From the WOG blog.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anon123456, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Anon123456 Member

    From the WOG blog.

    Mark: Forget about the fact that I constantly win International lotteries and have just been too lazy so far to collect my millions.
    Or the fact that relatives of beloved Nigerian politicians feel they can entrust me with their families fortunes.

    This e-mail really blew me away:

    Just thought I’d let you know:

    My daughter came home from school last Friday 23/Feb and said that her history teacher said:

    “I will not be teaching history in fifty years, but I wish I could, because I swear to you all, your living in a time when history is not just being written for nostalgic reasons as we pass through the early years of the 21st century, but children will be studying about Anonymous, Mark Bunker, Tory Magoo and the fight against Scientology for as long as we have been studying World War 2 or the hippy movement in the 60’s. Thank God for YouTube. We can actually record everything ourselves.”

    My daughter actually wrote it down because she was so impressed.

    Anyway, thank you Wise Beard Man & Tory for helping Anonymous and the rest of us to walk a different better path rather than bomb their web sites and stuff like that.
    Yours xxxxxxx.

    P.S. Just saw you singing - talented man you are.
  2. Legione Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    I had a vision of myself as an old man guest speaking to my kids class.

    "You see, normally, Anonymous just liked getting porn... but this was different..."
  3. Re: From the WOG blog.

    It makes me wonder, how many people are silently cheering this on?
    Will we ever know?
    This is only going to get BIGGER!
    I am so proud to be a part of this movement.
  4. RandomTexfag Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    This is the scary part, IMO.

    I know for a FACT that history reports will be written about us.

    The problem lies in our origin story.

    What happens when an elementary school teacher has to explain *chan culture to her class when a little girl raises her hand and says, "Misses Penglebottom? What did Anonymous do before they decided to fight the Church of Scientology?"

    The thing is, we all know every "group" on earth have their skeletons in the closet. Ours aren't exactly in the closet though. Anonymous IS the asshole of the internet, we ARE mostly devoid of humanity. Because what happens after Chanology is more or less finished? It's right back to the *chans where we'll see daily posts of "It's a USB cable, I'll show you later." and "IT'S AWWWWWWRIGHT." (Old Guard of Scientology Critics, please don't look these up unless you are prepared for a traumatic experience)

    What kind of light will history portray us in? Because right now, even the Old Guard of Scientology Critics love us, they think we're great people, and I'm sure on the inside, most of us still are. But what of our origins in the *chan culture, which we've never made any effort to keep private, aside from "CANCER THAT'S KILLING /b/", which is more an attempt to preserve that culture, rather than privatize it.
  5. Scythe Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    edit: nevermind
  6. Me Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    Being serious, I think it's a good thing. I like the fact we've not just got our failings and foibles, but to some extent, they're what got us involved. It's human, but in a good way.

    It's reassuring as well, to know that a bunch of wasters, with an unhealthy interest in porn, would get off there arses to do something like this, and better still that it's not just starry eyed idealism, but actually pretty hard-nosed and surprisingly effective.
  7. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    They'll get over it.

    And I doubt that the little children in Mrs. Pinglebottom's class are going to hear about the seedier aspects of Anonymous. They'll either learn about it on their own, which means they will have already been exposed to the interbutts, or they'll learn about it when they are old enough for it to be taught in school, or they will glean it from the legends told of the Mighty David vs CoS.

    Anonymous has sometimes been very dirty, ugly, and cruel. Anonymous has also been brave, and compassionate, and smart. Future people will look at Anonymous, trying to puzzle out why the statue crowned with gold has feet of clay. We are humanity in its rawest, most honest form, with all the good and bad that conveys.

    Let the future people try to figure us out. I just hope they tell the truth and don't re-write us as insipid saints.
  8. RandomTexfag Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    Chanology is the only time I've ever seen Anonymous be compassionate.

    You have to understand that the seedier aspects ARE Anonymous. The guro, the porn, the messing with football. Anonymous was part of all of this. So will history say we were saints because we took down Scientology? Or will we be seen as a lesser evil combating a greater one?
  9. Re: From the WOG blog.

    Exactly. A lot of people don't get that about Anonymous. Anonymous is everyone, and all the things that it entails.
  10. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    I think the tracking down of Chris Forcand aka PedoSwirl by /b counts as a compassionate act. I have seen SA Goons band together to send money to a worthy cause. I have seen Farkers rail against child abuse. I frequented CSOTD almost from the day it began, and even the fucking Cruelies tried to help people occasionally.

    I know I've left out some places and some events, but I have to go with what I know. Anonymous is not all good or all bad. We're messy and we color outside the lines, which makes us hard to pin down.
  11. Plups Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    Hey, so it's a redemption story! Don't we all love a "bad guy turned hero" story? It gives hope to all those bad guys out there who think they'll always be scum.
  12. Re: From the WOG blog.

    Han Solo was a scoundrel, and he helped blow up the death star!
  13. Anon1412 Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    That's why we're perfect for this job.
  14. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    Anonymous is the collective will of those who act with a shared set of goals individually.

    Because of this, any entity which carries that title or even the same entity over time can display a totally different overall personality or intention. By swelling the membership of those called anonymous for this cause, the intentions of all those individuals, in a system with no power structure, can radically alter the resulting group response.

    Thus the entity called anonymous a year ago, is a totally different group personality to today. They are essentially two different beings. Equally, after chanology dissipates, the balance of voiced opinions in the system will re balance and a new personality intention and will emerge again.

    It is a macrocosm of the human condition. If something effects a person, it does so to a degree. And that causes opinions to be formed by the person and a set level of actions set in place regarding that. The exact same can be said of anonymous. If enough members of anon suddenly reported that something is dangerous, say being followed, this will affect the actions of the rest, or at the very least give them cause for investigation and suspicion. Thus group reactions are debated and finally solidified.

    What i also think is interesting is that the actions of anonymous are essentially the product of group opinion acting as superego. If a suggestion is made which runs counter to the will of the overall group, that voice will be suppressed by the critical thinking of the group. It is obviously not as self contained as this, as some might take actions which falls outside of the group will as an independent act irrespective of the groups opinion of it. The overall effect though, is to create an organism which is capable of incredible levels of adaptation and evolution.

    The organism which can most effectively fight cos is the current form, and will continue in a form thus optimized.

    Serious papers will be written on this shit. Scholars will speak of mudkipz.
  15. anony_me Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    Would Anonymous have happened without the movie "V for Vendetta"? In my opinion it certainly contributed to the meme we're acting out. And I mean, just look at those masks... :guyfawkes: :wink:
  16. Re: From the WOG blog.

    I think it'll be a lot like the 1960s. The hippie movement is talked about in terms of love and peace and anti-war rallies, but you really don't get the full rundown on the drug use and abuse and homelessness in the movement. History is always a bit glossier and prettier than it actually was.

    And if Anonymous made it into the books, I would consider that the most epic of all wins. :anon:
  17. nonsensical Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    Yes. The Movie and Masks are just a tool that we use.
  18. AB Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    we would have been useing "The King" most likely if it had not been for V
  19. mudkipstoat23 Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    "ESSAY QUESTION- 'i herd Anonymous lieked Mudkipz- discuss'".

    I fucking hope this DOES make it to the history books, because we bring those Co$ scumfucks DOWN. Either that, or that we bring them down so comprehensively that nobody even remembers their existence. That'd be worth passing up on a page in history for.

    A warts and all portrayal would be "nice", though- all our strengths lie in the way Anonymous is structured (or isn't), and that's tied inextricably to the fact that yes, we are all human. We are all individuals. We can be good, we can be bad. You can't divide people into categories that easily- that's the kind of thing the $cilons would try to do.

    There was some VERY cruel shit going on on 4chan last night which I really didn't like... so I came here instead, and was greeted with the caring side of Anonymous. Like humans always have been, we're messy and all over the place. We are capable of great kindness, or great cruelty. It's not AD&D. We don't have fixed alignments, and we make mistakes. But right now we are doing a great thing. When Longcat returns, he will take all of this into account, and judge us accordingly.
  20. Anonymous1606 Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    History is written by the winners, and all that
    Lets make sure the CoS won't be involved in writing this part of it
  21. subgenius Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    The last part of Patton's address to the troops is apropos (to paraphrase):
    "Years from now when your grandchildren ask, 'What did you do (in the struggle against Co$)? You won't have to say "I was shovelling shit in Louisiana.'"
  22. MollyBloom Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.


    I know Anon likes to think they 'started' anonymous but I have been on the internet long before Anon came along and almost everything I did was anonymous. You would be suprised what you can do with a scrubbed 300 baud modem. :mrgreen:

    As a child of the 60's I can attest that this is true. We did some amazing things and some amazingly awful things. There were great 'humanitarians' in our midst and there were aberrants, there were heroes with halos and there were malevolent subversives, and there were some that were just in it for the lulz...

    but what was important were the goals that were achieved in the civil rights movement across the board, from women's rights, to ethnic rights, humanitarian rights, freedom of speech, etc.

    It won't matter in the long run what individuals in anonymous do, it won't matter where they came from, what will matter is the WIN. What will matter most of all is that once again people stood up for human rights, decried the abuses of the CoS, and protected freedom of speech.
  23. Daywatch Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    As long as it shall be written of Anonymous

    "They were a herd of cats "
  24. Saturnine Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    Am I alone in hoping that after this we could just disappear back into the shadows of *chan and go back to posting pictures of cats?

    Guess it's not gonna happen now, lulz.
  25. RandomTexfag Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

  26. jeannie36832 Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    I actually hope that the future remembers, Anonymous is the future. These cults have been around since the beginning of time. Government dictators, even society with its indoctrination of youth on self-image, beauty, fame, wealth. It's all the same. Dangle the carrot to get the most number of people to give up their power.
    But, I see Anonymous as the TRUE democracy. As we've seen here, the rights of the individual ARE valued and protected by the "collective". If anyone starts trying to gain power, they are immediately knocked on their little asses. I have hope for the future of my children and future grandchildren from what I have seen come from this movement.
  27. Re: From the WOG blog.

    Don't forget the fact that hardly anybody knows this is happening. There are three types of people in this world: the ones who love CoS (scifags) the ones who hate it (us) and people who've never heard of it, and those who have think it's just a weird dinky UFO religion not worth getting upset about (99% of the human population).
    We have a loooooooooooooooooooooong way to go to get people really pissed off about CoS' plans for world domination.
  28. Scythe Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    I honestly hope Project Chanology and anonymous t o be the beginning of the end of any secret society, occult society, cult or sect in the whole world.

    A society cant be free and democratic if a large group of elite individuals hide behind a dubious and secret organization to control and gain more power in the world.
  29. Re: From the WOG blog.

    As long as there are lulz to be had and brix to be shat of course; Anonymous doesn't do it if it's boring.
  30. Scythe Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    It will just be the domino effect in action. If Chanology do works and Scientology falls, secret society or cult will have a hard time trying survive in this post scientology world. The world will see the atrocities done by the CoS over the years and their implantation into various sphere of our society, and will have no choice but to ban shadowy organization who seeks powers through recruitment of members in the elite world, being politic, economic, law, celebrities etc.

    We know that Hubbard praised celebrities and for a reason, they endorse the church basically, celebrities simly gave them more legitimacy in the eye of normal but especially important people. Since the western culture turned celebrities into mythological figures and people worship them literally it makes sens. The long list of celebrities, producer, professor (basically Hollywood) involved in Scientology tells us that there is without a doubt a larger group inside the cult who do not necessarily seek the same publicity as the celebrities for obvious reason, but they in a way remain much more important than them ultimately since they detain power in various instance. In a way the CoS has hijacked democracy more than we know already and anonymous will only bring the light necessary to get enough people pissed and do something about that.

    Do the ex-scientologists on this board has any indications of important individuals other than hollywood people in the CoS? or their identity is really kept secret even for high ranked members? Or maybe I'm just wrong on this. anyway

    tl;dr: secret organizations are bad.
  31. jbrazel Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    I see Anonymous as an expression of the sapience of the internet, manifesting irl through our actions.

    I for one, welcome our new overlords from Skynet.
  32. anonGF Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    Speaking as a NewFag here I learned late what exactly the AnonyBackstory is and there were moments that made me wish I had been there {finding the jerking off kid to rescue his oppressed ass from the matriarch!} and one's which, frankly, disgusted me {downing a rape victims battered women support site?} but the point is that the Anonymous operating now is a very different beast to that one.

    As little as I knew back then I rated the odds of Wise Beard Man's words actually having any impact on what appeared to be a group of l33t cyber-terrorist hackers to be minimal but I was very pleasantly surprised by the kind turn that we took. It seems as much a movement about saving people from the grisly innards before they choke as tearing our way in now. It seems to me that this is the best way: make people feel that SPs are...Well...Suppressive and you only reinforce Church doctrine.

    Meet them with as kind a face as you can manage behind your V mask and a few lulzy memes and they will encounter something that does not compute.
  33. xscnchild Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    We're all messy and we all colour outside the lines. All of us have the capacity for good and evil; this is the dualism of our nature as Jung understood so well. What gives birth to incredible heroism is what gives birth to great evil. Humanity can only be glorious if humanity also has the potential to plumb the depths of darkness. The man who holds no fear cannot become a hero as there is nothing inside to give him urge to overcome. Rejoice in your humanity - it's what Hubbard wanted to take from us.
  34. subgenius Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    Very wise.
  35. Annie Mouse Member

    Re: From the WOG blog.

    I don't think the historical focus will be on Anonymous as a group, but as a phenomenon of the digital era. "This" could never have happened ten, maybe even 5 years ago. Most of you cannot recall, never lived, an adulthood w/o computers, cell phones, the whole roster of digital media that simply did not exist until quite recently. What is amazing is not the what or the who of Anonymous, but the how. > imho<

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