Freedom Fighter's Manual - How to Strike!!!

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by anon183, Jun 21, 2009.

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    A general strike brought down the Shah, and will bring down these honorless sons of dogs. OIL INDUSTRY MUST STRIKE!!!!

    More plans at links - stay safe - good luck!!!

    Book from CIA to Nicaraguan people - how to strike:

    Freedom Fighter's Manual

    ebook - CIA-The Freedom Fighter's Manual

    CIA Freedom Fighter's Manual



  2. It's time for Iranian expats to get to work, demonstrating is nice but start wielding your political and financial power (you might want to join the Jewish and Black community at that) in order to pressure foreign oil companies all over the world to reduce or stop buying oil from Iran.
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    Control Communication / Supply / Support!!!

    If helpful, please translate. The world's people wish the Iranian people freedom, truth, justice, and an end to the terrible violence. Good Luck! -from USA

    The theory is naval strategy in pictures - no need to translate (from Wikipedia, below). Clearly, CIA made for Spanish-speakers, not for Iranians, but strategy still works and is not as risky as open confrontation. Goal is to halt government violence by removing their ability to project power, and is compatible with non-violent protest.


    Line of communication:

    A line of communication (or communications) is the route that connects an operating military unit with its supply base. Supplies and reinforcements are transported along the line of communication, therefore a secure and open line of communication is vital for any military force to continue to operate effectively...The interdiction of supplies and reinforcements to units closer to the front lines is therefore an important strategic goal for opposing forces. Some notable examples:
    * The encirclement of 6th Army in the Battle of Stalingrad
    * United States attacks on the Ho Chi Minh trail during the Vietnam War

    Mahan’s influence on strategy:
    Rear-Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840-1914) was an American naval officer and historian....he argued that in the coming wars, control of the sea would grant the power to ******CONTROL THE TRADE AND RESOURCES NEEDED TO WAGE WAR*******...In Mahan’s view, a country obtained "command of the sea" by concentrating its naval forces at the decisive point to destroy or master the enemy’s battle fleet; blockade of enemy ports and disruption of the enemy's maritime communications would follow...Mahan’s writings were highly influential. His best-known books, The Influence of Sea Power upon History, 1660-1783, and The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution and Empire, 1793-1812, were published in 1890 and 1892 respectively...
  5. more tips


    1. Never enter an open conflict with the police. You cannot win that way.

    2. Instead, run when they are thick, and hide until they go away. Wait until they are gone, then strike. Be patient, they can't be everywhere.

    3. If you see a police officer (or Basij, or whatever you call them) commit a crime, do not try to stop him; take a picture instead, and post it on the Internet.

    4. Gather the names, addresses and photographs of all public officials, especially the minor ones, and post this information on the Internet. This applies especially to the ones who commit crimes.

    5. Find out who these people are, and who their families are; approach the families by saying: "Look, we know your brother is in the Basij, we have his picture on the internet and we know where he lives. Make him stop committing crimes, or the people will make him pay."

    6. Find out where government officials do business, and see what you can do to make those buildings unfit for human habitation. If you can sabotage the buildings, you can deprive government workers of an office and a phone, that is a valuable strike, and usually easy to attain.

    7. If you find a government building that is locked, squirt a little super-glue into the keyholes; they will have to find a locksmith to drill it out, good luck in all this confusion.

    8. Pursuant to Item #7, rest assured they will always be too stupid to bash down the door, and will wait meekly for a locksmith, which could take a long time in this confusion.

    9. Withdraw all your money from the bank, and buy as many necessities as you can amass. Money always falls in value during a crisis, but a kilo of rice is always a kilo of rice; even if I am wrong: It is better to be broke with a lot of food on hand, than to have money but no food.

    10. If the government supplies a service at a loss, use as much of it as you can even if you don't need it, but if it makes a profit on any service, do not patronize that service. Starve them slowly by degrees.

    11. Find out where government officials live, then break into their houses and burn them down. You only have to burn a few houses, and the rest of the officials will stay home from work to protect their property.

    12. Find out where government officials park their cars, and burn them. Second to his house, the average man values his car. He will not go to work if he thinks his car will be lost.

    13. Steal street signs and re-erect them in other places, to confuse the authorities.

    14. Cut the tires on city buses, or otherwise disable them. Fnd out where the Police park their cars and motorcycles, and sabotage them.

    15. Use your own imagination to devise new ways to hurt the system. But above all, keep in mind: When in doubt, run away! Do not be brave, do not try to be a hero or a martyr. Stay alive, and come back again and again, destroying the monster slowly with a thousand tiny cuts. Nothing that big can be toppled overnight, you have to work gradually.
  6. another one

    Find a highway intersection well away from the action, where no protests are taking place, and no people are around.

    Pile up scrap wood, pallets and especially old tires (they stink something awful), douse them liberally with gasoline and set them alight.

    As soon as the fire is burning merrily, call the Police and announce there is a big protest at that intersection, thousands of people burning stuff, etc.

    Run like hell as soon as you hang up the phone. The Police will show up, but no one will be there. If you can find some snipers, you might want to let them know in advance. They will assure the Police a warm welcome.

    This tactic wastes Police manpower and also creates more confusion.
  7. The serb government was quite a bit different from the islamic government in iran :p

    That said, an open conflict between the police and a mob is in favor of the mob. 1,000,000 protestors marching down a street in Tehran will overwhelm 30,000 revolutionary guard :p.
  8. This only works if the mob of protesters are armed and vicious.
    However 30,000 guards with guns are more powerful than 1,000,000 unarmed protesters.

    Since they have the Basiji working against the people by trying to fit into the common population, the common people need to convince some guards are even basiji to spy for them and sabotage or leak critical info about the inner workings and plans of the current power holders to help common people.

    Every guard or basiji has a family, try to persuade them to help their people, or blackmail if all else fails, desperate times call for desperate actions.
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