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Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by spazturtle, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. spazturtle Member

    Hi I have some details on a free usa vpn, it will change your ip to a usa one:

    Type: PPTP
    Username: anonymous
    Password: anonymous

    hope this helps
  2. Lynx Member

    PPTP is vulnerable to Man In the Middle Attacks, if you can setup openvpn + strong encryption that'd be better.
  3. twilight Member

    True, but there is a way to strengthen PPTP at least a bit more in the negotiation phase by using EAP-TTLS if the VPN provider supports it. A free EAP-TTLS-client is available at
  4. echo-IRAN Member

    I usually run an encrypted proxy, Freegate, Ultrasurf, even TOR, over VPN. So nobody knows everything about me.
  5. Lynx Member

    Could you make a quick install guide ? For including link to download etc.
  6. gumlym Member

    when will iPREDATOR be available? That would work, wouldnt it?
  7. Artaban Member

    I can't connect, :/
  8. dc broke

    u should disable printer support in properties of the vpn connection
  9. smart Member

    yeah, thanks, I can connet,but Can not access all pages,why?
  10. Just gave it a test and it can't connect.
  11. it WORKS !!!

    it works on my windows 7 PC but fails to connect on my iPhone ...
    some times connects on my iphone but cant browse :-(
  12. thnx

    thnx for vpn.
  13. I couldn't access some pages neither after I connected, but I then changed my DNS servers to OpenDNS and then the pages started showing up. I don't know what happened, but it worked for me.
  14. Please, can someone tell me where that info should be entered? My knowledge of this stuff is next to zilch!
  15. P,g


    Thank u veryy much....
    This is the best vpn I've ever seen
    It works on my iphone....
  16. thank you very much it works on my ipad
    but it is very slow?
    why is that
  17. spaz926 Member

    What Operating System are you using?
  18. spaz926 Member

    Works great.

    Connects just fine on my Mac and Linux.
  19. Dancer-IRAN Member

    I just tested on MacOS, Windows and HTC - androdid.
    Works very nice, only connection speed is lower.
  20. Vpn

    hi guys. Why is this not working on ipad? It works just fine on MAC OS but not so on iPad. It says verify settings. Why is that? Anybody?
  21. vsabouni Member

    help me

    Does not work for me,
    mac os 10.6.3,I connect but not Access Page,why:mad:
  22. vsabouni Member

    why in mac os not work,help me pl :confused:
  23. try VPN Authority

    try VPN authority (VPN Authority) to keep your anonymity... I've used it and it's pretty simple, easy-to-use and cheap. i was using a free one for a bit, but it was soo slow. hope this helps. :)
  24. How do I unistall this thing
  25. OpenVPN Installation

    I've downloaded the files for the OpenVPN server but I'm afraid I do not find the instructions clear. So I am stuck and cannot use it.

    If anyone has managed to install it properly, would they be kind enough to list the instructions here in a clear and concise manner?

    I am really desperate for this utility as everything here is filtered and we can hardly work on the internet without being stuck all the time!
  26. Hi,

    I've done what yo said but when I press connect it gives me lots of network messages - and the status showing as connecting on top left hand side of the message window.

    How do I actually use this? I am still filtered when I try to use the browser.

  27. How to use the FreeVPN

    Has anyone downloaded and used the free VPN successfully?

    I've installed it but what I get is a log with loads of network messages - I cannot access any filtered sites at all -

    What is the proper way of using this thing?

    The instructions apparently are only good for those who are familiar with using VPNs. There are loads of people who have no clues as how to use this thing. So please make proper documentation for users if you don't want your efforts to be wasted.

    When people make documentations assumptions should be made that those who are going to use it have no knowledge of the product at all.
  28. Impossible!

    I've just looked at the sample config file - it is absolutely impossible for someone with no networking background to be able to edit this file. I am absolutely p*ssed off because all my hope of using this software is out of the window now.

    Just a note from all the deprived people in the world to all you guys who take your freedom for granted. Appreciate what you've got.... because if you had been in our position you would not have survived a day.
  29. if you're using vista/win7 you have to start openvpn gui as administrator (rightclick -> start as administrator) to work properly
  30. It's the config file which is absolutely impossible to edit properly if one is not familiar with networking.

    I have worked with IT people for years and they won't be able to edit this file properly.

    It's written as we have a cisco qualifications!

    I use windows xp and since I've rebooted the system my VPN Icon has disappeared completely. When I try to start it again it says it's already running!
  31. Just to say I am running a stand alone computer, would I still be able to use this thing? I've restarted it and it's running but still cannot access the filtered sites.
  32. Just to say I am running a stand alone computer, would I still be able to use this thing? I've restarted it and it's running but still cannot access the filtered sites.
  33. Has anyone used the Free VPN successfully?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Another free vpn/tunnel alternative is , maybe its working for you.

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