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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. My father is from Iran and too old to understand how to communicate via twitter or facebook, but I wish that those who read this while facing the riots and turmoil in his (and in my heart, my) home country would realize many of us who aren't there are praying for you and trying our hardest to help while oceans away.

    "These men will pay for the harm and pain caused to our next generation. Shame on them for disgracing your rights and attempting to strip them from you. May they soon realize that not only is the whole world watching them, but God himself. We are with you, never give up and never abandon what you believe in."

    Much love from America and many prayers as well.
  2. Morgan-IRAN Member

    Yes, your father is right--------we are watching, and MUCH more. He may not understand Web-olution, but I'm sure you're helping him understand the profound change in the circumstances in the lives of the people by this phenomenon. MILLIONS upon millions are watching and helping, to actually undermine this tyranny.
  3. That sent chills down my spine. He's right.

  4. Please, someone translate this to farsi so others can understand the strong impact of this message.
  5. Absolutely beautiful.

    Let's continue to show our support for the people of Iran. Now more than ever do they need us.
  6. unfortunatly those creating these evils dont beleive in god. almost half (around 54% or something rediculous like that) of the american politicians said they didnt believe in god in a recent survey. and to say again wuts already been said that IS a truely beautiful quote, unfortunatly only we know this, and would only go in one ear and out the other of those causing such turmoil.
  7. Commissar Member

    Theism is not the only path to a moral life or to the appreciation of of moving words.
  8. OP here. To answer your first assumption, I'm a young woman. And second, no I'm afraid he was not. Thank you for your enthusiasm and wonderful input in a time of need :)
  9. Please ignore the people who make these rude comments to you, they just want to make you angry.

  10. OP. Thank you, and don't worry I'm not angered at all :) the only people we should truly be angry at are those taking away one's right to freedom, not each other.
  11. Sol Mann Member

    Thank you for your understanding OP. :)

  12. Pahlavi is very illegitimate and I like that he was dethroned. I do not, however, like the result of the Islamic Revolution as it installs a Theocracy in Iran which I will never support for any country in the world.

    Outsider installed government is just as horrible as theocracy

  13. op. ^____^
  14. I agree completely!

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