French trial: the media

Discussion in 'Media' started by Olrik, May 25, 2009.

  1. stc Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    photo of scifag leaving court


    Scientology stands trial in France
  2. Mutante Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Yes. Lurk moar.

    Scientology On Trial in France for Fraud, Illegal Drugs: Faces Ban | ChattahBox News Blog

  3. Uncle Bruce Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    This is easy to answer. Go the the link below to the universal life church in California and register. Congratulations! You are now a legally ordained minister and can marry and bury people in all fifty states! For a small additional "donation" you will be provided with handsome credentials and a cd that explains all you need to know to set up your own "church", including registering with the IRS as a non-profit. There are hundreds of store front churchs operating this way.

    The story behind the ULC is almost as interesting. It was founded by a completly illiterate
    man who dictated his writings to his wife. When the IRS questioned his right to ordain clergy and issue degrees, (i hold a Doctor of Divinity, very attractive framed!) he took them all the way to the US Supreme Court and won. The story is all on the site.

    Universal Life Church Free Online Ordination - Become A Minister Online
  4. Anon1720 Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Win, lose or draw this is excellent publicity against the cult of scientology. Millions more people across the globe have just been informed that scientology is indeed a scamming, dangerous cult - bwahhhaaa.
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    Re: French trial: the media

    That link Mutante is just more backdrop. I mean what is actually happening in the courtroom? Have things been thrown out? What witness' etc. I dont know French law, I assume it involves a giant chess board with the king declaring, "Gang Rape!" on the queen piece, but what has happened in courtroom these now 2 days?
  6. TrevAnon Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    See Dutch newspaper Trouw, estimated circulation 110.000:

    Scientology op de korrel - Trouw

    Quick and very very very very rough translation, including some comments:

    Scientology under scrutiny

    The Church of Scientology in France is on trial. Does the church try to get the faithful out of their money on fraudulent charges - and is Scientology a church?

    Tens of thousands of euros were lost, some people even lost a hundreds of thousands. They readily paid Scientology for course materials. Ex-members demand their money back - and would prefer a ban on the church. Yesterday a trial in Paris, brought by a 43-year-old Parisienne, began. Her involvement in Scientology began, as she told, on the street, where she was being clinged to by members of that church. She received a free personality test - she felt unstable after a divorce and could use some support. Then, there was little any more free of charge. Now she wants to get back at least 20,000 euros. That, according to herself, she has paid to Scientology for expensive courses and vitamins that would clean “communication and self”. There was also the e-meter, a device that measures the skin and thus provide insight into the mental load of the patient.

    The electric meter is a well-known attribute for Scientologists. Whether the effect is scientifically substantiated, may not be so important during the trial. The defense attorneys announced they will get Scientologists to court to explain that they keep a set of religious beliefs - just like people that adhere to other beliefs.

    According to the indictment against seven leading French Scientologists Scientology deals with organized fraud and the unauthorized practice of pharmacists work.

    According to the Scientology lawyer the allegations false and his client does not use psychological pressure on its members.

    Justice in France follows the corridors of Scientology for years exactly. Ten years ago members of Scientology were on trial and a convction followed . Now the church in France, that has several thousand supporters, is sued itself.

    Preferably France would like to get rid completely of Scientology, that was started in the fifties by the American science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard. In France they like to quote ex-Scientologist who now calls his old church a criminal cult.

    Germany has tried to declare Scientology unconstitutional, Spain recently announced that the church should be accepted as such.

    The lawyer of the complainant does not only hope for a conviction for "organized fraud" of Scientology, but that the church can effectively be prohibited in France. If the seven scientology leaders who stand trial for all charges are to be condemned, they can get ten years in prison.

    The church looks forward to the outcome of the current process with confidence. "We have won so many lawsuits."

    'Sects no problem'

    The press chief of President Nicolas Sarkozy, Emmanuelle Mignon, was subject to a lot of criticism a year ago when she said that there were "no problems with cults in France'. She referred to a long list of cults that the government established in 1995. Mignon called the list, which next to Scientology, for example, displays anthroposophy, 'disgraceful'. "There were some groups on the list that shouldn't have been there. If they do not cause public unrest, there is no reason to ban them. The mere fact that a spiritual group is not affiliated with a traditional church and the Roman Catholic, does not make it a cult. She called Scientology explicitly.

    Sarkozy had to appease criticism of his press chief by saying that he had "never been limp" in the fight against cults.

    France sees upcoming “vague therapists”

    A recent report by the French government warns against the growth of religious cults. " It suggests a tripling of their numbers in fifteen years, the country now has 600 of these groups and movements.

    It is not so much their religious activities or documents that the investigators concern. They are busy for the endless parade without self-appointed therapists accredited paper, active in the market for personal coaching and self-help, which they set out to 'influenceable people.

    A quarter of the French psychotherapists lacks adequate training, according to the report.

    The cult watchdog of France, Miviludes (Mission inter Ministerial de lutte contre les sectes, inter-ministerial team cult Control) recommends a clear definition of the requirements for therapists and a limited but useful list of cults that must be combatted.

    According to Miviludes, cults are groups that try to get individuals in, then try to tear the strings with their family-members apart and then financially undress them.

    Critics accuse Miviludes uses an obsolete definition of cluts and does not take into account modern developments in religious groups and activities.

    Scientology is based on "Dianetics, a science of mental health" that tries to accomplish “a world without insanity, violence and war“, the website reports. The religion has “millions of followers, 6000 churches in 59 countries”. Famous American topacteurs are Scientologists John Travolta and Tom Cruise.

    Comments (4)

    This article reports a rise in France of vague groups with vague therapeutic recipes. Now we know in the Netherlands more than enough of such groups: Landmark, CSA, Essence Training, and there will be still more.

    For additional information:
    Stelling / landmark

    Supposedly therapeutic and healing, but there is something quite wrong. And then these groups are not going to give any answers.

    Parvus, Amsterdam on 26-05-2009, 16:56

    As far as I can judge Scientology indeed is a false cult, but they now complain because you have opted for expensive course materials they purchase, which I find rather strange.

    cristata, Waddinxveen on 26-05-2009, 10:33

    A few years ago I saved one of my Spanish / Catalan cousins and his friend just in time from the clutches of those money-making gangsters. After considering their proposals for a man who ended up in a divorce to 'save' we came to the conclusion that 'Scientology', based on the insane, said professional military L. Ron Hubbard. 'Dianetics', their Bible or Koran (' The tales of Muhammad' as I call that nonsense now) had useful methods to those found in ordinary daily problemn were swindle. Compared with the fascist "Opus Dei” Scientology contains a lot of villains.

    Jan Arends, Torroella de Montgrí (Girona) SPAIN on 26-05-2009, 09:30

    Well, Scientology is being prosecuted in France, there are raids and prosecutions in Belgium, and they are begin scrutinized by the BLVD in Germany ....

    Anyone recognize a pattern here??

    Bet that Scientology in the Netherlands is guilty to the same list of misdeeds. Simply because the organization is a scam practice, run by its victims, who believe that with the tens of thousands of euros in Scientology courses cost superpowers can get ...

    Do you believe me?

    It costs no more than a few seconds to check whether this is true ... just go to

    David, Amsterdam 26-05-2009, 09:24
  7. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Links to here have been posted at various times but its always nice to bump it up I think :)
    For udated news feeds etc.>

    Current Newspaper Articles Index

    Out and about the interwebz EU to see what's surfacing on yesterday's court case opening, will link if anything new shows up, but mostly the news has been recycled Reuters from a couple of days ago (or further back). Waiting to hear from some of the en Francais anons that can follow the media in France, like there must be some court info sites there that do daily's? Dunno.

    Thanks TrevAnon for the ^^^rough translation ^^^ and update! I especially lieks this part (sometimes the trans are pretty lol-worthy :D )>
    Eloquent :)
  8. Herro Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    If this trial goes well it would set a nice precedent that would be beneficial in other suits against the church.
  9. Sponge Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Yeah, there's like zero hot sexy court reporting action going on.

    (or at least none that's being translated to english)
  10. zebrafaced Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    It's good to be the king.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Just saw in Twitter:

  12. Mutante Member

    Re: French trial: the media

  13. zebrafaced Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    404'd for me. :/ Probably due to a filter.
  14. Re: French trial: the media

    From the BBC twitter
  15. Scythe Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Correction: The tv channel who interviewed Jean Paul Dubreuil yesterday was BFM TV la nouvelle chaîne de l’information sur la TNT, le câble, le satellite et l'ADSL and not France 2. The stream is here, the interview starts at 19h21. waiting for translation/subtitles.
  16. vegnej Member

  17. Sponge Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    hey, they are talking right now on CNN about the trial!!!

    maybe someone can record it? I am sure they are gonna repeat it again after some time...
  19. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    "Reziga's boss, Max Barbault, was originally a defendant but has died"


    Whoa there, Hoss. Any "incorporated" group can be so labeled. It doesn't mean commercial vs. spiritual, just group vs. individual.
  20. Sponge Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    What was the cause of death? Terminal Guilt?
  21. mnql1 Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    This article summarizes the testimony given on May 26. Plaintiff Aude-Clair Malton and defendant Jean-François Valli were called to the witness stand. Plaintiff Nelly Reziga is expected to testify on May 27.

    JUSTICE : Cours de "réparation de vie", de "purification" : une ancienne scientologue raconte, actualité Société : Le Point

    Quick translation:

    "Life repair", "purification", "electrometer": a former student of Scientology explained Tuesday how the organization exploited her weakness to take money from her, charges disputed by the Scientologists, who say that all they did was to help her progress spiritually. "They took advantage of my weakness, of my psychological state (...) to obtain money, but never to help me," stated Aude-Claire, who prefers to remain anonymous [sic] before the correctional tribunal in Paris.

    "It's mental manipulation and it must stop," she pleaded, in tears, during the second day of the trial for "organized fraud" of the “Association spirituelle de l'Eglise de Scientologie” and six of its members. Her encounter with Scientology began in 1998. "At the exit of a metro station," she explained, "I was given a personality test to fill out. I mailed it and, two or three days later, I was contacted by telephone."

    Depressed and going through the breakup of a relationship, the young woman, who was 32 at the time, allowed herself to be convinced that the "Dianetics" courses dispensed by the Church of Scientology could help her resolve her "big problems." "I began taking a course and a little later, I was sold a second, a third ..." From mid-May to the end of August, she spent 140,000 francs (21,500 Euros) for books, an electrometer -- an electrical device used by Scientology -- a "life repair" course, and a "purification rundown."

    Under pressure to pay, the housekeeper, who at the time earned only 8,000 francs (1,200 Euros) a month, liquidated her home-ownership savings plan, her Codevi savings account, and her life insurance. Jean-François Valli, her guidance counsellor, went so far as to accompany her to the door of Sofinco to apply for credit. "Don't leave his office until you have a signed check or a withdrawal from a credit card," Aude-Claire testified today.

    "The atmosphere was such that it was necessary to take more courses to improve one's well-being," she said. When she criticized the expensiveness of the courses, the response was that the cost was nothing compared to the spiritual benefit she would gain. "After all my money was taken, I was drained. I was exhausted and demolished," concluded the blonde woman with medium-long hair. This exhaustion was surely not unrelated to the purification cure she underwent: for 13 consecutive days, she had to take vitamins, jog, and spend more than 4 hours daily in a sauna, an experience which made her lose 4 kilos.

    It was during a conversation with a friend in August 1998 that she finally decided to turn away from Scientology and to file a complaint for fraud, an about-face which Jean-François Valli cannot understand. For this Scientologist, "she was happy" and "eager to progress." She "did not make decisions lightly," he stammered on the witness stand. "It was her desire to plan her curriculum and to pay for these courses in advance."

    Despite their, in his words, "very friendly relationship", he claimed that the former student "never mentioned financial strangulation." "She was not obliged to pay"; "Scientology cannot be done under coercion, it is based on willingness," insisted Valli, who is in his forties and was mauled several times by the prosecution. But for the lawyer representing the Scientology association, Patrick Maisonneuve, "this whole affair is a tale of disappointment rather than of deceit."
  22. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Scientology based on willingness? Tell that to the Sea Orgers in RPF, bastards.
  23. Herro Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them are so far gone that they actually want to be there.
  24. Kha Khan Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Didn't see the Irish Independent mentioned yet. Nothing noteworthy, just the usual account.

    Also made it on RTE (Irish version of BBC) news apparently, but haven't got any info on that yat
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Court May 'Dissolve' Scientology in France: Liberation, France

  27. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Believe I has link on pg 2 of this thread. Irish media caught it, sad to say not a whole lot of Cdn interest other than the recycled pap from Reuters (liek most, no extra work done by anyone really), Russian media, well, its liek siberia there (and for fucks sake they should be paying attention, the vultures are circling big-time there), basically its almost being treated as a 'non-story' by much of the press tired of Co$ and its bullshite imho.

    Big thanks to those posting court updates on the procedings, appreciated!
    Would liek to see some parl Francais anons do some digging and translations for us anglo's :)

    *popcorns & beers*

  28. Anonymous Member

  29. HellRazor Member

  30. mnql1 Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Aude-Claire Malton (center), one of the two plaintiffs, gave emotional testimony on Tuesday, May 26. On her left is her lawyer, Olivier Morice.


    Source: Le Figaro - France : Scientologie : récit accablant d'une ancienne adepte

    Aude-Claire Malton's former Scientology "guidance counselor", defendant Jean-François Valli was grilled on the witness stand on the same day.
  31. Scythe Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Jean Paul Dubreuil's interview on LCN tonight in Quebec concerning the french trial. Mr Dubreuil is basically saying that it is due time that the authorities are doing something about this money making cult in France but also ultimately here in Canada. He also mentions Anonymous as the ''worldwide movement against scientology''.

    Procès contre l'Église de scientologie: écoutez... : Le monde : Vidéos

    will be on youtube soon hopefully with subtitles.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    This stuff is all over google news now with hundreds of articles. Media is not afraid anymore. Pitch engine bumping articles seem to have stopped too so I guess they were told to GTFO of there as well.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    265 news articles about it on google news. This is incredible! It will take them 10 years to get their stats recovered from this amount of negative PR.
  34. jakethesnake1 Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Fuck....we used up all our feel good PR articles last week, now what do we do.
  35. basil Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    Make press releases, make more press releases, make other people protest so as to make more press releases?
  36. Consensus Member

    Re: French trial: the media

    They're going to 'bet it all' on winning the trial - a flood of 'Scientology Vindicated' articles would fix their stats. I expect them to try to pull something that's blatently illegal and mafia-like, which would be a big enough foot-bullet to sink the cult forever.

    And as someone mentioned a few posts back, the media is no longer afraid. This lawsuit was filed a decade ago, but the scrutiny being paid to it is due - at least in part - to our efforts through the past year.

    There is much potential for win here, but the case has to succeed. In the meantime, though, we should have contingencies, in case we lose. In the meantime, the CoS is investing ALL of their resources into winning this court case - so it's a perfect time to protest. The press is once again watching, and Scientology can't afford to waste their time with us right now. I fear anons are relaxing, thinking it's finally 'out of our hands.' This is a critical strategic error.

    Hit them. Hit them hard. The time is now.
  37. Anon3Mouse Member

    CNN American Morning - Scientology Trial In France

    I only wish I had a way to record this, but right now before they went to commercial CNN's American Morning teased a segment on the Scientology trial in France. Hopefully one of you fags is awake this early to record and poast on Interwebs.

    Odds are this story will be repeated again before 9am.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: CNN American Morning - Scientology Trial In France

    Thanks for the heads up
    Recording now.

    They just mentioned the teaser again.
  39. Anon3Mouse Member

    Re: CNN American Morning - Scientology Trial In France

    Segment's started, I'm detecting massive amounts of Win in the near future.

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