Front Group 'Grodysh Int INC (Haiti)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Triumph Member

    its fairly new construction.....its the House that Hubbardites built...with donations...
    prior to the building being built.. they held classes outdoors under a extremely crude shelter..
    it was a fly by the seat of your pants operation...

    minimal investment,low over head... lots of raw meat... all in one easy location
    pays better than Voodoo..Scilon school was founded in Sept 2008...was during Goulston and Co's first invasion of the Haitian body snatchers

    Clearwater Academy raised some of the funds..Susi Tschupp works @ the cult school
    the pix of Pierre @ Ft Harrison... with Goulston and gang... Pierre Is wearing a Clearwater Academy T-Shirt....
  2. RightOn Member

    I feel so bad for these kids.
    Mandatory brainwashing without any help from anyone to get them out from under the cult's grip.
    Thank you Triumph for shedding light on this most disturbing web of deceit.
    What authorities will be interested in stopping this? Would Amnesty International be interested? Any other human rights advocates?
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  3. Triumph Member

    Scientologist mits are all over this school...its basically Clearwater Academy South..without the overhead.. or decent meals, or running water

    it was founded Sept 2008...that was Goulston and crews first Haiti Kenaf tour....
    2008 buying people souls for food tour.... (see:Haiti Dianetics Center)

    Pierre Brice Erasmin is juggling 4 facebook pages....

    Susi T presents it as a Christian school/orphanage

    the cafeteria kitchen....cooke haz Clearwater Academy T-shirt....
    cheap assed Scientologist..get off your wallets and provide some real food..

    plenty of money for indoctrination and PR....

    can haz swill & slop for lunch

    cute warm fuzzy clammy fund-raiser gets a mention in the Tampa Times 2010
  4. Triumph Member

    Pierre Brice Erasmin on the left with Cary Goulston dated June 5, 2009
    Pierre with Pedo-Cary
    Global Pioneer Pedo-Bears
    they guy in the center Is Charles Uslander ...its his plane that bounced off a roof in Clearwater after takeoff...thats was bound for Haiti in mid 2010

    Scientologist were going down to Haiti in droves looking for FSM cash....ambulance chasers...tap tap chasers

    pix 2009: trolling for Restavek Tour

    this Is at Claude Reginald Jeans House....
    Claude standing next to his former assistant Wilson Pierre Louis ,Bruce Oiser (Grodysh assistant) is in the center....alot of the other Haitians could also be Claudes crew....
    2009 :this was the now defunct "Haiti Dianetics Center"... now its teh GRODYSH restavek playpen .... the Restavek scam pays better
    Claude and His Haiti gang with Cary Goulston Mike Campbell ,,and Brad Kugler
  5. Mr. Magoo Member

    I just checked the Facebook page of Haiti Christianity, Inc., the organization that the scilons are so deceitfully and conveniently lumping themselves in with, and what do you know? There is not a single post begging for money. This is very much the opposite of the GRODYSH facebook pages, like Leslie Person Hobbs' personal page, which is filled with post after post asking for money. I guess they've got to pay for those $200 cots and $2000 chicken coops... plus box after box of Dianietics and Scientology books. Oh yeah, and Bill Loftus needs $5 million for his Kenaf scheme. Better panhandle for that, too. That one could take awhile, since I'm sure Bill takes his cut of the $5 million first.
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  6. Triumph Member

    In 2008 Just 3 short months before Goulston and Crew did their Haitian Raw Meat Tour
    the Cult arranged for their "Youth for Human Rights" front group grease the wheels in Haiti...
    they sent Mary Shuttleworth on a whirlwind Trojan Horse PR junket..
    Global Pioneer & cult toadie Brad Kugler was there to capture it on film for the cult...
    come in the name of Human Rights.... opens the door for the restavek pedo-bear gang
  7. RightOn Member

    sickening, all of it
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  8. Triumph Member

    Claudes Brother Harry Jean (white pants) Claudes eldest daughter...and Wilson and Bruce

    Carytard Is in the background....

    Claudes Gang was actively hitting up Restavek Orphanages.. trying to drum up business since 2008
    Cary wuz trying to impress da chicks
    Pappi Reggie.....set up the Starving Restavek Trolling tour...
    bribe those starving Haitians with food..shove a Study Tech book in their hands... snap picture=winning!
  9. RightOn Member

    The look on that little gir's face on the left is classic!
    edited: She is like "oh no he didn't".
    Her face should be the official face for what the VMs are doing in Haitti.
    the "oh no they didn't" girl
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  10. Triumph Member

    Claude the Fraud....
    Shore Story
    Helped *LOL*

    Reggie and His Brothers Lionel and Harry have been pimping Dianetics in Haiti since around 1987

    the..... "HELP" amounts to shoving an unsolicited dianetics book up in peoples noses.

    "100,000" is the imaginary number pulled out of their collective asses..(Scilon math)

    He goes way over-baord in his PR to portray himself as a Humanitarian

    the truth Is he may be more of an Opportunistic Jackass....willing to exploit the misfortune of others...

    He's creating phony and sometime pathological "Shore Stories" as Scientologist are apt to do...
    your "Tech" Is showing Claude....
    Cary w/ Pierre of Limbe Academy (Clamwater South)
    don't do eet Kid.. ...its a Tarp
  11. [IMG]

    I'm guessing we can rule the UN out?
  12. DeathHamster Member

    Hard to say. At one point, CoS had front group tentacles into the UN, but I think that some point in the last few years someone at the UN woke up and said "WTF? Why are these assholes holding conferences on our property and claiming UN backing?!"
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  13. Triumph Member

    Goulston could lure alot of Hungry Haitians to their photo OPs by offering food....
    Starving Haitians don't buy many you ending up giving a few of them away free....

    they Hatched the "Billy" Loftus Kenaf 2008

    Limbe Academy Pierre and Claude Reggie Jean & Grodysh....were part of the plan...


    the Limbe Academy was hatched in 2008 by Pierre Brice Erasmin it was a Dianetics Mission.....became a school after the earthquake...

    the FOHO/GRODYSH plan was implememnted to exploit the situation caused by earthquake...
    GRODYSH went from being a Dianetics Center to Scientology run Restavek-Orphanage

    Volunteer Ministers... use the situation... by using food and medical supplies ... provided by relief agencies...nice little "Black Market Ring"

    dangling food and school supplies to attempt to pull in more restaveks....

    Restaveks are one of the more profitable enterprises in Haiti...and Scientology is in it deep...

    I bet Cary Goulston and his Merry Band of Child Snatcher were hoping that web page was gone .....

    Hows that "FLOW" now Fuckers!
  14. Anonymous Member

    hope all these pics are screen shots and copy pastas are backed up and on file so they don't dissapear. This is a most important thread and probably the only place that has such extensive coverage of this whole Haiti ordeal. Thanks to Triumph!
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  15. Triumph Member

    Pierre Brice Erasmin
    @Scientology Ft Harrison Hotel FLAG...Clearwater
    dirty deeds done dirt cheap
    March 2010
    Cary Goulston,Mike Campbell<Peggy,Pierre,(Limbe Academy) Susi Tushupp-Claude the Fraud
    trading restaveks for a bag of magic kenaf
    Susi Tushupp also works for Clearwater Academy ...when shes not Scamming for the LIMBE Academy for Scientology...

    Susi Tushupp & Pierre Brice Erasmin Cap Haitien Haiti 2010
    sure... just grab their ear and pull...they will follow...
  16. Triumph Member

    Michela Schneider FOHO Nov 2010....another school/orphanage the clams were love bombing[IMG]
    Pimping Hubbard ...with lovebombing and the lure of food,candy and school supplies...
    Nicole Greenwood was there doing her part for Hell Ron Hubbard
    this was in Lafitu...."Bait in a box Tech"
    Michela got the school supplies 2 days earlier from the Red Cross...
    I'm sure Sarah Ehrlich will work this into her scam too....
  17. RightOn Member

    omg I as much as I love this thread , each entry makes me cringe and rage
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  18. Triumph Member

    Clearwater Academy South AKA Limbe Academy Habitation...for teh childrens
    courtesy of Haitian Dianetics Pioneer Pierre Brice Erasmin
    L Ron Hubbard would approve!
    Rage on
    Scientology: helping people become more able and improving conditions in society

    Scientology shitheads marched in snatched up children.for teh cause .. now get off yer greedy selfish asses and provide some decent housing and food...arseholes

    without ripping off clueless rubes...or running scams....
  19. Triumph Member

    Pierre Brice Erasmin Big Pimpin TWTH
    lure them Starving folks with teh food.... give them some useless books...for PR
    oh hellz no
  20. RightOn Member

    omg ^^ perfect! oh hellz no girl shoop!
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  21. Triumph Member

    this would be Florence Vanleuven...She was working with Claude Jean..and was taking care of his 4 children in Clearwater immediately after the earthquake... was also working with Global Pioneers and handling press releases for Sarah Ehrlich....

    Plane and Pilot magazine
    in the comments
    anything and everything to scrounge and steal goods from Wogs... for teh Greatest good...
    future of Haiti Org..was the Schneider Sisters defunct web the site redirets to GRODYSH

    still found on teh wayback hate machine
  22. Anonymous Member

    Some of them are flying their booklets upside down, the international sign of distress!
  23. Triumph Member

    it was free fly swatter giveaway day
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  24. Triumph Member

    Global Pioneers 2009 Haitian Raw Meat Child Snatching tour
    Marcel Robillard & Susan Robillard
    the Montreal Clam couple had their own Haitian target acquisition
    Susan got spanked hard for her Haiti fundraising shenanigans
    spoiler alert:ANONS shutdown Susan Robillard's FLOW...... hard
    but like a good crooked clam She's Baaaaccck!

    Denis Roussel(back left) involved w/Global Pioneers,also with Susan &Marcel

    OT3 Marcel Robillard acting all enturbulated june 12 2010 crap/comparison.jpg

    Warning Beware: when Susan Robillard is not on the prowl for Haitian Restaveks
    She busy with a fake Hollywood Actor/Model Agent Scientology Recruitment scam
    Warning Beware:
    its teh crawling with Scientologist wantin to make you famous...
    they want your meat body...
    Susan Robillard gang... has been busy regging clueless WOGS
    for the Limbe Academy on facebook ...
  25. Triumph Member
    this Is the Limbe Academy,.....his friends from Quebec are Scambot Clambots Susan Robillard,Marcel Robillard,Alexandre Therrien and Denis Roussel ....

    Pierre Brice Erasmin was working this guy hard...

    Here's where I EN A QUÉBECOIS IN HAITI
    I wager the "friends in Quebec" didn't donate a dime
    the "Friends" are Susan Robillard and her gang of always scamming Global Pioneer Restavek hunters....
    the North of the Border- Global Pioneers have been busy working Wogs for their little Scientology scam

    Limbe Academy as it was Jan 2011
    Limbe Academy... has the doors and roof... now...
  26. Anonymous Member


    Gees those girls smile the same for the orphans as they did the sexually repressed UN guys.


    LOL, so insincere, even for a perky blonde.
  27. Or fans. The ladies at the baptist sunday school used to use stuff like that for both back in the day.
  28. Triumph Member

    The Scilon Canadian Scientology Global Pioneer "Robillard Gang" "Regged" themselves a retired Sugar Daddy WOG...for their L Ron Hubbard House of Dirt Kookies

    the clams raked this guy for 13K... thats more than half of the construction cost....

    Clams are even bigger Cheap Thieving Bastards than I give them credit for.....

    A retired building a school in Haiti
    Limbe (Blade/Excalibur) Academy run by Clam Pierre Brice Erasmin

    in French
  29. Triumph Member

    they built a Dianetics/Scientology Mission for Pierre Brice Erasmin...and called it a school/orphanage Limbe(Excalibur/Blade) Academy
    PR Photos for Scientology
  30. Triumph Member

  31. Triumph Member

    Tschupps bring Beads and stuff from Golden Era Productions
    Humanitarian Aid...No Commercial Value.......
    Scientology turning an illegal buck when no one is looking...

    Limbe Academy 2010 before they had a Schoolhouse... PR photos for Susi to take back to FLAG...showing the awesome dissemination happening in Haiti

    because engrams are humanitarian aidz
  32. Triumph Member

    update to OP

    all three Clams had a "Streisand" moment..and bailed from being associated publicly listed on corporation wiki..

    "I am not a crook Tech"

    did an official name change..... to GRODYSH -Future of Haiti Org...

    GRODYSH just isn't that appealing....
  33. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like a soviet collective farm.
  34. Triumph Member


    they use the term Kibbutz (Israel Collective farm)for their fantasy Scientology Idle Village in their (Postcardmania/Scientology) sponsored advertising fliers...
    and Leslie Hobbs and Claude Reginald Jean describe their Ideal Village... as "Collective" -"Collaborative" Capitalism on their linkedin page

    Capitalism for those (Scientologist) making a profit..and "collective misery" for those they exploit... for that buck
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  35. Triumph Member

    Can't resist kicking Cary Goulston
    Hows that FLOW CARY!
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Triumph Member

    the Deal went down for the souls of the Limbe Academy children April 12 2010
    might as well be a commendation from Beelzebub hizself
    Prior to the Earthquake Pierre used the same PO Box in Cap Haitian for GP Dianetics Mission
    thats Susi goofy mug hidden by the paper....w/Claude Reggie Jeans drooling

    Pierre's first facebook page.... note the date Joined.. and his association starting with Susi on facebook

    His Academy Limbe page was also created April 18th 2010

    the official Limbe Academy website was registered April 19th 2010
    and registered to Susi Tschupp
    this second page was created later in the year Oct 2010...maybe to keep some of his Scientology involvement Tampa as his Home town on this one,
    theres a 3rd facebook page that was first started in may 2012

    haz Scamming Sarah Ehrlich ..& or Help for Orphans as friends on all 4

    and the rest of the scam Posse Goulston,Campbell,Kugler,Claude Jean,Susan & Marcel Roballard,Denis Roussel,Susi & Hanspeter Tschupp,Michela Schneider,Pat Clouden,Jim Mathers....

    and alot of non-scientologist to potentially fleece...
  38. Triumph Member

    Limbe Academy Restavek Holding Pen #1 was tossed together in June and July 2010
    after the deal was sealed in Clearwater....
    From the Limbe Academy web site
    Our Plans
    they had 2 plans proposed
    Susi has almose 900 pix from this trip to Limbe...

    they used this crude structure for several months before money was regged ...
    for the blockhouse...

    the claim he founded the school 2008 may be a stretch..
    since there are lots of pictures of this crude structure going up in July 2010
    after his deal at FLAG....was done..and the web site was created...

    was listed as a Missionary in Limbe..(used the same Cap Haitien PO box he uses for this Academy today) for Global Pioneers Haiti Dianetics Center in 2008
    can be seen with Cary Goulston in the Global Pioneers photos from 2009

    this Is Haitian Orphanage #2 on the Scientology food Chain
  39. Triumph Member

  40. Triumph Member

    Sept 2012 .. the David Miscavige &quot;Ideal Restavek Kibbutz&quot; is completed

    gotta keep the steady supply of useless Hubbard books flowing in Haiti....

    heres a novel Idea... how about sending some decent food...


    Limbe looks to have alot of French Canadian supporters...
    theres alot of interconnection to the people linked on facebook
    with Pierre Brice E and the Academy
    to ScinoGrifters
    Susan Robillard,Marcel Robillard and Denis Roussel

    they put Pierre on display @ Ebony Awakenings ....
    rounding up stray children....and lure hungry adults with food....
    is the path to Scientology Scholarship awardz........;type=3&amp;theater

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