Front Group 'Grodysh Int INC (Haiti)

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Front Group 'Grodysh Int INC (Haiti)
    GRODYSH (GROup DYnamic for the Survival of Haiti) Int’l, Inc.

    formerly Future of Haiti Orphanage

    This Is the orphanages Scientology took over for PR purposes from Claude Reginald Jean
    during the earthquake in Haiti 2 years ago

    Claude Jean's four Children received full scholarships in exchange of this deal)

    it has now been placed back in his lap...and turned into a front group

    Claude Reginald Jean(president/founder)
    Leslie Hobbs (vice president)
    Patricia Duggan.(is Director of Grodysh)
    Holly Haggerty (Chairman and Secretary)
    Patricia A Marks (associate)

    Grodysh Corporation Wiki
    Grodysh Sunbiz

    there is a few things on the web site that give clues

    the school is called
    with the worn out phrase "to do something about it"

    a few familiar scino sponsors listed on the web site

    Brad Kugler, DV&A Inc.
    Dr. David Minkoff, Lifeworks Wellness Center
    Holly Haggerty, Community Learning Center of Clearwater
    Kim Bright, BrightCore Nutrition
    Patrick Clouden, Accelerated Training Solutions
    Sarah Ehrlich, Help For Orphans

    some additional info can be found here

    Claude Jean Is involved in another front group
    with Cary Goulston and Mike Campbell
    more on Global Pioneers pre-earthquake
    with Cary Goulston ,Mike Campbell ,Claude Reginald Jean and Brad Kugler

    theres also a You Tube Channel (videos of the future Sea Org urchins)

    several facebook page
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  2. Anonymous Member

    good found
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  3. xenubarb Member

    Isn't that the guy whose kid died in Florida after falling off a roof cleaning gutters for some OT?
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  4. Triumph Member

    yep Same Guy....Claude Reginald Jean..... looks like hes got his Restavek's Orphans back

    its says the (FOHO) Future of Haiti Org in Haiti bailed In June..and returned the Orphans back to him (from the Schneider sister)

    Cult must be finished using the kids as Props for Photo Ops and Regging

    OTidiot Mike Campbell was the one who allowed the 10 yr old little girl up on the roof to clean this gutters (see Global Pioneers)

    they determined the fall was an accident

    there was a small plane carrying supplies with 3 Scientologists that was headed to Haiti-that crashed into the House in Clearwater shortly after takeoff
    the official cause of crash was due to the small airplane being overloaded with Cargo BTW

    it dosen't say anything about adoption on the Grodysh pages.... something like 10% Haiti's children are Restavek's...the bulk of the children won't get adopted....looks like they are being groomed for a life in the Sea Org...

    the Future of Haiti website is gone
    still a facebook page

    Claude Jean with his children and the Travoltas

    Claude Reginald Jeans (present employment)
    Clearwater Community Learning Center (Holly Haggerty) Oct 2010
    Washburn Academy (Joy Gendusa & World Literacy Crusade) Aug 2010
    Grodysh July 2008-
    Global Pioneers (Cary Goulston) July 2007
    Volunteer Ministers 2010
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  5. Triumph Member

    Chill EB is a Grodysh supporter

    half a dozen Tavolta-Preston VM photos on the Groodysh facebook page
    caption :John Travolta in the company of Wilson, the secretary of Grodysh, Ronaldo Henry of the orphanage and the VMs
  6. Triumph Member

    rough translation of caption:
    the sign of the school's humanitarian GRODYSH. A true humanitarian school or child does not pay more than U.S. $ 50 for the whole year.
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  7. AnonLover Member

    (stomach rolls over)
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  8. Triumph Member

    yep... it rough being a child in Haiti..was looking at the photos... most of th kids don't have proper beds yet...that understandable because of the earthquake...I noticed they are getting alot of NGO & Red Cross Aid...

    alot of those kids have families...who's parents couldn't afford to care for their children...
    Haiti Restavek or Restavec children are often dumped into institutions because of poverty..and the children then..are put work as domestic help with a host family or worse...its a common practice...

    with the flood of NGO's maybe this will change over time

    Google:Restavek Children

    the facebook page claims Grodysh is building a University..and show pictures of pretty clear they plan to expand the operation

    there is no lack of Children...needing a home In Haiti ....

    unfortunately its looking like a future operation to provide Sea Org recruits for Davy Boy
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  9. Triumph Member

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  10. Triumph Member

    Here we go again with Scilons their Kneaf Seeds
    Bill Loftus another Scientologist (Google Bill Loftus + kneaf)
    Claude Reginald Jean Is involved

    read the above document about collections of $2.00 monthly payments for the stoves
    that Claude Jean will arrange to collect
    the Orphans will be put to work building crude stoves that burn kenaf

    then read this from Claude Jean Grodysh web site

    business plan for Haiti (Bill Loftus)

    Cary Goulston and kenaf
  11. Triumph Member

    it Gets worse
    a self contained Kenaf Tech Training Center (see play field in center of compound)
    Project Orphanage For Haiti!
    first they set up sweat shops with the help of Claude Reginald Jen building crude kenaf burning stove
    also using children from the orphanage to harvest Kenaf! FUCKERS! FUCK OFF!
  12. Triumph Member

  13. sooleater Member


    in germany they call this

    " Konzentrationslager "
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  14. Triumph Member

    no translation needed...

    on the Grodysh Web page they describe a university,with a trade school,and reforestation projects...sounds kind of innocuous & harmless..and noble in nature...who wouldn't want to help kids.. learn a trade..and learn about the environment

    of course theres that pesky Restavek problem in Haiti

    that Is unless you look at the above Bill Loftus documents...

    from the Grodysh facebook page


    Claude Jeans Kenaf Crop
  15. Triumph Member

    Heres Bill Loftus promoting his building system on a local florida news program

    notice they say Children can even do it....

    Kenaf fibers can be substituted for wood pulp... structurally it might be weaker but still a passable substitute
    Bill Loftus Environmental Building Technology web page
  16. Triumph Member

    ^^Orphans building stoves the labor cost are under $2.00 per unit!
    ^^ Somewhere in there Claude Jean will get his cut
    ^^ Training expenses..$1.00 Davy Gets his cut

    Orphans housed in a " Konzentrationslager " manufacturing kenaf burning stoves
    harvesting kenaf to burn in the stoves....and being indoctrinated with the musings of L Ron Hubbard

    nothing like exploiting children in a 3rd world island paradise Davy!

    Cheap labor check!
    sweatshop check!
    goons to do collections trained with Hubbard tech! check!
    theta! hip hip hooray!
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  17. Triumph Member
    Bill Loftus's Master Plan

    it starts with an Organizational chart
    all he needs is a few hundred Orphans to get the ball rolling
    Claude Jean has done the rest...and sell it as something its not....

    then they can clear the planet in NO TIME


    open a 3rd world Sweatshop..using orphans as labor....pass it off as a University

    theres alot more Ive uncovered...stay tuned
  18. Triumph Member

    you have to read through the multi page document to figure out that its alot of smoke and mirrors
    but heres what it boils down too

    theres alot of crap there that is a glorified BS sales pitch
    they Have Claude Jean lined up to provide the Labor for Manufacturing-and distribution and collection of payments

    the rest of the document is "Pie In the sky"

    setting up may include some form of crude construction...I doubt the Training Center will resemble the drawings...

    Their Initial efforts were from Cary Goulston and Global Pioneers along with Claude Jean and Mike Campbell tarveling around Haiti in 2007
    with a bag of Kenaf seeds looking for people to plant it
    the "very strong NGO" Is Claude Jean
    on a shoe string budget
    using Claude Jeans Orphans to manufacture the well as some construction of the facilities


    cheap labor/orphans to be precise ..they actually don't have any facilities built that I'm aware of yet...several sweatshops building stoves...that Claude Jean will be in charge of...

    when enough money is made... these urchins will put to work on phase two and build the actual facility

    according to these documents Claude Jeans would be the first...

    there are a handful of partnering NGO's growing is not a large operation

    this is the actual stove they will produce its made from metal and concrete with PVC legs
    with Hand tools only!

    Claude Jean stated he wants to produce a MILLION of them in 5 short years...thats shit load of work for a bunch of children

    mixing concrete and breathing the dust or actually coming in contact with the skin isn't all that healthy
    fabricating metal parts with crude tools has its own hazards

    pay a living wage for the few adults supervising children!
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  19. Brilliant, impressive research, Triumph!

    A Big BRAVO to you!!!
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  20. Triumph Member

    once Bill Loftus gets a $3 million dollar pay out
    for his intellectual property and copywrite off this Kenaf stove
    anyone can manufacture the stove...

    How Fucking generous!

    Bill also has biomass Generator thats part of the plan..just needs more investors and this baby is on its way to Haiti! with a $200,000 price tag this baby aint cheap!
    or lease it on a short term basis....

    of course Children will have to feed this beast 24/7
    and harvest the kenaf roots for fuel! dig em up!

    and the implements to plant Kenaf..needs more investors!

    most of the planting/harvesting in Haiti will be done by hand until those Hatian kids earn enough to buy one of these babies!
    or lease on a short term basis!

    the plan is to harvest and process enough kenaf to manufacture kenaf "charcoal brickettes" for fuel...
    the Orphans will be making the brickettes too!

    and Bill Loftus will sell you the seeds too...
    50% of the seeds harvested go back to Ocala
  21. Triumph Member

    Kenaf Research Farm/Stop Global Warming
    June Littler service completions
    Steve Littler service completions June Littler kenaf&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjx8gB8GjrtCMA7fkwASQ2kP2YxKVc3zf7m6b2cDkp4yAvpSzCiEzpTTLp0wGRKBab65soJ-AgbfTQZBpGaJ2CmzAwJPqnHcPlX4eFwgVDQCA7VvjH921RYiz1Ox74EUJCboVbI&sig=AHIEtbQkM-vZTAcNSlLc4S34uB_H78RW6w

    the crude Barracks will be manufactured from Kenaf and recycled styrofoam and concrete
    made in forms the same way adobe blocks are created...
    the dox says the buildings will be constructed by students...after stoves are manufactured

    I imagine they start by manufacturing the stoves the dox says Claude Jean already had the shithole on the property ...

    processing the materials and making the blocks is labor intensive...
    transporting materials with wheel barrows,george buggies and carts...isn't exactly light work...
    neither is processing breaking down the concrete to a workable form

    400 orphans and Manufacturing facility surrounding a foot ball field.. its a large construction project...

    tin roofing ,rebar and beams would have to be purchased...

    they recycled concrete to make the stoves...theres no lack of crumbled buildings in Haiti
    they plan on using carts to collect the concrete

    these poor kids are gonna be working their little asses off...for the greatest good...
    the person making the farm implements,,the generators...sells the seeds..owns the intellectual property on the construction techniques...
    and the guy in charge of the Orphans!
    they will be making the bucks off sweat of children's backs...

    some fucking NPO
  22. Tangerine Member

    Another excellent doxing/info, Triumph!
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  23. Triumph Member

    on the Grodysh facebook page it says the kid with the crutch is from the FOHO (future of Haiti Orphanage)
    they took this orphan out to the airport for a Photo Op with JT

    This Is a picture JT shared on David Letterman
    this is what he said..
    Read more:

    JT dosen't have a clue on whats going on
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  24. Triumph Member

    The NPO wants to Raise a total of 150 Million Dollars
    In 3 phases of $50 Million Dollars each of the 3 phases

    its the NPO that Benefits from this scheme
    a good portion of the initial Investment money Goes into a Training Center and Headquarter In Dunnellon/Ocala Florida
    $2 million goes to Beth and Dave Seely of Seely's Ark Farm to buy the property for the Village (27 acres)rabbit and chicken ranch beth Seely ark&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&

    the a nice chunk goes for Development in Ocala $$$$$$$$$$$$$ cha ching!

    the operation in Haiti would $5 Million to create their stoveworks orphan work camp operation

    the Orphanage would also raise chickens and rabbits and have a butchering facility
    (thats one think thats useful) and part of the overall plans
    kenaf grown will also be used as feed
  25. Triumph Member

    Claude Jean inspecting the first chicken coop for Operation Orphanage


  26. Triumph Member

    the Land for the Orphanage/Sweatshop was purchased/being acquired sometime around Nov 2010
    back when they were using the Future Of Haiti Orphanage-under the Schneider sisters direction
    back when they were regging donations for the covert Gung-Ho Scientology operation

    from the FOHO facebook page
    FOHO returned the Orphans back to Claude Jean in June of 2011
    this is the same property Grodysh wants to build its new compound on,....

    FOHO had a web page (its Gone now along with 2 facebook pages)

    this property is 20 minutes from the nearest market north of Port au Prince

    I doubt Scientologist really know where their money Is going to,...

    ...Its an Orphanage, No it a University! ....No its a Sweatshop with Study Tech on the Way to Happiness!
    Nov 2010
    rough google Translation from Italian
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  27. Triumph Member

    1185 Somerset Circle is Scientologist Mike Campell's Address
    place where Claude Jean's 10 year old daughter fell to her death wile cleaning gutters

    "To Help them Produce In & Access Int'l Markets" (Have Orphans (legal slave labor in Haiti) Build 1 Million Stoves)
  28. Triumph Member

  29. Triumph Member

    most of whats listed in the Bill Loftus proposal Is mentioned here In "watered" down form...
    leaving out the most critical part to the plan
    "to produce a million cheap stoves,,as a means to finance this endeavor

    reforestation=planting and harvesting kenaf
    training=building stoves & children involved in construction of Orphanage
    Micro credit=Collections of profits from the sale of stoves and kenaf charcoal

    Haitians don't see the system of Restaveks (child slave labor) as exploitation its considered an acceptable practice
  30. Triumph Member

    Cary Goulston-Mike Campbell and Claude Jean with Brad Kugler doing Photo a OP were promoting Kenaf project 1n 2008 before the earthquake
    from the Cults Tampa Bay Informer article
    notice it says food and building source...

    more cult Pr page 2
  31. Triumph Member

    Cary Goulston e-mail on Haiti
    notice is says it will be Highlighted at a future "Int Management Event"!
    So Davy Boy and other Intel goons were aware of the project

    Its clear they were aware and what we know of the Orphanage and The Haiti VM operation

    the Orphans going from Claude Jeans stewardship to the Cult for "PR and Regging" ...then ultimately back to Claude Jean under the guise of a cult approved "Gung Ho Group"
  32. Triumph Member

  33. Triumph Member

    Janet Reitman (Inside Scientology )wrote an outstanding article on Haiti and the problems with NGO's and the majority of the money Raised has vanished

    Rolling Stone Article
    How The World Failed Haiti
    Aug 4th 2011 by Janet Reitman
    its 9 pages in length!

    Some more on Scientologist Bill Loftus's Haiti Plans

  34. Herro Member

    Total bummer man. This dude obviously has a good heart and wants to help these kids. Wasted potential.
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  35. Triumph Member

    Heres How they Describe the Trade School on the Grodysh Web site

    the children will be building the actual building,and manufacturing some of the construction materials
    the reforestation and environmental specialist will be Harvesting and growing kenaf

    the bottom part thats cuts off reads Upon Graduation we will have an employment agency through which people will be able to hire our graduates

    the Law In Haiti regarding Restaveks once the child reaches 16 years of age, must be paid a living wage
    Graduation and Employment agency may well be a Religious Workers Visa and a job in the Sea Org
    Claude Jean said He can Build 1 Million of these cheap kenaf stoves over a 5 year period
    thats 200,000 stoves a year @ $36.00 each
    thats Manufacturing well over 550 stoves a day @ 365 day..(that number would go up with days off)
    this little operation has the potential to rake in big bucks daily

    thats 36 $million eventually raised from the sales..over a 5 year period

    and the construction project Is no Picnic...according to their plans the Orphans will provide the labor....

    these could be paying jobs for adult.. but the cost of the product would increase..

    instead they are doing to the Children of Haiti what has always been done...exploit them for cheap labor

    and if they are successful they can exploit child labor globally
  36. Triumph Member

    Heres a video on How to grow Kenaf...
    showing how kids can grow Kenaf...
    it has Bill Loftus briefly--then again showing off his building blocks
    and one unlucky Kid Gets to eat the Kenaf...mmmmm

    My guess Is it used for regging and promoting something Cary Goulston was involved with cough *kenaf*

    It's on the RPG Media You Tube channel

    RPG Media is Randall Gillion
    Randall also designed the Global Pioneers web site and Produced several Haiti Videos for fellow Scilon Cary Goulston

    RGPmedia is a full service scilon approved multi-media production company based in the Tampa Bay

    RPG also designed the Now gone Future of Haiti Orphanage web site
    I saved a Yahoo Cache version

    there was also a video by RPG that had a 3-D rendering of the same Restavek Barracks made for the FOHO web page....You tube site (the site and 2 dozen videos are gone)

    if someone has a saved copy by chance it here
  37. Triumph Member
    business report for 2010
    Claude Reginald Jean used the same line about Teaching a man to fish-in his sales pitch on his Grodysh page and facebook


    Scientology Will Clean up the Gulf Oil Spill (Scientology Earth Organization was going to save the Gulf with kanef!)

    I remember Bruce Wiseman and his Wife Barbara try to snooker some suckers for that!

    Everyone profits? Investments? something people can get a return on? that would shoot the whole Non-Profit Organization thingy out of the water

    donations are what finance NPO's..Bill don't believe in em...
  38. Triumph Member

    Scientologist Leslie Hobbs Is the New Vice President of Grodysh

    Hitting folks up for $3000 for a recent Human rights promote Hubbard wackadoodle In Haiti


    schooling means Study Tech and free Labor...
  39. Anonymous Member

    poor Haiti
    victims of poverty who are now victims of a cult
    expose expose expose
  40. Anonymous Member

    maybe the embassy in DC will care?

    2311 Masachuesetts
    Ave., N.W.
    Washington, DC 20008
    Phone: 202-332-4090
    Fax: 202-745-7215

    Hours of Operations
    M-F: 9:00am - 4:00pm

    Consulate Section
    M-F: 9:00am - 1:00pm

    A couple of name fagged Anons to schedule a meeting wth embassy members about this group would be wonderdful.
    Info packs about the dangers of study tech and COS front groups would be lovely.
    an example of the COS tone scale in comparrison to the TWTH tone scale would be an added bonus.

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