Freedom of information MY ASS!! WWP Removes ARMY LEAK THREAD!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

  2. adhocrat Member

    Thought stopping techniques of that nature are wrong whether used by scilons ("What are you, an SP?") or by anonymous ("Yer just a moonbat")
    It's a nasty vicious way to deal with ideas that cause cognitive dissonance in the listener. This way they can ignore the dissonance by marginalizing the speaker, IOW, the worst sort of intellectual dishonesty.
    Are there people with silly ideas?
    You bet.
    And the simple way to deal with them is to ignore them.
    When people call a person a moonbat, they are admitting they don't understand what is being discussed, or they do and don't want people to understand.
    In either case it is intellectual dishonesty of the first order.

    "You're a moonbat" in 3...2...1"
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Hell no. Back in the day such a a thread would have been domed on sight, and rightly so. Dome is the only place for it.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, but this is horseshit. When people post crazy ideas, and continue to promulgate said ideas even in the face of calm rational rebuttal engaging in nothing but emotional rhetoric, gallop gishing and perpetual goalpost moving, then the title of 'moonbat' is fully deserved. There is a special kind of crazy that warrants this label to distinguish itself from all other types of crazy.

    Trying to claim that calling a spade a spade can be "intellectual dishonesty" is weak sauce.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Dox =/= "crazy ideas"
    Of course, unless you question the validity of those dox.

    Caveat: I am NOT the OP of that thread, onr a participant in the dookie-slinging.
  6. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Honestly though: I find it fun and entertaining to watch these people react and get mad when they are called that. Some people don't want an intellectual discussion with those who are spewing the typical "NWO/Conspiracy theory/tinfoil hat time" lines and vice versa.

    Sometimes though, like in the case of the thread that got domed that is being discussed here, the OP didn't want to have any form of intellectual discourse. The OP made socks to astroturf their belief and began to take pot shots at any form of valid criticism or valid logic. So the natural response is to dismiss the OP because they didn't want to have any intellectual input about the validity of their concerns.

    Does that mean the OPs point is invalid? No. Does it mean the OP's concern about the Gov doing something to further cripple rights is without merit? No. However what it does mean is that the OP needs to accept people may criticize and object based on facts the OP may not see or want to acknowledge. Otherwise all it becomes is a "I am right and fuck you if you think otherwise" discussion.

    I hate to break it to you: You are most certainly not a moonbat nor have I ever considered you one.

    While you have brought some interesting ideas and concepts to the table: They have a realistic and strong possibility of being a good idea/concept.

    So don't expect me calling you a moonbat.
  7. Anonymous Member

    The dox are genuine. In this case they in no way shape or form supported anything the OP was selling. Citing something that is genuine is completely pointless if the dox do not support what you are trying to claim.
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  8. You've been slinging this phrase around to defend yourself on a regular basis for a while now, maybe you should stop a moment and think about why attempting to invalidate every challenge with the same three words is so appealing to you.
  9. Anonymous Member

    "Moonbat" is just one word, needing no modifier around here :)

    Oh hai, Mr. Sock #12.
  10. Zak McKracken Member


    adhocrat not being a moonbat, and not being insane/retarded doesn't mean that I will necessarily agree with everything he writes. It does mean that I should take him seriously.

    But sometimes you're just plain wrong.

  11. Herro Member

    What about "Oh hai OSA!"?

    And sometimes people do deserve to be mocked and disregarded because they say stupid shit without being able to back it up. Like you- you spew a bunch of nonsense and then can't support any of it when anyone challenges you. Thus you deserve to be mocked and disregarded. You're also fat.
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  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Anonymous Member

  14. PresidentShaw Member

    How Adhocrat sees himself:

    How most people see Adhocrat:

    How Adhocrat really is:

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  15. Anonymous Member

    I want to post exclamation marks!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!
    Is this the right place?????????
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Thread is going back upstairs again soon. Waiting for sober mods to prune.
  17. parenting-fail-baby-dog-cage.jpg
  18. Mod Edit: (HOC) Please keep upstairs images sfw. Thanks LOS <3
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Mod edit: This one too LOS :p
  21. grebe Member

    When I say, "moonbat," I mean "a person who makes extraordinary claims unsupported by evidence." And I guess the type of claims I associate with "moonbat" are those involving grand conspiracies. Or lizard people. Or men in black. Or UFOs. Or body thetans.

    Now there are real conspiracies going on in the world all the time. And it is possible to talk about apparent links that might indicate a conspiracy without sounding daft. The key is to be careful not to overstate the facts, and to put forward a few other non-conspiracy ideas that might explain the connections.

    But why does "moonbat" bother you more than all the other insults thrown about?

    Insult is routinely used to set the boundaries of a civil debate --like the whistle of a referee. Without such a tool, we'd be forced to hit people upside the head. So insult is actually a pretty useful thing, in my opinion.

    I don't think of "moonbat" as being an intrinsic thing. It's more like a temporary state, like "putting on the tinfoil." If people don't like being called moonbats, they just have to start respecting basic rules of evidence and that will stop.
  22. Anonymous Member

    IRL response to reading title: "Dramabitching? YES!!"
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  23. HOC Member

    Mods are looking over it to see if any of it can be salvaged. Chill out.
  24. Dragononymous Member

    When did the Drama thread get out of the off topic zone...?
  25. Herro Member

    You forgot something important: he's fat.
  26. grebe Member

    He's a protesting workhorse and I give him mad props for that. I can't really follow his ideas about government and corporations, though, so I think we will just have to agree to disagree about that.

    I think debating stuff is fun even when it gets a bit heated. But maybe adhocrat has been feeling picked on. That's not fun. Maybe it's hard for him to get his ideas across in a concise way on these message boards. Or maybe he's just wrong and he hasn't figured that out yet. Anyway, I don't want him to feel personally attacked. I'm wrong all the time so I try not to take it personally, but sometimes I do. Then I cry and my husband holds me, and that helps.

    Being wrong + hugs = good.
    Being wrong - hugs = bad.
  27. adhocrat Member

    Do not initiate the use of force.

    Hmmm, that doesn't seem all that difficult to understand.

    Don't hurt another person, don't take their stuff, use your words, be nice.
    I learned all that by age 5.
    So did everyone on this board.

    What is difficult about that?
  28. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    That trying to oversimplify an inherently complex system will result in curing most of the world's woes.

    Hint: It won't. Humanity is too complex.

    How are you going to get everybody on board, ESPECIALLY IF they refuse to take part AND still want to kill everyone they deem as "the bad guy"?

    Answer: Force. You broke your own rule.

    Its highly doubtful, extremely unlikely, and naive to think faggots like Al Quida would up and love the US went to a Free Trade system. In fact, it may make it easier for the Al Quida (or whoever else has herpes on their ass) to pick everybody off.

    This doesn't just apply to the US either: Israel vs. Palestine. I am sure that Free trade will not erase the countless years of hate, blood spilled and destruction... All it will do is justify one side obliterating the other.

    Even if you don't use violent force, you use force by other means. Whether it is economic, social, political, or materialistic: Force would be used as a means to join this.

    No matter how many times you say "It would be better for them", it still is force.
  29. Herro Member

    Who cares if he protests? The dude is most likely north of 50 and set in his ways. There's no hope for him. The only thing he's good for is my amusement through mocking. And yes, I'm butthurt because he's been ignoring me. I get lonely :(
  30. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    IIRC and without going into detail: I think the guy was a Vietnam Vet. That explains his distrust towards the Government.

    To be honest: I probably am next on his ignore list. I don't have any issues with him and do value his input. However I disagree with his idea that the Free Trade idea would work. There is too many Sociological, Psychological, and Historical information/facts that work against it. IE: Removing a Government won't remove hate from people's heart. Hate that has been passed from parent to offspring ad infinitum. No governments, laws, or philosophies can fix that.
  31. adhocrat Member

    'simple rules complex system'
    and see why your assertion is wrong.

    Again, you are arguing against something I never said.
    I said "Do Not Initiate the use of force."

    I did not say "Do not use force."
    I said do not initiate force.
    This is pretty simple.
    We still and always have the right to self defense, which is what you described.
  32. Herro Member

    Well if that's true at least he has a reason. I can definitely understand how that experience would make you distrustful.
  33. grebe Member

    Adhocrat is part of the magic of the San Francisco team. They've become a tourist attraction. Hot chicks stop by and want their pic taken with them.

    So crazy mad respect to the fat man for his game. I would buy him a tall one any day of the week cuz I know his belly is filled with win and adding to its girth can only mean MOAR VICTORY!

    The government thing, I dunno. Maybe just not get into it too often. That's what I do with my mom when she wants to explain to me why evolution is a liberal plot against God's love for us.
  34. adhocrat Member

    I love it
    I talk about ideas, concepts and principles.
    Grebe, Herro and the others talk of my character, physical appearance and a history they are making up.
    That's douchebaggery of a major kind.
  35. Zak McKracken Member

  36. adhocrat Member

    The caek was delicious, much love to Enthaeon.
    Don't remember that you've been one to talk about my character, weight or history, Zak. We're cool.
    And I'd rather not talk about protesting in this thread at I will bow out and let the others talk about me in peace, without the bother of actually having to deal with me.
  37. grebe Member

    Typical thing a Jew would say.
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