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    Sarah Ehrlich, Help For Orphans

    she has been doing this a LONG time
    She was involved in schools set up in Africa too
    she holds lavish fund raising parties at her ritzy home with husband David
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    quote="Anonymous, post: 1847503"]Sarah Ehrlich, Help For Orphans

    she has been doing this a LONG time
    She was involved in schools set up in Africa too
    she holds lavish fund raising parties at her ritzy home with husband David[/quote]

    one of her interviews at one of her parties in the Hamptoms with BFF Jill

    Sara comes in at 1:48
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    vid from this past Jan 2010
    Pilot Jonathan Nash Glynn (painter and sculpture) from Sag Harbor is/was involved with bringing medical supplies over to Haiti using his personal plane. Do not know if he still is.
    He is the founder of "Wings Over Haiti".
    He is not a scilon as far as I can tell.
    He was filbed by scilon Sara Erlich in Haiti when he landed. I don't know if Sara Erlich of then "Help for Orphans" glommed on to him for PR purposes for the multiple Youtube vids she posted?
    Making it look like he was part of Helo for Orphans?

    Of course Jonathan flying medical supplies over to Haiti out of his pocket is wonderful.
    I just wonder what he thinks of Sara using him in her vids? And if he knows what Sara is all about?
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    Contacting the Embassy may fall on deaf ears..

    Sylvia Standard and a gaggle of VM's Invaded the Haitian Embassy right after the earthquake
    "volunteered" manned the phones..arranged for supplies and doctors and Medical Personnel flights to Haiti
    for the "Greater Washington Haiti Relief Committee" set up inside the Embassy

    one win from that situation was a poon to the DC Homeland security
    DCHS took over booking flights and making arrangements for Mental Health professionals AWAYfrom Sylvia and the Happy Gang

    where do you think Scientology got those planes (Outside Of JT) also Supplies,and most of volunteer Medical Personnel from~
    they commandeered them from the Haitian Embassy Invasion for their VM PR purposes
  6. Triumph Member

    the Orphans were far too often a PR Prop..for different Groups of Scilons

    Sarah Ehrlich claimed in her false phony PR she was founding an Orphanage in Haiti..
    that was pure B.S.

    the Orphanage was Claude Jeans that the Schneider sisters were running as the FOHO

    Sarah Ehrlich used these same kids in Her Photo OPs...dressed them up in Blue "Help the Children" T shirt
    Grodysh just recently thanked Sarah for some help
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    This is plea from the FOHO (Schneider Sisters) trying to raise money for Beds in Nov 2010
    comes off as extreme propaganda In order to raise money..using pictures to shock

    that kind of Shock advertising Is offensive even if the situation is dire....

    Grodysh Facebook page

    caption with this picture
    surely that cheap bastard Davy can ship some unused Sea Org Bunks collecting dust in the Basement of some Org
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    Bill seems to be confusing his process with Mr. Fusion:
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    Email leaked from Leslie Hobbs dated 12-14-2011. Still asking for beds at $200 each. Has collected only 4 beds in over a year, school still not built (this is a good thing)...what happened to all the donations?
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    That is so wonderful that you are interested in helping. Where are you located? What do you do?

    My partner Reggie and I have a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (see attached letter from IRS) helping children and others in Haiti. We ourselves have an orphanage at Reggie's home with 67 children (called "The Future Of Haiti Orphanage" or FOHO) since the earthquake last year, plus 90 other below-poverty-level children who come from outside to attend our school. If you are on Facebook, you can see many photos and videos at "GRODYSH Pour Haiti". Reggie has been doing humanitarian activities in Haiti since 1980. His brother also has an orphanage near Jacmel, and Reggie helps several other orphanages.

    I have to tell you (totally unbiased, of course) that the children at our orphanage are really special. They are so full of love, and so bright and intelligent. They call Reggie "Pappi Reggie" and tell people that their father is in the U.S.! Other visitors have told us how special they are, totally unsolicited. One person called Reggie especially to let him know that he had visited many orphanages, but ours definitely was very different and special.

    We have several projects we are working on (see our website at . I'm not sure how big you are thinking, in terms of monetary needs. We have many plans to revitalize and rehabilitate Haiti, including building a University on some land we recently acquired (340 acres).

    Our biggest needs right now are for Christmas!

    Our children mostly sleep on the floor, as we don't have beds (we have 4 bunkbeds shared by 16 girls). It costs about $200 for a bunkbed and mattresses. Each child needs a new pair of shoes (at $20 each). That means $1,340 for all children to have shoes. We have a couple hundred really beautiful 2012 GRODYSH calendars left, with photos of Haiti and some of our children, and a Haitian proverb on each page, in both Creole and English. I'm attaching our January photo as a sample. We are selling these for $10 each (shipping is free with orders of 5 or more).

    Donations can be made online through Paypal (see link at the end of my signature) or by check made out to GRODYSH INT'L.

    Your help is very welcome, and we look forward to developing a friendship with you!

    AOL (Abundance of Love), Leslie

    Leslie Person Hobbs Vice President GRODYSH* INT'L INC. (the Future Of Haiti Organization) *GROup DYnamic for the Survival of Haiti a 501(c)(3)-approved charitable organization FB "Grodysh pour Haiti" 2, Impasse Jean, route SOS, Santo 19, Croix des Bouquets, P-au-P, Haiti. HT-6310 Cel.(509)37 36 42 42 / (509)34 19 60 94 /(509)25 19 50 05 -411 Cleveland St. #248, Clearwater, Florida 33755 Cell: (727)365-3650 CLICK HERE TO MAKE A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION:
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    $200 for "beds" like those?! (I don't see any ladders or safety rails on the top beds.)

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    Maybe instead of useless government officials, we should do what the Scilons do and send this info to community leaders. There's an activist who is also a priest of Vou dou there, I bet he'd be a good one to contact. We need the attention of community leaders who harbor outrage at the exploitation of their people.
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    I see they Jacked up the asking price another $50 ....
    when the chips are down....Hose em for an extra 50 Bucks!
    real charitable...

    all you need Is a welder ..some scrap metal...its not expensive...
    would be a cheap to fabricate anywhere...materials aren't that expensive
    and because there orphans I am sure the cost can be reduced....being a charity and all...

    If could find someone willing to donate time and or materials... would be cheap...

    realistically you could build something similar for way,way less that $50

    with Beds they show In the Pix -the asking price of $150 smackeroos is steep!

    turning around and asking $200=screams ripoff scam

    its a Charity "Restavek" sleepover Party and a Desert topping
  16. Triumph Member

    Haitians generally don't give a Rats ass if "Restavek" children are exploited... its an acceptable practice...even if people don't participate ..they still look the other way...
    even the majority in the Haitian Govt dosen't see it as a problem..or treat it with lip service....

    Foreign Governments have pressured them on the subject before....the Haitian govt turns a blind eye...

    its part of their fucked up culture....

    Organizations like these DO Give a Rats Ass... and are connected...
    Jean R Cadet Restavek Org

    Restavek Freedom Foundation

    Foundation Maruice Sixto
  17. Triumph Member

    Reggie Jean and Leslie Hobbs got their story published in the Cult friendly
    TampaBayNews Weelky

    skipping the sales pitch on what a great humanitarian and superhero philanthropist Reggie Jean Is

    The group of people He ran into was not a chance meeting.. it was very much part of the PR plan
    Reggie Was involved with promoting Scientology and Dianetics before the earthquake
    with Cary Goulston,Mike Campbell and the Scientology front group Global Pioneers

    Reggie got his kids free Scholarships at the Washburn Academy Scientology School and a Job for himself in exchange for the Cult using the orphans as a PR ploy...(quid pro quo)

    Reggie hitched a Ride to Florida on Johnny Travolta's private that for star treatment!

    His daughter tragically fell to her death while helping clean fellow Scientologist Mike Campbell's Gutters....

    Future of Haiti was the Schneider Sisters... it was a Scientology run PR ploy
    the orphans were used to raise money and as a Public Relations manipulation ploy by the cult
    doesn't sound like the Schneider Sisters,Sarah Ehrlich,Cassandra Hepburn,Kerri Kasem and others (using the children for their fundraising photo Ops were very Successful) and Scientology in general seems to have failed despite JTs Pr and boat loads of goods and supplies..

    .sure sounds like None were very successful at making sure the kids were fed....according to Reggie.

    Scientology Volunteer Ministers used the Orphanage as a base...and have published thousands of photos... and numerous press releases, praising their good work...and fund raising...

    Reggie and Leslie are trying to raise money with this article (the cult spin is heavy)
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    I guess brainwashing children and having them join the Sea Org as slaves is ok for you then?
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    the comment above was direct at brutha
  21. Anonymous Member

    whats your excuse functionally illiterate or just plain ignorant.

    did you bother to look over what the "Scientologist" wrote in their proposal

    they wrote it down in black and white, in a detailed proposal.

    they plan to exploit children for slave labor.
    working in a sweat shop building 5 MILLION crude cooking stoves.

    all so a handful of Scientologist can make MILLIONS from the exploitation of children

    then the plan Is duplicate these child sweat shops on other 3 world countries

    so learn to comprehend or piss off
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    bruthah, did you know that rich scientologists have donated millions of dollars to a huge building the size of a city block in clearwater, florida that sits empty after being finished for a year and a month?

    did you know that this same donated money bought five unused buildings in clearwater, fl for $6.7 million dollars last year while grodysh/foho was begging for beds?

    the scientology corporation of evil and greed cares just as much for haiti's children as it cares for all of it's members: none.
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    Scientology exploiting 3rd world countries with free labor of children
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    2000 Orphans, heh
    sound better when your begging for bucks.
    Reggie and his Restavek catchers rounded up stray children..took them to his walled holding pen near the airport. So his Scientology friends could exploit the rug rats for hundreds of Photo Opportunities and profits.
    until they could be interned in a more permanent Scientology Indoctrination Center. Reggie was rewarded for Handing the children over to his Scientology overloads. His children were cared for ...except the 10 yr old who fell to her death while cleaning Reggies friends gutters.
    once the PR campaign dried up, so did the money.
    implement the Loftus plan for Restavek slave labor. and put ethics in on the children
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Leslie Hobbs YouTube
    Reggie visiting Bill Loftus the kenaf king

    first you mock up the tractor in a Clay Demo
  26. Anonymous Member

    the clowns give teh Kidz sweet wheat
    mmmm yummy, round up those stray kidz and feed em pond scum...that and the auditing will cure what ails em.
  27. Anonymous Member

    After last year's "Joy to the World" school campaign run by Racquel Ghent (now Immanuel), that supported Grodyish, I'll be keeping an eye on her movements this year. She is a teacher at Nottingham Public School in Ajax, Ontario, Canada, which is part of the DD School Board. Her webpage about Grodyish is still up, but there is no longer a link to it from her teacher's web page.
    When approached about this last year, the school board responded rather cryptically, and thus bears close scrutiny this year.
    Last year's fiasco:
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    I got this email and I had to google it, and it brought me here... great work guys and here is a bump!
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  29. Triumph Member

    Most of the "ENTHETA" comes directly from Grodysh.. or press releases , or Dox from their supporters directly relate to them...

    the Only thing hurting their "FLOW" Is Scientology....

    and their willingness to groom these kids for Sea Org careers...

    and a handful of Scientologists treat at as an opportunity to create personal wealth..under the guise of charity.

    Scientology Is stuck in an 1860's southern plantation mentality... and justified slavery ...

    people calling for Abolition and underground railroads hurt their "FLOW"

    face it Leslie your Scientology flavored GRODYSH Lebensborn sucks
  30. Triumph Member

  31. Triumph Member

    former OSATard/ARS boob Cory Brennan pissed off a bunch of Permaculturist while trolling for raw meat to lure down to Haiti ....
    she got called out.. and her lies were exposed...
    she was trying to get suckers to go down after the earthquake
    and lying her ass off doing it...

    to work on Loftus's /Claude Jeans Restavek Lebensborn project
    Sioux Hart is also involved with the PDC in little Miami

    Cory Brennan +Haiti +permaculture brings up tons of links....

    Scientologists in Haitian Disaster Relief - Some Questions
    "Aid Projects, People Systems, Society"
    - by Craig Mackintosh
    The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
    February 1, 2010

    source was 404ed
    some postings live on (LIE YOUR ASS OFF TECH)

    its for teh GRODYSH Man
  32. Triumph Member

    Cory Brennan hawking Kanef stoves

    the plan is to make Sea Org restaveks. build crude stoves for profit and fun..and train them in Scientology mindcontrol 101
    GRODYSH for the greatest good of a Sea Org Lebensborn
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  34. Triumph Member

    one look at Help for Orphans 990 tax forms for the past few years ..shows its a scam...

    65% of its operating revenue comes in the form of donated "ART WORK"
    keep in mind Sarah's Husband David is a Beverly Hills/Hamptons investor & "Art Dealer"...

    HfO claims $438,ooo in 2010
    25% of the funds raised go to promotions...mostly to throw party's...and modest travel expenses

    and very minimal PR expenses...(mostly would cover small items like web pages)
    claims of bank fees ..are high...especially for how little cash donations she raises...

    she dosen't travel much for someone who claims she has half a dozen Orphanages shes supporting around the world...

    looks like it set up to avoid paying taxes on "Art Work" purchased
    also uses it as a property write off...(husbands offices)

    in 2008 she raised...$102,000 thats they year Sarah and her Scammy Scientology pals were chased off and told not to come back to Kenya...

    typical Scientology NPO to hide the cheese

    LOL* got audited by the IRS twice in 3 years....
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    From ESMB:
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Bump. Clam tears over google Streisand lulz are some of the most delicious.
  38. Mr. Magoo Member

    I love that the entheta she refers to is this very thread. This thread outranks all but one of their own GRODYSH webpages. Let's see if we can bump it to the top spot!

    I believe the GRODYSH scientology front group is recruiting Haitian orphans into scientology child slave labor.

    What do the rest of you think about the scientology organization GRODYSH that is supposedly helping Hatian orphans but is actually signing them up as child labor in exchange for food?
  39. Triumph Member

    Sarah Ehrlich ..still promotes herself as working with the Orphanage in Kenya on her Help for Orphans page

    the truth Is she was asked not to return... take down all the promotions..and stop using it for PR

    She has yet to do that.....

    Sarah Ehrlich Fair Gamed the the man who ran the Kenyan Orphnage....a Mr Charles Aboge, after he requested she stop....

    Mr Charles Aboge saw Sarah Ehrlich for what she Is, a fraudster

    GRODYSH sez your hurtin ma FLOWS

    Kirsty Alley haz tech for dat

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