Freezone+ Anon

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by basic2basic, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. basic2basic Member

    Freezone+ Anon

    I consider that working with the Freezone is a positive action.

    One can't then be considered a "religious Bigot."

    I've found that all my appearences, with my Freezone related picket signs,
    were well recieved and always anons held up my spare FZ picket sign.

    Lovely people. :)

    Next weekend my home town London. Below I was interviewed in SDan Francisco.

    terril park - Google Video
  2. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Freezone, Old Guard, Anonymous - we all have a common goal in uncovering and dismantling the corruption of the Church of Scientology. For that, Freezone is always welcome at Anonymous protests. :cheers: I think the only opposition you get is from a few people who were burned too badly by Co$ to trust Freezone, and from a handful of Freezoners who erroneously suppose that Anonymous or OG is interested in subscribing to FZ doctrines - some individuals might be, but let them come to you.
  3. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    I dont feel the "we are a religious hate group" lies are working on the public
  4. basic2basic Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Its a pleasure to see a moderator support me here. :)

    Some burned horribly by the COS do not want to have anything to do
    with the FZ. I've met some. Made friends. Its more difficult on line.

    I'm not aware of any freezoners who are protestimg the actions of anon.
    In fact their is much support.

    I'm trying to get more FZers to go and protest. :)
  5. Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Some opposition comes from ex-scn folks and others who fon't feel that ex-scn boards or anon boards or protests are suitable places to recruit and/or advertise FZ. I'm in that camp. Of course I welcome help that is on target.

    Yep, this with bells on.
  6. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Moderators don't do anything more than delete retarded posts, so don't think I'm anyone special. :p

    There was a Freezoner at one or two of our protests in Mountain View, CA. Sadly I don't know how to get in touch with him. (Are you him? :p)

    I believe a lot of FZers get turned off by our rather militant approach to dismantling Co$. It might be useful for you to suggest to your FZ friends that they can write letters to Congresscritters about Co$'s abuses, and stand up at neighborhood meetings and so forth, without necessarily having to deal with those of us who hold a less charitable opinion of Hubbard's work.
  7. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Very true; I hope I made that clear in my post. The FZer we had in Mountain View was an excellent example - he showed up with signs about CO$'s corruption and crimes, a point we can all agree on, and we all tried hard to stay on target.
  8. Daywatch Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon




  9. Robert S Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    When I finish with the CoS the freezone is next, private army or not.
  10. Re: Freezone+ Anon


    Freezoners are either still brainwashed and can't afford auditing or they're cult disinformation to cloud the issue.

    But don't take my word for it, educate yourself and decide for yourself.
  11. Plex Flexico Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    The Freezone are not your friends. I can't stress this enough. They are not your friends. The Freezone follows the same literature written by the same insane maniac. It's Hubbard all the way down, no matter how you slice it, what you call it, or how much lipstick you smear on that pig.
  12. highoverlord Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    i dont trust free zoners.... they still follow lrh tech and not DM's tech
  13. Asterix Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    If scientology were an actual religion you'd have a point. Since it's a brainwashing tax scam the whole religious bigot thing doesn't have much "ummmph" behind it.

    Ron's org right after the CoS, then to see how many others use "Ron's tech" beyond being parlor tricks within the Freezone.

    I'm also curious since I can't represent Anonymous (beyond my personal opinion) how exactly do you pull off this "freezone spokesman" there terril. It kinda boggles the mind.
  14. Re: Freezone+ Anon

    I've only ever met one FZ'er, interestingly the same one A_nonchalant mentions above, and he DID try to recruit me when he found out I had been trained by the cult, which put me off considerably, so I have a low, low opinion of them as a general rule, but I thought I should, you know, try to be somewhat conciliatory since I had tried to chew Terril and his ilk a new asshole over at ESMB the other day for what I see as despicable recruiting of vulnerable people. Maybe that's because I got chastised with some others for being TFH'y about suspect noobs over here. I'm so confused (irony folks), but it's clear I'm still a butthurt troll Daywatch wannabe I guess. I want my own thoughts back. So, how long does it take for brainwashing to wear off, eh?
  15. anon10 Member

  16. Asterix Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Man...I have an answer to this although it goes against everything I want exes to do.

    But seriously, it goes away when you stop thinking about it and it's not longer even an anscilary part of your life. Pretty much when you graduate from being an "ex" to being just another person. When you can get involved in this cause with complete detachment. That's when I think your final "cog" comes into play...basically graduating from exscn.

    I think Terril is fine, he's peddling snake oil and doesn't know it. Or perhaps he does know it and doesn't care. How many freezoners are there? This marvelous tech(the parts they say really much of it is available through other methods without the indoctrination part of it. I say at this point just about every piece the LCon stole and repackaged as his own is probably out there without the brainwashing component.

    End of the day scientology at it's root is just a brainwashing group think process which a con man put together to fleeze people. When Terril comes on and can scientifically deny this or better yet provide scientific studies to back any of his statements I reserve the right to change my mind.

    Show me a clear terril. Show me a clear.
  17. Re: Freezone+ Anon

    If Freezoners are not hurting people, then they are fine with me. I hope that soon, the only Scientology being practiced is in the Freezone.

    However, if people try to form a dangerous cult under the Freezone banner, you can be sure that they will not go unopposed.
  18. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon


    The only way I would consider ceasing my activism with the end of the "church" and accepting the "Freezone," would be if... to be honest, I was going to say "if they strip everything to do with the misapplication of psychology."

    I try to look for a middle ground with any of this dogma and its techniques, and I cannot say that I find anything in it which isn't very much the unlicensed practice / misapplication of clinical practices which are either dangerous, unethical, or disproven.

    Absent some type of overhaul beyond my present capacity to understand... for me it'd be...

    nothing of value was lost...

  19. Re: Freezone+ Anon

    On one hand, FZ doesn't systematically go around fair gaming people who vocally disagree with them.

    On the other, they're still touting L. Ron's bullshit "tech" which has no basis in scientific fact. I can appreciate the fact that the freezoners don't have an RPF and don't send PIs/lawyers to harass people, but they're still pushing the tech that fucks up people's lives. Anyone remember the story of the couple whose baby had scurvy because they fed her LRH's magic scientology formula instead of a proper diet?

    Leave science to scientists and leave religion to priests. LRH was neither.
  20. Re: Freezone+ Anon

    I was thinking about freezone earlier actually.

    Personally I am not in support of freezone, I tolerate it and consider them to be valuable allies in exposing and taking down the Church of Scientology.
  21. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    I'll agree with this.
    On a positive note though, FZ won't try to make your life shit for saying what you just said. And for that, I can respect that.
    Unless for some reason they do take that action,

    Not the sinner, but the sin.
    Not the beliefs, but the actions.

    I'm fighting this war, with the idea of spreading the truth. I believe honesty and transparency is the most dangerous thing to the CoS. And anything that honesty CAN destroy, SHOULD be destroyed.
  22. casperthegost Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    I had a conversation with a freezoner at the may picket although he tried to explain away certain things the bottom line is from what i get from the conversation was:

    1. Practice hypnosis
    2. Do security checks
    3. Believe in body theatans
    4. Don't feel their members should argue with suppressive persons.

    If you notice only high level o.t. power freezoner auditors will show up to pickets. Lower level sheep will not, probably due to the high cost of all the sec checking that will need to be done to make shure they are not a P.T.S.. This method is parallel to what scientology does, they do not let their lower level (less brian washed) members confront, this is left up to the high level o.t's.

    The freezone is scientology without the Office of Special Affairs. The freezone is run by ex-scientology auditors who wish to make money off of their 'Skill'.... and the brain washing continues.....
  23. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    The "sin" is the "tech." As I said, it's a harmful application of pseudo-psychology. Take the worst of whatever it is of your profession that could possibly screw people up with whatever it is you've spent your life learning to do, then do it. That's essentially what Lafayette Ron Hubbard's "dianetics" and "$cientology" is in psychological terms.

    It's designed to drive people mad and rob them of free will. Fundamentally, at it's deepest theoretical and operational levels, it's designed to functionally be absolute toxic poison with the purpose of making people vulnerable to the will of others.

    This isn't about "they don't have an RPF," for me. This is about a technique, a "way of believing," that was designed by a madman as a joke to subjugate the human race through a process of forcible genocide. It's designed to stretch the limits of what people can be convinced to find "acceptable" in terms of horrific fundamental consequences.

    Scientology and Hubbard "tech" is nothing more than an attempt to return us to some sort of antideluvian stauts quo ante as a defense against the perceived threats posed by the world to a paranoid madman.
  24. Anon-ymous Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon


    If freezoners still follow the sci materials, I might be wrong on this, but don't they still oppose psychiatry and think diseases can be cured through auditing etc? That stuff is dangerous TBFH.
  25. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Dutch anon work together very closely with a Freezoner, Pieter Nierop. He brings the lulz, docs and spai names.

    Our FZ's on IRC a lot, and he's very open in discussing the yes/no about Hubbard. There's a lot of things we have to agree to disagree on; if we can't have a friendly discussion about certain aspects of the tech, we'll just talk about caek and raids instead. Problem solved.
  26. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Well, that downgrades my opinion of him. :raincloud:

    Still, for all of you arguing that FZ is "Scientology without the Office of Special Affairs", keep in mind that's still a much nicer version of Scientology than we currently have.
  27. Re: Freezone+ Anon

    I am glad that they are against the cult's organisation and leadership, and have provided us with relevant information....

    And that's as far as it goes. 99.9% of the reprehensible and heinous acts the cult performs, are performed because hubbard told them to. Fair game, the RPF, Operation Snow White, Introspection Rundowns, Mental Illness denial, Medication denial and all the other crazy evil shit. Someone once said "scientologists can't even take a piss without checking which "tech" to use" and I think the same goes for freezone. Freezone may be "scientology-lite" but it is still scientology, and while they are not currently running around persecuting people the "tech" is still a dangerous thing.
  28. Robert S Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    I wish I could get a bonus just for showing up to work. well, Robert, you're not arguing with me so here's a medal. I don't usually give credit for what people don't do.
  29. Plex Flexico Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Yes, and certain racist groups have "nicer" methods than others. It doesn't change the inherent rot at the core, does it?

    The Freezone still bilks people out of money for a sham, they still make people believe their problems are rooted in BT'S, they still get their followers to believe they can move objects with their mind.... The only thing that changes is the amount of money charged and some basics of the organizational tree.

    It's the same damn thing, and it's still harmful, dishonest and dangerous.
  30. Daywatch Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon





  31. goldenrodanon Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Saying Freezone is...., is like saying Anonymous is.....

    Freezone isn't church without OSA. Each Freezone group (and there are several dozen) decide what they are, what they do, what they follow, what they disregard, etc. There is no generic "Freezone".

    They may have formerly been in the CoS and trained there, but they have various degrees of rejection of what wasn't right in the CoS, including Hubbard and his work.

    There are Freezone groups that Think Hubbard was an idiot, and that they only value in his work is what little others have been able to sift from it while rejecting the shitload of crap it came in.

    The "church lite" viewpoint now describes a vast minority of Freezone groups. Really only 3 or 4 that I know of, out of several dozen.

    It might be handy to lump them in with the CoS, but that would show considerable ignorance, and ignorance, is ignorant.
  32. Daywatch Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    they all still peddle
    LRH "tech"

    /Beghe off
  33. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    I don't know enough about the freezone to judge it as a whole, although after speaking with terril (basic) on the phone for a while, i have to admit i am in no way against it, it is very firmly in the "individual beliefs, not a danger to anybody" field to me.

    whether i believe it or not is another matter entirely, however anonymous is made up of a multitude of people and i am almost sure i would disagree with the beliefs of lots of people. from my understanding of the freezone as it is, I welcome every single one of them with open arms to protest. just no proselytizing
  34. CrazyWriter Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Sry folks, but the same can be said about Freudian Psychiatery.

    I - for my part - DO consider Freezone Scoentologists a "cultish" group. A cult is a religion. So, Freezone == Religion whiuch is OK for me as long as they dont go around and fuck up others like the CoS does all the time.

    Freezoners: I can gurantee you that I and a lot of colleagues will use their media contacts to agitate against antifreezone activists as long as the Freezone behaves like every other goodmannewred religion.
  35. anon-lond-uk Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    A discussion of the freezone is what made me stop lurking and post on enturb a few months ago. I still wonder why there's a lot of antipathy against them on here.

    They can sell all the snake oil they like, as long as no-one gets hurt.
  36. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    anon this is not the place to "sell snake oil"

    although obviously im sure if they posted something along those lines in "off topic" then it would be fine
  37. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    also i think many people regard the freezone as believing the works of L.R.H with the same fundamentalism as shown by those in Scientology. This obviously could lead to a certain ammount of antipathy to the Freezone as a whole amongst anons. As i understand it now, this is very much not the case, or at least not the case for many Freezoners
  38. anon-lond-uk Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Yeah I get that.

    No selling of snake oil here please.

    But IRL, I have no problem with it until someone gets hurt in an introspection rundown, or someone gets fair gamed etc.

    Above was a reply to your first post.

    To your second:

    That's what I'm on about. If it's auditing etc without fair-gaming etc, I say fair enough. Keep your crazy away from me, but carry on if you want to.

    I will change my mind if anyone can provide dox which prove FZ is evil.

    I'd still be saying 'live and let live' about CoS too, but we have dox.
  39. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    Is it just me, or are people here generally nicer to Scilons than to Freezoners?

    If you honestly hate them so much (and you should not, they're just following a kooky religion - just like a good 90% of this planet) try and see it this way:
    The enemy of your enemy is your fucking friend.

    Honestly, I've seen christians, agnostics, antitheists, wiccans, Jehovah's witnesses and psychonauts work together and become friends just by being Anonymous together. Why on earth should Freezoners get so much hatred? I'm more opposed to religion and to scam healing methods than most people you'll probably meet in your life, but Freezoners should not be locked out from anon just because they follow the particular brand of "kooky" that CoS is based on. They're our allies, they're perfectly happy with who/what they are, and if you want to convert them to something else you're perfectly welcome (and in fact encouraged by me) to do so in your own time but keep it separate from anon. Do not confuse being Anonymous with being radically and categorically opposed to ALL aspects of CoS.

    (Whew, rant.)
  40. Daywatch Member

    Re: Freezone+ Anon

    I am oppose to ANY of the homophobic, racist, genocidal maniac LRH's "tech"

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