Front Group 'Grodysh Int INC (Haiti)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Triumph Member

    Church of Scientology Holds National Volunteer Week Recognition Luncheon at Historic Fort Harrison Hotel

    they Made "Gee" "Guy" thar Bitchez

    no 990 tax forms on file....for the United Relief Force Foundation

    volunteer minister ID badge..I see you thar.

    GRODYSH=the Future Of Haiti Orphanage
  2. Triumph Member

    what a scammer... hes fundraising for the cult...
    talks about building a school....and donated land... ( hes raising moneyz for da FOHO/GRODYSH)

    video footage Is @FOHO/GRODYSH

    Guy with cult shill Casandra Hepburn
    both these clowns be scamming bucks for the Future Of Haiti Orphanage-FOHO
  3. Triumph Member

    lots of pictures of the kids of Grodysh receiving Photo OPs
    almost no pictures of kids playing with Toys... or Toys laying around....

    these children's lives are one big Photo-Op...@FOHO


    Gary Osier.... Grodysh collection goon @ the Future Of Haiti Orphanage
  4. Triumph Member

    vitamins and stuff @FOHO
    feed them a proper Sea Org diet and throw them a partay GRODYSH/FOHO/
    schmooze NGO leaders...
    GRODYSH/Institute for Humanitarian Theta/the Future Of Haiti Orphanage
  5. Triumph Member

    food aid ...constantly coming GRODYSH....the Future Of Haiti Orphanage
    this....clearly looks to be going out here...
    loading up the Tap-Tap
    nice little food racketeering ring they are running out of Grodysh-FOHO
    GRODYSH/Institute for Humanitarian Theta/the Future Of Haiti Orphanage
  6. Triumph Member

    the never ending parade of Mooching off of Legitimate relief organizations
    here Moochers@GRODYSH/FOHO are hitting up the UN affiliated United

    doing some deal.....
    Claude must be headed back to Clearwater get a crack at the cans
    the Future Of Haiti Orphanage/GRODYSH/ Institute for Humanitarian Theta/FOHO
  7. RightOn Member

    the looks on those kid's faces in back of the toys is very telling. Not one of them is smiling. They look sad and miserable. Where they forced to pose in back of toys they couldn't have?
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  8. Triumph Member

    there were 2 group photos from that date....@FOHO
    this first group Is a little more switched on for the cameras...
    maybe this other group was degraded SP's and PTS and can haz no toys....
    they haz a sad...@ Institute of Humanitarian Theata aka the Future Of Haiti Orphanage
  9. RightOn Member

    well the first picture does not seem at all normal to me. perhaps they were prompted to "give it all they got" in the second shot with the promise of something.
    And a lot more kids were added to the this pic. And they are older.
  10. Triumph Member

    the Future Of Haiti Orphanage/FOHO/GRODYSH/Institute of Humanitarian Theta
    they don't appear all that cheerful being used as a marketing tool ....
    show of toys....
  11. RightOn Member

    yeah!!! an empty box ^^^^ and I only see three half smiles
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  12. Triumph Member

    FOHO/Grodysh all up in Jebus's Grill
    Claude Jean will suck up to Jebus Men for teh Ca$h
    pretty sure they weren't hugging you...@the Future Of Haiti Orphanage..aka Institute of Humanitarian Theta
  13. Anonymous Member

    "The kids had a wonderful recreation from study "

  14. Triumph Member

    they are Gearing up to expand their little cult school... its the lot next to Grodysh...they had the "undesirable people" living in tents removed... gave them $200 and sent them on their merry way.
    they want to add 15 make shift classrooms on the newly acquired property
    the schooling... its mostly done outdoors...under tents and shoddy tin roofs .they want to indoctrinate more rug rats.. from outside the Orphanage ...into ron-bots
    [IMG] cheap... large stockpile of endless free food from NGOs ....assures expansion..
    young fertile minds wasted...on endless hours of word clearing

    Grodysh/FOHO=happy fun cult learning tools

    turning Haiti's future into kenaf harvesters and sweatshop kenaf stove building ron-bots

    some of these older kids will be forced to work soon... Claude Jeans Restavek work brigade....
    @ around 12 years of age... most of these kids will become part of a free slave Restavek labor force...
    earning that cash for Pappi Reggie...$$$$
    indentured servitude.. to repay Grodysh for their upkeep and edmucation @ the Future Of Haiti Orphanage
  15. Triumph Member

    Claude Is Blowing through the Cash Left and right..
    burned some cash by painting the gates Red ...painted em white when the new mural went up..^^
    Gotta make it all purdy for John Travolta...FOHO & .Institute for Humanitarian Theta
    GRODYSH is " the Future Of Haiti Orphanage"
  16. Triumph Member

    Ralph donnant deux btes de nourritures à leny pour son orphelinat
    "Ralph bx giving two foods to leny for his orphanage" Aug 2012

    in September 2012 the are hitting their donors up for $2K in a "give money or the kids are gonna starve routine"...and teh we are paying for teh shortage of food out of pocket,claim ....Is weak too..

    GRODYSH=Full of Shite

    there is no shortage of food @GRODYSH... they are a United Nations approved Food Distributer .. for their region... they have quite the stockpile they are sitting on ...... &docid=c561ea203d9d03c3a395bc875e1d54fa&a=bi&pagenumber=4&w=800

    their we need money routine for food ... Is BS
    they use the stockpile of NGO donated food supplies to lure in raw meat

    its expensive to climb the Scientology Bridge to Total freedom.... Claude needs to burn through a half a Million Dollars. to go full OT...send more moneyz.... give more...

    Claude is working hard to use these Kids to fuel his expensive cult habit addiction...

    thats part of the reason these Scientology front groups are created..outside of covertly promoting Scientology.. Is to raise cash for their founders auditing addiction
    the Future Of Haiti Orphanage AKA FOHO =GRODYSH
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  17. Triumph Member

    I forgot about this past bit of moochieness...

    The Schneider Sister the company Multilink to sponsor high speed Internet to the Future of Haiti Orphanage/GRODYSH Restavek holding pen...
    they got a little Free PR..for their child snatching ring...
    Claude Jean and Leslie Hobbs have carried on the fine tradition of moochieness
    got some free stuff out of the USL Soccer League ...
    USL Lends A Helping Hand
    USL provides soccer balls, more to Haitian orphanage
    Monday, June 18, 2012
    He didn't start the orphanage.. it was the Schneider Sisters... and the Vulture Ministers....Claude just snatch the first children who were interned there. and lead his Scientology Pals to where the strays were..

    SCIENTOLOGY and a whole gaggle of SCIENTOLOGISTS are responsible for snatching these children....and using them for PUBLICITY and FUNDRAISING

    Claude Jean supplied the land for the temporary kiddie gulag. in exchange for his 4 biological children getting moved to Florida (hitched a ride on John Travolta's plane) and given full their little cult school Clearwater Academy (which the cult milked for local PR)

    "Volunteers" because telling the truth and saying it was the "Scientology Volunteer Ministers" Is toxic

    then the delusional idiot gave his house over to the CULT to run its Restavek operation out of...

    which "HE RENAMED" The "Future of Haiti Orphanage" heh... what a lyin pair of clowns

    he only took the operation over after the 2 "OT" Scientologist women running it (Michela Schneider and her sister Elena Chiancianesi) ended up getting seriously ill from Cholera
    they named it The "Future of Haiti Orphanage" operating it as a front for Scientology

    Claude only recently commandeered the name FOHO because GRODYSH is a turd in a punchbowl.

    USL Technical Director Peter Mellor you've been duped.
  18. Triumph Member

    the Cult has a second Limbe Academy web page.. this one in French...
    an equal opportunity bi-Lingual Cult Restavek ripoff....
    Enfants d'Haiti... its a fundraising page for the Limbe School/Orphanage

    there is only a short hard to find mention of "study tech" buried on a secondary link

    the site Is registered to a Jean Sylvestre Thepenier

    Jean-sylvestre Thépénier

    Webmaster du site "LA PSYCHIATRIE NOUS MENT"
    Webmaster to the Site "Psychiatry lies to us"

    another diehard moonbat Scientologist running a fake front Haitian Restavek Ripoff for Ron
    Michela Schneider formerly Future of Haiti Orphanage mistress is one of his current facebook friends
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  19. Triumph Member

    Sarah Ehrlich's Give a a Flock of Scientology Dummies
    its a stupid Photo OP..@GRODYSH/The Future of Haiti Orphanage/FOHO
    Its a Rooster you dumbassses!
  20. Triumph Member

    Sarah Ehrlich's new Give a Flock PR blitz campaign...
    Sarah spends more on PR.. than she does on those silly Orphans she pretends to help...

    Sarah Ehrlich used pix of Restaveks the cult of Scientology's official Photographer exploits in their PR...Scientology used alot of his shots in their PR

    Sarah ... just borrowed it... She'll give it back... honestly...
    its all good between cult members when they are selling the same lie....
    Pix was for cult photographer Felix Kunze's United for Brighton benefit for the Future of Haiti Orphanage /FOHO show when the Schneider sisters ran the kiddie compound ...
  21. Triumph Member

    besides handing out copies of the way to happiness
    mooching supplies and goods from legitimate NGO's
    and pimping their useless touch assist..

    Volunteer Ministers were busy providing quality Day Care for the kids they snagged off the streets
    don't hurt him Hammer...hes not in the Sea Org yet...
    sssssh hush..we don't mention Xenu around them
    rebuilding Haiti... on bench at a time....
    were in the Kenaf Plantation-Stove Sweatshop & Orphanage Bidness-hip hip horay!
  22. Triumph Member

    Scientologists Profiteering in Haiti
    old article from 2010 busting Cary Goulstons Balls...

    Global Pioneers Aids link
    the Global Profiteer retards still have a Haiti Video up... produced by RPG Media

    the video revolves around Claude Reginald Jean ..and Pierre Brice Erasmin and the Goatsee Pioneers 2008 & 2009 starving Haitian tour....

    those Goatsee Pioneers fuckers used food to draw those crowds...
    starving Haitians can't afford books..but they will sit through just about any sales pitch to eat...

    Goulston and crew managed to con some money out of Gullible Scientologist tight little fists...

    the stars of that clap trap video ...Claude Reginald Jean and Pierre Brice Erasmin...are in the Restavek Orphanage Business now...thanks to the same gullible Scientologists

    your Global Profiteer Haiti Dianetics tour wasn't quite what you flim flam artists tried to make it out to be...

    more money in exploiting Haitian Children and setting up sweatshops....than Dianetics...
    you can add child trafficking to your resumes retards....
  23. Anonymous Member

    nice rotting teeth eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
  24. I saw that same thing at the heart of many new age MLM's I've encountered over the years. The money grab was as much to support the habit of the dealer as it was to support the claims of the guru.

    Other than the source of the dopamine, etc; How is this shit not like drugs?

    The restavek trafficking makes it even worse.
  25. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Bingo! Theres something creepy and weird about these Vulture Minister photo-ops in general imho.
    This is just bizarre, a bunch of clearly unhappy kids posing with a bunch of shitty cheap baby toys, like wtf are those people thinking? Where's the baseball gloves, the lego, balls, books, bicycles, pogo-sticks, hula-hoops, kites?
    Fuck they are so retarded *facepalmjpg.*
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  26. Hello!

    I feel the need to say something regarding Susan Robillard. Susan thought she was helping. She had a heart of gold. She was catching on to the scams and was trying to figure out how to get out but did not want to hurt her dad or have to lose him.

    Susan was hit by a drunk driver and was taken off life support in October of this year so she is most definitely not still scamming for the cult and her dad, above, lost his only daughter.

    She loved the kids in Haiti and she was not working for OSA. I know this for a fact.

    I want her to be remembered properly because she was my friend and because she did see through the BS and was trying to resolve it within herself before she lost her life.

    Susan was born into the cult and was finally starting to break free. It is a tragedy in itself.
  27. Anonymous Member

    omg! ^
    what a shame that she never broke free.
    I guess now she is finally free. :(
    Sympathy to you and her family
  28. DeathHamster Member

    I'm sorry to hear that. That's very sad.

    I think that most of us here believe that many of the workers and Volunteer Ministers have nothing but the best intentions, but are being used by the upper levels.
  29. DeathHamster Member

    One of the worst things about those kenaf stoves is that they're a shitty design. Basically they're a concrete fire pot on legs. If they had a channel to allow air to enter the bottom of the fire, they'd be much better, cleaner, more efficient. 16 bricks is all it takes.

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  30. The two older boys wearing the baby necklaces look a little embarrassed.
  31. Thank you. Yes, it's a bummer.

    Truly, Susan was a wonderful person and not at all as often portrayed on the Anti-C of S sites (and for good reason). She was a rebel. She was often in "ethics trouble" with the cult for not toeing the line. She was trapped.

    She was a fun, funny, and VERY caring person -- very.

    Her dad is very dedicated to the cult and she loved him more than anything. It was a very hard situation to be in and that's all I am going to say as I want to respect her and her family.

    I just wanted to make sure that it was known that Susan was a very fine individual who wanted to be free of the lies.
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  32. anon walker Moderator

    I thought her epiphany was that she didn't like squatting over holes in third world countries...
  33. Triumph Member

    part of Loftus design in his crappy rocket stove ripoff

    Is creating Bio-Char.. to make charcoal....if the kenaf burns too quick..
    its because of too much oxygen...

    thats why his Is such a shitty design....

    you can make lumps of charcoal out of the chared remains...

    I imagine dry Kenaf burns quickly....anyways

    part of his sales pitch Is that these miracle stoves create income... with their un-burnt magical kenaf in the form of Bio-Char...
  34. Triumph Member

    Scientology Orphanage...Father Flanagan would not be amused
  35. Triumph Member

    Lots of French & French Canadian People are getting Hammered.. out of Donations to support this Scientology Cult School..
    Pierre Is playing the Christian angle up ...when the reality Is these kids are getting bombarded with a daily dose of Scientology Study Tech....
    Several noted French speaking Scientologist Steering people to into this com

    Pierre lives in Tampa part time ... so it must be paying off...
  36. Triumph Member

    Kenaf on the Membrane

    Sarah Ehrlich Help for Orphans ...dragged this schlub down to Haiti...
    hes a natural builderz.......

    and they let him have a peek at a Cary Goulston Memorial Kenaf Plantation ...

    a sucker for the future Restavek Lebensbourn..Idea Village... planz...
  37. Triumph Member

    Sarah Ehrlich .. duped In the Loving Inc..
    pretty sure that wasn't Sarah Ehrlichs Orphanage....
    I think all Sarah did was introduce you to some of Claude Jeans shady friends....and use you for a couple photo-OPs
  38. Triumph Member

    Cult sponsored $$$$
  39. Triumph Member

    whats cooking in the slop kettle...
    Nancy Cartwrights next gig..the Sally Struthers of Haitian Restaveks trapped in a cult
  40. Aurora Member

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