Freedom Square NYC: 9/20 Rally, Teach-in, Speak-Out

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    by Bitta Mostofi

    The world has watched in awe and admiration as people’s movements across the Middle East and North Africa have demanded an end to tyranny and injustice. This spirit of resistance has swept across the region and will not cease until true representation, freedom, dignity and human rights prevail.
    In September 2011, the United Nations General Assembly convenes with the annual meeting of world leaders. Lost in this discussion are the voices and interests of the people these politicians claim to represent. In fact, on September 20th, the leaders of the G8 -- the world’s 8 richest and most powerful countries -- will hold an unannounced meeting to discuss their plans for the Middle East and North Africa.
    While this meeting is taking place, we will gather to bring the struggle for justice, democracy, human rights and accountability from Maydan-e Azadi, Maydan Tahrir, Pearl Square, Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Gaza, Hama and every other street and square in the Middle East & North Africa to the world’s annual meeting of politicians.
    We stand united and call on the G8 to declare that they will heed the demand of the region’s movements for self-determination. The future of the region belongs to the people not the politicians. The politics of covert meetings, lack of accountability and undemocratic decisions that are neither lead by the people nor serve their interests must stop.
    Now is the time for us to stand together to show our unity and solidarity for these movements and towards a just, democratic, and a people’s Middle East.
    JOIN US @ Freedom Square NYC
    September 20th 4:00pm
    UN Headquarters Dag Hammerskjold Plaza 47th & 1st Ave

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