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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Le Revisor, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Le Revisor Member

    Free zone(ron's org)(US and switzerland) is a cult, just like scientology.
  2. TinyDancer Member

    You're gonna have to back up that claim with evidence, my friend.
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. CarterUSP Member

    word clear "pointless thread"
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  5. Smurf Member

    You are not alone in believing those that continue to practice LRH tech and consider themselves Scientologists, though no longer a part of the corporate structure under David Miscavige, to be a cult, i.e., Freezoners, Marty's group of Independent Scientologists. But, it remains your opinion. Not everyone would agree with you.
  6. Anonymous Member

    If simply being a "cult" were sufficient grounds for Anonymous Jihad
    we'd have thousands of targets instead of merely CoS.

    You'll have to prove, not just that they are a cult,
    but a cult sufficiently obnoxious so as to require our intervention
    (unless you actually agree with those n00bs you've been trolling,
    that all religions are cults and all should be destroyed)
  7. Anonymous Member

    -points to Marty-
  8. Anonymous Member

    Simply calling Marty's Freezone a cult because they're still practicing Scientology, while tempting, isn't sufficient to warrant Anonymous declaring war on him like you would seem to be hinting at. Yes, Marty and his flock might be nuckin' futz for still practicing this farce that masquerades as a religion, but Marty isn't engaging in disconnection, coerced abortions, the RPF, sending lawyers and PIs after his critics.. should I go on? He might be a nutjob and someone who is on our radar, but he's not an all-out enemy. Yet.
  9. CarterUSP Member

    ^ What he said.
  10. Le Revisor Member

    I think that we have thousands of targets, moonies, muslim extremists,dollar"christian" preachers etc, they're all cults ... Concerning free zone, i think practising LRH tech without loving money is impossible. FZ is a little group, i'd just prefered that they don't shit us in WWP.
  11. Anonymous Member

    same shit different smel
    l still a big shit anyway
  12. Miranda Member

    You've made your opinion clear. Like a lot of new users, you'll need to get used to the fact that your demands won't necessarily be met. If it's important to you, act accordingly--but don't expect others to follow simply because you tell them to.
  13. BLiP Member

    If a grown adult wants to submit themselves to regular hypnotic-like trance states to achieve some illusory nirvana, go for it. Personally, I can get them a little bag of white powder that'll do the same thing. They're basically good people - just odd-balls doing their own thing, really. Aren't we all? The only objectionable actions I can see on their part is trolling for raw meat amongst the exes and children (i.e., persons aged under 18 years). Well, that, and still adhering to the KSW scripture.
  14. Anonymous Member

    oh my !!!!
  15. Anonymous Member

    Like christians or muslims,by example.
    Very good .

    Christians says i will go to hell.
    Tell me about this.

    ¿Why you prays a lord who wants send me to hell forever?

    If i leave the coran...
    ¿Why i must be killed?
  16. sooleater Member

    stay on target
  17. Anonymous Member

    Careful. Unless you admonish Scientology in all its forms and interpretation, the peanut gallery will lynch you.

    On that note, there is a difference between "Cult" (group who's beliefs are considered strange) and "Destructive Cult" (group who's beliefs actively harm others and/or themselves). There are cult followings of a lot of things where people aren't a threat to anyone or even themselves. FZ falls under the cult category, but I haven't heard anything to put them under the subcategory 'destructive.' Unless someone has hard evidence of real events to prove otherwise.
  18. xenubarb Member

    Marty isn't engaging in disconnection, coerced abortions, the RPF, sending lawyers and PIs after his critics. Yet he has in the past, under the Scientology umbrella. He knows how to do these things. He has done these things. However, I don't believe he can do these things as an independent. He lacks the power, money and influence base built up by organized Scientology.

    There are certain elements that need to be present before you can start hurling the cult epithet at a group of people. These are in part elements of control that simply isn't present in many cases where a sect is maligned as a cult.
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  19. Anonymous Member


    I DO tend to think of Marty's group as a "cult" but....

    He can send out "orders" downlines, but they go nowhere.
    Without Powah over the masses, the sphere of Marty's cult is: Mosey+Mike.

    Let's see if Marty can grow his "cult" beyond three members...
  20. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Just stop it. We're here to fight Scientology. We are not going to join you to fight anything else. I thought we had made that clear.
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  21. strobe Member

    Oh god not you again.

    (lol, that was meant to be anonymous. Oh well.)
  22. Le Revisor Member

    That's the way, ha, ha, you feel it!

    A real believer, christian or not, never tell you you will go to paradise or hell.
    I fight scientology because i think that somewhere, it is the mother of all cults.

    But, can you imagine, for an exemple, that"cults"could be one cult,"the cult", maybe their differencies could be just marketing differencies.

    I mean, for an example, between scientology, nation of islam,moonies, raelians and this big bag of "same?" shit.

    Xenubarb, on your picture, you look like LRH, sorry, is it wanted?LRH was a fucking crook and criminal, and if marty, lacked all what you said, he can't no more have nothing to do with it. But, if marty got a special method to make people in good health, join the FDA to check, and sell it.
  23. Miranda Member

    I think the best way to deal with this derailing thread is to ignore it. If you're annoyed by it, let it eat itself.
  24. Le Revisor Member

    Hmmm... What about Rock Hudson, i've been told that scilons sold him, a medicine for AIDS: rocket fuel.

    Xenu is great!
  25. xenubarb Member

    I am LRH! This is me, on my way to the IAS Ball, 2030. Cause over Time is fun!
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  26. 69SP69 Member

    Y'all need to stop calling scilons gay, it is an insult to gay people everywhere!!!
  27. Ersatz Global Moderator

    We only call the gay ones gay.
  28. Le Revisor Member

    Nice to meet you again, ronnie!Jack.
  29. Anonymous Member

    From everything I've seen, I don't think there's any type of scientology I could ever co-exist with. Maybe one day when it's strictly practiced by nerds in highschools, just to piss their parents off, and so they can consider themselves "noncomformists" (kind of like Wiccans), then yeah I'd be alright with it.

    out side of that, Scientology is the virus that causes the symptoms, after Co$ crashes, it'll only be a matter of time before hardcore scilons wont want any loosey goosey "squirrel tech" and it'll all start over again.

    but I would still leave FZ alone, til that day.
  30. Smurf Member

    Scilons are so gay, faggot.
  31. Anonymous Member

    No .

    You are calling gays to every members of scienciology church.

    Denotes xenophobic culture.

    CULTURE definition:

    What we do.
  32. Anonymous Member

    The little blue captain man have not sex.

    ¿Can you define the concept sex in a phrase?
    you seems like an expert in sexual ethology...
    Want to speak?
  33. Anonymous Member

    little blue captain
    true to Tommy always, but
    haz a gift 4 you?
  34. Robert S Member

    Not a cult, OP, but certainly wacky. However, until such time as they realize there's no such thing as an engram as described by Elron Fucktard, they are still aligned against the family-killing, murderous bastards currently in charge of the big ol "church" & therefore tolerable. So even though probably like half my posts from old Enturb are explaining why FZ is full of shit on a different day, I would disagree with them "out."

    They're the reason I left the Ex board, and are next on my personal list, but not the point of Chanology as I understood it.
  35. Anonymous Member

    I shall attempt to translate
    You are incorrect,

    Your statement implies that every member of the Church of Scientology is a homosexual. In doing so you are painting us as a culture of xenophobes (I believe he may mean homophopes?)

    and when I say CULTURE,

    I of course mean, what we do.

    PS I'm an enormous Faggot, please ban me
    the little blue captain man (smurfs avatar?) has no gender.

    perhaps in your own words you could help us understand your definition of sexuality (gender?)? as clearly your an expert in the sexual behavior.

    by the way would you care to chat?

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