoma barnamei bara invar nadarin
    Fealan na vali kheili delemoun tang shode
    O stad 1 sari be ma bezan baba deltangim
    Salam khobi
    Bale shoma khoob hastin
    Mani joon delemoun barat tange refigh
    Man bishtar jan.kash beshe zoodtar biyayn bebeinmetoon
  15. Hi guys, can someone translate this for me please.

    "Na, ye dooste French peyda kardam googoolie"
    "Telegramamo check mikardam shomarato didam text dadam haleto beporsam"
    "Che badani, eyval"
    "Gonde monde khosham nemiad, dekori, arin, az reza khabari nadari"
    "Man chan ta dooste French peyda kardam, googoolie moogooli, koochol moochol toojibi"
    "Hala bord roo pedaret bekhab, zoodam bia"
    Bezangam, video call? Aroom
    Vidéo nemishe
    Sex call mikonim
    Babam otagahme"
    Inja binamoon kheyli khafane, pare porre beshi mofti jamet mikonan khialet rabat"
    "Are behtare, rahat tari, do ta 7 saat, boro karato bokon, montazere oon an namoon miad, akhe man pare ham shodam Alan ye mahe, sako inato beband"
    "Khosh hal shodam didamet
    Manam pesar, shocked shodam,
    Azizam bebakhsh dorost na-tonestam salam alayek konam in dustam yeseri moshkel khorde bud k kheily deep bud to zendegish Baham nesheste budim dardo del"
    "Daneshgah khube hamechi ok e? Ma tedet nakoni shoma ke yadi as ma nemikoni
    Ara badi nis. Sare kelas boodam alan, sakhte yekam, to khoobi?
    Mana khubam merci, khube kamkam ja miofti
    Are omidvaram "

    Thanks so much
  16. tkat Member

    Can u interpret my post above please
  17. iraniam Member

    "Good, the lady is in town
    The picture is old
    Good, happy to see you
    The same here sir, Come and see us, I promise you will have a good time
    I am 100% sure you have no plan for this side
    Not right now, but we miss you very much
    Sir, come and see us, we miss you
    Hi, How are you
    Yes, how are you
    Dear Mani, We miss you alot
    I miss you more. I wish we could see you sooner"
  18. Nic anonymous Member

    What could this mean in English
    pedaret dare miyad ounja. behesh bego pedaram inja bemoon emshab!
  19. iraniam Member

    " Your father is coming over tonight, ask him if he can stay over night."
  20. Nic anonymous Member

    What about aree doon Nass
  21. iraniam Member

    I have no idea what this means. maybe you wrote it wrong.
  22. Dorood people is this thread still alive?

    I tried to join the site through FB, but an unknown error occurred.

    Anyway I have a request for a translation job which I really need,
    since I'm apart from my girlfriend and she is worrying to much.
    So I just wanted to tell her that she is the only one :)
    I hope someone can help me, and translate it into fenglish/penglish.
    Because I'm trying to learn Persian myself, and I can't understand Persian script :(

    It's impossible to forget you my princess
    Every night I see you in my dreams
    Every night I touch you in my dreams
    Every night I kiss you in my dreams
    Every day I wake up alone
    Every day I eat dinner alone
    Every day I go to bed alone
    We must have time and patience
    My heart belong only to you babe
    Soon we will be together

    I promise

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