Freewinds Christmas party 2010 (videos)

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, May 11, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Audience is local kids, I don't see Scientologists in the crowd. The kids look pretty bored.

  2. RightOn Member

    cripes! the band is playing for children for a holiday show and none of them are barely cracking a smile except for the girl on keyboards in the beginning, a small smile from the drummer and the singer
    very telling.
    Kids can sense things, maybe they are bored because the band is bored and not smiling.
    Using Christmas to infiltrate kids in Curacoa they make me sick.
  3. wow that just fucking kicked my depression up ten notches

    brb gotta go curl up in fetal position and cry
  4. Anonymous Member

    Staff bored? Looks more like they need to be rescued. Exhausted, ill, depressed, and something else I can't even name. They all look like they need a doctor, physician and mental health pro. And lots of nutrition, and rest. And hugs too. Surely they have family/friends somewhere. I hope they see these videos and at least inquire about their well being.
    As far as the kids, well sci management sure knows how to cook up some fun entertainment. Not.
  5. RightOn Member

    oh I agree. I was just commenting as to why I thought the kids looked bored.
    'cause they obvioulsy do not know the back story of the crew like we do.
  6. Touchstone Member

    What strikes me is that this abomination was deliberately recorded and the footage edited and produced by the cult. Someone somewhere thinks these cameras are revealing something which makes Scientology look good.
  7. Mirror that shit ASAP!!!!

    Someone is squirreling Scientology. And someone is going to wind up in the Chain Locker Storage!

    Had a mental image of right in the middle of the song the lead singers starts shouting, "NO I WON'T GO BACK YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!!" and has to be restrained and subdued in front of the children. "You see children, sometimes the Reactive mind will just explode, and cause the body to work like a push button marionette. This man just needs more auditing to remove his engrams."
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  8. Natter Bored Member

    Yes, multiple cameras were used, including on stage and behind the musicians / singers, closeups of fingers on keyboards, pans of kids in audience, all edited together.

    This wasn't some random Scientologist taking some raw footage of Happy Fun Band and Santa's R6 elves on the Boat To AsbestosĀ®
  9. Anonymous Member

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