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Discussion in 'Translations' started by Dave, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Hello can any one tell me what " chare dobare zany zade means ?
  2. iraniam Member

    "Why did you call again?"
  3. how can I say " be my valentine" in farsi?
  4. iraniam Member

    " Valetine Man Baash Emrooz"
  5. Thanks iranium for ur quick reply !!
  6. iraniam Member

    You Are Welcome.
  7. Hello! How can I say: I like this shirt on you. (with farsi characters)
  8. iraniam Member

    "Pirhani Ke Pushidi Doost Daram"
  9. Maria111 Member

    Could someone please translate (below) into English:
    shoma ham koshtin maro ba in Esfahan
  10. iraniam Member

    " You guys are killing me with your Esfahan"

    P.S. Esfahan is a beautiful and historic city in Iran. It is located south of capital, Tehran.
  11. Hey guys!

    I hope someone can translate this for me...

    "toro daram vase man hamin base bikhialam age donia qafase"
  12. iraniam Member

    "If the world is a cage, I have you and that's all I need"
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  13. :( Don´t know if this is Farsi. But if someone knows what it says I would be grateful.

    Dost dashtin tamas begirin bishtar ashna beshim
  14. Hello, I need some help with my farsi translations, You seem to be very helpful to others and I really would appreciate it. what does this mean?

    "salam yasaman chetori ? bebakhshid dir shode resposndam. omidvaram halet khoobe va khosh migzare. man already bargashtam XXXX. inja koshtan maro lol. ye bar zang zadam behet vali goft "your # in not on service anymor". shomare telephone man XXXXXXX. man shayad ye safer beram XXXX to janvire. hatman bayad sohbat konim lol ."

  15. Hello. I'd like you to translate this for me. Thank you!

    In hame rooz migzare zood ...Tabestoon
  16. iraniam Member

    "I would like to contact you to get to know you better"
  17. iraniam Member

    "Hi Yasaman, How are you? Sorry to get back to you a little late, I hope you are doing well and having a good time, I have been back already XXXX, They killed me here LOL, I called you once but your number was not at service any more, This is my phone number XXXXXXX, I might travel to XXXX to janvire, we have to talk to each other, lol. "
  18. iraniam Member

    " Days are going fast.....Summer"
  19. Thanks for your help, very much appreciated.

  20. Please could someone translate this?
    1: to dari donbal yeki migardi mokhesha bezani, hala ye kari bokon mokh mana bezan ke man nagardam. chi migi? khoobe?
    2: man donbale kesi nemigardam, khodesh hast
    1: ahan, bala, kohb to chi ke goftam alan kon
    2: kio mikhai? mage toh gf nadari?
    1: ye dokhtar bahal
    2: nadarim
    1: are midonam pyda nemishe
    2: daram gij misham. ba 4 nafar hamzamzan daram michatam
    1: khob man miram ke 1 kam beshe. edam bede
    2: nadaram ba yeki khodafezi mikonam
    1: na khodafezi nakon
    2: chera?
    1: chon dokhtar bahal nemishnasi
  21. iraniam Member

    1- You are looking for someone to challenge his brain, why don't you do mine so I don't have to. What di dyou say?...It's OK?
    2- I am not looking for anyone, He is here.
    1- Ok, Now, do what I ask you to do.
    2-Who do want ? Don't you have a girlfriend?
    1- A nice girl.
    2- We don't have it.
    1- Yes, I know it hard to find it.
    2-I am losing it. I am talking (Chatting) to 4 people at the same time.
    1- Ok, I am gonne leave so you have a better chance, continue.
    2- No, I am saying goodbye to someone.
    1- No, dont do that.
    2- Why?
    1- Because you don't know any fine girl.
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  22. azizam Member

    Can you translate this for me please?

    hahaha che joje asta gosh kon haha khoo gosh kon , mekham rozi fredag biyam amma gosh kon midoni chiya? gosh kon hame libasam wa dige chizaye ki lazimish daram khona dokhtare astish bad onam kos kash daro baz namikona beroyi man man dishab raftam darro baz nakard
  23. iraniam Member

    I have a hard time to read and understand your piece above, is this Farci or Farci with accent from other part of Iran? I do understand some "words" in there and can translate but its really hard for me to do it all. Let me know if all of it is actual Farci or others. Thanks
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  24. azizam Member

    Oh sorry this is dari I think the one who wrote this is from afghanistan. Can you try to translate little bit of it anyway please?
  25. iraniam Member

    I'll do my best:

    "Listen, don't be a chicken, Listen real good, I like to come over one day , but listen, do you know why? Listen, all my clothes and anything else that I need, I have them. In that girl's house................that jerk, is not opening the door for me and last night, they didn't open the door either"
  26. azizam Member

    Thank you very much for your translation. Can you translate another one please?

    hahaha che joje asta gosh kon haha khoo gosh kon , mekham rozi fredag biyam amma gosh kon midoni chiya? gosh kon hame libasam wa dige chizaye ki lazimish daram khona dokhtare astish bad onam kos kash daro baz namikona beroyi man man dishab
    raftam darro baz nakard che joje
  27. iraniam Member

    This is the same piece I just translate.
  28. azizam Member

    Sorry this is the one i meant
    baaashe hatman miyam , amma nakona khodid deled ase on yaki tank shoda mikhay hardu biyad?? are
    bashe, amma ba khanom fikkonam dara joda misham on mikhad bera swedan
  29. iraniam Member

    "Ok, I will come for sure, but make sure you are not missing the other one, do you want me to tell both of them to come? Ok fine, But I think he is leaving that lady , he or she is going to Sweeden."
  30. can someone pleeeeease translate this for me!? i would really appreciate it :)

    Inshallah yerooz betoonam behet begam ,che hessie daram har moghe ba to harf mizanam. Heife in ehsase ziba ke nabinish bere bar bad,taghatam ziade dele man shod asiret,moheme ke maro nabari az yad.Vali bedoom ke khoshbakhtit hamishe arezoome,hata ba man nabashi,hata az khaterehamoon joda shi.
  31. iraniam Member

    "I hope one day I can tell you how I feel about you everytime I talk to you. It so sad the you can't feel my feeling about you, My heart feels alot about you, The important thing is you never forget me. Your good future is always my desire even if it is not with me, we should not forget each other."
  32. thank you sooooo much !!! :)
  33. iraniam Member

    You are very welcome
  34. i visit your from, i read some persian sentence that was a joke or a faka sentence.

    i think some person try to change and pervert your way. beware i don't know who are them? may be army , cyber user of course we see many of them are unregister user.

    beware and dont pervert
  35. can u translate these sentences? thnx

    Bia mano bekon.Koni.
    Nane KOSDE.
    Kose nanat kir to aks.
    Madar jende.
    Na na farsi behtare.
  36. iraniam Member

    These are all curse words, realy bad ones and I won't translate them, sorry.
  37. oh my god :S curse like swearing?
  38. iraniam Member

    Yes. Very bad ones.
  39. Can you translate also English to Farsi?
    How about this:
    "I am a traitor to my country, and an imperialist toady and shill for the United States. Long live the Shah!"
  40. iraniam Member

    The best answer sometimes in NO ANSWER at all.
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