Front Group 'Grodysh Int INC (Haiti)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. RolandRB Member

    Presumably the "Together we Can" Foundation is the same one asking for $150M in funding.
  2. Triumph Member

    Permaculture Guild is Cory Brennan..ex-ARS cult OSA spammer shill...
    she tried to hoodwink people by and looking for donations and into traveling to haiti..also lying he ass off in the process...
    32K to buy an acre and a half..
    see pix in thread.. its a trash dump.. and not worth anything near 32K

    crooks will be crooks...
    32K might by a lot in downtown Clearwater...


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  3. Ogsonofgroo Member

    And all that yummy kenaf too! (what a bunch of fucking loons)



    (hint to these ass-clowns, grow hemp, at least the seeds/oil are very healthy for animals and humans, kenaf not so much)
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  4. Mr. Magoo Member

    It's even worse -- according to their website, the adjacent lot is only 1/2 an acre, not 1 and 1/2. So that's $32,000 for an undeveloped half acre dumping ground in the bumfuck of Haiti.

    GRODYSH = lying liars that lie and scamming scammers that scam.
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  5. Triumph Member

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  6. Triumph Member

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  7. Triumph Member

    fair exchange the L Ron Hubbard Way

    use relief supplies to sweeten the pot...
  8. Triumph Member

    alot of the older children are gone from FOHO[IMG]

    off to earn additional income for Claude Reginald Jean as Restaveks

    replenished by a fresh crop of raw meat for the Travolta foundation restavek ranch

    Google Restavek...and wise up to whats happening.

    the children 12-14 yrs of age are shipped off ...and leave this orphanage
    as slave labor....and disappear from the FOHO photos..

    future restavek rugrats for teh Kenaf plantation project
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  9. Triumph Member

    Cult that abuses Human rights.
    .arranges for Restavek wrangler to speak at Human rights confrence.

    this Is a man who exploited Human tragedy (earthquake)and rounded up stray children (that weren't his to give)and gave them to His Scientology pals..

    then involved himself in a plan to exploit these children for slave labor....
    in a kenaf sweatshop
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  10. Triumph Member

  11. Triumph Member

    GRODYSH children exploited for Scientology propaganda

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  12. Anonymous Member

    From facebook
    Grodysh Pour Haiti Mar 21 at 5:25pm ·

    AN ANONYMOUS DONOR HAS OFFERED TO MATCH $3,000 once we raise another $3,000 to save our land!!!!! SO WE ARE HALF-WAY TO OUR GOAL ALREADY! What a game we are playing!

    THE STORY: We are in the process of purchasing 1/2-acre that adjoins our backyard at the Future Of Haiti Orphanage. The seller has an emergency, and needs us to come up with $6,000 RIGHT AWAY to help him and his family. If we don't, he will be forced to sell this land to someone else who has all the cash now!!!! We have already paid about 1/3 of the $32K for the land, and want to complete the purchase. It is a perfect location for the school and will serve our children both in the orphanage and from the surrounding neighborhood. We plan to build the school this year, as soon as the land is totally paid for. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. WE HAVE TO RAISE THIS MONEY BY SUNDAY AND GET IT TO HAITI BY MONDAY!!! Please help us NOW!

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  13. Anonymous Member

    Money for this, money for that....seems they are making any excuse to ask for money. Still no beds for the orphans, though.
  14. Anonymous Member

    We've seen the bunkbeds made of some kind of shelving matierial.
  15. Triumph Member

    they have pix that show they got some Beds recently from a Christian Based NGO....

    Christfags 9000 - Scientologists 0

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  16. Triumph Member

  17. Triumph Member

    Raw Meat for GRODYSH
    Older Children Become Restaveks...easily replaced

    .never a short supply of Children in Haiti
    fresh new crop for the David Miscavage Memorial Restavek Gulag
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Cotton Wolfe > Grodysh Pour Haiti 2 minutes ago ·

    Billionaire and CEO of Pharmacyclics, Robert Duggan, is involved in this scam. His wife, Patricia Duggan, is Director of Grodysh. Don't you think if they really cared about these children, they would just pay for all their needs? They are rich enough to take care of all the impoverished children of Haiti. Why don't they?

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    Cotton Wolfe > Grodysh Pour Haiti 15 minutes ago · you need to know about this Scientology scam can be found at the above link. Someone please get these children out of the hands of these criminals.

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    Cotton Wolfe > Grodysh Pour Haiti 1 hour ago ·

    You guys are trafficking these children right into Scientology slave camps. All who are involved in this effort will pay severely!
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Triumph Member

  21. Triumph Member


    Monthly Sponsorship Levels to



    Friend $ 25.00
    Godparent $ 50.00
    Believer $ 100.00


    Powerhouse $ 250.00
    Guardian Angel $ 500.00
    Humanitarian $ 1,000.00
    Knight $ 5,000.00
    Her $10,000.00

    Her???.. 10K buys Her? what....wha..havent a clue what $10K donations about...... does she clean gutters?
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  22. Triumph Member

    one half and acre for 32K .....@ The Memorial John Travolta and David Miscavige Restavek Ranch/Gulag/Lebensborn

    they are claiming on facebook...this over valued shit parcel will house a school and dorms
    for da kidz..

    I can only imaqine the shitty construction that will be employed....based upon the many projects completed previously around the compound gulag.....

    god forbid If there Is another the future.
    more substandard and dangerous shanties at GRODYSH/ colapse ....

    Needs Mor Goatsies
    Can't Let the restaveks escape!
    Leslie Hobbs discribes this as the new guardhouse being built on the 1/2 acre
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  23. Triumph Member

    they weren't homless untill you chased them off Leslie....

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  24. Triumph Member

    its tought game, in the Orphanage can only milk the Scientology Calf so much!....
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  25. amaX Member

    There are no good scientologists. There is nothing good about scientology.
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  26. people should remember that if you want to help haiti do it through legitimate organizations red cross for instance or possibly go there yourself and build shit, unlike these scienos do their "donations" go else where and are essentially feel good/guilt money, i guess they couldnt bother to send their pasty vulture ministers to do some molest assists they're easy prey as no-one believes orphans.

    and hell 32K for that amount of land in haiti? you could buy the enture country with that money sounds like that money is going to clearwater FL
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  27. RightOn Member

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  28. Triumph Member

    Claude Reginal Jean (GRODYSH/FOHO #1 & 2) and Pierre Brice Erasmin (Limbe Academy)

    ran the 2 makeshift Dianetics Centers for Global Pioneers (Cary Goulston,Mike Campbell,Brad Kugler & others)
    the Bill Loftus stupid kenaf Plan was hatched

    they also hatched a plan to use get a foot in the door at various Restavek/Orphanages...
    mostly for raising cash and PR ...and suckering Scientologist into buying books...

    then the earthquake hit Haiti....
    These same men...with the Help of the Volunteer Mininsters...started..looking for abandoned and homless children....
    they wrangled up a few hundred and used them for Public Relations...and put them in a makeshift compound in Claude Jeans junkyard
    Travolta used one of the first kids wrangled (Pederson) for Vulture Minister PR...on a Late show TV apperance...

    the 4 Schneider Sisters were brought in run the regging operation...and Named it Future of Haiti Orphanage...
    they moved the kids into claude Jeans Home..and former Dianetics Center...

    Susi Tschupp...organized the second Scientology Orphanage/ Cap Haitien with Pierre Brice Erasmin named Limbe Academy....

    also involving Scientology Fundraising paracites like Sarah Ehrlich ..with her Help for Orphans scam...

    Claude Jean took back the kids ...from the Schnieder sisters....
    and renamed it GRODYSH

    Claude Jean and Pierre... shifted into the Restavek business...courtsey of Scientology....and Scientologists

    it was a sham and a hustle from the very beginning.....and remains so....
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  29. RightOn Member

    Tri thanks for lifing the veil. To keep track of this must be so daunting
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  30. Triumph Member

    you know how I operate RO

    I see a string...I pull it...

    alot of Scientologist,Haitian Scientologist and clueless Vulture Ministers involved in this psudo Scientology utopian ruse....

    it never quite goes as planned.....they always end up using deception to fleece WOGS.....

    as Pooks says so eloquently ....Lying Liars that Lie...

    the Haitian Children end up pawns........
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  31. RightOn Member

    very sad indeed
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  32. amaX Member

    I called it a fucking scam back when Claude Jean's daughter paid with her life and I was shot down and some of my comments domed. Did we really need links to dox that proved this horror when we knew it was the cult in an already corrupt country with it's very own established slave labor force? Really?

    Cary Goulston has been flying under many a radar with his efforts in Haiti. Some of my most trusted informants haven't recognized his name when I've asked for any insider info on this s.o.b.
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  33. Triumph Member

    he's but hurt again....

    It's obvious when you scrub HellRon Hubbards name off the gates to the kiddie workhouse.......
    its a willful act of deception...Right-on the front of the curtain...

    We see enough of whats happening behind the curtain...we know the ruse your running

    We at WWP have informed choices and caek.....
    GRODYSH haz Scientology and restaveks....

    we run this....

    Mr Claude Reginald "cheeky wanker" Jean
    profiteering and exploiting children ...because the laws of Haiti allow you to do so....don't make it right....
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  34. Triumph Member


    Scientologist Saved in the name of Jebus...

    NGO's from Convoy of Hope..gave you Jebus and clean water....

    GRODYSH played hide the stink of Hubbard.....

    they filmed it too......
    .it's hard to decieve when ....somewhere In the world where people are
    watching ...

    praise jebus and pass da Dianeticz

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  35. Triumph Member

    name scrubbed to hide the stink.....just in the nick of time...for the Convoy of Hope to arrive....

    P.S. that Name on the gate was killing your dirty business.........
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  36. i wonder what the bald fuck is facepalming at "oh, i realized what BS this is, fuck me.

    praise jeebus and Pass the TP
  37. Triumph Member

    thanks amaX....
    we know most of the facts of His Daughters fatal accident ...because of the press....
    the tragic thing was she was cleaning gutters on Mike Cambells Roof (main player in the Global Pioneers scam)

    Claude Jean and his 4 children were living with Mike Campbell....while he established himself in Clearwater...

    Claude Jean and his Children got a ride out of Haiti...with John Travolta...

    he got partime jobs... Washburn Academy and as well as the Community Learning Center...

    his 4 children go full scholarships to Washburn Academy (see local news stories)

    Claude helped hunt the stray Haitian children...after the earthquake...with the help of Global Pioneers...

    .and he gave his junkyard by the airport to the Vulture Ministers cause...
    in exchange for establishing a nest in/near Clamwater

    the Vulture Ministers used the children housed in the fenced in they were collected...and placed in their care. (plenty of clam press to piece it all together)

    the Schnedier Sisters...set up shop as Future of Haiti Orphanage

    later he surrendered his Home and former Dianetics Center to the Schnieder Sisters the FOHO regging scam

    while In Clamwater Claude recycled the moniker GRODYSH
    ...and took back the restavek operation... and working wiith schmucks like Bill Loftus..and Jean Paul Sanfacon head cheese of the Volunteer Ministers in Haiti....
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  38. Triumph Member

    the group hes purposfully hiding is the Vulture Ministers
    the group that he clims usurped HIS Orphanage was the Schneider Sisters....
    the claim of the kids loosing half thier weight ,, is bogus....those kids had pleanty of food and care... hes just telling a fib for the sake of the shore story...

    he wanted his gulag back to implement the Loftus Plan and Make Mo travelin up da Bridge Moneyz.....

    half the damn write up is about what a great philanthropist Claude Reggie Imagines he Is....

    GRODYSH IS pushing Scientology books out the door.. in exchange for relief supplies and food ...
    mainly to a handful of Orphanages

    Tit for take the can haz food for malnurished babyz...
    Scientology Bridge Publications profits..

    someone managed to arranged a pipeline of relief supplies in the southern region ...that GRODYSH controls

    its the same food for books scam that Global Pioneers originated...(Scientologists were asked to buy books and empty thier pantries) for the PR scam Cary and Global Pioneers and chums Claude Jeane and Pierre Brice were running at the time. pre earthquake

    now its WOG Food supplies GRODYSH haz its grubby mitts on, from the many NPO's flooding Haiti
    they are also pushing thier Kenaf scam,, with the help of Jean Paul Sanfacon (chief Vulture Minister at the Scientology VM center in Haiti

    banging out crude kenaf burning stoves... setting up micro credit...adda few kenaf plantations ....

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