Freenet+Frost to communicate anonymously

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Chocwise, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Another Method than Tor to communicate anonymously and censorship free could be the Freenet Network.
    It's decentralised, works on random Ports, and the whole connection is strongly encrypted. Noone from the outside of your computer is able to see if you're running Freenet. Especially if you're using the Darknet (you share your Node Reference with friends).

    You can send encrypted messages directly from your Node-Page to other friendly Nodes or use clients like Frost or FMS to have access to bulletin boards.

    Freenet and Frost is written in Java, so it's platform independent. Everything (except Sun Java) is OpenSource and therefore priceless.

    You can get Sun Java here:

    With Ubuntu you can install it with:
    sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre

    You can obtain Freenet from here:
    If that site is blocked by iranian government, tell us and we upload it elsewhere.

    Frost is avalable here:
    Some boards are DDoS'ed right now (Messages won't come through), but you can add boards manually:
    Right click somewhere on the boards list on the left -> Add new board -> Name of the Forum: iran (for example, we should agree on something, so I'm proposing "iran") -> Create new Forum

    Let your node collect Messages. It could take some Minutes to 1 or 2 hours. If there's no message, noone has posted yet.

    You could use FMS as a Newsserver for Freenet, but it's far more complicated to set up, so I'm not going further into that topic.

    More information on Freenet and how it works here:

    Freenet is very different from Tor. You can not surf the WWW with it. It's a completely different Network. Therefore Tor is better because you can use it to Post messages on Twitter and such, but if Tor doesn't work anymore or it's no longer safe to use it, who knows why and when, you could still use Freenet as it provides stronger anonymity and camouflage than Tor.

    Good luck from germany to our Iranian friends.
  2. echo-IRAN Member

    It's very slow so you can save your time to test it if you don't have much.
  3. Freenet takes some time to see a return on. If existing users already have accounts that have been sharing for some time I think you will see an excellent return (or if you think this is going to last a long time), otherwise it will perform very poorly compared to other resources already available.
  4. zambam Member

    Good idea, has capacity to be fast with your freinds!

    I think Freenet is one way to go,

    Please PM me if you are interested, we are ramping up the network.

    Also suggest for a few people inside to set up networks, we will test in a few days. (Friday night for most of u?)

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