Front Group 'Grodysh Int INC (Haiti)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Triumph Member

    "For Years.. is a bit of a mistatment... should read for a couple of years...
    this is discribing what Global Pioneers was up to while in cahoots with Claude Jean and Pierre Brice....(its well documented in pictures at the Global Pioneerz web site and here)g

    Claude was pimpin from his floundering Dianetics center... he was also in the neighborhood lottery numbers racket in a kiosk a block from his home...

    they were trolling many Orphanages pre earthquake....with Dianetics and food bribes....
    when the earthquake happened...

    Goulston and crew arrived in the Dominican Republic ..the day after the quake..and strolled across the border...
    they hooked up with Claude Jean... and started crusing the rubble for children.
    (Global Pioneer dufus) Brad Kulger arrived later on JT's flight with a "Big Bag O Moneyz" for the mission.

    the transportation Claude Jean provided was to Vulture Ministers...

    the mission was to round up as many stray children as possible....
    and place them in the wallded junkyard compound ...given to Scientology by Claude Jean

    Scientology used these wrangled children as PR.... for thier Haiti Mission

    Barbara "Santos"Schneider fronted the fundraising for FOHO....
    her sisters managed the children with the Help of the VM's

    the Majority of Scientology Supplies.. went to prop up this Operation...scrounged or .
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  2. Are Sarah Ehrlich or the Schneider sister's Scientologists?
    DSC00956.jpg 321653_316266971721529_296249591_n.jpg
  3. Anonymous Member

    Sara and he husband Dennis are big time Scilons. She was involved in an Africa orphanage scam and did fund raisers in the Hamptons
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  4. Triumph Member

    The Schneider Sisters...and family Is one big happy Clam Family.....
    Barb,Elena,Michela,and Doria...
    Barb and Elena the twins are OT8's..

    Elena and Michela ran the FOHO Orphanage..with the help of the Volunteer Ministers...
    first Elena left because she got Cholera,she had to leave Haiti...and a short time later Michela got Cholera...
    that was the End of FOHO....

    can't have a couple of deathly ill OT's minding the children.

    Barb did the fundraising...
    Sarah Ehrlich lives in Beverly Hills...She held fund raisers in her home..a week after the Earthquake...she suckerpunched a buch of clueless D-List Celebutards into attending and opening up thier wallets....

    she calls it Help for Orphans...its Help for Sarah's trip up da bridge...
    Sarah uses the Money she collects for Propaganda & PR...her charity work is dubious at best

    Doo-doo O'Malley was the entertainment.. whoo hoo

    Sarah used the kids that were wrangled up by the Vulture Ministers & Schneider Sisters at the junkyard gulag .. in her pathological PR... they dressed the kids up in some Help for Orphans T Shirts..had clam bot Felix Kunze take PR photos...
    and exploited the kids as her own..

    Sarah used the staged "LIPSTICK ON A sCIENTOLOGY pIG" photos for other fundraisers....
    employing Clam Celubtard DJ Chris Masterson

    She dosen't disclose that the funds go to Scientology

    he latest scam Shes promoting Is called "Give a Flock" .... she went to Haiti and posed for a couple of photo OPs...pretending to Give a FLOCK at GRODYSH...

    they already had the Chickens GRODYSH

    phony Beverly Hills phlanthropist Is phony
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  5. DeathHamster Member

    I doubt they bothered to get their Cholera vaccination before heading to Haiti, or any of the other immunizations that they should have had. And if the food/water at the orphanage is such that they both got cholera, what about the kids?

    Did they go into quarantine when they came back stateside, or did they just piss their cholera down the drain?
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  6. scienos are known anti-vaccination crowd, the usual thiomersal is put up with every argument and that vaccinations cause autism etc etc

    they can catch fukken gonnoreha for all a i care, i guess "clear" status doesn'r oritect from such petty diseases such as chlolera, iwonder how much immunizations vultures turned down?

    on a related note scientologusts shouldnt drink coffee either

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  7. Triumph Member

    all the info Is In Barb facebook regging posts.most of it in does state that Elena was hospitalized back in the states.....theres not much info on Michela....
    other than she was also sick...
    Claude Jean took the kids back immediatly afterwards....

  8. does it say,i why she was hospitalized does it tell? cholera again or body thetans?
  9. Triumph Member

    body alien cooties was off with a garden hose..or the e-meter....

    only that Elena became too ill.and had to leave Haiti.and returned to Clamville to the WoG Hospital..

    Michela..spreadin germz

    translation from Italian


    more garbage to sift through..theres more on Elena's condition...its in Italian..Elena Left Haiti before Michela

    Claude Jean published that the kids were malnourished... 1/2 their normal weight in that article....
    that would be a sign of Cholera...emaciated from the illness....

    there Vast difference in how Schneider Sisters ran the compound...and how Claude Reginald Jean runs it now...
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  10. Triumph Member

    Dr Carol Cross is a Business associate of Bill Loftus ...
    and she so Koo Koo for Kenaf
    shes started an Indiegogo project to plant Kenaf in Haiti using children as labor...
    View attachment tn_13170__20130410153110-2010-chevy-cruze-13657456

    Kenaf in the membrane...
    profiteering using children as plantation labor...hur dur

    Dr Carols business with Wild Bill Loftus
    more crap
    SPW Ecojustice Center

    Dr Carol shilling the Loftus Plan
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  11. Anonymous Member

    can all this wonderful information be put in one neat package for the authorities to view?
    complete with all the connect the dots ?
  12. DeathHamster Member

    Why is she wearing a face mask? Cholera germs come out the other end unless she pukes, and then a face mask will just be messy and gross.

    If they're skimming supplies, there ought to be lots of Oral Rehydration Therapy packs in the stream. Those are life-savers, especially for kids. Heck, even Gatorade would do in a pinch.

    What they need to do make sure the food and drinking water are safe. (4-5 drops household bleach/liter of water, let it air.) Make sure food preppers have clean hands or gloves.
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  13. Triumph Member

    Volunteer Ministers haz No Training...haz Touch assist....
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  14. Mr. Magoo Member

    For the "poor pitiful me" photo op.

    "I am such an dedicated scientologist. I'm so sick. I need MOAR MUNNEY for the sickniss!!! HELP HELP HELP SEND MOAR MUNNEY!!! It is for the childrens I promiss, not for my bridge to toadle freedumb."
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  15. Triumph Member


    still Regging For Beds for the kids.(three years?!).. instead of dumping money into Scientology ...Buy the dam beds already!!

    cost alot of money...going back and forth to Haiti from Clamwater.......
    Claude and Leslie need to go OT..send mo moneyz or the kidz starve....
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  16. Triumph Member

    such a fine addition to Grodysh ...costs only 20K..for this fine earthquake proof gormet kitchen hovel...

    needz mor barz to keep the rugrats from stealing the knives and food....they might dig a tunnel and escape...
  17. Triumph Member

    this Is the Grodysh Buillding Trades Program :confused: and no Gutters to Clean!


    this shitty over priced Tin roof will blow off in the next Hurricane....
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  18. Triumph Member

    Cant have enough walkers in an orphanage...
  19. DeathHamster Member

    In other words, they're going to make their outdoor kitchen an indoor kitchen by building a shelter around it. My mom never needed a cage for our kitchen.

    That's a darned good price for the cots. The surplus places charge at least double.

    As for the walkers, those kids are just elderly adults in young bodies.
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  20. why in the hell orphans need god damn walkers firstly they aren't disabled nor over 70 or older years old with arthritis,i want to know the cult reasoning behind them, no seriously spill the beans you clams.
  21. DeathHamster Member

    They managed to hook themselves into the relief pipeline. Supplies come to them to get handed out to other groups. This lets them skim the good stuff off the top, and perhaps play favorites with other groups in return for good PR or trade.

    There's probably a room full of loot that they could have moved their outdoor kitchen into.
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  22. Triumph Member

    Haz No Toyz?....ok so they haz no toyz to playz wif because you use them for Photo Ops....then take them away afterwards....
    because the childrenz needz to clear the planet..not play wif toyz...

    bare minimum clothing and food...stop fibbin....
    you have a NGO relief supply pipeline...that provides 10x what you need..

  23. Give Trish Duggan a call.
  24. Triumph Member

    Emergency! always an Emergency!...

    I got an Idea..they sold you the wrong cables ...take them back...and get the right ones....

    $1000 to install...*LOL*...Claude will just have a member of GRODYSH staff and the kids do eet.

    what kind of cheap assed Batteries did you knuckleheads buy....

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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology's Volunteer Ministers Exposed

    Published by Church0fChanology on May 10, 2013

    More information:


    We are Anonymous.

    On January 13th a high-magnitude earthquake in Haiti, near Port-au-Prince, killed over 200,000 people and reduced the city to rubble. We salute those legitimate relief organizations bringing desperately-needed medical care, basic necessities, and order to the Haitian people.

    Among the relief workers we have observed members of the Church of Scientology: its Volunteer Ministers, clad in bright yellow shirts, mingling with other relief organizations who are providing legitimate assistance to the Haitian people. Anonymous knows them better as the Vulture Ministers.

    Anonymous knows the Scientologists have not disclosed their real agenda to the organizations they are associating with. Confidential Scientology documents provide insight into the group's actual, opportunistic intent.

    As Part of Scientology's Division 6, the Volunteer Ministers exist to promote the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and recruit new members to Scientology. The Volunteer Ministers receive their funding from the International Association of Scientologists, a group composed of Scientology's most fanatical donors. Consider this video, leaked in 2004:

    Defending the Scientologists by suggesting that the individual members performing their unusual "touch assist" procedures are only trying to help is folly. Any reassurances given to Haitians through this technique could lead them to forego necessary medical care.

    This procedure is the heart of their recruitment effort. In September 1959, L. Ron Hubbard issued what is known as a Hubbard Communication Office Bulletin describing Dissemination Tips for Scientology.

    One such dissemination tip was "The Casualty Contact," which entails influencing people at their weakest personal moments. According to L. Ron Hubbard, "It's straight recruiting."

    Former high-level Scientologist Michael Pattinson details the deception in this 2007 CNN report on the Virginia Tech Massacre.

    Scientology hopes their exaggerated propaganda and fabricated media reports linking the Volunteer Ministers to groups like the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, or Oxfam, will fool the public into accepting the useless Vultures as a genuine emergency relief agency.

    The public will not continue to tolerate blatant lies and deception. Our campaign to dismantle Scientology is growing in courts, city councils, legislative chambers and media outlets worldwide. The leaders of Scientology fear Anonymous, but it is the public they should fear, as the world becomes enraged with the Church of Scientology's crimes.

    Scientology should remember one thing:

    We run this.

    Finally, Anonymous sends a personal message to Scientology's Office of Special Affairs, the intelligence and public relations force responsible for harassing former members and critics and protecting the image of the cult:

    Anonymous understands that as Operating Thetans you believe you are vastly superior to normal people. You are obligated by cult scripture to have contempt for victims. Caring would be out-exchange and the Old Man would never approve.

    Knowledge is free.
    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.


    Lesevre's remarks for sidebar due to his accent, crappy source sound, and heavy Scinoterm usage:
    "And it's not only where they went, but what they did: bringing the Tone Scale to 20,971 people, the fundamentals of Study Tech more than 15,000, and the basics on how to shatter suppression to another 18,000 - or - 100,000 'assists' to over 100,000 people, while another 180,000 experienced the e-meter for the first time. So yes, this year our VM Crusade directly introduced to 'The Tech' more than 550,000 people.

    [break for applause]

    ...let's not forget that the Volunteer Minister Crusade is the LRH Undercut Program for everywhere, the starting point on how we get every activity going into...[cut] after city, each time leaving new groups behind, opening new country after new country. And from Africa to Asia, and from North to South America we expand into all continents on Earth, moving out across the planet..."

    More information:
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  26. andonanon Member

    Like Milo Minderbinder

  27. RightOn Member

    LOVE the video, but don't like the robot voice
  28. Triumph Member

    it's Scientology stupid
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  29. Anonymous Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Triumph Member

    Hurry! get in on this incredible deal!!! before we raise our prices! again!
    Fuckin Beverly Hills pricing!
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  32. Triumph Member

    on grodysh blog
    on guidstar
    42K...for Miscavages Restaveks...and Kenaf plantaion!

    John and Kellys gracious donations provided the money for the Bars on all the windows...
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  33. Triumph Member

    Claude wrote this on Guidestar
    60 thousand Kenaf plants...TITS or GTFO
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  34. DeathHamster Member

    I think that Guidestar seal is like the old "Top 95% of the Internet Award".

    It just means that Grodysh has given them a song and dance about anything not nailed down by the Form 990.

    Theta is always such a give away...
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  35. Triumph Member

    Bars to retain inhabitants.... or keep out undesirables...
    perhaps both
    BARS provided by the Travoltas...
    needs mor indward facking spikes
  36. Triumph Member

    12 year olds build better treehouses....

    will be gone by the next earthquake or a hurricane

    I dub thee the John Travolta memorial Haitian Shantie death-trap

    they keep regging..and regging..and regging

    they are asking for cash to bar this in... to keep the kids out...or in
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  37. Triumph Member

    all that cash regged...this is what you get...kinda like Scientology!
    this cost 20K to build...*LOLz.....
    the lower walls already exhisted...
    previous roof was the remnants of a yellow vulture minister tent..

    Hell Ron Hubbard Memorial Restavek Cafe...

    House Specialty
    Beans and Rice...and Barley water
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  38. Triumph Member

    I woundn't stand too close to any structures Claude Jean has constructed on this property...
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  39. Triumph Member

    Vultures in Haiti..
    .thats Michela Schneider her sister Elena Chaincianesi
    Nicole Greenwood with first FOHO/GRODYSH captive

    one big happy restavek photo-op
  40. Triumph Member

    Johnny and Kelly haz photo OP

    The clams started rounding up stray children before Travolta arrived!

    Cary Goulston-Claude Reginald Jean and the Schnieder Sisters were scouting all the Restavek Orphanages Cary and the Global Pioneer creeps had visited years prior to the earthquake..!/media/set/?set=a.108149362533292.14732.100000146871930&type=3

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